Honkai Impact Rita: Battlesuits & Skills Guide

Rita is a great DPS character in Honkai Impact. In this guide, we've gone through her 5 Battlesuits and their Skills.

There are tons of different playable characters with different abilities in Honkai Impact. One such playable character in Honkai Impact is Rita Rosseweisse. 

Key Takeaways
  • Rita is one of the best S-Rank Valkyries who excels as a melee fighter with high damage in burst and lightning.
  • There are a total of 5 battlesuits that are available which can be used for different fighting scenarios.
    • Umbral’s Rose Battlesuit: This suit costs 30 Umbral Rose Fragments in order to unlock.
      • Leader: Rosette Runners, Special: Rosy Funeral, Passive are some of the skills and each of them has a bunch of other upgrades to choose from.
    • Phantom Iron Battlesuit: Unlock this by using 30 Phantom Iron Fragments.
      • Leader: Ex Machina, Special: Lightning Phantom, Passive: Super Discharge are some skills that come with a bunch of upgrades to choose from.
    • Argent Knight Battlesuit: Requires 80 Argent Knight – Artemis Fragments to unlock.
      • Leader: Herald Of The Dawn, Special: Frost Beam, Passive: Hypothermia are some of the skills each of which has a bunch of upgrades. 
    • Fallen Rosemary Battlesuit and Rita’s Spina Astera Battlesuit are the 2 other suits that can be unlocked for 80 Fallen Rosemary Fragments and 80 Spina Astera Fragments respectively.

Rita Rosseweisse In Honkai Impact

Rita is an adjutant in the Immortal Blades, the Most powerful Valkyrie Squad in Schicksal, in Honkai Impact. She is a melee fighter with high burst and lightning damage. Rita can motivate her teammates by raising their spirits, and in turn, their damage against enemies increases.

Rita has different battlesuits for different types of battles. Some battlesuits help her deal massive damage while being solo, while others enhance her teammates’ damage. We’ve taken a detailed look at each of her 5 battlesuits and their skills.

All the information on Rita Battlsuits summarized: 

Battlesuit NameSkill NameEffect
Umbral RoseLeader: Rosette RunnersAll team members get a 16% attack speed boost.
Special: Rosy FuneralThrows a Spirit Scythe to deal ranged damage.
Switch: Empowered 3rd SequenceEmpowered 3rd sequence deals 120% + 180% total physical damage.
Ultimate: Reaper of WeedsLaunches a 7-sequence Blink Attack and creates a cyclone for massive physical damage.
Evasion: Iris BlinkEvades attacks, triggers Time Fracture, and recovers Umbra.
Basic Attack: Thorns5-sequence scythe sweeps with increasing physical damage and Laceration stacks.
Passive: Umbral Rose RitaStarts with 800 Umbra, recovers Umbra from attacks, and activates invincibility at low HP.
Phantom IronLeader: Ex MachinaTeam takes 15% less Elemental Damage, Mech-types get 12% basic attack damage increase.
Special: Lightning PhantomCharged attack shuttles through targets and enters Supercharged state.
Ultimate: Stalker CarbonSummons Stalker Carbon to buff teammates' elemental damage.
Evasion: Lightning ReflexUltimate Evasion reduces load, inflicts Lightning damage, and triggers Time Fracture.
Basic Attack: Iron Storm5-sequence scythe sweeps with physical and lightning damage.
Passive: Super DischargeLoad mechanic affecting burst mode and movement speed.
Argent KnightLeader: Herald of DawnTeam gains a 10% damage multiplier to combo or charged attacks.
Special: Frost BeamCharged attack that removes Hypothermia and deals Ice damage.
Ultimate: Rave of ArtemisEnters Burst Mode with bonus ice damage and Crescent Harvest's assistance.
Evasion: Phantom DanceEvades attacks, summons Crescent Harvest, and inflicts Hypothermia.
Basic Attack: Cold Moon5-sequence scythe sweeps with physical damage and Crescent Harvest summoning.
Passive: HypothermiaApplies Hypothermia stacks to enemies, affecting their abilities.
Fallen RosemaryLeader: Tonight or NeverTeam formed by 3+ different battlesuits: +18% total damage, +12% bonus lightning damage
Secluded CourtyardEnemies in Stain of Trickery range take +20% bonus damage from Fallen Rosemary
Deadly CaressRita recovers 1 SP and 45 Disir per second for 10 seconds after using her Ultimate
Special: God EaterRita's Valfreyja form enables powerful charged attacks
Passive: Unbound FlytingRita charges strength while teammates fight the enemy
Ultimate: HelvegrUnleashes powerful AoE attack, dealing 1200% Lightning damage and inflicting Quantum Implosion on QUA enemies
Evasion: Night SeeressRepositioning skill with lightning damage and conjuring Strix
QTE: Ash of HeklaTriggered by knocked-airborne or ignited enemies, deals 800% Lightning damage and restores 50 Disir
Spina AsteraLeader: Thuban Circumpolar StarTeam's Combo/Charged attacks deal +28% damage, +34% Fire damage if non-MECH Valkyrie present
Special: Coma Berenices ClusterUnleashes powerful Charged Attacks with Void Vortex in Astral Harness
Passive: Eridanus RiverflowRita recovers 80 Astrums per second in Normal State, loses 50 Astrum per second in Astral Harness
Ultimate: Pisces AlreschaUnleashes simulated Holy Blade for massive damage, restores 600 Astrum, and enters Astral Harness
Evasion: Andromeda NebulaUltimate Evasion triggers 3-second Time Fracture, grants Blazar stacks, and restores HP
QTE: δ Canis MajorTriggered by knocked-airborne or ignited enemies, deals 5 x 250% Fire damage and restores 5 SP
Basic Attack: Canis Major SiriusBasic attacks with fire damage, more powerful in Astral Harness state

Rita’s Umbral Rose Battlesuit

Umbral Rose is one of Rita’s battlesuits. It was added in version 2.8 of Honkai Impact. The battle armor has Melee AoE DPS attacks. Her charged attack costs Rita her HP, but in return, it deals massive chunks of damage to enemies. Whereas her Ultimate skill has high Physical AoE damage and knockback.

Rita Umbral Rose Battlesuit in Honkai Impact.
Rita’s Umbral Rose deals high DPS damage.

Unlocking the Umbral Rose battlesuit costs 30 Umbral Rose Fragments. Whereas to upgrade, you’ll need a total of 350 Umbral Rose Fragments. With them, you can upgrade Rita from A to SSS.

The skillset of Rita’s Umbral Rose Battlesuit

Rita’s Umbral Rose Battlesuit focuses on burst damage to enemies. With that, it controls enemies and uses skills that cause knockback and other such effects. Here’s a list of all of Rita’s Umbral Rose Battlesuit skills in Honkai Impact.

Leader: Rosette Runners

Surprisingly, this skill doesn’t have any upgrades. Overall, it is a powerful Leader skill.

  • Leader Bonus: All team members get a 16% attack speed boost.
  • PSY-type Characters: When Umbral Rose’s Ultimate skill is activated, Rosette Runners gives a 21% total damage multiplier to the team.
Special: Rosy Funeral

In Rosy Funeral, she throws a Spirit Scythe after charging during her basic attack sequence to deal with ranged damage.

When used, the Scythe deals as much as 8 x 100% physical damage. It consumes all Umbra 15% of Rita’s Max HP. This won’t result in Rita’s death, but it will trigger the Passive Rosemary. Rita then enters a Rosy state for 6s where each hit of her ultimate or basic attal will heal 0.5% of her HP.

  • Switch: Umbral Rose performs an empowered 3rd sequence dealing 120% + 180% total physical damage.

Umbral Rose Rita starts with 800 Umbra in a battle in Honkai Impact. If all Umbra is spent, she recovers 50 Umbra every second with a total of 800.

Rita recovers 80 Umbra from the last strike of her 2nd basic attack sequence and 120 from the 5th basic attack sequence’s last strike. She recovers 160 Umbra from the last strike of her Ultimate.

Ultimate: Reaper of Weeds

Umbral Rose launches 7-sequence Blink Attack that deals 16 x 50% AoE physical damage. It inflicts Time Slow on hit. Then, she throws her scythe and creates a cyclone. This cyclone deals 400% physical attack and applies 2 stacks of Laceration.

Once it ends, she swings the scythe in a large area and deals 800% physical damage. Its SP cost is 100. And the Ultimate skill has 20 seconds of cool down.

Evasion: Iris Blink

Umbral Rose quickly evades attack from the enemies. You can perform this skill twice in a row. Rita recovers 50 Umbra and 40% movement speed for 3 seconds when she performs ultimate evasion.

Using Ultimate Evasion triggers a Time fracture that will slow all enemies for 2 seconds. Tap on Attack immediately to perform Shuttle Attack and recover 150 Umbra. It has 15 seconds to cold down.

Basic Attack: Thorns

Rita’s Umbral Rose battlesuit has 5-sequence scythe sweeps.

  • 1st sequence deals 80% physical damage attack.
  • 2nd sequence deals 50% + (4 x 18%) + 120% physical damage attack.
  • 3rd sequence deals 50% + 60% physical damage attack.
  • 4th sequence deals (3 x 40%) + (5 x 30%) Physica damage attack.
  • 5th sequence deals 150% + 250% physical damage attack.

2nd and 5th sequences’ last hit adds a laceration stack to enemies for 5 seconds. It can stack up to 2 times. Attacking enemies with 1 or 2 Laceration stacks deals 10% and 20% more damage, respectively.

Phantom Iron Battlesuit 

Rita’s Phantom Iron Battlesuit was added in version 3.0 of Honkai Impact. This battlesuit is designed to deal with melee DPS. It also deals Charged attacks that convert her basic attack’s physical damage into buffed lightning damage. Rita also summons a Stalker Carbon that buffs the whole team’s Elemental damage.

The Phantom Iron battlesuit was developed by Helheim Labs as an anti-BIO stalker battlesuit. The battlesuit monitors Rita’s physios during battle and, when necessary, injects powerful stimulants and neurotransmitters when required. This gives her a burst of speed and power and enhances her combat performance.

Phantom Iron Battlesuit of RIta in Honkai Impact
The Phantom Iron Battlesuit deals melee DPS.

Unlocking Phantom Iron Battlesuit requires a total of 30 Phantom Iron Fragments. And upgrading the Battlesuit from A to SSS will require an additional 350 Phantom Iron Fragments.

Skillset of Rita’s Phantom Iron Battlesuit

Phantom Iron Battlesuit focuses on Supporting the teammates. So its skills enhance Rita’s Teammates in a fight. The Battlesuit has the following skills.

Leader: Ex Machina

Leader Skill’s bonus allows the team to take 15% less incoming Elemental Damage. Mech-Type characters gain a 12% basic attack damage increase.

Special: Lightning Phantom

The special skill is triggered by holding the attack button during Phantom Iron’s 5-sequence basic attack. She will shuttle through the target and enter supercharged mode.

The charged attack shuttles through the target and deals 4 x 150% lightning damage. Then, Phantom iron enters into a Supercharged state. In the Supercharged state, 5-sequence basic attacks deal lightning damage instead of physical damage.

Passive: Super Discharge

Phantom Iron’s load starts at 0, and it maxes out at 200 load. When she is supercharged, she gains a 30% movement speed, but then, the load increases by 25 every second. At a max load of 200, she becomes depleted, and her movement speed becomes 20% slower. When depleted, the load decreases by 15 every second until it becomes zero.

Ultimate: Stalker Carbon

Rita summons Stalker Carbon for 24 seconds. It releases Neurotoxin, which inflicts psycho on enemies and teammates. The affected enemies now deal 10% more elemental damage. But they have reduced Ignore Interrupt and take 10% more damage on each hit.

Whereas the affected teammates deal 15% more elemental damage. They gain Ignore Interrupt but now take 15% more damage from hits.

Stalker has an 18-second cooldown. You need to have at least 35 SP to summon the Stalker Carbon. It disappears 3 seconds after the SP is depleted.

Evasion: Lightning Reflex

When Rita uses Ultimate Evasion, it reduces 30 load and gives her a 40% movement speed boost for 3 seconds. During Ultimate Evasion, it deals 300% Lightning damage to the attacking enemy and others surrounding you. It inflicts 5 Paralyze Trauma and reduces 80 load.

If you tap on the attack immediately after using it, it will connect with the Basic Attack Sequence 4. Lightning Reflex has a 15 seconds cooldown.

Basic Attack: Iron Storm

Rita’s Phantom Iron has a 5 sequence scythe sweep basic attack.

  • 1st sequence deals 80% physical damage.
  • 2nd sequence deals 40% + 100% physical damage.
  • 3rd sequence deals 40% + 100% physical damage.
  • 4th sequence deals 50% + 120% + 150% Physical damage.
  • 5th sequence deals 4 x 40% + 200% physical damage.

Argent Knight Battlesuit 

Argent Knight is Rita Rosseweisse’s battlesuit. It was added to Honkai Impact in version 3.0.

Argent Knight is the 4th gen Prototype of Valkyrie Godsbane-class battlesuits. This battlesuit was specifically designed for Rita Rossweisse. The battlesuit is designed to represent the moon’s terrifying aspect. It embodies the merciless huntress in the moonlight as she rains annihilation and despair.

The Argent Knight battlesuit can deal long-range AoE DPS. She inflicts hypothermia on enemies and slows them down. At the same time, the charged attacks remove 2 hypothermia stacks to deal damage to enemies.

Argent Knight battlesuit in Honkai Impact.
Rita’s Argent Knight Battlesuit.

To unlock this battlesuit, you’ll need a total of 80 Argent Knight – Artemis Fragments. Once you have the battle suit, a total of 300 Argent Knight – Artemis Fragments evolve the battlesuit from S to SSS.

Skillset of Rita Argent Knight skin

Argent Knight Battlesuit focuses on Aoe and DPS. The battlesuit is good at control, and it is quite easy to handle in fights. The skills for this battlesuit are as follows.

Leader: Herald of Dawn

In the leader skill Herald of Dawn’s bonus, the team gains a 10% damage multiplier to combo or charged attacks. A team With three different character types will gain a 12% boost in their elemental damage.

Special: Frost Beam

Frost Beam is a charged attack. When you tap and hold the attack button, it removes 2 stacks of Hypothermia and deals massive damage to enemies.

Hold the attack button during any sequence of basic attacks to unleash the charged attack on enemies. This charged attack deals 100% AoE Ice Damage. It removes Hypothermia’s 2 stacks and seals the enemy in Ice Cell. Enemies in Ice Cell receive 4 x 100% Ice damage and 5 Rime Trauma.

  • Normal Mode: each charged attack of Frost Beam restores 3 SP of Argent knight by removing 2 stacks of Hypothermia.
  • Burst Mode: Charged attacks penetrate the enemy and deal 2 x 150% of Ice Damage. When the brust-charged attack hits the first enemy, it summons the Crescent Harvest. Crescent Harvest deals 5 x 125% Ice damage.
Passive: Hypothermia

With the Cresent Harvest mode open, some of Rita’s skills cause Hypothermia in enemies. She can apply up to 2 stacks.

  • 1st stack of Hypothermia reduces enemy Ignore Interrupt for 10 seconds, in addition, it also inflicts 2 Rime Trauma on enemies.
  • 2nd stack of Hypothermia reduces enemy Ignore Interrupt and Interrupt within 6 seconds. It also slows down the enemy’s movement speed and attack speed by 20%. 2nd stack of Hypothermia also inflicts 2 Rime trauma.

When 2 stacks of Hypothermia are affecting enemies, the duration will refresh. Rita’s Argent Knight battlesuit’s passive Hypothermia doesn’t work on enemies in Ice Cell.

Ultimate: Rave of Artemis

In Ultimate Skill, she enters Burst Mode. During burst mode, Rita gains Glacial Armor. This armor increases the Ignore Interrupt and grants her a total of 60% Damage Reduction.

Her basic attacks deal bonus ice damage with physical damage. The last hit of each of her sequences converts 2 Hypothermia stacks into Ice Cells. during basic attacks, the summoned entity Crescent Harvest helps Rita in attacking enemies. Its sequence 2 and 4 attacks inflict hypothermia on enemies.

  • Lunar Bursts: When in Brust Mode, cast Ultimate again by spending 10 SP to end the burst mode. It deals 400% ice Damage in a large area, inflicting an Ice Cell that lasts for 2 seconds for bosses and 3 seconds for other enemies.

To cast this Ultimate, you need to have at least 80 SP. From 0-8 seconds, it costs 7 SP/second. From 8-16, the cost goes up to 10 SP/second. And from 16-24 seconds, it costs 15 SP/second.

Evasion: Phantom Dance

Rita’s evasion evades the enemy’s attacks. In Honkai Impact, Rita can perform this skill twice to evade the attacks. Rita can launch her basic attack’s 4th sequence immediately after using Ultimate Evasion.

When using Ultimate Evasion, it summons Crescent Harvest onto the enemy. Crescent Harvest deals 6 x 80% AoE Ice Damage to enemies and inflicts Hypothermia on them. It has a 20-second CD.

Basic Attack: Cold Moon

Argent Knight’s basic attack consists of 5-sequence sweeps from her scythe.

  • 1st sequence deals 80% physical damage attack.
  • 2nd sequence deals 40% + 100% physical damage attack.
  • 3rd sequence deals 40% + 100% physical damage attack.
  • 4th sequence deals 2 x 60% + 160% Physica damage attack. It also pulls enemies into a small Area of Effect (AOE).
  • 5th sequence deals 150% + 250% physical damage attack. It summons the Crescent Harvest (summoned entity). This entity unleashes a hit that deals 150% of Physical damage attacks.

During this 5-sequence basic attack, you can tap on the attack button immediately after using Evation to continue with the sequence.

Fallen Rosemary Battlesuit

Fallen Rosemary is a battlesuit of Rita Rossweisse. This battlesuit was added to Honkai Impact in Version 4.2. The Battlesuit is designed to deal sustained melee AoE damage to enemies.

Fallen Rosemary applies Runes to enhance herself and her teammates. She is used as a support, but even then, she has high burst damage. Her charged attack and Ultimate skill deal high damage.

Rita's Fallen Rosemary Battlesuit in Honkai Impact.
Fallen Rosemary Battlesuit is great at supporting teammates.

Unlocking Fallen Rosemary takes Fallen Rosemary Fragments. You’ll need a total of 80 Fallen Rosemary Fragments to unlock her. And then an additional 300 Fallen Rosemary Fragments to upgrade her from S to SSS.

Skillset of Rita Fallen Rosemary Battlesuit

The Fallen Rosemary battlesuit in Honkai Impact focuses on supporting the teammates. It has burst capabilities too. Here is a detailed look at Rita’s Fallen Rosemary Battlesuit’s skills.

Leader: Tonight or Never

If the team is formed by 3 or more different types of battlesuits, it gets an 18% increase in total damage. And, due to this bonus, the whole team’s combo, charged attacks, and ultimates get 12% bonus lightning damage.

Special: God Eater

Valfreyja form enables Rita to deal with powerful charged attacks on enemies. When Disir is 100, hold the attack button to cast God Hunter. At 200 Disir, holding the attack button will cast God Devourer.

In God Hunter, Fallen Rosemary conjures Garmr which attacks nearby enemies. It deals 600% of Lightning damage. Whereas in God Devour mode, Garmar will create a Stain of Trickery. This will make enemies in range take 18% bonus Lightning damage for 20 seconds.

When Rita casts God Eater, she gets temporary invincibility in a battle in Honkai Impact. She uses it to gather enemies nearby to deal massive damage. It resets the Valfreyja form’s duration.

Passive: Unbound Flyting

Fallen Rosemary’s passive allows her to charge her strength on standby while her teammates are fighting the enemy.

Ultimate: Helvegr

Fallen Rosemary unleashes the Trickster that is sealed in the lantern. The Trickster unleashes a powerful AoE attack after channeling. It deals 1200% Lightning damage and triggers 1 second global Time Fracture. The Trickster also inflicts quantum Implosion on QUA enemies. The SP cost for this Ultimate skill is 100 SP. And it has a 20-second cooldown.

Evasion: Night Seeress

As Fallen Rosemary Rita isn’t expected to hold on her own, she needs Evasion skills to reposition herself. Using it, she’ll get to her teammates and enhance their attacks.

Evasion will deal 2 x 40% Lightning damage to the attacking enemy, and it will conjure Strick in Valfreyja Form. The evasion attack will conjure Strix, which will strike on hit. It will deal 6 x 50% Lightning damage with Paralyze Trauma to enemies while siphoning 24 Disir. Strix will recharge for 8 seconds until you can use it again.

Ultimate evasion will trigger Night Seeress, which will create a 3-second global Time Fracture, recharge Strix, and Strix will strike the enemies with lightning damage. It has a 15-second cooldown.

Basic Attack: Vaettir Mistress

Fallen Rosemary attacks with her scythe. In Fallen Rosemary Battlesuit, Rita siphons on enemy souls to enhance herself.

  • 1st sequence deals 30% physical damage + 40% Lightning damage. She recovers 3 Disir on hit.
  • 2nd sequence deals 90% physical damage + 90% Lightning damage. She recovers 9 Disir on hit.
  • 3rd sequence deals 80% physical damage + 105% Lightning damage. She recovers 8 Disir on hit.
  • 4th sequence deals 120% Lightning damage, and it recovers a total of 28 disir on hit.
  • 5th sequence deals 160% physical damage + 170% Lightning damage. With this attack, she recovers 12 Disir.

Rita’s Spina Astera Battlesuit

Spina Astera is the 5th Battlesuit of Rita Rossweisse in Honkai Impact. This battlesuit was added in Version 5.5. It is a great Mele burst damage dealer. Its Charged attacks and Ultimate skills induce Astral Harness to enhance Spina Astera. The Charged attacks in Astral Harness deal massive damage to enemies.

The Battlesuit isn’t that great with support like the Fallen Rosemary Battlesuit. But as we’ve mentioned before, it doesn’t lack in Burst Damage. This battlesuit is quite easy to use.

Rita's Spina Astera battlesuit in Honkai Impact.
Spina Astera deals high damage to enemies.

You’ll need 80 Spina Astera Fragments to unlock this battlesuit. In comparison, a total of 300 Spina Astera Fragments are required to upgrade it from S to SSS.

Skillset of Rita Spina Astera Battlesuit

Spina Astera Battlesuit is fully focused on dealing tons of damage to enemies in mere seconds. Her skills play an important role in increasing her damage. 

Leader: Thuban Circumpolar Star

The Leader skill’s bonus allows team members to deal 28% extra damage from Combo or Charged attacks. If there is at least 1 non-MECH Valkyrie on your team, the whole team will deal 34% extra fire damage. It is a support Leader skill of Rita in Honkai Impact.

Special: Coma Berenices Cluster

When Astrum is 600, press and hold the attack button to perform the Charged attack – `l Flare: Ignite. This will induce an Astral Harness state and will unleash Void Vortex that will deal 12 x 20% + 200% Fire Damage.

When in Astral Harness and you’re with Void Vortex, press and hold the attack button to perform the Charged Attack – Astral Flare: Combust. It will deal 4 x 30% Fire Damage, and it will unleash the void Vortex EX that deals 12 x 30% Fire damage.

If you’re in Astral Harness and have Void Vortex EX with you, press and hold the attack button to perform Charged Attack – Astral Flare: Erupt. This will drive Void Vortex forward and gather enemies in a large area. There, it will deal 4 x 20% Fire Damage, and it will unleash the final blow that deals 1300% Fire damage. If you cast the Charged Attack, it will end the Astral Harness and will reset Astrum.

Passive: Eridanus Riverflow

In a Normal State, Rita will recover 80 Astrums per second. She can collect a total of 600 Astrum. When in Astral Harness, she will lose 50 Astrum every second. Spina Astera will revert to Normal state at 0 Astrum or using Switch-out.

Rita’s charged attacks in Astral Harness mode in Honkai impact will generate Void Vortex. This Vortex pulls enemies into a small area. All enemies near the Void Vortex are affected by Starshine Circle.

When Spina Astera exits Astral Harness State, both Void Vortex and the Startshine Circle cease to exist.

Ultimate: Pisces Alrescha

In her Ultimate mode, Spina Astera wields the simulated Holy Blade and deals massive damage. She restores 600 Astrum and then enters the Astral Harness state. There, she’ll unleash a massive Void Vortex that will deal 1500% + 11 x 20% Fire Damage. During this time, all skill and stage timers are paused. When the Ultimate ends, a Void Vortex EX will come in front of her.

This Ultimate skill of Rita in Honkai Impact costs 100 SP. It has a 20-second cooldown.

Evasion: Andromeda Nebula

Ultimate Evasion Skill will trigger 3 seconds of global Time Fracture. It will grant Rita 5 stacks of Blazar if she is in Astral Harness. If there are enemies in the Starshine Circle, it will restore her 200 HP. The skill has a 15-second Cooldown.

Basic Attack: Canis Major Sirius

Rita’s Spina Astera battlesuit’s basic attack in Honkai Impact ignites enemies with the might of stars. In the normal state, these are the basic attack sequences.

  • 1st sequence deals 80% Fire damage. She recovers 10 Astrum.
  • 2nd sequence deals 40% + 100% Fire damage. She recovers 5 + 15 Astrum.
  • 3rd sequence deals 40% + 150% Fire damage. She recovers 10 + 15 Astrum.
  • 4th sequence deals 3 x 20% + 100% Fire damage and it recovers 3 x 5 + 20 Astrum.

As for when she’s in Astral Harness state, here’s what her basic attack sequence is like.

  • 1st sequence deals 80% Fire damage, and she deals bonus Astral Flare Damage once.
  • 2nd sequence deals 40% + 100% Fire damage, and she deals bonus Astral Flare Damage once.
  • 3rd sequence deals 40% + 150% Fire damage, and she deals bonus Astral Flare Damage twice.
  • 4th sequence deals 4 x 20% + 100% Fire damage.
  • 5th sequence deals 150% physical damage + 300% Fire Damage.

Astral Flare will deal 30% Fire Damage each time.

In Astral Harness mode, Rita’s basic attacks will grant one stack of Blazar on each hit, and each hit will make astral Flare: Erupt thrust deal a 30% fire damage. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th sequences grant 1 stack each, whereas the 5th sequence grants 5 stacks. Rita can collect 20 stacks max. Casting the Ultimate skill will fill up the stacks.

All Battlesuits of Rita in Honkai Impact are good in their respective fields. You can get the Umbral Rose and Phantom Iron battlesuits for free. Whereas for the rest of the suits, you’ll have to put your time and investment into getting them.

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