Guide: How to Fix the Funicular in Psychonauts 2

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Psychonauts 2’s Questionable Area definitely has its share of mysteries, one of which is the broken Fierro’s Funicular that’s just asking to be fixed. The aforementioned train ride in the Questionable Area is currently out of order since it’s missing some gears. However, if you really want to fully explore the Questionable Area in Psychonauts 2, you’ll definitely want to fix the Funicular. Not only does it grant you access to the upper level, which has its own share of collectibles, but it also lets you get a closer look at what is perhaps the only real mystery in the Questionable Area – the Upside-Down Waterfall. You’ll also need to get up there to complete the Rare Fungus side mission for Lili.

Therefore, this Psychonauts 2 guide will go through all the steps required to fix Fierro’s Funicular found in the Questionable Area.

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How to Fix the Funicular in Psychonauts 2

Repairing the broken train ride in the Questionable Area requires you to find three of its gears. Once you’ve found them, you’ll have to attach each gear in its correct position on the machine using Telekinesis.

The first gear

You can find the initial component required for fixing the Funicular in Psychonauts 2 right in front of the machine as you approach it.

Fix Fierros Funicular Psychonauts 2 Train Ride in Questionable Area
First gear location

Use Telekinesis to big up the cogwheel and put it back onto the bottom-right axle, as shown.

Fix Fierros Funicular Psychonauts 2 Train Ride in Questionable Area
Where to fix first gear

The second gear

The next piece of the puzzle is a little off to the side. As you’re facing the broken machine, turn right. As you do so, you should be able to spot a bench and a tree to its right. The gear you seek lies between these two, resting against some rocks.

Second gear location
Second gear location

Once again, use your mind powers to do the heavy lifting, and place the gear onto the top-right axle.

Fix Fierros Funicular Psychonauts 2 Train Ride in Questionable Area
Where to fix second gear

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The third gear

You’re now onto the last piece of broken machinery needed to fix Fierro’s Funicular in Psychonauts 2’s Questionable Area. This piece, however, is a little trickier to find. Firstly, take a left from the machine, and you will see two benches. Out of these, you need to go behind the right bench. You should subsequently see two archways on your right that pass underneath the train tracks. Finally, look towards the wall between the two archways. You’ll find the third gear here, snuggled in some shrubbery.

Fix Fierros Funicular Psychonauts 2 Train Ride in Questionable Area
Third gear location

Take your prize and affix it to the bottom-left axle on the machine.

Where to fix third gear
Where to fix third gear

The machine will instantly spring to life, emitting black puffs of smoke as it drives the Funicular train ride up the mountainside of the Questionable Area.


Did you enjoy your well-earned ride to the top after fixing Fierro’s Funicular in Psychonauts 2? Moreover, let us know if the collectibles you found up there were worth it! If not, we suggest taking a look behind the Upside-Down Waterfall – we hear it’s a good place for some rare fungi.


How do I fix the Fierro’s Funicular in the Questionable Area of Psychonauts 2?

You need to find and reattach three gears onto the broken machine.

How long will it take me to fix the Fierro’s Funicular train ride?

Finding and reattaching the broken gears won’t take you more than a minute.

What rewards will I get for fixing the Funicular?

Fixing it will allow you to visit the areas above, which have their own share of collectibles such as PSI cards. You also need to get up there to complete the optional mission of finding the Rare Fungus for Lili.

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