Hard West 2 Lady Shrike: How To Locate Her For Bounty

Capturing Lady Shrike in Hard West 2 can be hard, but with correct strategies players can take her down easily.

Hard West 2 requires great strategies to win, and supernatural elements are added to make the classic cowboy tale fascinating. You can hunt down people such as Lady Shrike and get great rewards in Hard West 2. Players who played the 2015 original or its 2019 switch release will likely consider this entry interesting. Moreover, Players are always hyped up for Fantasy Western RTS genre games.

Hard West 2 is a sequel to the original Hard West game, which was released in 2015. Moreover, it is a tactical turn-based role-playing game. Players have to fight battles in western style, and elements like supernatural beings and demons are fun too. While you are at it, you must read our Hard West 2 Review

Also, players can take down several supernatural beings and hunt wild west foes, including Copper Vultures Gang. Not only that, you get to play with great Hard West 2 characters such as Flynn, Old Man Bill, Cla’Lish, Laughing Deer, and Gin Carter.

Just like the other games similar to this subgenre, players find wanted posters and hunt down bounties. However, some bounties or wanted people are easy to find, while it may take hours of searching to find some. But most of the reward is also worth the trouble. Just like that, one of the fascinating battles in Hard West 2 may seem impossible in the beginning, but you will see her when the time is right.

How To Locate Lady Shrike In Hard West 2

Location of Vulture Gang
Fight Against Copper Vulture Gang

There are several bounties available for players in Hard West 2, but claiming the bounty for Lady Shrike is really rewarding. However, claiming the bounty for Lady Shrike is really hard. That is partial because she is hard to take down, but also, players get confused when they see the poster. 

Players should know that they are free to take on Lady Shrike’s bounty at the beginning of the game’s second chapter. Mostly in Hard West 2, bounties would come with a green waypoint; it helps players to get the right direction. But in Lady Shrike’s case, they don’t get this helpful guide, so players often feel lost as to what they should do.  

It is because at the start of the second chapter, when you take the bounty at that time, Lady Shrike is unavailable, this creates ambiguity. After that, they are asked to acquire a cannon through an arrangement with Hartman. Now, Gin’s old friends send players on various brief hunts before he agrees to hand over the cannon.

As part of the deal, players will also be required to capture the infamous Copper Vultures Gang. It is also a hidden quest, and you will have to start it in Salt Lake. Furthermore, you will realize that one of those challenges is actually to fight Lady Shrike.

The Shrike can be found in St. Jude’s Parish (Hartman will send you there) it is the church of the town. Keep in mind that there she will be waiting for players to reach with a small army of allies. There you will find Lady Shrike and her Shadow Dancers, and it can be a tough fight. Moreover, once players find the Lady, with the correct strategies, they can defeat her easily.

Best Strategy To Fight Lady Shrike In Hard West 2

Gun Fight
Gunfight in Hard West 2

Soon players will realize that locating her was only a part of the problem when it comes to claiming her bounty. When they reach the church, they will see a difficult gunfight ahead of them. Similar to other quests in Hard West 2, this battle also has tutorials of sorts.

Taking down it might not be easy as it was with Copper Vultures Gang, as she has magic users helping her through the fight. It would be better for players to take down all enemies in a single turn before they use their transfusion ability and steal your health.

Moreover, players must use Laughing Deer’s Wild Run ability in order to defeat Lady Shrike. Keep in mind that you should utilize the Laughing Deer correctly and carefully to win the fight against her. Lady Shrike has an army that includes Wendigos, Several Gunmen and Blackheart.

She is well guarded by her Shadow Dancers, so it will take several attacks from Laughing Deer to bring her down. Players should send Deer across; this way, all the enemies will be eliminated quickly. Battle when you finally take down Lady Shrike in Hard West 2. The side quest is not as much rewarding as Copper Vultures Gang was. However, you still need to do it to progress, so try your best to win it.

Final Words

Hard West 2 is a fascinating game where players have to battle enemies in western style. Also, the game involves Supernatural beings and demons to make gameplay interesting. Similar to other games in this Subgenre, players can hunt down wanted people to collect bounties. 

You can find wanted posters and hunt them down to get great rewards. One of these bounties is to take down Lady Shrike. However, it is confusing for players at first as they don’t get proper directions to find her. Don’t worry, in this article we have explained how you can find her easily. And also strategies on how to find Lady Shrike and take her down easily in Hard West 2.

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