How To Get Ice Stone In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet?

Read our definitive guide about the location and uses of the Ice Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Evolution Stones are highly useful in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, especially if you’re aiming to complete your Pokedex. Amongst these stones, the Ice Stone is capable of evolving some of the best Pokemon in the Paldea Region. Fortunately, players can easily learn How to find Ice Stones in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet by going through some basic methods.

Pokemon like the Crabominable (Fight/Ice-type) can add a lot to your team. This is why getting the Ice Stone in Paldea becomes important for every trainer. Not only that, if you’re trying to complete entries in your Pokedex then having these Ice stone-powered evolutions becomes even more significant.

Luckily, you can find these Ice Stones quite easily in the open world of Paldea. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Ice Stone is an evolution stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
  • It’s used to evolve Eevee, Cetoddle, and Crabrawler.
  • Found on Glaseado Mountain and in West Province (Area Three).
  • Also available as a prize in Porto Marinada’s auction.
  • Ice-type Pokemon are crucial for strong moves against Dragon-types.
  • Only Eevee, Cetoddle, and Crabrawler can evolve with Ice Stone: Glaceon, Cetitan, and Crabominable, respectively.

Dropped Item Location

pokemon scarlet violet ice stone location
Ice Stone in Delizapa Passage [Screengrab by eXputer]
Unfortunately, you can’t buy the Ice Stones from the Delibird Presents Shop. However, they can be found at multiple locations across the snowy lands of Paldea.

Here are some locations where you can find Ice Stones free of cost, though you may need certain traversal abilities for your Miraidon or Koraidon to access some of these places:

  1. Glaseado Mountain – Dalizapa Passage (Area Three): Head to the south side of Glaseado Mountain, specifically in the Dalizapa Passage. Navigate toward the Poke Center in the area and proceed north using your minimap compass. You’ll come across a Pokeball; grab it to receive a free Ice Stone. Ensure your mount can climb walls to reach this spot.
    Ice stone location in paldea
    Ice Stone near Casseroya Lake [Image Credit: eXputer]
  2. Montenevera Town (Glaseado Mountain – West Side): In Montenevera town on the west side of Glaseado Mountain, head to the cliff edge overlooking Casseroya Lake. Here, you’ll find another Ice Stone as a dropped item.
  3. Glaseado Mountain (Various Locations): While exploring Glaseado Mountain and its surroundings, you may come across Ice Stones as dropped items. These are not in fixed locations, so be sure to explore the area and pick up anything that sparkles on the ground.

Keep in mind that unlocking traversal abilities for your mount, either Miraidon or Koraidon, can help you access some of these locations.

Auction At Porto Marinada

Ice stone from porto marinada
Auction Houses at Porto Marinada [Screenshot by eXputer]
The second method to get the Ice Stone for your Pokemon is by winning it at the Auction Houses.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Locate Porto Marinada town, which can be found at the western edge of the map in the West Province (Area Two). The Auction Houses are easily recognizable as the central point of the town.
  2. Interact with the auctioneers to inquire about the items they have up for auction on a given day. Keep in mind that the items available change daily, so you may need to visit multiple times until you see the Ice Stone being auctioned.
  3. Once you notice the Ice Stone is up for auction, sign up for the bidding session.
  4. During the auction, you will compete against two other NPCs who will continuously bid against you. Be prepared with a sufficient amount of Money to secure the Ice Stone.
  5. The auction may last for several rounds, with the NPCs vying for the Ice Stone. Stay persistent and outbid them until they eventually give up, allowing you to claim the Ice Stone for yourself.

Which Pokemon Can The Ice Stone Evolve?

So, what use do a couple of Ice Stones have once you have them in your possession? As we’ve already mentioned, you can evolve a few Ice-type Pokemon with the Ice Stone. Eevee to Glaceon is undoubtedly one of the most well-known Pokemon evolutions with the Ice Stone.

Ice Stone can not be used on all types of Ice Pokemon. There are only 3 Pokemon that can use the Ice Stone to evolve themselves. So, in theory, you will only need 3 Ice Stones to complete your Pokedex in Scarlet and Violet.

So to make things easier for you, here are all the Pokemon that can be evolved with the Ice Stone.

  • Eevee evolves into Glaceon.
  • Cetoddle evolves into Cetitan.
  • Crabrawler evolves into Crabominable.


So that’s all you need to know regarding the Ice Stone in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. We have mentioned all the relevant information for you, which contains all the locations of Ice Stones in the Paldea region. Other than that, you now also know all the Pokemon that you can evolve using the Ice Stone.

Ice-type Pokemon can be a crucial part of your team since they are one of the two weaknesses Dragon-type Pokemon have. Ice-type Pokemon give plenty of flexibility in the battle because their moves are super effective against Dragon, Flying, Grass, and Ground-type Pokemon. By using the Ice Stone in the game, you can get your hands on pokemon like Glaceon, Cetitan, and Crabominable.

Even though Delibird Presents Shops do not sell the Ice Stone in the game, they can still be found rather easily as Dropped items in the vast lands of Paldea.

Thank you for reading through our informative guide. For more valuable takes on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet stick around at eXputer!

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