How To Defeat Bahamut Fury In Crisis Core FFVII Reunion

Learn everything there is about the Bahamut Fury boss fight and how to defeat him in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion

Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion’s Bahamut Fury boss Fight occurs during the chapter 4 finale of the game. Without leaning too much into story spoilers here, our hero Zack Fair must overcome this obstacle in order to seek answers and get one step closer to learning the truth behind the ongoing conflict in the game. The side mission version of Bahamut Fury is a little beefed up in terms of stats, but overall both fights are relatively the same. 

Key Highlights

  • At the end of almost every chapter in Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion, players will go head to head with a challenging boss fight.
  • Bahamut Fury is one of the main story bosses that can be fought toward the end of Chapter 4.
  • Important strategy tips for the fight revolve around efficiently using Defensive Materia such as Regen and Barrier as protection from attacks.
  • Dishing out Offensive materia such as Jump and Rush Assault can immensely help you with DPS.
  • Players can also fight Bahamut Fury again in the Side Mission: M8-5-6 for a greater challenge and rewards.

Bahamut Fury Stats & Abilities

crisis core reunion bahamut fury
The Cluster Sphere Attack (Image Captured by us)

Before we dive into the strategy, it is imperative that you learn all about his attacks, as we will be mentioning them during the strategy itself. We were also able to pin down his exact stats, which include his Health Pool and Resistances, so you can get a better idea of the encounter before engaging with it. Following are the stats for the Bahamut Fury boss fight in Crisis Core FFVII Reunion:

  • Level: 20
  • HP: 18,000 (If you’re playing on Hard Difficulty, the total health is around 46,230)
  • MP: 312
  • ATK: 25
  • MAG: 111
  • VIT: 36
  • EXP: 682
  • Gil: 410
  • Resistances: Damage is halved from elements; Fire, Ice, and Lightning. (Additionally, The Gravity materia does no damage to him, so there is no point in using it in order to cut his HP down by 50%.)

Attacks List

Bahamut Fury does not mess around at all, as one might’ve expected already, as he has quite a few tricks up his sleeve that can destroy you if you’re not careful enough. Following are all of the Attacks and abilities that Bahamut Fury has in his arsenal:

  • Arm Swing: Bahamut Fury will swing his arm toward Zack at close range, causing Area-of-Effect damage and pushing you back if not dodged or blocked.
  • Scream: This is another AoE attack that, as the name implies, will make Bahamut Fury scream, dealing damage to Zack and pushing him out of the boss’s close range in an instant.
  • Cluster Sphere: During this attack, Bahamut Fury will charge up an orb, after which he will follow it up by separating it into three spheres and launching them toward your direction.
  • Hexafang: Bahamut Fury will climb onto the Arena, and once he does, it will quickly launch the sword-like missiles on his back at you, which we advise dodging if possible.
  • Exaflare: The Ultimate Ability of Bahamut, which can be interrupted with enough damage just like any other boss’s ultimate move. During the following ability, if Bahamut Fury succeeds in charging it up, an animation will play which will showcase him launching an Orbital strike-like laser from outer space, a move which can easily leave you at a sliver of health if not treated immediately.

Bahamut Fury Detailed Strategy And Tips

crisis core reunion bahamut fury
The Strategy (Image by eXputer)

Before the fight even begins, we strongly encourage equipping either Barrier or the Regen Materia. The former will essentially allow you to mitigate half of the damage you take from the boss fight, while the latter materia will regenerate your health for a short period of time. It is because the boss is pretty much relentless in his attacks.

Although you can cheese him by using some of the Best Materia in the game, such as Energy or Costly Punch, we would advise against it since most of the player base will probably receive those materia or grind for them toward the late-game events. Most Importantly, though, during the cutscene before the boss, Zack will receive a call from Aerith, which of course, will motivate our hero and, in turn, will heighten emotions for Aerith in the DMW.

The DMW (Digital Mind Wave) is the spinning slot in the top left corner of your screen during combat which most players will already know of, so essentially the game will increase the odds of Aerith’s images appearing in the DMW for the duration of the Bahamut Fury boss fight.

crisis core reunion bahamut fury
Heightened Emotions for Aerith in the DMW for the fight (Image credit: eXputer)

It is important to remember that one of Aerith’s Limit Break abilities that can be granted via the DMW is Healing Wave, which will not only heal you back to full health but also fully restore your MP, and AP, remove any status ailments caused by the enemy and most importantly, grant you immunity for a short time period. A few general tips that we would recommend to you for the fight include:

  • When slashing away at Bahamut Fury up close, the Jump materia works excellently here when cast at the perfect time, as it will allow not only allow you to squeeze in additional damage but also freely evade his Arm swing attack, which we found that he frequently does in the encounter.
  • As stated previously, if you’re someone who prefers a defensive play style, then either Barrier or, preferably, the Regen materia must be frequently refreshed at all times.
  • While the main strategy will always be to play carefully and damage him at any opportunity you can get, as soon as he enters the Exaflare charge-up phase, indicated by the ‘ABILITY POWER’ percentage, do whatever it takes to unleash your most powerful attacks on him so you can cancel out the ultimate attack.
  • Lastly, it goes without saying that if you worked through the side missions beforehand and have access to overpowered materia such as Costly Punch, then, by all means, one-shot Bahamut Fury into a pulp.

The Wrap-Up

Since the original release of the game on the PSP, this Boss fight, in particular, had become quite popular, so much so that in a Reddit Post from user VeriniusDev, it was observed that an event was hosted in the Battle Royale spin-off title; The First Soldier where Bahamut Fury was featured as a Raid Boss you could defeat for rewards with other players.

The rest of the boss fights, and other side mission secret bosses shouldn’t prove to be too much trouble for you. We also recommend checking out the Materia Fusion List, which will allow you to craft the powerful materia we just listed here. Furthermore, if you can successfully acquire the Magic Pot early on in the game, using that Limit Break might give you an edge since it can reward you with some special items.

If you’re a Trophy Hunter looking to 100 percent the game, we encourage going through our detailed guides on both the Mako Recovery and Good Match For Aerith Trophy. But for now, though, this wraps up our guide on how you can defeat Bahamut Fury in Chapter 4 of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.

If you have any kind of questions to ask related to the guide or want to let us know your experience with the game so far, then be sure to notify us about it in the comment section below! As always, eXputer wishes you luck!

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