World of Warcraft: How to Get to Nazjatar [2024]

Did you manage to find Nazjatar? No? Read our guide, follow few steps and find the answer to your question: how to get to Nazjatar.

After patch 8.2.0 in World of Warcraft, the developers added a new zone in World of Warcraft called Nazjatar. This vast open world, located below the water level, is host to Alliance and Horde players and home to the hostile Queen Azshara. So, if you are from Alliance or Horde faction, everyone on the web seems to be scratching their head and trying to find the mystery behind the question: how to get to Nazjatar.

It is why we have curated this guide to dial down the troubles of our Alliance and Horde faction members and help them in completing the steps required to reach Nazjatar.

Key Takeaways
  • Nazjatar is an underwater zone added in Patch 8.2.0 of World of Warcraft.
  • In order to access this area, players must level their faction to level 50.
  • Once this level has been reached, the quest line for Nazjatar will be available.
  • The quest will be different for each faction, but they all serve the same purpose.
  • Once this quest is done, a portal will spawn in a location that varies depending on your faction.
  • Players can go through this portal, and they will reach Nazjatar.

NOTE: You need to complete the steps mentioned here just once. After that, you will have complete control to visit Nazjatar or your faction hub area whenever you want.

Faction Reputation

The first and foremost focus you, as a player, should give is to level up your faction reputation. If you are wondering how this requirement comes into play in seeking the answer to the question: how to get to Nazjatar. Then know that in order to trigger the location-specific questline, leveling up your faction reputation is the only way to progress and reach Nazjatar.

For example, reputations play an important role in the Battle for Azeroth as Friendly reputations unlock the World Quests, and Revered Reputations are required to play the Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part One. By playing more, you’ll gain and level up reputations with these factions and will be able to buy gear, toys, and battle pets. 

Level Requirement

The minimum requirement to rank up the faction reputation is level 50. Once you hit that mark, the faction will prompt the quest line. For each faction, the location of starting the questline is different. Say you are playing as an Alliance; in that case, you will get “The Wolf’s Offensive” quest. The same applies to Horde alliance players; they get “The Warchief’s Order” quest.

Questline Location

Let us assume you ranked your faction reputation to level 50. Now, you need to reach a particular location to start a questline that will inevitably take you to the said area in World of Warcraft and solve the mystery of how to get to Nazjatar. So, it matters not if you are playing as an Alliance or Horde faction, all you need to do is reach faction-specific locations for the questline to trigger. Once you do that, the game will itself take you to visit Nazjatar for the first time.

Alliance Players Quest Location

As mentioned earlier, Alliance players will receive “The Wolf’s Offensive.” The mission will prompt you to visit Boralus and meet Genn Greymane. Here is an image for your reference – the key location for the questline to appear.

How to Get to Nazjatar
Boralus Questline Location

The entire questline happens inside Boralus, and after completing series of missions, a portal appears between Mezzamere and Boralus. So, use the portal whenever you want to visit Nazjatar from that point on forward.

Horde Players Quest Locations

Players belonging to the Horde faction will receive “The Warchief’s Order,” located at the Banshee’s Wail. The mission will ask you to meet Nathanos Blightcaller, who will trigger the quest and will give you a series of events to complete. Here is an image where the questline appears for the Horde faction players.

How to Get to Nazjatar
Banshees Wail Questline Location

Just like a portal appears for the Alliance faction players, the same applies to the Horde ones. However, in the latter’s case, the portal spawns between Newhome and Zuldazar, allowing you access to Nazjatar.

Nazjatar Summary

For the sake of oversimplification, here is a summary of how to get to Nazjatar.

  • Rank up your faction reputation to Level 50
  • The questline only triggers if you reach level 50. Otherwise, there is no alternative for Nazjatar’s quest to appear.
  • Both factions get unique quest locations to begin a series of missions leading to the spawning of the portal that becomes the doorway to and from Nazjatar.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to get to Nazjatar in the World of Warcraft. Was this guide helpful? Did you reach Nazjatar after reading our guide? Let us know more about it in the comment section below.

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