Gotham Knights: Voice Actors & Cast [Full List]

Learn about the main, side & additional voice actors cast of Gotham Knights

The faces of Gotham Knights characters are important, and so are the voice actors and cast. Here we will discuss the game’s voice actors who played all the game characters and have done an incredible job.

Key Takeaways
  • Batman’s voice is portrayed by Michael Antonakos, known for roles in Far Cry 6, Assassins’ Creed: Odyssey, and Subnautica: Below Zero.
  • Batgirl’s voice is performed by America Young, recognized for her work in Barbie Movies, Metroid: The Sky Calls, and Monster High.
  • NightWing’s voice is provided by Christopher Sean, known for his roles in Horizon: Forbidden West and Star Wars: Resistance.
  • Red Hood’s voice is delivered by Stephen Oyoung, a voice actor featured in The Book of Boba Fett, Good Trouble, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and Death Stranding.
  • Robin’s voice is portrayed by Sloane Morgan Seigel, known for roles in Dwight in Shining Armor, The Goldberg, Modern Family, and The Call.
  • Harley Quinn’s voice is done by Kari Wahlgren, known for her roles in Rick and Morty, Teen Titans Go, and DC Super Hero Girls.
  • Clayface’s voice is provided by Brian Keane, known for roles in House of Cards, The Gilded Age, Dopesick, and Gotham.
  • Mr. Freeze’s voice is portrayed by Donald Chang, known for his roles in Squid Games, High Maintenance, and Search Party.
  • Talia Al Ghul’s voice is performed by Mylène Dinh-Robic, featured in Guardians of the Galaxy 2021, Transplant, Fatherhood, and Outriders.
  • The Penguin’s voice is played by Elias Toufexis, known for roles in Star Trek: Discovery, The Expanse, Blood of Zeus, Back 4 Blood, Saints Row, and Horizon Forbidden West.
  • Alfred Pennyworth’s voice is portrayed by Gildart Jackson, featured in roles like Flyseyes in Castlevania and Sherlock Holmes in The 22nd Century.
  • Additional background voice actors in Gotham Knights include Rohana Kenin, Luice Pohl, Kate Miller, Gabriel Pages, and Di Quon.

Check out this summary of Voice Actors: 

CharacterVoice ActorNotable Previous Work
BatmanMichael AntonakosFar Cry 6
BatgirlAmerica YoungMetroid: The Sky Calls
NightwingChristopher SeanHorizon: Forbidden West
Red HoodStephen OyoungThe Book of Boba Fett
RobinSloane Morgan SeigelModern Family
Harley QuinnKari WahlgrenRick and Morty
ClayfaceBrian KeaneHouse of Cards
Mr. FreezeDonald ChangSquid Game
Talia Al GhulMylène Dinh-RobicGuardians of the Galaxy 2021
The PenguinElias ToufexisThe Expanse
Alfred PennyworthGildart JacksonCastlevania

Batman / Bruce Wayne (Michael Antonakos)

Batman’s voice actor in Gotham Knights is Michael Antonakos. Batman has died in the game, and the game is happening after Batman’s death. Still, Michael Antonakos portrays the dead hero in some scenes, such as flashbacks and early sequences in the game. Michael Antonakos is well known for his work not only in video games but also in TV shows.

You might recognize his voice if you have played Far Cry 6Assassins’ Creed: Odyssey, and Subnautica: Below Zero. Michael has played important roles in these video games, and most of the players recognize his voice. He has also played important roles in many other famous video games.

Batman [Image Credit: eXputer]

Batgirl (America Young)

Batgirl is one of the most important characters in Gotham Knights. She has appeared in several comics and DC TV shows. In the game, America Young is the voice actor of Batgirl. She has portrayed the role in a very appealing and distinctive manner. You might as well recognize America Young for her work because of her numerous appearances prior to this one.

America Young has voiced in different TV shows and movies also. Some of the famous ones include the Barbie Movies and shows from 2018. She has also played Samus Aran in Metroid: The Sky Calls. Some of you might also recognize her from her work in Monster High.

Batgirl [Image Credit: eXputer]

Nightwing (Christopher Sean)

Nightwing is one of the four main characters of the story. He plays the hero in the game who is trying to maintain peace and justice along with the other four heroes after the death of Batman. In the game, Christopher Sean is behind the voice actor of Nightwing. Christopher Sean also has numerous appearances before Gotham Knights.

You might know Christopher Sean from his famous Netflix appearance in the show YOU. He also plays important roles in other video games, including Horizon: Forbidden West and the most famous Star Wars: Resistance. Surely, his work is outstanding and will be loved by the players.

Nightwing [Image Credit: eXputer]

Red Hood (Stephen Oyoung)

Red Hood is another main character in the game. He plays the hero who is trying to maintain justice and peace in Gotham City along with the other heroes after Batman’s death. The Red Hood character’s voice actor is Stephen Oyoung, who is well known for his marvelous work even before this project.

Some of the well-known TV series from which our users might recognize Oyoung’s voice include The Book of Boba Fett, Good Trouble, and Insecure. He is also famous for his role as Mister Negative in Marvel’s Spider-Man and as Alex Weatherstone in the game Death Stranding

Red Hood [Image Credit: eXputer]

Robin (Sloane Morgan Seigel)

Fans know Robin from his previous appearances in Batman-related comic shows and TV series, fighting alongside Batman to save Gotham City. In the game, Robin is also the main character who fights along with other heroes for Gotham City. Sloane Morgan Seigel is the voice actor behind Robin’s character.

You might not be surprised by the name Sloane Morgan Seigel as he has been into acting for quite a while now. It is only recently that he has played some significant roles in TV series and movies such as Dwight in Shining ArmorThe Goldberg, Modern Family, and the Call. This is Sloane’s video game debut.

Robbin [Image Credit: eXputer]

Harley Quinn (Kari Wahlgren)

Harley Quinn is among the main protagonists in Batman comics and movies. She loves to mess it up for the Gotham Heroes whenever it is possible. However, she seems a little torn up without Batman but still is involved in the destruction of the city. In the game, Kari Wahlgren plays Harley Quinn. 

Fans might know her from her previous famous performances in Rick and Morty, which is just a shallow credit to her work. She has also played major roles in Teen Titans Go and DC Super Hero Girls. She has also played Harley Quinn in HBO max series. Harley is probably the most well-known actor in the cast. 

Harley Quinn [Image Credit: eXputer]

Clayface (Brian Keane)

Clayface is one of the biggest threats to Gotham City. With an ability to shape-shift, he is always a potential danger. The heroes of Gotham City will have to fight him to eliminate the threat from Gotham City. In the game, Brian Keane played the voice role of Clayface.

Brian Keane certainly has played a marvelous acting role in Gotham Knights. Some of his previous appearances are in House of Cards, The Gilded Age, and Dopesick. Fans might even recognize him from Gotham, where he played a boat captain.

Clayface [Image Credit: eXputer]

Mr. Freeze (Donald Chang)

Mr. Freeze appeared in Batman comics. He is one of the greatest rivals Batman. He is also among potentially the greatest threats to post-Batman Gotham city. In the game, Mr. Freeze‘s voice actor is Donald Chang. Fans will surely recognize him from his past appearances.

One of the most famous services provided by Donald Chang is the English voiceover for Hwang Jun-Ho, a character from Squid Games. Some of his other famous appearances are in the HBO series High Maintenance and Search Party.

Mr. Freeze [Image Credit: eXputer]

Talia Al Ghul (Mylène Dinh-Robic)

Talia Al Ghul is the female antagonist from Batman comics who happens to be the lover of Batman. She is the daughter and the right hand of Ra’s Al Ghul, a supervillain from Batman comics. She is a significant threat to Gotham City. In the game, Talia Al Ghul’s voice actor is Mylène Dinh-Robic.

Gamers might recognize her from her most recent work in Guardians of the Galaxy 2021 as Meredith Quill. She has also played major roles in the TV shows in Transplant, Fatherhood, and Outriders. She has also appeared in a number of great shows, and her voice acting is simply remarkable.

Talia Al Ghul [Image Credit: eXputer]

The Penguin (Elias Toufexis)

The Penguin made his first appearance in DC comics, where he emerged as a great rival of Batman. In the post-Batman era, he is still one of the greatest threats to Gotham City. In the game, Elias Toufexis, the voice actor for the Penguin.

The voice of Elias is not new to the fans. His services from great series such as Star Trek: Discovery, The Expanse, and Blood of Zeus are simply remarkable. He has also performed for the games Back 4 Blood, Saints Row, and Horizon Forbidden West.

The Penguin [Image Credit: eXputer]

Alfred Pennyworth (Gildart Jackson)

Alfred Pennyworth has been the butler of Bruce Wayne in all the Batman movies and TV shows. Although in this game, Batman is not alive, Alfred still plays a similar role to the Gotham Heroes. His character will not be playable. Gildart Jackson played Alfred Pennyworth’s voice actor.

Gildart Jackson is also one of the strongest actors in Gotham Knights. You may know him from his appearances in Flyseyes in the Castlevania Netflix series. He has also served great services in the Old Republic MMO franchise. The most famous of all these is Sherlock Holmes in The 22nd Century.

Additional Voice Cast

Some of the additional voices, such as Tech ThugGotham City Police OfficerGotham Resident, and Court of Owls, have been played by different voice actors. Below are the voice actors who have played these additional voices:

  • Rohana Kenin
  • Luice Pohl
  • Kate Miller
  • Gabriel Pages
  • Di Quon

Although the roles of these voice actors are not big apparently but it is due to their efforts we can get a better feeling of the game. These small details if performed properly, enhance the gaming experience. But if these small roles are messed up, the comprehensive gaming experience is disturbed. 

Wrap Up

DC fans surely love Gotham Knights and appreciate all the hard work done in the game. Gotham Knights have opted for a great voice-acting crew. Some of the actors from this crew have worked on great projects, and the fans might recognize them easily. Here we discussed all the actors who performed the voiceover of the characters of Gotham Knight. 

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