How Long To Beat Xenoblade Chronicles 3? [Answered]

This guide will give a general idea of the clear time of Xenoblade Chronicles 3,

How Long To Beat The Main Story Of Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Main Lead
Noah in a cutscene of Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

If you stick yourself to the main story only, it will take you around about 45-55 hours to beat Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This means not delving into any type of monster hunting, side stories, crafting, unlockables, and exploration.

Key Highlights
  • For Xenoblade Chronicles 3, it is difficult to pin down a single clear time as it depends on the player’s focus on story, side quests, and 100% completion
  • For the main story only, it will take around 45-55 hours to beat
  • With side content, it will take around 75-100 hours to clear
  • For 100% completion, it will take even longer as it includes completing all side stories, hunting for every collectible, crafting all possible gears and items, and slaying all available enemies.

You just stick to the main course, ignoring a huge chunk of side content. While you are at it, consider reading our guide on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Editions.

Clear Time Of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 With Side Content

Now, the clear time of this category is what most people will take to beat the game. The first reason is you simply don’t want to play a huge RPG and decide to completely ignore its side content unless it gets repetitive and boring.

The second one is, most of the time, there comes the point in JRPGs where you need to better gear and higher level to tackle your next obstacle. So in that way, the game kind of forces you to explore and complete its side content to level up and beat the next boss that awaits you.

So in simple words, completing Xenoblade Chronicles with side content means that from time to time, you take part in Xenoblade’s various side stories, partake in monster hunting and hunt for crafting resources. With that in mind, it will take you around 75-100 hours to clear Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

100% Completion Time For Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Scenic Vistas
Admiring the scenic vistas with your party in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

This category is for our completionist buddies and for those who want to get their money’s worth out of the game. A 100% completion means you basically do everything the game has to offer. It includes completing all side stories, hunting for every collectible, crafting all possible gears and items, slaying all available monsters, and exploring every nook and cranny of the open world.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an enormous game, very much like its predecessors, and doing all the above-mentioned tasks will take you around 200 hours.

How Long To Beat Xenoblade Chronicles 3 In NG+?

Skipping an event in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

If you regularly play games, you will most probably know what NG+ is. NG+ basically lets you restart the game from 0 but with all of your endgame armor and gear equipped. Additionally, the difficulty of the game is also increased, so it isn’t a complete cakewalk. Still, for the most part, you will be breezing through the game because now you are familiar with the mechanics and the enemies.

If you skip the cutscenes as well, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will take you around 25-30 hours to beat.

JRPG Video Games Length 

We need to clear some things first. Length in video games is subjective and depends upon the person playing the game. Sure, the length of linear games like Uncharted or Last of Us will be the same for most people, but in the case of enormous JRPGs and open-world games, things get a little tricky.

Take Elden Ring as an example. According to officials, Elden Ring’s clear time was expected to be 30 hours, but it took more than 100 for an average person to beat. Similarly, we can’t pin down a single clear time for Xenoblade Chronicles 3 as well.

Some people are only here for the story, some will play the story while doing side quests from time to time, and some go for 100% completion. So we have divided the clear time of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 into three categories, which will give a good idea of how long it will take you to beat Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

Also, this doesn’t even include the hours you will be spending admiring its scenic vistas, so throw in another 10 hours for that, too, since Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is filled with them. Furthermore, increasing the game’s difficulty will increase your playtime as well, so for our guide, we will be assuming the normal difficulty of the game.

Upcoming DLC Or Expansion Content For Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Recently, Nintendo announced an expansion pass for Xenoblade Chronicles 3, which will add additional content to the game. This means new chapters, side stories, and more which will further increase your playtime.

We hope our guide gave you a general idea of how long it will take you to beat Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is currently available for Nintendo Switch.

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