How to get more FPS in Fortnite

Here's how to boost performance in Fortnite

Fortnite is pretty much optimized perfectly considering the fact that Fortnite is available on another platform as well other than PC. The developers did a good job in optimizing the game throughout all of the platforms on which the game is available. However, there are still many things you can do to increase the performance and FPS by huge margins. For a competitive multiplayer battle royale game like Fortnite, performance is all you need, in other words, Performance is king.

Note: We aren’t going to touch controlling, sensitivity, or any kind of settings which are based on personal preference in this article. Instead, We are only going to cover the FPS betterment aspects of the game.

Here is our Fortnite settings guide!

Key Highlights

  • Optimizing your game settings can result in a way smoother gaming experience for players. A game like Fortnite needs to be running at its peak as that can massively affect your gameplay.
  • PC Settings: Tweak around with the in-game PC settings and use the one that feels the best
    • The Resolution, Anti-Aliasing, Vsync, Textures, and a few other settings need to be tweaked according to your PC.
    • Make sure that the FPS is either constant at 60 FPS or more but is not variable. 
  • Optimizing Discord: If you are using discord for communication purposes during your game it can hinder the performance of your game. So for optimizing it you need to uncheck the Hardware Acceleration in the User Settings. 
  • For Optimizing Chrome you can also uncheck the hardware acceleration option that can be found in Settings -> Advanced -> Hardware Acceleration.
  • Go to %localappdata% and in the Temp folder delete all the files. Note to empty the recycle bin after doing that.
  • For Laptops you need to keep in mind the following:
    • Make sure your battery is in High-Performance Mode.
    • Always play with the Charger Plugged In.
    • Keep all drivers updated.
  • Nvidia GPU users can go into their Nvidia Control Panel -> Manage 3D Settings -> Program Settings then add Fortnite and tweak a few settings there.
  • For stable pings you can turn off Windows Update Delivery Optimization by going to Windows Update Settings -> Advanced Options -> Delivery Optimization.
  • Disable One Drive if you do not use it.

PC Settings

The first thing to optimize in case of gaining fps or performance in a certain game, firstly try to check your PC and its operating system for flaws.

Fortnite Video Settings
Fortnite Video Settings

Optimizing Discord

If you use Discord to communicate with your teammates you might want to optimize it as well to boost your FPS in almost all games while Discord is running.

  1. Open Discord and navigate to the User Settings page
  2. Open the Appearance tab and untick Hardware Acceleration
    Discord Optimization
    Discord Optimization

Optimizing Google Chrome to get FPS boost

You can also disable hardware acceleration in Google Chrome so that background applications produced by Chrome do not utilize too many resources of your PC’s hardware when you’re playing.

  1. Open Google Chrome and navigate to the Settings page
  2. Scroll all the way down until you reach the Advanced tab
  3. Again, scroll all the way down and make sure that Use hardware acceleration when available is turned off
  4. Relaunch Google Chrome and close it again
Google Chrome Optimization
Google Chrome Optimization

Clean Up Your Temporary Files

  1. Press start and type %localappdata%’ in the search bar and press Enter
  2. Open the Temp folder
  3. Hold CTRL + A simultaneously to select all files in the folder
  4. Press the Delete button on your keyboard to delete these temporary files. Ignore the ones it can not delete.
  5. Now empty the recycle bin as well
File Cleanup
File Cleanup

You can also utilize CCleaner. (However, it can cause some issues as well so try not to use it and use the manual method above)

After you’ve completed optimizing your PC  make sure to restart your PC.

Note: If you happen to game on a laptop, then set the battery mode to high-performance mode and make sure you play the game with the Charging On, as the AC power makes sure that the GPU gets full power in order to keep up with the load of graphics. Also, make sure that you have updated your Operating system and all drivers to the latest version.

Do you have a GPU from NVIDIA? Then follow the steps below.

Nvidia Settings
Nvidia Settings
  1. Initiate the NVIDIA Control Panel and go to Manage 3D Settings
  2. Click the tab Program Settings and find Fortnite. If you can not locate it, click on Add and locate it there.
  3. Put Maximum pre-rendered frames to 1
  4. Put Monitor Technology to G-SYNC (if you have G-Sync enabled monitor)
  5. Put Multi-Display/Mixed GPU Acceleration to Single display performance mode
  6. Put Power Management Mode to Prefer maximum performance
  7. Put Texture filtering – Quality to Performance
  8. Disable Vertical Sync
  9. Allow Threaded Optimization
  10. Put Preferred Refresh Rate to Highest available
  11. Apply the changes and go to Adjust desktop size and position
  12. Mark the checkbox Override the scaling mode set by games and programs and click on Apply.

Also, go ahead and disable mouse acceleration if you really want to improve your muscle memory and your aiming skills in indefinitely.

Disable Windows Update Delivery Optimization

Disabling the Windows Update Delivery Optimization will help you get stable pings (If your internet isn’t strong) and it’ll also help in boosting the FPS. Here are the steps to disable it:

  1. Open the start menu and type Windows Update settings in the search bar and click on it.
  2. Go to  Advanced Options
  3. Go to Delivery Optimization
  4. Set the Allow downloads from other PCs to off.
Windows Optimization
Windows Optimization

Disable OneDrive

Disabling one drive also helps sometimes, so if you don’t use it then disable it. Right-Click on the OneDrive icon on your taskbar and click on Exit.

Optimizing Game Settings

Optimizing Fortnite for enhanced performance isn’t a precise mathematics as every player’s hardware set up is different – Textures and Effects, for instance, could be increased if you have a beefier computer – though the likes of disabled Shadows and Motion Blur are generally suggested to be disabled regardless of your setup.

If you’re uncertain, it’s advised that turning everything up to the max or lowest settings and turning Show FPS on, then adjusting peculiar settings based on what you’d like – such as texture quality – to get the best reasonable balance of visuals and performance.

Here are the Fortnite settings we consider to be perfect on PC:

OptionRecommended Setting
Window ModeFullscreen
Display resolution1080p
Frame Rate LimitUnlimited
View DistanceEpic
Post ProcessingLow
Motion BlurOff
Show FPS On/Off (Your Opinion)

Ensure 3D Resolution is 100.0%. It’s beneficial if you just lower your Display Resolution above this setting than to adjust this setting.

To further understand all of the graphical settings we’ll be explaining each of them in detail, so here’s what each setting means in further detail:

Window Mode: This allows you to combine with other windows easier, so you can minimize the game quickly without any hassle. Although it might not be as helpful on a dual-screen setup, as the game describes, “in full screen, we can save memory and render slightly quicker”.

Display resolution: Commonly, the lower your resolution, the greater your performance will be. If your device supports it, a minimum of 1080p is advised.

Frame Rate Limit: This limits the game’s performance at a specific frame rate, such as 60 FPS or 120 FPS. If it’s something in-between these two, then the varying performance can be off-putting, a lot of people favor to keep things at 60 FPS although keeping the FPS unlimited is always a good idea.

Quality: This is a swift way of setting all the below settings at once. We’d recommend ignoring this and botching with graphics settings individually.

View Distance: The greater this is, the further you can see. Lowering this setting can give you a performance improvement, but only on less beefy devices, and in a game where seeing as much as possible is the absolute deal, we’d advise keeping this as high as possible.

Shadows: This is a visual-only benefit that can also “enable better depth knowledge”, according to the game. Unless you have a good graphics card (GPU), turning this down is highly suggested for the performance benefits it brings.

Anti-Aliasing: The greater this is, the smoother visuals will be, reducing ‘jagged’ edges. This can see a hit on performance, so decreasing or turning off can see the game run smoother.

Textures: These “give dull objects a more accurate appearance”, according to the game. The greater it is, the better the objects will appear, but doing so requires a more powerful GPU. Depending on your set up, you could have this on medium or high without a notable impact on performance.

Effects: These give extra detail in certain redundant scenarios, such as water. This can be more tedious than most settings changes – such as textures – so it’s recommended you decrease this unless you have a powerful graphics card.

So there you have it, our best guide to increase or boost your FPS in fortnite. Try and experiment your own set-up with these tips and tricks and surely you’ll be getting a significant FPS boost.

Fortnite Gameplay
Fortnite Gameplay

Good Luck!

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