Hard West 2 Flynn: Best Loadouts, Skills, Tips & More

This guide discusses all the best skills and tips for Flynn in Hard West 2.

Who Is Flynn in Hard West 2

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Flynn is an orphan, thief, and witch who used her dark gifts in order to survive the harsh lands of the Hard West. She has expertise in witchcraft and black magic. The background of Flynn remains shrouded in mystery for the most part.

You will have access to Flynn from the get-go, alongside Gin Carter and Kestrel Colt.

Key Highlights
  • Most of Flynn’s background is a mystery, and she’s a thief with black magic.
  • Flynn’s default skills are Shadow Swap I and Horseback Riding.
  • Her unlockable skills include Pocket Full Of Chips, Dead Draw, Stroke Of Luck, Shadow Swap II & III, Shotgunner, Lightfooted, Brawler, Rifleman, I Won’t Die Here, Stay Low-Key, and Devil’s Luck.
  • Flynn’s Shadow Step lets her close the distance to use Shotguns and get to high ground to use Rifles effectively, making these two weapons a good fit for her.
  • Flynn will prefer the Spades suit for extra critical damage with shotguns and the Diamonds suit for rifles.
  • Besides more deck combinations listed in the guide, we recommend you focus on Straight Flush to get the Duelist status first.

All Card Skills For Flynn

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Before we dive into the skills of this enigmatic witch, we want to clear up how these skills are equipped. Skills and buffs are added to your character in the form of cards. Cards can be obtained through completing missions in Hard West 2.

Each character in Hard West 2 can hold five cards simultaneously. You get various skills from these cards, depending on what poker hand you form from these cards. The ranking of cards here works the same as it does in poker.

The better hand you have, the more devastating skills you will receive. So keep completing missions to unlock more cards, which in turn will unlock more of your passive abilities as well as will let you upgrade your active ones too.

It’s a much more refreshing take on unlocking skills as compared to what we are normally used to. Now that you know how skills work in Hard West 2 let’s discuss all the card skills for Flynn.

Shadow Swap I

Main skill
Flynn uses her Shadow Swap skill during the mission ” Fooling the Hangman”.

Requirement: Default

Shadow Swap is Flynn’s main skill. As evident from the name, this skill allows Flynn to use her witchcraft to exchange positions with enemies or allies. Shadow Swap can be used for both taking over vantage points or bringing distant enemies into range.

The catch here is that both you and the character you swapped places with will lose 1 HP.

Horseback Riding

  • Requirement: Default
  • Horseback Riding gives you resistance to burn/crippling. At the same time, you also receive a movement bonus and a 25% reduced chance of getting hit.

Pocket Full Of Chips

  • Requirement: Loyalty – Ally
  • Pocket Full of Chips gives Flynn a +25 boost in luck stat when her luck is zero.

Dead Draw

  • Requirement: Loyalty – Friend
  • You receive a +1 bullseye damage multiplier. It will happen while you have a Bravado status.

Stroke of Luck

  • Requirement: Pair
  • Stroke of Luck increases your bullseye chances by 10% when you have 100 luck.

Shadow Swap II

  • Requirement: Two Pair
  • An upgrade version of Shadow Swap. Shadow Swap II removes the skill’s cooldown and allows you to use Shadow Swap multiple times in a turn.


  • Requirement: Three of a Kind
  • With this skill unlocked, your shotguns will deal +1 more damage.


  • Requirement: Straight
  • Lightfooted will make you immune to being crippled.

Shadow Swap III

  • Requirement: Flush
  • The final form of Shadow Swap. Unlocking this allows you to inflict bleed status on your enemies.


  • Requirement: Full House
  • Brawler increases your bullseye chances with a shotgun by 5%.


  • Requirement: Four of a Kind
  • Rifleman gives you+1 damage increase when using rifles.

I Won’t Die Here

  • Requirement: Straight Flush
  • “I Won’t Die Here” gives you a Duelist status at the start of the turn. This will happen every time one of your allies falls in battle.

Stay Low-Key

  • Requirement: Royal Flush
  • With Star Low-Key unlocked, you will gain a “Heads Down” and recovery from burn status at the start of your turn.

Devil’s Luck

  • Requirement: Five of a Kind
  • Devil’s Luck doubles your luck stat from missed shots and being shot at.

Weapon Loadout For Flynn

Shotguns and rifles are our recommended loadout for Flynn. As mentioned above, there are a handful of skills that increase her shotgun and rifle damage. So it is only natural you stick with shotguns and rifles while using Flynn in Hard West 2.

Flynn’s Shadow Swap allows her to get close to her enemies, making shotgun ideal for that situation. Similarly, the same ability can be used to gain the high ground from where you can snipe enemies, making the rifle an ideal weapon for that situation.

Best Strategy & Tips For Flynn

Flynn uses a handgun on top of a train.

To quickly get your hands on the best skills for Flynn, the first you’ll want to do is to get a Two Pair and unlock Shadow Swap II. Afterward, keep taking part in different missions and get yourself a “Three of a Kind” and “Full House” poker hand in order to maximize your shotgun damage.

You should also prioritize the “Straight Flush” combination in order to get that Duelist status, which can be crucial for turning the tides in your favor. You won’t be needing the “Royal Flush” or “Five of a Kind” perk until you are much later in the game, so it’s better you prioritize the above-mentioned perks first.

“Spades” should be your go-to option for card suits because having these cards on Flynn will give her an extra critical damage boost when using shotguns at close range. If you are using rifles more often than not, you should opt for “Diamond” instead. Using Diamonds for card suits give Flynn an edge when using rifles or handguns at long range.

Shadow Swap is not only Flynn’s best skill but also one of the most tactically flexible skills of Hard West 2. This skill gives you room for a lot of experimentation, and the more you use it, the better understanding you will develop.

Below are some tactics you can use with the Shadow Swap ability:

  • You can use Shadow Swap to bring Laughing Deer to a group of enemies, which will allow him to use his melee prowess to obliterate them.
  • Likewise, you can head first into a group of enemies and then replace your position with Old Man Bill. Then Bill can unleash his Deadman’s Revenge skill and destroy all nearby enemies.

This concludes our character guide for Flynn in Hard West 2. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comment section below.

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