Armored Core 6: How To Beat Sea Spider [Ultimate Guide]

Learn how to beat sea spider in Armored Core 6 by master strategic loadouts, aerial dominance, and understanding its attack patterns.

In Armored Core 6, the Sea Spider emerges as a two-phase boss of unparalleled might. Starting on the ground, its arsenal boasts terrifying attacks like the Red Beam and Mandible Beam Sabers. However, it’s the shift to its aerial phase that truly elevates the threat, with deadly red beams and rapid assaults that challenge even the most seasoned players. To triumph, one must learn how to beat Sea Spider in Armored Core 6.

Key Takeaways
  • The Sea Spider is a formidable two-phase boss in Armored Core 6.
  • Initially, it’s grounded with threats like the Red Beam and Mandible Beam Sabers.
  • Maintaining altitude allows players to elude these early threats in AC6.
  • In Sea Spider’s second phase, the boss becomes an aerial threat with deadly red beams and intense attacks.
  • To defeat Sea Spider in Armored Core 6, aggressive engagement is crucial in the first phase, and dodging strategic attacks is pivotal in the second.
  • Equipping the best weapons in Armored Core 6 such as Gatling Guns or plasma rifles can effectively damage and stagger the Sea Spider.

Who Is Sea Spider In Armored Core 6?

Sea Spider boss fight in AC6 [Image Credits: eXputer]
The Sea Spider in Armored Core 6 is a formidable two-phase boss. Initially grounded, it poses threats such as the powerful Red Beam and Mandible Beam Sabers, but players can elude these by maintaining altitude. The second phase witnesses its transformation into an aerial menace, launching deadly red beams and near-fatal attacks.

Staying above the Sea Spider provides an advantage, as its upper defenses are limited. Key strategies include aggressive engagement during the first phase, focusing on dodging and strategic attacks in the second, and equipping potent weapons like Gatling Guns or plasma rifles to consistently damage and stagger the Sea Spider.

Sea Spider Boss Attack Patterns

Sea Spider Attack Patterns [Image Credits: eXputer]
Here is an overview of the Sea Spider’s attack patterns in AC6 and what each one does for the players so that they know what to look for, anticipate, and counter the boss’s moves.

Attack PatternEffect
Red BeamLong-range staggering beam.
Mandible Beam SabersClose-combat dual beam slashes.
Two-legged stompExplosive clamping attack with laser daggers.
Charged laser shotHigh-powered, back-dashed laser cannon.
Laser waveGigantic coral energy blast with a damaging wave.
Beyblade lasersSpinning, almost instant-kill rotating lasers.
Two-hit laser shotPredictable double laser attack with a red glint.
Two-legged lung attackPowerful forward lunge causing potential stagger.
Spinning attackRapid circular motion targeting the surrounding area.
Energy missilesAggressive airborne missile attacks.

How To Beat Sea Spider In Armored Core 6

The Sea Spider Boss in Armored Core 6 is based on a 2-phase fight. As you progress and deplete the health bar of the boss to 40%, phase 2 will take place. Here is everything that you will encounter in phase 1 and phase 2 of the Sea Spider boss in Armored Core 6,

Phase 1: Grounded Menace

Sea Spider phase 1 boss fight [Image Credits: eXputer]
The first phase of the Sea Spider fight is largely ground-based, presenting players with a distinct set of challenges. The Sea Spider possesses an arsenal that includes the Red Beam and Mandible Beam Sabers. The Red Beam is a long-range attack where the Sea Spider charges its cannon and releases a powerful beam.

This has the potential to stagger any Armored Core (AC) unit it hits. On the other hand, the Mandible Beam Sabers are a close-combat move that sees the Sea Spider thrusting across the arena and subsequently swinging two potent beam sabers.

While these attacks sound menacing, the trick lies in aerial evasion. By utilizing decent boosting capabilities, players can stay airborne, ensuring that these ground attacks have minimal effect. Moreover, at about 40% of its AP, the Sea Spider begins its transformation, signaling the onset of its second phase.

Phase 2: Aerial Onslaught

Sea Spider Airborne attacks in AC6 [Image Credits: eXputer]
The transition to the second phase heralds a significant escalation in threat. Post-transformation, the Sea Spider takes to the skies, bringing with it an amplified set of attacks. Notable among these is its ability to shoot formidable red beams from its underbelly.

Additionally, Sea Spider in Armored Core 6 unveils an attack so potent that it can spell instant doom for any AC in its path. However, this phase also unveils a notable vulnerability. If players maintain a position above the Sea Spider, they can exploit a blind spot, making them immune to some of its most lethal attacks.

Another tactic involves resting the mech against the boss’s collision box during its stationary moments, which provides players an opportunity to recharge their boosters. Throughout this phase, the overarching strategy remains consistent: achieve air superiority and maintain altitude to gain the upper hand.

Gear Suggestions To Pick Before Engaging Spider Boss Fight

Before even entering the battle arena, it’s pivotal to equip your Armored Core (AC) suitably. The Sea Spider’s formidable abilities necessitate powerful countermeasures. An ideal loadout involves heavy-hitting weapons like Gatling Guns or plasma rifles that can consistently deal damage and force the boss into a stagger.

Dual-arm weapons, combined with missile launchers on both shoulders, can ensure continuous damage output. For instance, using a combination of two Gatling Guns with a 10-cell and a 4-cell missile launcher can be extremely effective against Sea Spider in Armored Core 6.

Such a setup ensures that at almost every phase in the battle, there’s a weapon wreaking havoc on the Sea Spider.

Best Phase 1 Strategy To Defeat Sea Spider In Armored Core 6

Phase 2 Sea Spider Boss Fight [Image Credits: eXputer]
In the initial phase, aggressive engagement is paramount. The Sea Spider remains predominantly grounded, and the strategy here is straightforward: dish out damage rapidly and decisively. This can be achieved by staying close, maintaining an aggressive stance, and using charge attacks like the pile bunker to stun-lock the Sea Spider.

The focus should be on dodging Sea Spider’s Red Beam and Mandible Beam Sabers in Armored Core 6, capitalizing on the Sea Spider’s staggered moments, and consistently applying pressure.

The tetrapod build can provide a good balance of mobility and damage output, though the tank build is also viable, given its damage resistance and heavy firepower, especially when the Sea Spider is in a staggered state.

Best Phase 2 Sea Spider Boss Fight Strategy

Sea Spider AoE attack – Beyblade-like lasers [Image Credits: eXputer]
Upon the Sea Spider’s transformation and subsequent airborne stance in Armored Core 6, the dynamics of the battle shift. Players should immediately adopt a defensive posture. The strategy of staying above the Sea Spider comes to the forefront here.

By maintaining an altitude advantage, players can not only dodge many of the boss’s Area of Effect (AOE) attacks but also exploit the boss’s blind spots. The Sea Spider’s tracking lasers, while powerful, are predictable enough to be reliably dodged if one maintains an aerial vantage point.

An added advantage is the Sea Spider’s limited top cover, allowing players to dive down occasionally and unleash charged melee attacks. When the boss is momentarily immobilized or staggered, it’s an opportune moment to close in and land a devastating pile bunker blow.

In conclusion, the Sea Spider represents a masterclass in boss design, challenging players across two distinct phases. Grounded attacks test maneuverability, while aerial onslaughts demand superior strategy and positioning. To conquer this behemoth, one must utilize tactical prowess, master their loadout, and anticipate the boss’s every move. That is why learning everything about how to beat the Sea Spider in Armored Core 6 is vital to bringing a swift end to this boss. 


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