Hogwarts Legacy: How Long To Beat [Story & Quests]

Learn how long will it take to complete Hogwarts Legacy including main story and 100 % completion

According to the preview reveal and leaks, Hogwarts Legacy will consist of 100 main and 150 side quests. Users will complete challenges in the field guide as soon as they arrive on campus. It is natural for players to wonder about the game length of Hogwarts Legacy. Based on leaked missions and features of the game by developers, we have got you covered with all the information about the game length so far. 

Key Highlights
  • Hogwarts Legacy contains over 100 main quests and 150 side quests, and the main storyline will take up to 35-40 hours.
  • According to the lead game designer, Alan Tew, it took him about 80 hours to complete the game 100%.
  • The game contains exciting quests like Poppy Sweden, challenges, puzzles, and minigames.
  • PS4 and PS5 users will have an edge as they can play challenging PlayStation-exclusive quests.
  • Hogwarts Legacy’s game length depends on the difficulty level, combat skills, and the house you choose.
Image showing Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch Arena
Image showing Hogwarts Legacy Quidditch Arena (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Main Quests And Sidequests

Hogwarts Legacy features a mix of main quests and sidequests:

  • There are 150 sidequests, some available from the start, while others unlock as you progress.
  • Contrary to rumors, sidequests are not all accessible in any order.

Examples of known quests:

  • A main quest involves infiltrating and destabilizing a dragon in the fighting ring.
  • A side quest, “Poppy Sweden,” requires stealthily defeating enemies with the character Poppy Sweden.
  • The game includes time-consuming minigames like a spell-based lock-picking game.

Game length:

  • Completing everything, including 100 main quests, 150 side quests, puzzles, and challenges, could take around 150 hours for completionists.
  • Focusing solely on the main storyline for a speed run might take approximately 40 hours to finish Hogwarts Legacy.

This marks the end of our guide. We hope that it answers your questions regarding the game length of Hogwarts Legacy, both for the main storyline and 100% completion. Hence, you can set your schedules according to that for mastering the game.


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