Horizon Forbidden West: How to Use Face Paint

The wait is over, and Guerrilla Games have finally delivered the sequel Horizon Zero Dawn deserved. Most of the core mechanics and gameplay elements remain the same from the first game, but they are much more refined. You still have some of the best Horizon Forbidden West weapons to take down machines, equipment and Aloy’s skills are given extra attention this time around. Besides revamping the basic elements, developers have added the option of wearing face paints as well. However, not many players know how to use face paint in Horizon Forbidden West, even if they have acquired a few by completing quests or scavenging.

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Using Face Paint in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West face paint
Face paint menu

The process of applying unique face paint designs to Aloy’s face is easier said than done. Sure, you do need face paints items in the first place to apply them on the face. However, you can’t just select the item from the main menu and select it to apply. You need a unique NPC called painter, and he is the only one who knows how to use face paint or apply it to Aloy’s face in the first place.

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Finding The Painter

Scalding Spear settlement location
Scalding Spear Painter Location

You will find a bow, armor, and other vendors or merchants in almost all settlements throughout Horizon Forbidden West. However, the painter merchant will only be found if you visit a bigger settlement. Just as you come across Tallnecks locations while roaming the open world, the game’s story mode will also take you automatically to a big settlement called Scalding Spear. You will find the first painter who goes by the name Zokkah. He is your guy who has the answer to the question of how to use face paints in Horizon Forbidden West.

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Zookah the face painter
Zookah Location – Horizon Forbidden West

We stumbled at two other big settlements where face painters were available to give Aloy nice face paintings, should you have acquired these first. One of the painters can be found in Bulwark settlement, and another can be seen haggling with locals of Thornmarsh settlement.

Getting Aloy Face Paint

Assuming you have at least one face paint in your inventory, then you can get it applied from a face painter at the cost of 10 metal shards. However, should you change your mind, the painter will be more than happy to remove the face paint at the cost of 1 Metal Shard.

Unlocking Face Paints in Horizon Forbidden West

Most of the face paint collection in the game should come naturally to you as you progress the story, side quests, random encounters, or just level up higher. However, a few face paints will require you to go the extra mile and earn them. In any case, acquiring and using face paint on Aloy’s face is cool, but they don’t give you any strategic advantage whatsoever in Horizon Forbidden West. So, wash away your thoughts if you had the idea of wearing Nora paint to show your allegiance and liking towards this tribe more so than any other with the hopes of gaining an edge in certain choices in the game.

Photo Mode Face Paints

Photo mode pain options Horizon
Horizon Forbidden West Photo mode pain options

If taking Aloy’s photos while wearing face paints is your motive, then there is a much easier way to achieve that without going through the trouble of finding paints and the painter. Use the photo mode and explore the options until you find the face paints. Select the ones that you like better and start taking Aloy’s photos while fancying unique paint designs.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to use face paints in Horizon Forbidden West. We are in the process of finding every paint you can get in the game and would love to curate a guide detailing all face paints. However, till then, we hope this how-to guide will serve its purpose.

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