Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Story

Here is everything you should know about Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Story & learn what to expect in the plot of this expansion.

In the captivating Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores story, Aloy embarks on a thrilling journey to a perilous archipelago, once the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Amidst the backdrop of volcanic islands and submerged remnants of a bygone era, Aloy encounters the enigmatic Quen Tribe, forging new alliances and unraveling their intriguing connection to Focus technology. Players can expect a rich, immersive experience with exciting gameplay features, including aerial exploration aboard Sunwing, underwater treasure hunts by using the diving mask, challenging a colossal new machine, and maybe unlocking new Tallnecks.

Key Takeaways
  • Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores story is set in a treacherous archipelago once known as Los Angeles.
  • The Burning Shores plot focuses on the Quen Tribe and their unique connection to Focus technology.
  • Players control Aloy, explore new environments, encounter new characters, and forge new alliances.
  • The Quen Tribe’s Eastern Expedition plays a significant role in the narrative, as they seek ancient data to save their homeland.
  • To access the Burning Shores DLC, players must have completed Horizon Forbidden West‘s main story on PlayStation 5.
  • The Burning Shores DLC is not available on PlayStation 4.
  • Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC releases April 19th, 2023.

What Is Story In Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores?

Roaming on Sunwing in Burning Shores DLC

Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores plot transports players to a dangerous archipelago, which was once the bustling city of Los Angeles. As Aloy, players will embark on a thrilling adventure, unraveling the mysteries of this treacherous terrain and forming alliances with new allies.

The story revolves around the Quen Tribe, a seafaring society that relies on Focus technology to gain a competitive edge over other tribes. In the DLC, players will delve deeper into the Quen’s unique culture and explore their intriguing relationship with the Old World. Key story elements include:

  • Aloy’s alliance with the Quen Tribe in their quest for ancient data
  • The introduction of new characters, such as Alva, a curious Quen Diviner, and Seyka, a fierce and ambitious marine
  • Aloy’s pursuit of a sinister new threat lurking in the Tenakth Clan Lands

The Burning Shores DLC offers a rich and immersive gameplay experience. Players will navigate the perilous archipelago, confronting deadly machines and overcoming environmental hazards. They will also engage with fresh characters, form new alliances, and uncover hidden secrets.

What To Expect In Burning Shores?

New Archtype Machine – Bunring Shores DLC

Throughout their journey, players will encounter the following:

  • A volcanic archipelago environment filled with new challenges and mysteries
  • The remnants of Los Angeles, featuring iconic landmarks and locations
  • A diverse cast of characters, each with their unique motivations and backstories

As they traverse the beautiful yet unforgiving landscape, players will enjoy a host of gameplay features, such as:

  • Exploration on the back of Sunwing, allowing for swift travel across the archipelago
  • Underwater exploration to uncover the hidden treasures beneath the waves
  • A gargantuan machine posing a significant threat to Aloy and her allies

With its gripping storyline and immersive gameplay, Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores plot promises a captivating experience for both seasoned and new players alike. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in this exciting addition to the Horizon Forbidden West saga.

Who Is The Quen In Burning Shores DLC?

The Landscape of Los Angeles – Burning Shores DLC

In Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, players will learn more about the Quen Tribe, a seafaring society with a deep-rooted connection to Focus technology. The Quen have built their empire by harnessing ancient knowledge, which has had a profound impact on their culture and interactions with other tribes.

Key information about the Quen Tribe and their influence on the story includes:

  • Origin: The Quen hail from across the Pacific Ocean in a region known as the Great Delta.
  • Unique attribute: Unlike other tribes, the Quen have built their society around their ability to use the Focus, a device that enables them to access and read ancient data.
  • Technological advantage: This knowledge has given the Quen an edge against other tribes in their homeland, shaping their culture in interesting ways.

In the Burning Shores DLC, the Quen Tribe plays a central role as Aloy ventures into the treacherous archipelago that was once Los Angeles. As players unravel the story, they will discover more about the Quen’s culture and hierarchy, encountering new characters that are integral to the narrative.

Quen’s Impact On The Story

So far with the limited information, it appears that The Quen is at the centerpiece of the whole story. Here is how we think Quen’s impact on the Burning Shores DLC will be:

  • The Eastern Expedition: The Quen, desperate to find a solution to the environmental collapse in their homeland, embark on an expedition to the ancient tech hub of San Francisco. The hardships they face ultimately lead them to cross paths with Aloy.
    Diviners: A highly esteemed class within the Quen Tribe, Diviners are the only members allowed to use a Focus to read data. They are responsible for finding and recording ancient knowledge, ensuring it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Other than that, there are at least 2 key characters that will play a significant role in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores plot:

  • Alva: A brilliant and curious Quen Diviner, Alva forms a bond with Aloy during their exploration of Old World ruins. As an ally, she assists Aloy in her mission and contributes valuable knowledge to the protagonist’s journey.
  • Seyka: An ambitious marine, Seyka steps up to help her people survive in the harsh archipelago. She becomes a new companion for Aloy throughout the story, offering support in numerous situations.

In Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, the Quen Tribe’s unique background and connection to ancient technology add depth and intrigue to the unfolding narrative. As players navigate the dangerous landscape, they will forge new alliances, confront fresh challenges, and uncover the hidden secrets of the Quen Tribe’s fascinating culture.

What Is Eastern Expedition In Burning Shores Story?

Horizon Forbidden West Setting

The Eastern Expedition plays a pivotal role in Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC. It refers to the Quen Tribe’s daring voyage across the Pacific Ocean in search of ancient data to save their homeland from environmental collapse. Believing that the ancient tech hub of San Francisco holds the key to their salvation, the Quen embark on this perilous journey, only to face numerous challenges along the way.

What we know so far about Eastern Expedition includes the following:

  • Primary goal: The Quen Tribe seeks vital data to address the environmental crisis in their homeland, the Great Delta.
  • Challenges faced: The Expedition encounters various hardships, such as losing half of their fleet in a violent storm and struggling to find the sought-after data upon reaching San Francisco.

Aloy’s Interaction With Remnants of Eastern Expedition

Volcanic Eruptions – Burning Shores DLC Landscape

As Aloy ventures into the Burning Shores DLC, she will encounter remnants of the Eastern Expedition and learn about their struggles. The events that transpire during this expedition have a significant impact on Aloy’s own journey and the relationships she forms with key characters from the Quen Tribe.

Crucial aspects of the Eastern Expedition’s influence on the story are:

  • Aloy’s meeting with Alva: A brilliant Quen Diviner, Alva becomes an invaluable ally to Aloy as they bond over their shared curiosity about the Old World. Alva assists Aloy in her mission and, in return, benefits from the knowledge Aloy helps her uncover to aid her people.
  • Formation of new alliances: Throughout the DLC, Aloy will meet other members of the Eastern Expedition and learn more about the Quen Tribe’s history, culture, and motivations. These alliances will help shape Aloy’s experience in the Burning Shores and ultimately impact the outcome of her journey.

In Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, the Eastern Expedition serves as a catalyst for Aloy’s encounters with the Quen Tribe and the challenges she faces within the treacherous archipelago. As players navigate this perilous landscape, they will uncover the secrets behind the Quen Tribe’s voyage, form new bonds, and experience a gripping narrative that intertwines Aloy’s quest with the Eastern Expedition’s desperate search for salvation.

What Is Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Story Requirement?

The Burning Shores expansion picks up right after the events of Horizon Forbidden West and carries Aloy’s journey forward, introducing new challenges, characters, and stunning landscapes to explore.

  • Prerequisite: To access the Burning Shores DLC, players must have completed Horizon Forbidden West’s main story on the PlayStation 5 version of the game.
  • Continuity: As the DLC continues Aloy’s story, playing the previous entries in the series, especially Horizon Forbidden West, is recommended to fully understand the narrative and character development.

Setting Of Burning Shores DLC

Sunwing above and below water – free-roam Burning Shores

The Burning Shores DLC takes players into the uncharted remains of Southern California, where they will face the treacherous ruins of Los Angeles, transformed into a dangerous archipelago due to millennia of volcanic eruptions and violent seismic activity. This setting offers a unique backdrop for Aloy’s next chapter, providing new obstacles, hidden secrets, and untamed wilds to traverse.

  • Location: The DLC takes place south of the Tenakth Clan Lands in the area that was once Los Angeles.
  • Landscape: Millennia of volcanic activity and seismic events have carved the ruins of Los Angeles into a treacherous archipelago, presenting new types of threats for Aloy to overcome.
  • Exploration: Players can explore the archipelago by air, riding Sunwing, or traversing the water that surrounds the islands, encountering new machines and challenges.

Wrapping Up

So, to sum it all up, the Burning Shores DLC is an exciting addition to the Horizon Forbidden West universe. Aloy will journey through the perilous remains of Los Angeles, now a volcanic archipelago, while uncovering the secrets of the seafaring Quen Tribe. Expect to face new challenges, meet intriguing characters, and forge meaningful alliances as Aloy delves into the Quen Tribe’s fascinating culture and Eastern Expedition.

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