Multiversus Harley Quinn: The Definitive Guide

In This Guide We Will Be Discussing Harley Quinn Of Multiversus In Complete Detail Including Her Moves, Combos, Perks, & More.

Harley Quinn is more of a recent addition to the DC verse as she first appeared in Batman: The Animated Series “Joker’s Favor” in 1992. However, Harley Quinn is a fairly renowned character now because of her involvement in the DC verse and the fact that the character was played exceptionally by Margot Robbie in the movies.

Key Takeaways
  • Harley Quinn from the DC verse is one of the most quirky characters available on the Multiversus game.
  • The main four unlockables for Harley Quinn in the game include Mad Love, Announcer Pack, Bye Bye, and Crazy.
  • You can go up to Level 15 by earning badges you get by leveling Harley Quinn up.
  • Some of the perks of Multiversus Harley Quinn include Offensive Perks, Defensive perks, Utility Perks, and Signature Perks.
  • Multiversus Harley Quinn can perform Normal attacks (Whack, Clown Combo, Heads up, slider, and others.) as well as special attacks ( Stuffie Bat, Prank Shot, Batter up, among many more.)
  • One of the greatest perks of Harley Quinn is being a great damage dealer, while her main con is being weak at defense.

Next, as for the origin of Harley Quinn, or Harleen Quinnzel as she was known before bumping into the infamous Joker. Harleen was a psychiatrist at Arkham Asylum, where she encountered the Joker, who was one of her patients.

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn In Multiversus

However, instead of treating him, she was influenced by him and became his sidekick and was renowned as Harley Quinn. And now, she is the Joker’s sidekick and is building her career as a criminal. Now back to Harley Quinn in Multiversus.

Multiversus Game Play

Checkout the stats for Harley Quinn in Multiversus: 

StatsGround AttacksGround SpecialsAir AttacksAir SpecialsPassive Abilities
Mobility: 5/10

Weight: 4/10

Dmg: 8/10

Ranged: 4/10

Support: 3/10

– Whack!

– Clown Combo (Side Atk)

– Clown Combo (Up Atk)

– Slider (Down Atk)

– Stuffie Bat

– Prank Shot (Side Atk)

– Batter Up! (Up Atk)

– Whack In A Box (Down Atk)

– Aerial Pummeler

– Flying Kicks (Side Atk)

– Confetti Grenade! (Up Atk)

– Boxing Ringer (Down Atk)

– Stuffie Bat

– Prank Shot (Side Atk)

– Batter Up! (Up Atk)

– Whack In A Box (Down Atk)

– Confetti Time

– Glass Cannon

All Of Harley Quinn’s Unlockables

Mad Love
The Mad Love Costume For Harley Quinn

Now we will have a brief look at all the unlockables of Harley Quinn which feature her costumes and cosmetic upgrades. We will mention the cost of the item and the type as well for your ease. Currently, there are a total of 4 unlockables for the Multiversus Harley Quinn. The items are:

  • Mad Love: A special variant of Harley Quinn which can be unlocked by spending 1500 Gleamium.
  • Announcer Pack: The Anounncer Pack of Harley Quinn can also be unlocked by spending Gleamium but this time it will cost a mere 100 Gleamium.
  • Bye Bye: The Bye Bye emote for Harley Quinn be unlocked by purchasing it for 350 Gleamium.
  • Crazy: The Crazy sticker emote for Harley can also be purchased for an amount of 150 Gleamium.

Multiversus Harley Quinn’s Mastery Level Rewards

Levels List
The List Of Leveling Rewards

Furthermore, we will be listing each of the rewards that you earn by leveling Harley Quinn up. The list starts from level 2 because level 1 is the default level of Harley Quinn. The rewards for the levels are:

  • Level 2: You earn the Up, Up, and Slay perk
  • Level 3: You receive 5 Toast
  • Level 4: You acquire the Triple Jump perk
  • Level 5: You earn 100 Gold
  • Level 6: You get a new perk called Equip Ally Perks
  • Level 7: You receive yet another perk named Slippery Customer
  • Level 8: You achieve a signature perk known as Glove Control
  • Level 9: Another perk named Perk Training
  • Level 10: Another one of the signature perks called Smooth Moves
  • Level 11:  Hit’Em While They Are Down perk acquired this time
  • Level 12: Signature perk Confetti Explosion
  • Level 13: Perk called Fancy Footwork
  • Level 14: Now, you will unlock the Harley Profile Icon
  • Level 15: Lastly you will receive the Harley Wins Badge

All Of Harley Quinn’s Perks 

Signature Perks
One Of Harley Quinn’s Signature Perks

Now we will be grouping the above perks into categories where they are best utilized in the game and we will also give each perks description as per the game. The categories in which the perks will be divided will be:

  • Offensive Perks
  • Defensive perks
  • Utility Perks
  • Signature Perks

Offensive Perks

Up, Up, and Slay: The perk allows your team to deal 5% extra damage with attacks that knock enemies upwards in the air.

Hit ‘Em While They’re Down: This perk also gives your team 5% increased damage on attacking the enemies that have been debuffed.

Defensive Perks

Slippery Customer: The perk allows your team to have a 10% longer dodge invulnerability window than before.

Utility Perks

Triple Jump: The perk grants your team an extra jump when you attack your enemy while he is in the air.

Fancy Footwork: With the perk, you can achieve 5% more dodgeable distance.

Signature Perks

Glove Control: With this signature perk Harley can aim her boxing glove attack when she performs an air down basic attack.

Smooth Moves: The air and ground side special attacks of Harley Quinn Multiversus become dodges giving her brief invulnerability.

Confetti Explosion: When Harley’s Confetti debuff reaches max stack it will create a massive explosion that can launch the enemies into the air.

All Of Harley Quinn’s Attacks And Abilities 

Harley Quinn’s Attacks

Now under this section, we will be listing all types of attacks that Multiversus Harley Quinn can perform and as well as her Special attacks also. Just like before we will also add a brief description of the attack and also the same goes for the abilities.

Normal Attacks

Whack: A charging mallet swing that can be executed by neutral input.

Clown Combo: It is a combo of bat strikes and kicks. Also, the combo ends with an upward swing and the attack can be performed from the side input.

Heads Up: It is a charged overhead swing that if fully charged will hit with a twirl before executing the swing. The attack is achieved from the Up input.

Slider: A charged sliding attack that can be acquired from the down input. Charging the attack extends the distance of the slide and the attack can also become a combo with an addition of a forward kick by pressing the down input again.

Aerial Pummeler: For this attack, Harley charges and swings her mallet beneath her and executes a powerful swing that can be done through the Aerial Neutral input.

Flying Kicks: The attack is a combo of kicks followed by a bouncing back maneuver performed by Harley Quinn Of Multiversus which is achieved through inputting an Aerial Side input.

Confetti Grenade: The attack is performed by the Aerial Up input which in turn executes a grenade launcher overhead blast that deals Confetti Debuff to enemies.

Boxing Ringer: The classic charge attack of a jester where he fires a boxing glove projectile. The attack is performed by the Aerial down input.

Special Attacks

Stuffie Bat: To perform the attack you will have to equip a bat plush bomb and then press special and a direction to launch the bomb. Furthermore, press input again to detonate the bomb. The attack does physical damage and also deals Confetti Debuff effect. And the cherry on top is that it refreshes the allies’ air moves. Additionally, all fighters are knocked back due to the explosion. Also, the input for the attack is neutral.

Prank Shot: A simple forward dash with a boxing glove projectile launching during the dash. The special is achieved through the side input.

Batter Up: Another upward dash during which Harley Quinn delivers a powerful baseball bat swing which can be executed through the up input.

Jerk-in-the-Box: A jack-in-the-box Projectile is placed that detonates when an enemy touches it, sending them flying in the air. Allies can also activate it by jumping next to the box when it is placed. Additionally, the enemies receive a Confetti Debuff and your allies have their air moves refreshed.

Passive Abilities

The Passive abilities of the Multiversus Harley Quinn feature the:

  • Confetti Time:  Which applies a fire debuff if the team is able to knock the enemies back several times after the Confetti debuff.
  • Glass Cannon: The assassins in your team have high speed and high damage. However, the assassins have less durability than before. This means that the assassins take 14% additional damage from all sources.

Best Strategies And Combos For Harley Quiin

Now it is time to discuss just how can a player utilize the Multiversus Harley Quinn in the most effective way and what kind of Harley Quinn combos can be achieved in Multiversus. Up till now, we should know that Harley is an astounding damage dealer. However, she does lack in the speed department thus also taking a lot of damage meaning her defenses are weak.

Although she takes a lot of damage this can be overcome by just being patient and waiting for the right opportunity to strike. Also, we recommend that you make good use of the signature perk called Confetti Explosion as it is a great finisher

Furthermore, one of Harley Quinn Combos in Multiversus that you can try is to apply the Confetti Debuff through the Jerk-In-The-Box and immediately follow it up with a chain combo of about five attacks which can simply be achieved through the Clown Combo.

Also, the Clown Combo can be chained with the Whack if you require to deal some quick and easy damage. After completing the combo just throw the enemy out by thumping him. Further, you should also make use of Batter Up to disrupt the enemy’s movement and strategies. 

What we have understood is that Harley Quinn is a weak defense character so your best bet is to pair her up with a character that is capable of protecting her like maybe Wonder Woman. Also, use perks and other ways to try to make Harley Quinn’s defense more effective.

Harley Quinn Poster
A Screenshot Of Harley Quinn’s Poster In Multiversus

With the details of Harley Quinn in Multiversus complete, we bring this guide to an end. We discussed every aspect of Harley in the game including the Harley Quinn Combos in Multiversus.


The Multiversus is a newly released game that the one and only Warner Bros published. Now that Warner Bros is the publisher this means that the game features all kinds of playable characters ranging from DC characters to Cartoon Network’s classics. One of the characters available in Multiversus is the notorious Harley Quinn from the DC verse

In a game like Multiversus, it is a good practice to know your best characters so that you could grind to achieve them. However, to do that you will first have to know the best characters. Now for the best characters in Multiversus read our Multiversus Character Tier List.

And to see the newly leaked characters of Multiversus read our New Multiversus Characters guide. Furthermore, you also consider researching How To Get Gleamium and How The Trophies Work In Multiversus. lastly for a similar guide on the Dark Knight read our Multiversus Batman guide.

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