Gotham Knights: How To Unlock Fast Travel Locations

Learn how to scan various GCPD drones and unlock fast travel locations in Gotham Knights across the city of Gotham.

There are numerous fast-travel locations scattered across Gotham City that the player can make use of to travel quickly. With the considerably huge world that Gotham Knights has to offer, it is oftentimes inefficient to travel around Gotham City on the Batcycle. Fast Travel is a feature that most open-world games exhibit in today’s era. 

The player can make use of these fast travel points irrespective of whichever member of the Bat Family they are playing as. The Fast Travel feature in Gotham Knights allows you to teleport from one case to another essentially. This saves a tremendous lot of time, as is required in the fast age of today.

Key Takeaways
  • Fast Travel is an essential feature implemented into most of the open-world games in today’s era.
  • Gotham Knights come with a unique Fast Travel system that requires the player to fulfill tasks to unlock.
  • Players can get in touch with Lucius Fox to unlock the Fast Travel system in Gotham Knights.
  • Fast Travel allows the player to travel quickly from district to district.
  • It saves a lot of playtimes, which can be invested into hunting collectibles.

Though it may sound easy at first, unlocking these fast travel points is not that simple. Most games ask for a simple interaction to unlock such travel checkpoints, but that is not the case for Gotham Knights. There are eight such fast travel points scattered across the City. In order to unlock each point, there are certain tasks that you have to complete.

Like other games, the player will have to explore the game world and interact with various elements in Gotham Knights. You will be spending some time racing your Batcycle around the city and also grappling ledges. Only when you have ground your way through the game enough to experience these interactions will you be able to unlock the fast travel locations.

Getting Call From Lucius Fox

Talking with Lucius Fox regarding the mechanical glider (image credit: eXputer)

You can make use of fast travel as early as the first mission into the game technically, but that will only take you back to Belfry. This is essentially useless and serves to end the night along with your patrol.

However, you will receive a message from Lucius Fox himself once you have completed the first part of the second case file. Do note that it can take several hours of gameplay to reach this point. This is entirely dependent on how much time you decide to put into learning the game’s mechanics.

Nevertheless, Lucius Fox contacts them while he is in Otisburg, offering his help. You are to make your way to his company’s center of operations, Foxteca HQ. You will find him waiting for you on the roof of the headquarters.

The Glider

Lucius Fox will uncover a glider with mechanical specifications. This glider will allow you to travel around Gotham City via flight, essentially boosting the speed of travel by leaps and bounds. It is then revealed that right after the deaths of Batman and Commissioner Gordon, the infiltrated GCPD ended up deploying certain drones throughout the length of the city.

Hostile Drones

These drones have the task of shooting you down as you glide your way across the city. Once you interact with Fox again, he will tell you that the solution to dealing with drones is to scan and reprogram these evil bots. Only once you have scanned and reprogrammed the GCPD drones in a certain area will you be able to travel there fast.

How To Hack The Drones

Scanning and reprogramming drones (image credit: eXputer)

Every fast-travel location will have one to three GCPD drones patrolling the area in its vicinity. Despite being made from sophisticated and state-of-the-art technology in order to patrol large parts of Gotham City, they are very easy to hack. It takes as much as a simple scan using the AR device that you are equipped with.

Once all the drones in a certain area are scanned, you will be able to fly into that particular area easily.

Shielded Drones

As you make progress in unlocking fast-travel locations, you will find that the GCPD has installed shields onto their drones in later areas. Scanning and reprogramming these drones is not that simple. You will only be able to scan shielded drones when they are docked at their specified recharging stations.

This ends up making the process of scanning and reprogramming the drones later on in the game a bit difficult and time-taking. Regardless of that, the rewards are definitely worth investing time in the process.

Unlocking Fast Travel In Gotham Knights

Fast Travel in Gotham Knights (image credit: eXputer)

All the fast travel locations are shown on the map as GPS location icons. The color indicates the status of whether they have been unlocked or are still, in fact, locked. Before they are unlocked, they are white. Once you scan the drones flying around a particular icon’s area, they turn green. This indicates that you can use that point to fast travel now.

You are to find all the drones patrolling a particular area. Once you find them, get close to them and scan them with your AR device. This is where Lucius comes in with his technological skills to hack and override them.

Using AR Pulse To See Drones

As we have discussed earlier, as you progress further in your quest to unlock all fast travel locations, you are going to encounter shielded drones. They are only off guard when docked at recharging stations. You can make use of the AR pulse to see drones and docks through structures such as buildings.

It is important to note here that:

  • Docks are represented with white outlines.
  • Drones yet to be scanned are represented with orange outlines.
  • Drones that have been scanned by the player are represented with white outlines.

It is also worth noting that once you have unlocked at least two fast travel locations, you can interact with any one icon on your map. A cycle-like interaction through all the locations will appear, which will help keep you from scrolling to every location’s icon individually on the map. This mechanic is of high value and should be unlocked before going to get collectibles throughout the City since travel is much faster now.

Drone And Fast Travel Locations

Do note that it is not necessary for the fast travel point to be located exactly where you scan the last of the drones for that area. An example is when you finish scanning all the drones in Otisburg, the actual fast travel point actually appears in the Bowery.

The Financial District

Unlocking Fast Travel in the Financial District (image credit: eXputer)

This is where the first scanning location and GCPD drone is located. The exact location is just southwest of the Belfry on Barr Avenue in the Financial District. The drone is unshielded because of being the very first one to be scanned. You are to scan it to access the system, opening up the next location in Southside. A fast travel beacon will pop up to the northwest.


Unlocking Fast Travel in the Southside (image credit: eXputer)

The second location to scan GCPD drones is in Southside. The exact location is just south of Cobblepot Steel, northeast of Star Labs. Be careful as the drone here is a shielded one. As instructed before, wait for it to dock to its designated recharging station. Once it does, go ahead and scan it. Scanning the drone in this location will unlock all of the other scanning locations across the entirety of the map.

Old Gotham

Unlocking Fast Travel in Old Gotham (image credit: eXputer)

The best location to go after Southside is Old Gotham. The exact location to find the drones in this area is north of the City Hall, right across Grand Avenue. This is the first location where there are two drones patrolling the area. One of them is shielded, while the other is unshielded. The fast travel beacon will pop up in the same location.

Tricorner Island

Unlocking Fast Travel in the Tricorner Island (image credit: eXputer)

The fourth location on our list is Tricorner Island. Tricorner Island houses two unshielded drones. You can find them flying around on Arsenal Street. Be careful, as they will fly to Dumas Avenue and Sprang Street as well while patrolling. The fast travel beacon will pop up on the famous Robert Kane Memorial Bridge just west of the Sprang Street.


Unlocking Fast Travel in Otisburg (image credit: eXputer)

You will find the drones in the extreme southeast area of Otisburg, particularly near the St. Aloysius Church Landmark. This is the first location to home three drones, though they will all be unshielded. You will find all three of them flying around the tower at low, medium, and high levels. After scanning them, the fast travel beacon will pop up in the Bowery on Park Row, which is southwest of the Monarch Theater.

West End

Unlocking Fast Travel in the West End (image credit: eXputer)

The West End houses three drones in total. Two of them are shielded drones, while the last one is an unshielded drone. You can find all three of them flying around in the vicinity of the Gotham Gazette, particularly to its north in the area between Croydon and Bohler Avenues. The fast travel beacon will become available on the building to the north of Croydon Avenue.

Gotham Heights

Unlocking Fast Travel in Gotham Heights (image credit: eXputer)

Gotham Heights houses two drones, both shielded. You can find them in the apartment block where Mason Street and Dryfold Avenues meet in the southwest area of Gotham Heights. The fast travel beacon will appear at the Martha Wayne Art Gallery to the northwest of the drones’ locations.


Unlocking Fast Travel in Bristol (image credit: eXputer)

The last scanning area is the one with three drones, all of them shielded. You will find them flying around Mercy Avenue and Beacon Street. The location is in the vicinity of the LeBlanc Funeral Home. They patrol around the entirety of the area and are more dangerous than the other shielded drones in that they have multiple recharging stations.

Once you scan all the drones in this area, the fast travel beacon will appear to the south of the area mentioned above. The exact location is across Mercy Street, right at the entrance to Robbins Bridge.


This has been our guide to scanning all GCPD drones and unlocking fast travel in Gotham Knights. Traveling from district to district, whether it is for missions or a hunt for collectibles, hasn’t been easier. Let us know what you think of the Fast Travel system in Gotham Knights in the comment section down below.

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