Hard West 2 Copper Vultures Gang; Location & Rewards

The full details of the Copper Vultures Gang and their Location in Hard West 2

Hard West 2 is a tactical turn-based RPG that revolves around battling enemies on an isometric battlefield, similar to the XCOM and Wasteland series. It is a follow-up sequel to the first Hard West game released in 2015. This time the game focuses on a posse on the run from supernatural beings and demons. You will hunt down various Wild West foes and supernatural beings throughout the game. One of these is the location of the Copper Vultures Gang, which is relatively simple to find if you’re paying close attention to Hard West 2.

The party members of the game all feature distinctive personalities and characteristics. These include the Leader of your Posse, Gin Carter, the dead-man walking Old-Man Bill, and the mysterious woman known as Flynn. As a deal goes terribly wrong, you will be forced to combat many vile creatures using their special skills & abilities.

The Copper Vultures Gang is one such crew that you will encounter and combat in the game. Before we begin, we highly encourage you to check out our detailed Review of Hard West 2. It covers all the essential information you need to learn about the game, its core aspects, and any performance issues.

Key Highlights
  • You receive a Copper Vulture Band at the Black Salt Lake area at the beginning of Chapter 2.
  • If you have the band in your inventory, the game notifies you about the Copper Vulture Gang before you go to Hartman for the cannon to tear down the blockade.
  • Since this happens during a main mission, you can’t miss this objective.
  • You’ll find the Copper Vulture Gang in the Scorndale area, which you visit during your primary mission.
  • The reward for completing this objective is a Treasure Map and 110 Gold.

Who Are The Copper Vultures Gang In Hard West 2

Like most RPGs, the game is filled with various side quests and interactions that you discover in the world. From several two-bit bandits to satanic cultists, there is quite a variety of elements when it comes to the game.

HW2 provides you with various clues and indicators for your objectives during the main quests. However, it is worth pointing out that some of the side quests may deteriorate in that department. It is because most of them are hidden from the player’s point of view that you will probably need to go out of your way to activate them.

So hence why the important missions or objectives, such as discovering the location and whereabouts of the Copper Vulture Gang in the world of Hard West 2, can be relatively challenging and tedious for some players.

The game will only give you a Copper Vulture Band at the beginning moments of Chapter 2 while you are in the Black Salt Lake area. It is classified as an item for the bounty hunting quest of the gang themselves.

After which, you will need to locate the gang itself to hunt down; the objective marker will not display their precise location, be wary of that fact. Thankfully, the site isn’t too far off the main path of your progression. You can quickly locate it if you keep your wits about you and follow our hints.

The Location Of The Copper Vultures Gang & Rewards

Hard West 2 Copper Vultures Gang
Copper Vultures Gang

The exact known instance where you will encounter these gang members is during the chain of events in the second chapter. The game will notify the player very briefly of them if you have the Copper Vulture band in your inventory, as we mentioned previously.

It is important to keep in mind that the quest itself or the marker won’t show up in the earliest parts of the chapter. They will actually appear right in between during one of the main missions of the game.

Specifically, right at the beginning of the chapter, there will be a point where your crew will need to clear up a blockade. However, in order to do so, you will first need to find a cannon to tear it down with ease. The blockade will need to be cleared so you can progress to locate the Ghost Train in the mainline missions.

Luckily, you will soon find out Hartman, one of Gin Carter’s associates, has the cannon that you require. But before even that, you will be tasked with completing a few missions in between. One of these missions will assign you to hunt down the Copper Vultures Gang, whose precise location is at the Scorndale area in Hard West 2.

So technically, the quest and the objective to defeat them are pretty much dead in your way. It is unmissable since the game will indirectly lead you to their location so you can receive the cannon from Hartman. Upon completing the objective, you will be rewarded with a treasure map along with 110 Gold for your efforts.


Hard West 2 primarily guides the player using the objectives and the linear open world design. The combat encounters are based on complex puzzles that heavily reward you if cleverly executed. Each of the characters comprises unique skills that can aid them in different methods or ways.

As long as you play your cards right and pay close attention to each objective marker and environmental clues, you should have no time missing anything interesting in the game. The game is a breath of fresh air to the Tactical RPG genre, which was getting stale at one point, but now it looks as fun as ever right now.

Hard West 2 is out now on Steam. The game has some odd performance issues, which will hopefully get resolved soon by the developer, Ice Code Games. We will inform you of any major errors in the game if found. Let us know if this guide helped you out in locating the Copper Vulture Gang, and we hope you are enjoying the game!

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