7 Best Gotham Knights XP Farming Methods

Farming XP in Gotham Knights allows your to level up faster & overwhelm enemies & bosses

The progression of your best character in Gotham Knights is one of the key aspects to consider as you make your way through the end-game content. The level cap is set at 30, and our Gotham Knights leveling guide entails the best XP farming methods in order to unlock everything in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • XP is a vital part of Gotham Knights that allows players to improve their skills and combat by leveling up.
  • There are plenty of different methods to gain more XP than usual:
    • Playing Co-op mode allows the collection of XP faster.
    • Side Missions give you a huge XP Boost.
    • Completing Premedicated Crimes.
    • Completing Optional Crimes.
    • Batman has left secret chests throughout Gotham City, which offer a good amount of gear and XP. 
  • The highest level cap in Gotham Knights is level 30, and the highest level is level 40 in NG+

1. Play Co-op Always

play coop for faster XP [Image Credit: eXputer]
Like it or not, Gotham Knights is made to be played in Co-op mode for the best experience possible. This also means that you’d have it easy if you had a buddy kicking some scum by your side. 

When you and a buddy are competing against each other in a cooperative game, it could work in your favor to split up and pursue different objectives. In case you are not working together with another player who may provide a more efficient approach, you are on your own to devise a plan of action.

Because of this, you will be clearing out enemies much more slowly than you would be able to if you had another hero by your side. This puts you in a severely disadvantageous position. The more time it takes you to eliminate waves of foes, the less XP you will get.

2. Side Missions

side missions for extra XP [Image Credit: eXputer]
The main missions are the meat of Gotham Knights, as they unlock a lot of things besides netting you huge XP and gear. However, side missions are smaller in scale than main missions, and they offer more or less the same XP and gear that you get from doing the story ones. 

Instead of rushing towards completing the main chapters of the game, take a break every now and then to persuade a side mission. The objectives or waves of enemies that you get during a few side missions are the best place to farm XP in Gotham Knights and level up quickly.

3. Complete Premeditated Crimes

Stop Premeditated Crimes for XP [Image Credit: eXputer]
Engage in random crime-fighting activities in Gotham City to unlock Premeditated Crimes, a tier of side missions. Stop lesser criminal activities to gain red magnifying glass levels, visible on the map when paused.

These clues lead to Premeditated Crimes, accessible on the Belfry or safe house board. I strongly encourage you to not ignore random crime-fighting adventures, as they provide the best gear, faster XP farming, and the most efficient way to level up in Gotham Knights.

4. Optional Challenges

completing optional objectives for XP [Image Credit: eXputer]
Missions often include additional fighting objectives, such as defeating enemies with specific attacks or achieving a perfect dodging record. Almost every mission has side objectives, and larger tasks may have numerous objectives to complete. These objectives typically yield extra crafting supplies and, occasionally, additional XP and perks.

Completing these non-essential objectives can be enjoyable but adds an extra challenge. If you ask me, they may be a nuisance, and the benefits may not always justify the effort. But as you accumulate XP for playing stealthily, especially in later stages, the rewards become more satisfying.

5. Master Combat & Rack More Combos

master combat [Image Credit: eXputer]
The higher your combo chain or multiplier, the more XP points you’re to rack. This also translates to the fact that if you get hit by a melee attack or a ranged one, you will lose the multiplier; hence, the XP received from the enemy wave will be less. 

That is why the first thing you should learn in Gotham Knights is to master the combat mechanics. All four heroes have a unique playstyle that you can’t replicate with each other. That is why I recommend sticking to one character for your entire first playthrough and mastering the combat to increase your chances of XP farming in the game. 

6. Fight Enemies With Same Levels As Yours

Fight Same Levels enemies [Image Credit: eXputer]
You must always engage in combat with enemies who are at the same level as your character. Otherwise, if they’re, say, 2-3 levels lower than your Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl, or Nightwing, then you will be wasting time in defeating them as they’d net you little to no XP at the end of the encounter.

This also applies to enemies that are 3-4 levels higher than your current character level. Eliminating them would be a challenging task since most brawls in Gotham Knights are not one versus one story. That is why if you see streets of Gotham filled with criminals higher or lower levels than your hero, go back to Belfry and equip a suitable gear with higher value.

7. Open Secret Chests During Levels 25-30

Engaging in Gotham Knights’ open-world activities early to mid-game yields valuable rewards, but late-game benefits diminish. Secret chests, left by Batman, offer XP and items based on your character’s level upon exiting the Belfry.

To maximize gains, wait until levels 25 to 30 to open these chests in the late game. Opening them earlier results in lower XP and gear, rendering them less useful as you level up. Experience points earned while exploring depend on your previous level if you level up during gameplay.

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