Dead Island 2: How To Block & Dodge

Our How To Block And Dodge In Dead Island 2 guide entails the process of how to block & dodge in the game & avoid zombies eating you

Learning how to block In Dead Island 2 is the first thing you should master and give your Slayer more chances to stay alive. The defending part of the game is covered by two essential skills called Blocking and Dodging. Both skills unlock as you reach level 2 and level 9 respectively. 

Key Takeaways
  • Blocking and Dodging are two basic and effective defensive skills in Dead Island 2 that any character can equip and make use of.
  • However, it depends on the agility of the character whether they start the game with a block or dodge.
  • The characters can equip the dodge skill after level 2 and the block skill after level 9 if they do not have it already.
  • To use the block skill you will have to hold the defense button which could be Left Alt, L1, or LB.
  • While to use the dodge skill you have to tap the defense button along with a directional command.
  • Both dodge and block can rejuvenate stamina and stun the enemy.
  • Dodge and block can also lead to a counterattack if they are timed perfectly. The counterattacks can lead to a counter-takedown.

How Block And Dodge Work In Dead Island 2

In the new game, every character is able to make use of either block or dodge skill. However, the starting defensive skill is based on whether the character has high or low agility. If the character has low agility they will start the game with the block ability. While if the character has high agility they will start with the dodge ability.

For example, in the case of Carla and Ryan, they will start off with a block as their relative agility is quite low. Furthermore, each of the defensive skills has some effects and they are as the following:

  • Block: If a block is timed perfectly it will rejuvenate a bit of the character’s stamina and will also stun them. Rendering them vulnerable to a counterattack.
  • Dodge: If a dodge is timed perfectly it will rejuvenate a bit of the character’s stamina and also will stun them. Essentially leaving them vulnerable to a counterattack.

How To Block In Dead Island 2

Block Skill Card
The Block Skill Card In Dead Island 2 [Image Credit: eXputer]
Now, blocking is part of the new Skill Card system where any character can get it as a skill card after level 9. So any character can equip block as their go-to defensive ability instead of dodging. Further, to perform a block you will have to hold the defensive ability button on your device which could be as the following: 

  • PC: Left Alt
  • PS: L1
  • Xbox: LB

By holding down the button your character will keep his arms up in order to block any attack. The block feature will totally negate any damage taken from zombies other than Variant and Apexs as they are able to stun you through your block.

Also, if you are able to time your block perfectly just before the zombies start to swipe at you, then you will be prompted to counterattack by pressing the button that appears on the screen. It is a pretty useful skill to learn as these counterattacks deal a good amount of damage.

How To Dodge In Dead Island 2 

Dodge Skill Card
The Dodge Skill Card IN Dead Island 2 [Image By: eXputer]
Dodging is similar to blocking in Dead Island 2. This is because of the fact that both these abilities have somewhat similar effects. However, by dodging the attack you will be able to evade any type of enemy attack. Thus you are not only restricted to lower-level zombies.

Furthermore, if you want to gain the dodging ability for a character with low agility then you just have to level up to level 2 in order to gain it as a skill card. Once you have equipped the dodge skill card you just need to tap the defensive ability button which could as the following:

  • PC: Left Alt
  • PS: L1
  • Xbox: LB

Again if you time your dodges perfectly then you will be able to counterattack the enemy by pressing the button that appears on the screen. Also, you can dodge in any direction you wish by using the movement buttons or stick. 

And with that, we bring our How To Block And Dodge In Dead Island 2 guide to an end. Where we went through the exact buttons process to block and dodge in the game. However, if you believe we might have missed a key detail then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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