How to Slide In Madden 21 Using PS4 And Xbox Controller

Since Madden 21 was released, the change of sliding mechanism created confusion and our guide entails how to QB slide in Madden 21 properly.

Ever since its release in August 2020, Madden 21 has created some confusion amongst players regarding the slide mechanism. This year EA decided to change the button scheme, and thus it caused a lot of confusion while triggering the slide mechanism in Madden 21, meaning many players are still unaware of how to slide in Madden 21.

Madden 21 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Series S, and PlayStation 5. It is also available on Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Google Stadia. For the sake of this guide, we will focus on the console version of the game only.

Key Takeaways
  • To slide in Madden 21, you need to press the square button twice in quick succession on PlayStation 4, or the X button twice in quick succession on Xbox One.
  • You can also slide by holding down the dive button (square or X) and then pressing the sprint button (R2 or RT).
  • Sliding is a good way to avoid getting tackled and injured. It is especially useful for quarterbacks, who are more vulnerable to injury.
  • Make sure you slide before you reach the end of the line of scrimmage, or you will be penalized for a fumble.
  • You can also use the slide to protect the ball from being fumbled. If you are about to be tackled, you can slide to prevent the ball from being knocked loose.

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Sliding In Madden 21

Sliding is a great move that you can do to safeguard the ball and prevent any chance of fumbling. Some Madden players argue that sliding is a time-wasting move. They say sliding is something that should not be used frequently and must be minimized while playing Madden 21. However, since sliding is the safest option to guard the ball and sometimes can turn the tables of a losing match, most players use it frequently.

Most of the time Quarter-backs are needed to slide as they are more likely to fumble the ball. People may not like it but this is just how it is. QBs (in the majority of situations) fumble the ball while diving as they head straight into a wall of defenders.

This is exactly why sliding is so important and exactly why it caused so much tension in players. People started to worry whether EA messed up or maybe it’s their own fault. The reason was just a slight button change.

In the previous Madden games, the buttons used to be L2, R2, and Square buttons for PlayStation consoles. For Xbox consoles, it was LT, RT, and X buttons. However, the button schemes have now changed. Many players have tried to use the same buttons for the slide and failed. Well, get used to it now because you have to use it every year, and failing to do so is going to cause so much more trouble.

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How To QB Slide

Quarterback is the safest bet to execute the sliding as this player position has the best skills in the field. One thing that you must see before sliding is to check whether you’ve gone past the scrimmage line or not. If you haven’t crossed it, then you can not slide. Since the game is available on PS4 and Xbox one, we will tell you how to slide on both consoles.

PS4 and Xbox controllers Sliding in Madden 21
Sliding in Madden 21

How To Slide In Madden 21 PS4 And Xbox

For PlayStation 4, you have to press the square button twice in quick succession. Failing to do so may result in the diving animation taking place. So make sure you press them two times and see your player slide gloriously. 

For Xbox consoles, you need to press the X button twice in quick succession and make sure you do it quickly so you don’t get caught up with the diving animation.

Pro-Tip To Perfect Your Slide

Start using practice mode more often. The game has made some updates and you need to get better at it very quickly. It will be better to make mistakes and learn from them in practice rather than making the same mistakes in actual important games. Be wary of perfecting the slide every time without getting caught up in the sliding animation.

The buttons to slide are the same for all positions so don’t worry about that, but always try to get your QB in the best position.

This is all you need to know about how to slide in Madden 21. If you want to know more about the game, let us know. If we have missed anything, reach out to us in the comments below.

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