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Everything You Need To Know To Get Started in Grounded

Survival games are a great way to challenge yourself. They force you to explore the areas around you and come up with unique solutions to make progress in the game. Our Grounded Walkthrough consists of guides that will help you get through the difficult areas of the game.

Grounded was developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Xbox Game Studios. The game was released on September 27th, 2022, on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Since the game was released, it has received positive reviews from fans and critics and has an 84 rating on Metacritic.

Grounded allows you to enjoy the game in both first-person and third-person. You play as a protagonist that is shrunk to the size of an ant. You are then required to survive in a backyard by using different items that are located around you.

As you will make progress in the game, you will travel to different areas of the backyard. With this progress, you will also encounter different insects and bugs. Some of these bugs will help you make progress, while others will try to hunt you down.

The game can also be played in both solo in multiplayer modes. You can explore the backyard alone, or you can invite friends or join their games. The multiplayer mode allows you to play with 4 players.

Game Review

Game reviews give you a clear idea of what you can expect from a game. They discuss all the features that a game has to offer. Our Grounded Walkthrough includes a review that discusses the game in great detail. It also covers all important aspects that will help you decide whether you should buy the game or not.

Best Settings & Error Fixes

When you decide to buy a game, you must configure it properly before playing. Every new release has some issues at the start that can cause some problems for the players. These bugs can cause a variety of issues and can even result in your game crashing.

Additionally, you also need to ensure that you are playing with the best possible settings. Properly configuring your game can significantly improve your experience and ensure that you are playing the game the way it was intended.

Character Wiki

All Available Characters In Grounded (Image Credits – eXputer)

As soon as you start playing the game, you are given a choice to select a character. Grounded features four unique characters. All these characters have their strengths and abilities that come into play during different stages of the game.

Our Grounded Walkthrough includes a guide that talks about the best character choices in the game. It discusses the best characters in detail and why you should pick them to start your journey.

Multiplayer Walkthrough

Grounded includes a multiplayer feature that allows you to play the game with your friends. You can invite your friends to your world or join their game to play with them. You are also given an option of shared worlds.

The shared worlds option allows you to create a new world for yourself and your friends. The newly created world is free to explore for all your friends that you have invited. Our walkthrough includes guides that talk about the feature in detail.

Best Weapons & Armor

The Mint Mace Weapon (Image Credits – eXputer)

As you make progress in the game, you will encounter different enemies. You need to fight and defeat these enemies to make progress in the game. Because of this, you must have the best weapons and armor when you are fighting these enemies.

Our Grounded Walkthrough includes guides that talk about the best weapons and armor in the game. These guides explore all weapons and armor in the game and pick the best based on their strengths and uses. We also have a tier list that ranks all the armor sets from best to worst based on their effectiveness.

Boss Fight Guides

Boss Fight
The Orchid Mantis Boss Fight (Image Credits – eXputer)

Throughout your journey in the game, you will encounter different bosses. Each boss in the game has a set of abilities that they use during the fight. These bosses also have different weaknesses that can be exploited in the battle.

Our walkthrough includes several boss fight guides that explain these fights in detail. These guides break down the boss fights and explore the best strategies to defeat them. They also discuss things like the best weapons and armor sets that you can equip to make the fight easier.

Mission Walkthroughs

Repairing a Tool In Grounded (Image Credits – eXputer)

Grounded requires you to complete different tasks to make progress in the game. Some of these tasks are easy and do not require any effort. However, certain tasks require you to perform a series of actions to complete them.

Completing these tasks can be challenging if you don’t have a clear idea of what to do. This is where our Grounded Walkthrough can help you out. Our walkthrough includes guides that talk about these quests in great detail. These guides provide step-by-step instructions on what needs to be done to complete a task and progress in the game.

Resource Location

Farming Quartzite (Image Credits – eXputer)

You can come across different items and resources along your journey in Grounded. These items can be collected and used to craft different items. Crafting these items is important as they can help you complete different challenges.

However, locating these items can be hard work if you don’t know where to look. You also need to know what to do with these resources and what items to craft once you have collected them. You can find the answer to all these questions in our walkthrough.

Our walkthrough includes several resource location guides that talk about these items in great detail. They go into detail about the different locations where you can find them. These guides also discuss the different armor sets and gear you can craft when you have gathered enough resources.

Mutations Walkthrough

Different Available Mutations In Grounded (Image Credits – eXputer)

Mutations are special perks and skills that you can unlock by completing different tasks. They can allow you to access and use different buffs. These buffs can be used in different areas of the game to get out of difficult situations.

There are different ways in which you can unlock these mutations. Some of them can be unlocked by playing the game and completing different tasks. Other mutations are also purchasable and require you to spend money on them.

However, once you have unlocked these mutations, the question arises, “What are the best mutations to use?” You can get the answer to this question through our Grounded Walkthrough. Our walkthrough includes different guides and tier lists that talk about the best mutations. They also go into detail about every single mutation and what it does to provide you with all the necessary information needed to make a decision.

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