Gotham Knights Knighthood Trees [All Characters]

Learn to unlock Knighthood Trees to unlock each character's heroic travels, special abilities, and extra skill tree!

Every single character in Gotham Knights has access to an additional locked skill tree known as the Knighthood Skill tree. It has access to some of the best and most powerful skills for each character, but unlocking it isn’t so easy. That’s why this guide will discuss everything there is to know about the Knighthood skill tree in Gotham Knight.

The Knighthood skill trees require much grinding to unlock, but once you do get access to it, you’ll not only get the heroic travel but will also get access to a special momentum ability and a bunch of different skills. We’ll discuss each character’s skills in detail and also how to unlock the trees.

Key Takeaways
  • All Knighthood trees are unlocked by completing three different challenges.
  • Each character needs to do their own challenges.
  • Every character gets access to their unique heroic travel after unlocking the tree.
  • A powerful momentum ability with a cool-down is unlocked for each character as well.
  • Each character gets access to six new skills that can improve their momentum ability and much more.

Here’s an overview of all the Knighthood Tree skills and some other information for the Gotham Knights characters:

CharacterHeroic TravelMomentum AbilityKnighthood Skills
NightwingGlider (Thrusting)NestTriple Darts, Strike Distance+, Guardian, Combat Expertise, Nest Buffs+, Bigger Nest
Red HoodLazarus Pit LeapMystical RoundsRanged Terror, Weak Spot Damage+, Grab Dead, Combat Mastery, Ducra’s Training, Shadow Vengeance
BatgirlBat GliderDroneGrapple Pull, Fear Takedown, Health Regen+, Enhanced Combo, Drone Firepower, Drone Ambush Blast
RobinTeleportationMicrobotsStealth Takedown+, Aerial Attack Smoke, Microbots Cooldown Reduction, Combat Expertise, Slideways Takedown, Microbot Target+

How To Unlock Knighthood Tree

Gotham knights knighthood tree
Knighthood Challenge [Captured by eXputer]
If you want to unlock the Knighthood skill tree in Gotham Knights, then you need to prepare yourselves for quite a bit of grinding. Essentially, you need to complete a few challenges in order to complete the Knighthood Challenge and unlock the tree fully.

The challenge is the same for all characters, and unfortunately, you need to carry them out for every single character. Your progress of one character doesn’t get carried over to the other one. So, if you want to unlock the knighthood skill tree for each character, you’ll need to do the challenges four times. That’s why we’ll discuss all the challenges in detail.

Timed Strikes

timed strikes challenge
Timed Strike [Captured by eXputer]
The easiest part of unlocking the Knighthood trees is doing the first challenge, the Timed Strike Training challenge. All you need to do is head to the Belfry. From there, head over to the training section that is next to where all of the characters’ suits are.

Enter the training area, go into advanced training and choose Timed Strikes. You’ll be told exactly what you need to do, but essentially you need to land up to five Timed Strikes where you’re not just spamming the attack button but timing it so that just as one of your attacks is about to hit, you follow up with an even more powerful attack.

Premeditated Crimes

gotham knights knighthood premeditated crime challenge
Premeditated Crimes [Captured by eXputer]
The next challenge in unlocking the Knighthood tree is stopping 10 premeditated crimes. The challenge is most likely the longest and time taking challenge for unlocking the skill trees. These are the side activities or the crimes that occur each night when you’re out on patrol and are usually marked on your map.

crime markers
Premeditated Crimes Markers [Captured by eXputer]
But in case you don’t know, you can refer to the image above. The markers highlighted in turquoise are the premeditated crimes that you can solve. There are various types of crimes, but many of them repeat. The most common ones are:

  • Bomb Disarming: A crime where there are three hostages tied to bombs, surrounded by around four to six enemies. You need to stealthily take out the enemies and free the hostages by disarming the bombs. Disarming can take up to five seconds, and if you get spotted, you’ll only have about a minute to disarm all the bombs.
  • Data Transfer: A crime where the enemies will be trying to transfer data through a computer terminal. You need to stop them from reaching 100% transfer while also defeating up to three waves of enemies.
  • Bank Robbery: A crime where up to ten enemies are robbing a bank. You need to defeat all enemies, and there is a bonus if you can stop the enemies from stealing the majority of the money before you take them out.
  • Enemy Stronghold: An activity where you breach an enemy stronghold and take them all out. Then, you need to transfer data to yourself by remaining in the radius of the computer terminal while also defeating waves of enemies.

Of course, there are other types of crimes as well, such as hostage escape and police protection, but the concept is usually the same. You’ll need to defeat all the enemies in the area while also looking out for certain depleting or filling up bars that you need to interfere with.

All of these crimes are unlocked by either taking down enemies or gathering investigation points. Or, you can scan and look around for enemies near you. Approach them and deplete their health enough to grab them.

Once you do, you can interrogate them, and usually, up to three or four enemies will reveal premeditated crimes in the same night. Otherwise, you might have to wait till the next night to get access to more crimes.

Against All Odds

minibosses challenge
Against All Odds Challenge [Captured by eXputer]
The final challenge in unlocking Knighthood skills isn’t exactly tough, but it can take you time to find the right bosses. They can be hard to beat if you’re just starting out, but the more you face them, the easier it gets.

All Minibosses [Captured by eXputer]
For reference, early on, there are mainly three types of minibosses that you’ll get the chance to go up against. They’re shown in the image above. They all tend to have their own playstyles, but perhaps the easiest to deal with are the shockers (extreme left), as you can keep heavy spamming attacks to take them out.

The main thing to look out for is not to get surrounded by other enemies while taking out the minibosses. They have higher health, so you can often get too occupied by just continuously attacking meanwhile enemies surround you. Once caught, it can be hard to avoid all the incoming attacks.

Finding the minibosses isn’t too difficult. Sometimes, they’re just roaming around with other criminals. But the highest chances of finding these minibosses are during premeditated crimes. Therefore, if you just try your best to complete the Premeditated Crimes challenge, you should be able to defeat the required minibosses too.

After The Challenges

batman memorial cutscene
After the challenge, Batman Memorial [Captured by eXputer]
After you’ve completed all the challenges, you need to go as that character to the Belfry and interact with the Batman memorial, left to the exit to the Belfry. Each character will have their own unique cutscene where they’ll figure out how to unlock their heroic travels and also the Knighthood skill tree with six different unlockable skills.

Nightwing Knighthood Skill Tree

Many players prefer to unlock the Nightwing Knighthood skill tree first due to how unique his heroic travel is. But in terms of his Knighthood skills, they’re more focused on co-op than anything else. That becomes more apparent with the special momentum ability that helps others around you.

Heroic Travel

nightwing heroic travel
Nightwing Glider [Captured by eXputer]
The first thing that you’ll likely notice and want to try out is the heroic travel for Nightwing. As shown in the image, it is a glider that thrusts you forward. In fact, it is the only heroic travel that is able to propel you upwards without losing too much momentum, making it great for long distances.

Unfortunately, the speed isn’t that impressive. You can even grapple faster than gliding. But when you combine gliding with grappling, you can get some good speed going for yourself.

Momentum Ability: Nest

gotham knights Knighthood special abilities
Nest Ability [Captured by eXputer]
Nightwing’s special momentum ability that is unlocked after unlocking his Knighthood tree is called Nest. It essentially creates a nest-like sphere around him that grants him and any allies inside it a defensive bonus and heals health over time. Any enemy that steps inside the nest gets damaged as well. The skill has a five-minute cooldown.

Knighthood Skills

skills for nightwing in the knighthood skill tree gotham knights
Nightwing Skills [Captured by eXputer]
Moving on to the Knighthood skills for Nightwing, you’ll get access to six different skills. If you use the right ones with some other Nightwing Skills, you can come up with an impressive build. Here are all of the skills:

NameDescriptionAP Requirement
Triple DartsNightwing shoots 3 darts at once instead of 11
Strike Distance+Nightwing’s Melee Attacks can strike enemies from farther away.1
GuardianDefeating an enemy reduces Nest Ability (special momentum ability) cooldown by 15%1
Combat ExpertiseIncreases the number of attacks in Nightwing’s Melee combo by 1. The last hit is a knockdown2
Nest Buffs+Nest damage is increased by 150%, and the healing effect is increased by 100%3
Bigger NestIncreases the size of Nightwing’s Nest3

The skills that are truly worth it in the Knighthood tree are Guardian, Strike Distance+, Nest Buffs+, and Biggest Nest. Nightwing’s Nest is best for scenarios where you’re in tight spaces and surrounded by enemies. So, any upgrades to it will always be useful.

Furthermore, because he’s so acrobatic, Nightwing is able to move around quite quickly while taking out enemies. But Strike Distance+ will make that even better, allowing you to juggle your enemies around as you damage multiple at once.

Red Hood Skill Tree

Up next, we have the brawler of the entire group. His skills are quite aggressive, and his heroic traversal is hugely inspired by the Lazarus pit. When used correctly, his special momentum ability can clear out an entire room.

Heroic Travel

red hood traversal
Red Hood Heroic Travel [Captured by eXputer]
Red Hood has an interesting heroic travel that makes him feel a lot like the incredible hulk. Essentially, he can use the mystical powers of the Lazarus Pit to leap forward, even while in mid-air. It definitely is faster than some of the other Heroic Travels, but it can eventually get slow after multiple uses.

Momentum Ability: Mystical Rounds

Red Hood rounds
Red Hood Mystical Rounds Special [Captured by eXputer]
Although it has a really long cooldown, Red Hood’s special momentum ability, Mystical Rounds, is probably one of the strongest out there. When you first initiate it, nearby enemies get inflicted by fear and fall to the ground, giving you enough time to aim.

When you’ve targeted enough enemies, you can shoot your mystical round at a single enemy. The shot will go towards the enemy but then bounce off them and hit any other enemies nearby that were targeted, allowing you to pretty much clear out a room.

Knighthood Skills

skills for red hood
Red Hood Skills [Captured by eXputer]
Red Hood is great for solo players that want to inflict as much damage to enemies as they can, and the Knighthood tree completely supports that ideology. Here are all the available skills:

NameDescriptionAP Requirement
Ranged TerrorEvery shot that knocks out a target inflicts Fear in nearby enemies1
Weak Spot Damage+Increases headshot and weak spot damage by 15%1
Grab DeadGrabbing a target inflicts Fear in nearby enemies1
Combat MasteryIncreases the number of attacks in Red Hood’s Ranged Attack combo by 1. The last hit is a knockdown2
Ducra’s TrainingMystical Rounds requires 50% less time to lock on3
Shadow VengeanceMystical Rounds shoots 2 rounds instead of 13

The best skills in the Knighthood skill tree for Red Hood are, Ducra’s Training, Shadow Vengeance, Weak Spot Damage+, and either Ranged Terror or Grab Dead (up to your playstyle).

Because Red Hood has great ranged abilities, Weak Spot Damage+ is a must-have to inflict a lot of damage when aiming down sights. Other than that, the other skills are useful for making the Mystical Rounds as effective as possible.

Batgirl Knighthood Tree

Batgirl resembles Batman the most in Gotham Knights. Especially considering the fact that her heroic travel is the bat glider itself. But she also has a unique twist of her own through her Oracle persona, which allows her to be extremely good at hacking and employing drones for help.

Heroic Travel

Gotham knights Batgirl knighthood heroic travel
Batgirl Cape [Captured by eXputer]
If you’ve played any of the Arkham Games before, then Batgirl’s heroic travel will feel quite similar to Batman’s cape as it functions almost exactly like it. You can glide around and then nosedive and pull yourself back up for more momentum.

Even if you’re falling and then decide to pull out the cape, you’ll have decent momentum to push you forward. Unlike Nightwing’s heroic travel, you can’t exactly pull yourself higher than where you started, so you need to manage your height accordingly.

Momentum Ability: Drone

Batgirl Drone [Captured by eXputer]
Because of her Oracle persona, Batgirl is quite handy when it comes to tech and gadgets, which is why her special momentum ability that comes with the Knighthood tree is a Drone that aids you in battle. It lasts for 30 seconds and can also induce fear in all nearby enemies.

Not only that, but the drone can help you heal while also shooting enemies for you. The only thing that you need to worry about is the four-minute cooldown.

Knighthood Skills

Gotham knights knighthood skills
Batgirl Skills [Captured by eXputer]
Most of Batgirl’s skills in the Knighthood abilities in Gotham Knights are focused on making the Drone more efficient while also improving some aspects of combat. Here are all of the skills in Batgirl’s Knighthood Tree.

Grapple PullBatgirl uses her grapple to pull an enemy towards her. When used on a large enemy, Batgirl pulls herself toward the enemy1
Fear TakedownAmbush Takedown inflicts Fear in nearby enemies. Critical damage and Critical chance increase by 15% for 10 seconds.1
Health Regen+When outside of combat, Batgirl’s health automatically regenerates up to 40%1
Enhanced ComboIncrease the number of attacks in Batgirl’s Melee and Ranged Attack combo by 1. The last Melee hit is a knockdown.2
Drone FirepowerIncrease the firing rate of Batgirl’s Drone3
Drone Ambush BlastOnce per summon, Batgirl’s drone unleashes a large burst of damage on all nearby enemies3

Drone Firepower and Drone Ambush Blast are great for making the Drone more powerful and useful against a large group of enemies. And if you usually struggle with health, then Health Regen+ can be quite useful, especially for those night patrols in the open world where you only get access to limited health packs.

Robin Knighthood Tree

Robin, aka Tim Drake, is the more focused member of the entire team. But he also likes to dive deep into tech and come up with all sorts of innovations, which is why he has a good blend of being techy while also remaining in the shadows.

Heroic Travel

Robin Teleportation [Captured by eXputer]
Using his technological brain, Robin ends up coming up with a teleportation device to help him traverse the world. Unfortunately, you can’t travel as far as you want; you need to decide where you’re headed in about seven seconds, after which you’re automatically traveling to wherever your pointer is at.

The one good thing about Robin’s heroic traversal is the fact that it can actually take him higher, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting and catering to your distance from the ground.

Special Momentum Ability: Microbots

Robin Microbots [Captured by eXputer]
Robin has access to three aggressive microbots that he can unleash on his enemies that can latch on to enemies and deal incendiary damage on them until they finally explode. While the microbots are attached to the enemies, they’re completely distracted, allowing you to land hits of your own as well. Unfortunately, Robin’s skill has the longest cooldown.

Knighthood Skills

knighthood robin skills gotham knights
Robin Skills [Captured by eXputer]
The Knighthood skills for Robin are a great mix of helping him get better stealth while also improving his microbots to become even more deadly and devastating. Here are all of the Robin Skills in the Knighthood tree:

Stealth Takedown+Performing a Takedown increases Robin’s damage, Critical chance, Defense, and Elemental Effect build-up for 15 seconds.1
Aerial Attack SmokeRobin’s aerial attacks are followed by a small cloud of smoke, allowing him to re-enter stealth.1
Microbots Cooldown ReductionRobin’s Microbots Ability cooldown is reduced by 20%, allowing him to call them more often1
Combat ExpertiseIncrease the number of attacks in Robin’s Melee and Ranged combos by 1. The last Melee hit is a knockdown1
Slideways TakedownRobin opens a small portal and pulls an enemy through it to perform a takedown3
Microbot Target+Robin improved the particle accelerator in the microbots’ core engine. He can now call five microbots instead of three.3

Microbots Cooldown reduction is a must-have if you want to continue using Robin’s ability. Then you should likely get the Microbot Target+ to target more enemies at once. And if you’re a huge fan of stealth, then Slideways Takedown will help you single out certain enemies to clear a path.

With that, you know about all of the Knighthood trees in Gotham Knights for each and every character. They can be quite tedious to get, especially due to the challenges. But once you know which character’s tree you want to get first, you can get the rest later. 


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