How To Fast Travel in Sonic Frontiers [All Methods]

Our Sonic Frontiers Fast Travel Guide will list all the methods of fast travel and will help you go to different locations in a snap.

Story Highlights
  • Fast Travel is a feature that allows you to cover great distances in a short time.
  • You'll be able to quickly jump between islands you've already visited after fighting Giganto.
  • Sonic will encounter the little Kocos throughout his exploration of the map, these two Koco may be used as fast travel points.
  • The rails are also included in Sonic Frontiers just like any sonic game. We can quickly travel to several paths using these rails.

In Sonic Frontiers, Sonic may explore several islands that serve as hub worlds. Each is enormous and packed with hidden areas, foes, grinding rails, and the well-known golden rings Sonic the Hedgehog is famous for. You will learn about Fast Travel in Sonic Frontiers while learning the basics of gameplay, therefore you may miss how it works.

It’s especially the case considering that it’s probable that the game will show you how to perform it before you can. The prerequisites are likely to be met just by playing through the game, so we’ll first go through how Fast Travel works in Sonic Frontiers in general before going into more depth about how to access it in case you get stuck.

What Is Fast travel In Sonic Frontiers?

The map of the Starfall Islands is rather vast. Despite Sonic’s speed, if you keep dashing around the map merely for exploration, you’ll become bored. In an open-world game, getting from one location to the next might be challenging.

But don’t fret, the game has added a function that lets you jump to various places on the map. Fast Travel is a feature that fixes all of your in-game issues with traveling great distances.

Different Ways To Fast Travel In Sonic Frontiers

Sonic has always been the fastest being in the sega franchise and may even increase his initial speed as players advance through Sonic Frontiers. He moves at the speed of sound. We’ll go through the several fast and rapid travel options here, along with how to use them.

Using The Main Menu To Fast Travel

Fast Travel By Using The Main Menu
Using The Main Menu To Fast Travel [Image Credit: eXputer]
You’ll be able to quickly jump between islands you’ve already visited after fighting Giganto. Simply tap the map button and choose the “switch maps” prompt from the screen’s lower left corner to do this.

The game will provide a straightforward island selection option. You only need to press X or A to accept it. You’ll arrive at the island’s central area.

Utilizing The Koco Scrolls

Using the Koco Scrolls
Utilizing The Koco Scrolls [Image Credit: eXputer]
Sonic will encounter the little Kocos throughout his exploration of Sonic Frontiers’ unusual landscapes. They are small, stone-like creatures that are dispersed over every island. It appears that these Kocos are missing and need to be given back to Elder Koco.

Sonic will be given a speed or ring-carrying capacity enhancement in exchange for locating the missing Koco. Hermit Koco, the opposite of Elder Koco, will increase stats in return for the defense and attack seeds obtained when foes are defeated or puzzles are solved.

Another benefit of these two Koco is that they may be used as fast travel points. Players may fish for two scrolls if they find Big the Cat inside the fishing area, among other things. Finding both the two scrolls will enable Elder Koco and Hermit Koco’s rapid travel capability.

Any Elder or Hermit Koco may be utilized as a quick travel point using the map screen once both the scrolls have been located. Once the All Icons tab at the top of your screen has been turned to Fast Travel, Sonic may travel to the Koco symbols featured on the map.

To achieve this, hit the button to convert the icons shown on your map to Fast Travel. A few tries could be necessary before these scrolls are discovered because fishing is a random activity. While wandering through the islands, be sure to gather purple coins since you may trade them for a chance at fishing.

Utilizing The Cyberspace Portals

Cyberspace Portals Being Utilized
Utilizing The Cyberspace Portals [Image Credit: eXputer]
Players will encounter portals as they move around the islands. Initially, a portal gear will be needed to activate these enormous antique monuments and enter the enclosed cyberspace. Such cyberspace levels are traditional 2D and 3D Sonic levels, each with unique difficulties that grant players access to vault keys as a reward.

Players must first explore 100% of the map they’re currently on to utilize the portals as quick travel locations. Each map challenge puzzle needs to be solved to disclose each segment of the map.

Once the ability to utilize them as fast travel locations has been unlocked, navigating across the islands should be simple because the portals are conveniently dispersed over a variety of places on the map.

Similar to how Elder Koco fast traveled, choose the fast travel to the portal option on the map screen by switching from the All Icons Tab to the Fast Travel tab.

Grinding On The Rails

The Rails are used for Fast Travel
Grinding On The Rails [Image Credit: eXputer]
The rails are also included in Sonic Frontiers just like any sonic game. We can quickly travel to several paths using these rails. Furthermore, the ability to avoid running to various destinations does allow one to regard this less directly as a means of speedy travel.

Additionally, you need to succeed in tasks to acquire a white rail to do this. A close-by place is where you can find the railing. These fences will allow Sonic to sprint quickly. Consequently, we will be able to govern tokens across very large distances extremely effectively.

Fortunately, the game will demonstrate to you how to use the rails to cross to additional railings of a similar design after you’ve located them.


You’re all set! You now understand how to activate Fast Travel in Sonic Frontiers. So now you won’t have to waste time racing around the game since you’ll be able to get from place to place quickly.

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