Dislyte Heng Yue: The Ultimate Guide

Dislyte has many characters that offer a good support system to the player. Sometimes these characters help the espers to gain strength and defeat the enemy. Heng Yue Dislyte is a support esper healer that has been bestowed with the heavenly powers of Chang’e and the chilly goddess of the moon. You can also read about Dislyte Catherine and Ren Si

This esper has the most healing ability. It not only heals itself but it also assists other espers in its team. The best part is that Heng Yue requires the least amount of HP and it also removes all debuffs.

The Golden Moon is known to heal all of its team of espers and it also possesses an AOE skill. This skill can be used when she has no helpers around to help her. Here’s how to promote the Esper Star rating.

In our guide, we will take a look at all details about Heng Yue and how her skills work to improve other espers. Check out the Dislyte Tier list to see the best characters. 

Heng Yue Skills

Heng Yue Dislyte
Heng Yue Dislyte traits

Heng Yue has many skills and with each of her skills, damage-dealing increases. Every level has a different damage dealing. Some skills of Heng Yue are listed below for you to read. You can read the best leveling guide for espers. 

Golder Moon

This skill helps in debuffing the dispels against all allied espers. It also helps in healing them up to 30% and if they debuff at their max HP, 3% healing increases per debuff that is dispelled. The levels it used to cool down are as follows:

Golden Moon Heng Yue
Heng Yue Golden Moon
Level 2The amount of healing is increased to 23%
Level 3The amount of healing is increased to 26%
Level 4The amount of healing is increased to 30%
Level 5The cooldown effect is reduced by one turn

Silvermoon kiss

With this skill, Heng Yue has a 100% chance of dispelling any buff that comes from the target. Moreover, it also inflicts 120% of ATK damage on the enemy. There are four levels of damage through Silvermoon kiss skill towards the enemy. 

Level 2The amount of damage is increased to 110%
Level 3The amount of damage can be increased to 85%
Level 4The amount of damage is increased to 120%
Level 5The amount of damage is increased to 100%

Undying Elixer

This skill of Heng Yue helps her in healing the esper that has the lowest percentage of HP in Dislyte. Heng Yue heals espers for 10% of the esper’s max HP. It also dispels a debuff that is coming from the least HP ally. It Debuffs on each turn. This skill also has four levels to it. 

Undying Elixir
Heng Yue Undying Elixir
Level 2The healing amount is increased to 7%
Level 3The healing amount is increased to 8%
Level 4The healing amount is increased to 9%
Level 5The healing amount is increased to 10%

Base Stats

Heng Yue Dislyte has four base stats that helps her heal other espers in the team. Those four stats are listed below for you. 

Base HP15073
Base ATK885
Base DEF849
Base SPD91

Relic Set combinations

There are various Heng Yue Dislyte set combinations that help in strengthening Heng Yue. Take a look at the two of them.

Set 1

  • Master Grove set x2: +25% HP
  • Abiding Panacea set x4: +30% healing efficiency
Heng Yue combinations
Combinations of Heng Yue

Set 2

Adamantine set x2: There are two turns for all allied espers who have a shield that is 20% of their maximum HP in the battleground. 

Abiding Panacea set x4: +30% healing efficiency

Heng Yue combinations 2
More Combinations of Heng Yue


Here are some important Heng Yue Dislyte stats that you should know. 

Una IV statsHP%
Una II statsHP%
Mui II statsHP% and SPD

How To Get Heng Yue in Dislyte?

Being a Dislyte player, you need as many espers as you can in your team but with that, you need a team that is balanced. Your team of espers should consist of controllers, healers, fighters, and supporters.

If you are looking to have a strong esper in your team, then you should work towards adding Heng Yue to your team of espers. You should also read our Dislyte Mona, Drew, and Berenice guides. 

Heng Yue is harder to pull as it is a four-star esper. The only way you can pull out Heng Yue is by using your gold records. Since good espers are an integral part of your team, you must use your gold records to attain her. 

After reading this article, you will realize how important it is to get your hands on Heng Yue Dislyte. There is each and every detail mentioned about Heng Yue, you can read the guide again and recommend it to your friends too.

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