7 Best Gotham Knights XP Farming Methods

Farming XP in Gotham Knights allows your to level up faster & overwhelm enemies & bosses

The progression of your best character in Gotham Knights is one of the key aspects to consider as you make your way through the end-game content. The level cap is set at 30, and our Gotham Knights leveling guide entails the best XP farming methods in order to unlock everything in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • XP is a vital part of the gameplay in Gotham Knights that allows players to improve their skills and combat by leveling up.
  • There are plenty of different methods that you can keep in mind in order to gain more XP than usual. These methods include:
    • Playing Co-op mode allows the collection of XP faster.
    • Side Missions give you a huge XP Boost.
    • Completing Premedicated Crimes.
    • Completing Optional Crimes.
    • The better you are in combat and achieve combos, The more game will award more XP
    • Engaging in combat with opponents who are at the same level or higher than yours will grant you far more XP than fighting opponents who are below your level. 
    • Batman has left secret chests throughout Gotham City. These chests offer a good amount of gear and XP. 
    • Equipping Higher Gear for tougher missions and leveling up your character will lead to more XP. 
  • The Highest Level Cap in Gotham Knights is Level 30 and Level 40 in New Game Plus

Play Co-op Always

play coop for faster XP [Image Credit: eXputer]
Like it or not, Gotham Knights is made to be played in Co-op mode for the best experience possible. This also means that you’d have it easy if you had a buddy kicking some scum by your side. 

When you and a buddy are competing against each other in a cooperative game, it could work in your favor to split up and pursue different objectives. In the case that you are not working together with another player who may provide a more efficient approach, you are on your own to devise a plan of action.

Because of this, you will be clearing out enemies much more slowly than you would be able to if you had another hero by your side. This puts you in a severely disadvantageous position. The more time it takes you to eliminate waves of foes, the less XP you will get.

Playing Gotham Knights in coop mode at all times is recommended if you want to level up more quickly and accumulate XP in the game more quickly.  

Side Missions

side missions for extra XP [Image Credit: eXputer]
The main missions are the meat of Gotham Knights, as they unlock a lot of things besides netting you huge XP and gear. However, side missions are smaller in scale than main missions, and they offer more or less the same XP and gear that you get from doing the story ones. 

Instead of rushing towards completing the main chapters of the game, take a break every now and then to persuade a side mission. The objectives or waves of enemies that you get during a few side missions are the best place to farm XP in Gotham Knights and level up quickly. 

Secondly, the side missions always appear on your map, and they will be marked whenever you complete them. This will allow you to see which missions are playable and which ones you have completed so far in the game. 

Most side missions include case files that are excellent sources of XP earning during early to mid-game in Gotham Knights. However, if you approach these side missions during late game, the XP gain will not be much, and your time investment in completing these will appear to be a futile effort. 

Complete Premeditated Crimes

Stop Premeditated Crimes for XP [Image Credit: eXputer]
Premeditated Crimes are another tier of side missions that you unlock by engaging in random crime-fighting activities in Gotham City. Whenever you turn up the streets of Gotham and put a stop to lesser criminal activities, you gain red magnifying glass levels. These can also be seen when you pause the game and hover over the map of the game. You will see the red icon there on the right side of the map screen. 

These are referred to as Clues, and if you have accumulated enough of them, they will lead you to Premeditated Crimes. That is why it is imperative not to ignore random crime-fighting adventures when you’re patrolling the night in Gotham Knights. 

You will be able to locate them on the board located in the Belfry or safe house. Once you’re ready, you can engage in Premeditated Crimes activities and unlock some of the best gear and farm XP faster in Gotham Knights, and this is by far the best source to level up as well. 

Optional Challenges

completing optional objectives for XP [Image Credit: eXputer]
Additional objectives for fighting are often included in missions and planned felonies side tasks. These objectives may include defeating enemies with a specific attack or obtaining a perfect record of dodging. Nearly every single mission in the game contains some form of side objective, and as you move through bigger tasks, there are sometimes a great number of these objectives to complete.

Most of the time, all you will obtain from them is extra crafting supplies, but there is a possibility that you could also get extra XP and perhaps other perks.

In most situations, one of your goals will be to do something specific, such as staying out of sight, performing a certain action throughout the battle, or avoiding taking any damage. When you initially start performing these things, you won’t see much of an improvement in your situation. Nevertheless, they do scale with your character, meaning that throughout the course of the game, it will become more clear how useful they are.

It’s possible that achieving non-essential objectives would be a lot of fun, but doing so will add an additional degree of challenge. On the contrary, they may, at times, be a genuine nuisance, and the advantages that may be obtained by concentrating an excessive amount of worry on them may not always be worth it. 

Later on in the game, when you are accumulating a lot of experience points for doing nothing more than playing stealthily, it will appear more gratifying. It is only natural that you will need more experience points in order for your level to increase to that amount. Nevertheless, over time, these rewards accumulate, and the majority of the time, they don’t need too much of your time or effort.

Master Combat & Rack More Combos

master combat [Image Credit: eXputer]
Combat is the core gameplay element in Gotham Knights. You can mix and match all attack types to create a longer combo chain and rack up the points. That means that the higher your combo chain or multiplier, the more XP points you’re to rack. This also translates to the fact that if you get hit by a melee attack or a ranged one, you will lose the multiplier; hence the XP received from the enemy wave will be less. 

That is why the first thing you should learn in Gotham Knights is to master the combat mechanics. All four heroes have a unique playstyle that you can’t replicate with each other. For example, Redhood is weak in CQC and melee attacks, but he is a tan, and he can hit enemies like a truck by maining some distance. 

In a similar fashion, Nightwing is the master of evasion and striking enemies. He is by far the most balanced character in the game, according to our ranking. If you keep switching characters, you’re bound to have a lazy learning curve. That is why we recommend sticking to one character for your entire first playthrough and mastering the combat to increase your chances of XP farming in the game. 

Fight Enemies With Same Levels As Yours

Fight Same Levels enemies [Image Credit: eXputer]
As a rule of thumb in RPG titles, you should only engage in enemies who are equal to your current gear or character level. In Gotham Knights, you will find enemies levels in three tiers; they’d be under-leveled, at your hero’s level, or even much higher than that. 

You must always engage in combat with enemies who are at the same level as your character. Otherwise, if they’re, say, 2-3 levels lower than your Robin, Red Hood, Batgirl, or Nightwing, then you will be wasting time in defeating them as they’d net you little to no XP at the end of the encounter.

This also applies to enemies that are 3-4 levels higher than your current character level. Eliminating them would be a challenging task since most brawls in Gotham Knights are not one versus one story. That is why if you see streets of Gotham filled with criminals higher or lower levels than your hero, go back to Belfry and equip a suitable gear with higher value.

Come back, and you are more likely to find enemy levels at par with yours. This is also one of the downsides of Gotham Knights, as nothing changes on the fly, and you need to go back to Belfry for the open world to adapt or scale to new gear or your character level.

Open Secret Chests During Levels 25-30

Most side activities that you engage in the open world of Gotham Knights do not scale at your character’s level. This means that they are fruitful if you play them early to mid-game but come late game and the benefits of completing them are pretty much useless. 

This applies to the secret chests Batman left scattered throughout Gotham City. The amount of XP you get for completing requests and uncovering secret caches is determined on your level when you exit the Belfry. The secret chests scale with your hero’s level, so the XP and gear or other items that you get by opening them really depend on your existing level. 

During the late game, getting higher XP and good gear items becomes a much-needed change, and that is why you should reserve opening the secret chests once you hit levels 25 to 30. Otherwise, accessing these secret chests during the early hours of the gameplay gives you a small XP and the gear items that you get become useless after you’ve leveled up. If you gained a level while exploring the open world, then the experience points you get will be determined by your prior level.

Equipping Higher Gear & Leveling Up For Tougher Challenges

equipping higher gear [Image Credit: eXputer]
Gotham Knights title has an RPG title’s mechanics, which makes equipping higher rarity gear less of a chore and more of a necessity. By playing story missions, side objectives, or randomly beating thugs to submission on Gotham City’s streets, you will unlock gear, mod chips, and other goodies that will allow you to level up your character by equipping the higher gear pieces.

The suit, the close-combat weaponry, and the long-range weapons that each hero in the game carries make up the rest of their equipment. At the workbench, using blueprints and the appropriate crafting supplies, one may improve a character’s equipment. 

Each individual blueprint for a piece of equipment results in a separate set of statistics as well as a unique look inside the game. Some pieces of gear come equipped with mod slots, which allow the player to improve various gameplay aspects by customizing the item using mod chips.

That is why it is mandatory to return to Belfy every now and then to equip a higher rarity gear and then come back to the streets of Gotham City.

Reaching Level Cap In Gotham Knights

In Gotham Knights, level 30 is both the maximum possible and the level cap for the game. When you hit level 30, your ability to acquire experience and level up will be permanently disabled. 

This will indicate that you have reached or maxed out the leveling system in the current version of the game. We may or may not get DLCs in the future that can potentially increase this level cap limit. Think of it as a light level in Destiny 2; every new expansion or a raid release always allows Guardians to increase their base level. 

Additionally, the maximum level has been increased to level 40 if you are playing the new game plus. There are no big gains when it comes to maxing out level 30 or 40 in Arkham Knights, and you can pretty much hit the cap when you’re approaching the end-game content. 

You should be relatively close to hitting this maximum level in Gotham Knights by the time you finish all of the main objectives and undertake a decent amount of the side activities if you play the game day to day basis. Therefore, reaching that limit won’t take nearly as much grinding as one would expect from an RPG title that has not one but four characters.

About Arkham Knights

Since Batman is no longer there to protect Gotham City, the mantle of leadership for the Gotham Knights has been passed on to his four disciples: Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin. 

Players can level up their characters, and all enemies they encounter will also scale up to match the competition and keep the game progression balanced. Heroic travels and using vehicles, such as the Batcycle, are the go-to means to rush through the streets of Gotham City.

The daytime will be spent with the players occupying the Belfry, which serves as the team’s headquarters and enables players to swap protagonists and organize for the next mission by overseeing their progression. Once players exit the Belfry, the game will immediately transition to the nighttime setting.

There is also a two-person cooperative multiplayer option in the game, which allows the second player to drop in and out at any moment without affecting the progress of the first player in the game. The single-player narrative campaign may be played on its own.

In November of 2022, a unique four-player cooperative mode called “Heroic Assault” will be added. In this mode, players must engage in combat against foes in a setting reminiscent of an arena while also achieving a variety of goals.


Gotham Knights is primarily conceived of as a role-playing action game, despite the fact that it does take inspiration from the critically acclaimed Arkham series. This is why leveling up and wearing high-tier and rarity gear is the core gameplay component that you should not sleep on. Otherwise, you will always find combat overwhelming, and dying by fighting crime will become a hobby in the Gotham Knights. 

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