Gotham Knights Mr Freeze [How To Beat Faster]

Learn to complete all 3 phases of Mr. Freeze by choosing the best loadout and using the best strategies!

The Mr. Freeze Boss Fight is perhaps one of the first major boss fights in Gotham Knights after following a series of side quests and challenges. Although Mr. Freeze has a limited move set, the fight can get extremely hard and tricky if you’re not well prepared. But we’ll get you up and running, so you don’t have any trouble.

One of the main things to keep in mind is the fact that elemental damage and momentum abilities are going to be your secret weapon for making the fight easier. When you’re at the right level and get the relevant abilities, it’ll almost feel like you’re cheesing the fight throughout all three phases.

Key Takeaways
  • Mr. Freeze is a side quest boss in Gotham Knights, the fight is divided into three different phases.
  • His move set primarily focuses on the use of his ice beams and melee attacks. 
  • Incendiary weapons and Cryogenic Resistant armor work best against Mr. Freeze.
  • Your main strategy should be to use the momentum-piercing ability to chip away large portions of his health.

How To Beat Mr. Freeze

fight start
Fighting Mr. Freeze [Captured by eXputer]
After getting the right load out and learning about Mr. Freeze’s move set (listed in the below sections), you can move on to taking him down. There are a few strategies and pointers that you need to keep in mind when fighting. If you follow each thing as laid out, such as the gear and which attacks to use, then it shouldn’t take you longer than two minutes per phase.

Build Your Momentum Bar

Building Momentum using projectiles

The most important thing that you need to do while fighting Mr. Freeze is to keep your momentum bar topped up. The best method for doing so is to keep using your ranged weapons at him, especially if you’re playing as Batgirl.

When Mr. Freeze is charging up his beam blast, you can keep attacking with ranged weapons and avoid at the last moment. When he’s preparing for his jetpack leap, you can start shooting at him. But the best place to build up momentum is when he’s using his tracer explosives. He remains in place for two or three seconds, making it the best opportunity to just spam projectiles at him.

Use Piercing Ability

pierce skill
Batgirl’s Piercing ability [Captured by eXputer]
By the time you’re level 10-13 in the game, you’ll likely have access to two or three momentum abilities. The best one that you can use against Mr. Freeze is your piercing ability, as it can deal a good amount of damage in a short time.

Red hood, Nightwing, Robin, and Batgirl all have different abilities. But Batgirl has one that concentrates all the damage into one focused blow, making it great for bosses like Mr. Freeze. The best time to use the ability is after Mr. Freeze lands, and his ice spikes disappear. You can immediately use the piercing ability to deal damage.

Keep The Pressure

Mr. Freeze burn effect Gotham Knights
Using the burn effect against Mr. Freeze [Captured by eXputer]
After you’ve landed the piercing ability, if you have a strong enough incendiary weapon, then you should cause a burn effect on Mr. Freeze. Use this as an opportunity to lay out a good amount of combos that will deal up to 3x damage. Keep hitting and try to reduce Mr. Freeze’s health as much as you can.

After that, all you need to do is just rinse and repeat. It might take up to two piercing ability hits and follow-up attacks to cause Mr. Freeze to go into the next phase. By just using the one simple attack pattern and avoiding all other attacks, you’ll be able to finish the fight in no time.

Mr. Freeze Move Set

In order to be better prepared against Mr. Freeze, it’s useful to know his move set and how to counter them accordingly so that you don’t get caught in a surprise combo chain. Most of his moves are easy to predict, and there’s nothing that can one-shot you, which does make the fight forgiving. But being hit too many times can run you out of your health packs pretty quickly.

Beam Shot

gotham knights mr freeze
Beam Shot [Captured by eXputer]
One of the first moves that Freeze will likely use against you is the Beam Shot. He uses it across all three phases, and if you don’t time your dodge right, you can easily get hit. But Mr. Freeze takes his time charging it up, allowing you to prepare for your counter.

Referring to the image above, the left most is him starting up the attack and the middle image is right before he’s about to fire. You’ll also be able to figure out that the beam is about to be fired by the sound.

In the right most image, you can see the beam in action. It doesn’t have a wide of an area, so a simple dodge should be enough to avoid taking any damage.

But once you get comfortable with dodging the beam and the timing, you can actually close up the distance and land a few light hits of your own while Mr. Freeze is charging up the beam. Not only will that lower his health, but it will help in building up your momentum bar, which is essential for the fight.

Jetpack Launch And Land

launching animation
Launch AoE [Captured by eXputer]
Usually, after you land many strikes on Mr. Freeze or remain in his vicinity for too long, he’ll crouch to charge up and powerful jetpack leap and come crashing down. As shown in the image above, an area around him lights up as he’s charging up, indicating the AoE for the damage that he inflicts as he launches himself up.

Even if you’re in the dead center of the area, you can still make it out if you’re fast enough. Simply sprint or dodge twice to get out of the area.

Gotham Knights Mr. Freeze
Jetpack Landing [Captured by eXputer]
He’ll remain in the air for a few seconds and usually fly across away from you. But sometimes, he can get right above you too. Regardless of his positioning, he’ll always come crashing down as shown in the image. Once he does crash down, he’ll have ice spikes near him. Unfortunately, until they disappear, you cannot attack him.

When he’s in the ice spikes, he usually performs either one of two attacks: the Beam Shot or the Tracing Explosives.

Tracing Explosives

Mr. Freeze Explosives
Tracing Explosives [Captured by eXputer]
One of the trickiest moves of Mr. Freeze is the Tracing Explosives that he sends out after you. He usually only uses it after crash landing and raising spikes around him so that you can’t interrupt him. Three circles appear around you and expand as he shoots out the explosives.

But once the circles are locked, they stop tracing you, and you can dodge out of the way. In fact, Mr. Freeze takes so long to recover from the attack that if you’re fast enough, you can reach him and land a few hits.

The best thing that you can do when Mr. Freeze is charging up his attack is to keep throwing your projectiles at him while closing the distance. That will allow you to build up your momentum meter and get close enough for melee attacks.

Melee Attacks

Gotham Knights Mr. Freeze attacks
Mr. Freeze Melee Attacks [Captured by eXputer]
When you close the distance and start landing melee attacks on Mr. Freeze, he retaliates with hits of his own. He mainly has three different types of sweeps that are indicated by the red circle. You can usually dodge most of his attacks, especially the ones that require him to swing a full 180 degrees.

The main and most dangerous melee attack that he can use against you is the one that he does while directly facing you. He swings his weapon from the top right in a downward slice. It is faster than his other attacks, and the dodging window is quite short for it.

That’s why you should try to position yourself behind Mr. Freeze while landing melee attacks constantly. Or, be mentally prepared to dodge when hitting directly from the front.

Freeze Beam

mr. freeze gotham knights freeze beam
Freeze Beam [Captured by eXputer]
One of the hardest long-ranged moves that Mr. Freeze can throw at you is the freeze beam, as shown in the image above. Its charge-up is distinctively different from the regular Beam Shot as it has a red projection line constantly pointing out.

attack frozen
Frozen from attack

Avoiding the freeze beam isn’t as easy as the other one. If you jump out of the way, Mr. Freeze will make the beam follow you. That’s why you need to keep sprinting on the side to avoid the beam. If you do get hit by the beam, you’ll get frozen in place. And if you don’t break out immediately, Mr. Freeze will follow up with a heavy melee attack that’ll deplete a lot of health.

The attack only appears in phase two and three, and not in phase one. In fact, he tries using the attack twice early on in the second phase.

Phase Changing Attacks

There are three different phases for the Mr. Freeze fight in Gotham Knights. And as you’re switching from one to the other, there’s various attacks that you need to dodge in order to survive. You’ll know that the phase is about to change when Mr. Freeze has blue aura around him and jumps to the disruptor and weather machine.

Moving Beam

mr. freeze phases gotham knights
Phase Changing Move: Moving Beam [Captured by eXputer]
Right as Mr. Freeze goes on top of the weather machine, the first thing that’ll come out are the three to four beams that’ll stretch across the entire arena. Don’t try dodging it, as it moves too fast. You need to sprint across while it moves. Eventually, it’ll disappear and move on to the next stage.

Ice Rain

raining projectiles
Icicle Rain [Captured by eXputer]
The next thing that happens after the beams is basically an icicle rain. The ground will be highlighted in areas where the icicles are about to drop. You need to keep sprinting out of the areas while avoiding the other highlighted areas to avoid taking damage.

Eventually, Mr. Freeze will come back down for the next phase. In case you die after changing phases, you won’t spawn all the way at the start, but at the start of whichever phase you died in.

Loadout And Character Recommendations

batgirl vs mr.freeze
Batgirl against Mr. Freeze [Captured by eXputer]
Now that we have a better idea of what kind of moves Mr. Freeze can throw at us, it’s time to figure out how we’re going to take him down. Although you can use whatever character you want, we have certain recommendations for gear and character.


As mentioned, you can choose whatever character that you really want if you’re comfortable and well-skilled with them. But one of the better characters in Gotham Knights for the Mr. Freeze fight is Batgirl due to her momentum build-up and momentum-piercing ability.


Loadout for Mr. Freeze Gotham Knights
Batgirl loadout against Mr. Freeze [Captured by eXputer]
Although we’ll be discussing Batgirl specific gear, there are general rules that you need to consider when picking out your gear for an easier time. They are as follows:

  • Armor: Your armor should be cryogenic resistant to avoid taking as much damage as possible. There’s usually a blue snowflake logo with the armor piece to indicate that it’s resistant.
  • Weapon: The weapon that you need to use should definitely be an incendiary weapon to deal the most amount of elemental damage on Mr. Freeze. If you don’t have one, then just choose something with high damage. But no matter what, don’t use a cryogenic weapon against Mr. Freeze, as he’s resistant, and your damage will be relatively lesser.
  • Ranged Weapons: If you have elemental damage on your ranged that it’ll be quite effective as we’ll be using the ranged weapon often to build up momentum.

Keeping all those points in mind, here’s the best loadout for Batgirl, as shown in the image above. By the time you’re taking on Mr. Freeze, hopefully, you’ll be around level 12 and will be able to use all of the gear shown above.

The Cryogenic Suit works great for reducing incoming damage. But if you’re constantly on the offense and following the laid-out strategies for each attack, you likely won’t even take much damage in general. But if you’re struggling, you can equip the armor with a health mod.

Your melee weapon matters the most. If it’s strong enough, you’ll be able to end the phase without having to deal with too many of Mr. Freeze’s attacks. The Modular Incendiary Tonfa is great for that. You can and should equip it with two mods. One to increase the elemental damage and the other to increase critical damage.

Finally, you can get any sort of ranged weapon. Our ranged weapon will be important for building momentum; you shouldn’t really expect to deal any significant damage.

With that, you know the best and fastest way of defeating Mr. Freeze in Gotham Knights. Our guide mainly focused on how you can defeat him using Batgirl. But if you use any other character and follow the basic principles, then you should have an easy time with the fight as well!


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