Hollow Knight Double Jump: How to Get It Quickly

Fly Like an Eagle!

The Hollow Knight Double Jump can be confusing to get your hands on, like many other things in the game! Thankfully, we have made a guide for acquiring the Double Jump in Hollow Knight to make your lives a bit easier!

Hollow Knight is a beautiful and engaging 2017 Metroidvania with an excellent score. However, the game never hesitates to push its players to their limits. While not necessary to finish the game, Hollow Knight’s Double Jump ability makes the game a whole lot manageable, and provides you access to areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

To get the Double Jump in Hollow Knight, the players need to get an ability called the Monarch Wings.

Key Takeaways
  • The Monarch Wings are an item that allows the Knight to double jump.
  • The Monarch Wings can be found in the Ancient Basin, which is located below the City of Tears.
  • To reach the Ancient Basin, you must first defeat the False Knight boss.
  • Once you reach the Ancient Basin, you will need to make your way through a series of dangerous areas.
  • The Monarch Wings are located in the Queen’s Station, which is a small room guarded by a Mantis Traitor.
  • To defeat the Mantis Traitor, you can use the Mantis Claw to cling to the walls and avoid its attacks.
  • Once you have defeated the Mantis Traitor, you will be able to claim the Monarch Wings.

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Hollow Knight Double Jump


Before you can find the Monarch Wings, you need mainly two things.

Firstly, you need to have access to the King’s Station in The City of Tears, which is where we will be starting out.

Hollow Knight Double Jump
The King’s Station in The City of Tears

Secondly, it is essential that the players have the Crystal Heart ability. If you have not found it yet, we suggest you acquire it before even attempting to get your hands on Hollow Knight’s handy double jump feature. The Crystal Heart can be found in Crystal Peak.

Double Jump Location

The Monarch Wings are located in the Ancient Basin.  This area can be accessed by heading down from the City of Tears through a lot of enemies that bug us out.

The Double Jump ability awaits right here, as shown on the map below.

Hollow Knight Double Jump
Double Jump Location in the Ancient Basin

Make your way into the Ancient Basin and push forward for a high risk – high reward encounter, which is the charm of Hollow Knight.

Finding the Hollow Knight Double Jump

From the City of Tears, make your way left and down as you eventually come to this shaft as shown.

Hollow Knight Double Jump
Entrance to the Ancient Basin

From there, it is a simple matter of heading down. Be careful as you maneuver around enemies and avoid the spikes as you descend. You will need your health for the following parts to come.

Proceed forward a bit until you come to a narrow area with Lance Sentries. It is highly recommended that you use the Crystal Heart ability here to dash past them because not only are the Sentries a pain to deal with, the platforms are few and far apart, making it difficult to reserve your health.

Keep heading down and keep to the left side of the map.

Save Point and Crystal Heart

Upon entering the Ancient Basin and moving to the next room, you can catch your breath at a well-deserved bench!

Hollow Knight Double Jump
Rest well, soldier!

This is where the Crystal Heart ability becomes crucial. There are no platforms and a ton of spikes! Use the Crystal Heart to move across this area. I repeat: You can NOT access this area without having acquired the Crystal Heart ability!

Hollow Knight Double Jump
Using the Crystal Heart

From here, it is a simple matter of working your way around the map to the location shown previously. There is quite a bit of platforming involved and it’s your call whether you choose to avoid certain enemies that you encounter or fight them all.

Shortcut and Broken Vessel

Congratulations on making it this far. However, the hardest part is yet to come! Before approaching the aforementioned location on the map, take note to hug the right wall on the same level. This is a shortcut to help you get back here quicker in case you die at this next part.

Proceed forward and prepare yourself to fight the Broken Vessel.

Hollow Knight Double Jump
Pretty lil boy, ain’t he?

Defeating the Boss

Lady Luck seems to be on our side because this boss is not that hard! This fight requires patience, but remember that this battle is the only thing standing between you and that sweet Double Jump!

The Broken Vessel has primarily three moves. With a little patience and some good RNG, you can take him down, no sweat.

Moves and Counters

The first and easiest-to-manage attack that the boss has is his Dash Strike. It is easy to tell when the Broken Vessel is about to execute this because he shakes a little while leaning backwards before dashing towards you. This can be easily avoided with a jump, and it is also an excellent chance to get in a hit or two. The Dash covers 75% of the entire arena and may be executed mid-air.

Hollow Knight Double Jump

 Next comes the boss’s Jump Slam which he likes to do quite a bit (maybe a little too much). The Vessel will jump and linger in the air for a second before slamming into the ground, conjuring up four Infection Blobs that move upwards. This is also not hard to dodge once you get a good grip of the timing and distance. In fact, this is your chance to get in a few hits since the boss takes some time to execute and recover from the Jump Slam.

Hollow Knight Double Jump

The Vessel’s final and most fatal move is his Cascade. The boss leaps to the centre of the arena and bobs his head up and down, constantly spawning Infection Blobs that reach the entire arena. The Blobs travel upwards in sets of three, alternating their movement slightly. They might move all at once, or may follow one after the other. Your best hope with this attack is to get used to the timing and endure these four seconds of pure torture. The good news is that the boss only does this move three times. 

I think he’s a Nirvana fan…

Other than this, the boss might summon Infected Balloon enemies with 1 HP. Jumping on the Balloons as they are spawning works like a charm. Lastly, the Vessel might flail his nail and leap to the Knight’s current location. You can easily evade these by making good use of the jump and dash. With some perseverance and practice, you will have the boss down in no time.

With the Broken Vessel defeated, we can move forward and claim our well-deserved Double Jump ability.

Monarch Wings

 From the recent boss arena, move forward towards the left and follow the only available path. You can find the Monarch Wings in the next room, which allows the Knight to Double Jump.

Hollow Knight Double Jump
What an angel!

The command for this is to press the jump button again while midair. It refreshes when you bounce off of certain enemies. You can increase the extent of your Double Jump by holding down the jump button longer.

Enjoy your newly acquired Wings (which have a beautiful animation, we must say). You deserve it! While you are here, also check out FFXIV City Of The Ancients Guide: How to Find It.

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