Soul Hackers 2 Ash: How To Defeat, Attacks & More

In our guide on how to beat Ash in Soul Hackers 2, you will find out about the oh-so dangerous character. Her deadly attacks, but how you can still defeat her nonetheless.

Players who are fresh to the Sin Megami Tensei Franchise might fight Soul Hackers to be a little complicated. The game is extremely fun to play and one of the most exciting parts of the Megaten Series. However, certain chiefs of Atlus-Developed can be way more complicated than ever. Nevertheless here is everything there is to know about Ash in Soul Hackers 2.

Key Highlights
  • Ash is a character in Soul Hackers 2 that players encounter in the Subway 14 Line while tracking down Mangetsu.
  •  Ash is difficult to deal with due to her confidant and acquaintance, A Night Lilim
  • To defeat Ash, players should focus on her weaknesses and resistances, which include gunfire resistance and force weakness.
  • To beat Ash, players should gather items to restore health and MP, and have a good set of demons to manipulate Ash’s weaknesses.
  • Lilim is vulnerable to ice and Basilisk is weak to both ice and physical attacks.
  • Players can choose to focus on the summoned parties of Ash or strike every attack to beat her faster.
  • Ash’s Ashes to Ashes attack is dangerous and can target random members of the party. Avoiding this attack and keeping healing powers intact is important.
  • When Ash’s HP is down to 25%, the battle will end and players can kill her or burst her down.

Who Is Ash In Soul Hackers 2?

How To Beat Ash In Soul Hackers 2
Ashes To Ashes

Ash is exactly like one of those complicated characters in the game that the players will be interacting with in the Subway 14 Line. This would very casually happen while they are tracking down Mangetsu, and they end up exploring the area of Ash.

Furthermore, players find Ash to be very hard to deal it. And the reason behind it is none other than her confidant and acquaintance, A Night Lilim. If the players successfully defeat Llilim, it can spawn a Drake Basilisk. Her way of attacking is extremely deadly, and she can wipe out an entire crew of players if they do not come prepared. 

Ash’s Weakness And Resistances

As players try and face Ash in Subway Line 14 to defeat her, they will be introduced with her summons too. Furthermore, they are called the weaknesses, resistances, and even the moveset of the opponent. 

Following are Ash’s resistances and weaknesses. 

  • Physical:
  • Gunfire: Ability To Resist
  • Fire: Can Resist
  • Ice:
  • Electric:
  • Force: Very Weak
  • Ruin: Gets Blocked


  • Attacking Moveset: Helps in dealing with the attacks of gunfire at one of the members of the crew.
  • Flame Shot Moveset: Helps in dealing with the attacks of fire at one of the members of the crew.
  • Blacking out Moveset: Helps in dealing with attacks of gunfire at every one of the members of the crew.
  • Summoning Moveset: While using this moveset, Ash calls out or summons one demon of hers, called Drake Bailisisk. 
  • Accelerating Moveset: This moveset will help in increasing the actions of Ash from the start.
  • Ashes To Ashes Moveset: This attack helps in dealing with the attack of the Almighty on the members. It would also start increasing their damage of ailment in case they are affected by it. 
Defeating Ash In Soul Hackers 2

Weakness And Resistances Of Night Lilim

Night Lilim in Soul Hackers 2 weaknesses and resistance are as follows:

  • Physical:
  • Gunfire:
  • Fire:
  • Ice: Gets Weak
  • Electric: Able To Be Blocked
  • Force:
  • Ruin: Can Be Resisted

Movesets Of Night Lilim

  • Gaze Bewitching Moveset: A moveset of Night Lilim that will help in ruining the attack on one of the party’s members and can also be inflicted on Daze.
  • Frolic Moveset: The kind of moveset that would help in ruining the attack on all the members of the party inflicting on Daze.

Weaknesses And Resistances Of Drake Balisisk

Below are all the weaknesses and resistances of Drake Basilisk

  • Physical: Is Very Weak
  • Gunfire:
  • Fire:
  • Ice: Weak
  • Electric:
  • Force:
  • Ruin: Can Be Blocked

Movesets Of Drake Basilisk

  • Demonic Gazing Moveset: The kind of moveset that would help in ruining the attack on all the members of the party, inflicting on Dread.

Best Ash Boss Fight Tips

To know how to beat Ash in Soul Hackers 2 might not be an easy job for Ash. However, if players follow important tips, it can be possible. Below, we have listed all the necessary points to keep in mind for defeating Ash,

  1. Gather up stuff and get ready to attack: Things that can help in restoring your health, as well as MP, can be hard to find during the toughest battles. Similarly, in the case of Ash, you must collect enough stuff somewhere in your inventory. These items can be used in times of need and help you when going through difficult times.
  2. Make sure you got the right demons: For players to beat Ash in Soul Hackers 2, they must have a good set of demons around. These demons can help manipulate the weaknesses of Ash. Furthermore, the players will also be able to Sabbath Stack, whittling down all other health by striking harmful attacks.

In addition, it is a must for you to know that Lilim is vulnerable when it comes to ice, whereas Basilisk is exposed weakly to both ice and Physical attacks. When you attack and beat Lilim, Ash will call out Basilisk.

Under these circumstances, the player will have two choices. They can either keep their focus on the summoned parties of Ash and forget about her for a while, or they can strike every attack of theirs to beat Ash faster. 

Ashes to Ashes Attack

Ashes to Ashes is one of Ahs’s most damaging and dangerous attacks. The attack helps in dealing with the extreme attack of Almighty on a single member of the crew. There is no winding up in Ashes to Ashes; hence it can be targeted toward any random member of the party.

Beating Ash
Random Aim

This attack can be a one-time shot in your player’s HP is not so high. The attack can result in decreasing their health and make them very weak. 

Avoiding Ashes To Ashes attack is very important for each player, and they need to make sure that they keep their healing powers intact. Furthermore, players would take extra measures to accelerate skill of Ash as Accelerating skill can make her strike extra attacks.

Moreover, when the HP of Ash is down to 25% HP, the war would come to an end. Consequently, all you need to do is keep an eye on Ash and make sure to know how to beat her in Soul Hackers 2. Furthermore, killing her and being able to burst her down is another good option.


In Soul Hackers 2, the players call out the demons to perform violent attacks, using a mixture of magical abilities and attacks. The players will be able to destroy the opponent completely or some of their weaknesses.

Furthermore, the players would need to practice the “Sabbath”, in which all the weak enemies will be aimed. Doing this practice would help in dealing with a great amount of damage involving functioning players of the crew.


Let’s summarize our guide on how to beat Ash in Soul Hackers 2 by saying that no matter how strong of a character she is, if you follow good tactics and choose your attacks wisely, she can surely be taken down. Hence, make sure you use all your power and beat her to move ahead in the game and take up more challenges.

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