Diablo Immortal: How To Join Dark Clan

In our Diablo Immortal Dark Clan guide, we have discussed how to join the Dark Clan and the working of the Shadow faction.

Clans in Diablo Immortal can be created by any player but by paying a certain clan fee. Every clan in Diablo Immortal has its interface and chat system; you can chat with fellow group members. Also, every clan has its perks and another special system. Clans are always associated with the Diablo Immortal factions. Moreover, the Diablo Immortal Dark Clan is associated with the Shadow faction. Also, remember that to become part of Diablo Immortal Dark Clan, you must join the Shadow faction. 

Key Highlights
  • Diablo Immortal also comes with a system of clans where people can be in a single group and also chat with each other.
  • To join or make clans in Diablo Immortal, first, you have to be in factions, if you want to join Dark clans, it has certain requirements.
  • If you want to join a Dark clan in Diablo Immortal, you need to meet these requirements:
    • You must be at least level 43 and be in Shadow Faction.
    • You have to finish the quest “Shadow Metal” first
    • You also need to be sure of having 3000 Platinum to join Dark Clan.
  • The main purpose of joining a Dark clan is to have the “Cycle Of Strife” title that will be shown to others in a PvP lobby.
  • Moreover, if you want other players to interact with and have teammates to play with for doing other activities in the game, joining clans is very beneficial.

Requirements For Joining A Dark Clan 

Players can only join a dark clan if they are in Shadows Faction. Following are the requirements to join a dark clan. 

  •  Reach Level 43 in Diablo immortal. 
  •  Play Shadow Lottery and then as many Akeba’s signets as you can. 
  •  Finish the Shadow Metal Quest in the game. 
  •  level up your character to the Apprentice rank and beat Akeba’s challenge in Diablo Immortal. 
  •  Lastly pay 3000 Platinum in order to join the dark clan. 

Diablo Immortal Dark Clan

Only by joining a Diablo Immortal Dark Clan, you will have access to Cycle of Strife. The cycle of Strife is just a name given to the PvP war. Through Dark Clan, you have a chance to become an Immortal. Also, you can challenge the Immortals for a fight, but make sure your fellow clan mates support you in this matter.

Dark Clan in Diablo Immortal
Visual of Immortal Diablo Dark Clan

How to Join Dark Clan

To join Diablo Immortal Dark Clan, you must have level 43. If you have level 43, you can then join the Shadow factions which are associated with Dark Clan. When you become a part of the Dark Clan, you will be able to see Clan’s UI now. And you will have access to information related to Diablo Immortal Dark Clan.

Benefits of Joining Dark Clan

There are tons of advantages of being an Immortal Diablo Dark Clan member, you can do the daily quests. By doing daily quests you will receive rewards, which will help you to progress significantly.

You can chat with your fellow teammates and have more social interaction. You can plan raids together, and challenge your opponents.  

Shadow Faction

As said above, to become part of a Dark Clan, you must join the Shadow faction. So, below we have briefly explained the process of joining Dark Clan.

There are several ways for players to do social interaction,  one of these ways is to join a faction. By joining a faction you do parties with your teammates or you embark on a journey to conquer your enemies. 

There are three factions in Diablo Immortal, these are Shadows, Adventurers, and Immortal. Each of these clans has its reward system, group channel, and different recruitment requirements. However, some of them are pretty easy to join than others.

  In this guide, you will specifically know about how to join Shadows, which is also known as the Dark clan.  Remember the only way to join the Dark Clan is by becoming a member of the Shadows faction.

Shadow Lottery

To join the Shadows faction, you must have to take part in the Shadow lottery. It is an event that happens every day at 12 pm and 6 pm server, and its duration is around 1 hour. At the Tavern near Westmarch, there will be a Mysterious Patron that you should meet, to enter the Shadow lottery. Furthermore, you have to wait around 60 minutes to see If you get chosen for the invitation.

Shadow Lottery in Diablo Immortal
Shadow lottery system in Diablo Immortal

If you are lucky enough, you will get an invite. Therefore, Mysterious Patron will now guide you to the room, where you have to confront the three guardians. Only after confronting these guardians, you will be admitted to the Shadow faction. You have become a Shadow member now, and now you possessed the ability to form your Dark clan after getting approved.

As a member of Shadows now, you have the responsibility of inviting other players to join the Shadows too. The process is simple now, you can welcome them without needing them to wait. However, to acquire that you must have Akebia’s Signet.

How to Achieve Akebia’s Signet

Akiba’s Signet is a very precious item, that you can achieve with some luck. Also, remember sometimes players confuse it with Akeeba Signet too, so don’t get confused. When you check this item in the inventory, it doesn’t provide any button to use the item. Which also makes players ambiguous on how to get, but don’t worry, we will teach you here.

To attain the Akeba’s Signet, you must have to win Shadow Lottery. However, to join the Shadow lottery, you should have at least level 43. If you have level 43 in Diablo Immortal, then take part in the Shadow lottery three times a day. Moreover, you will receive a notification, when the Shadow Lottery is open.

Only a limited number of people can take part in Shadow Lottery at once. So, if you receive the notification, make sure to meet Mysterious Patron at Wolf City Tavern, near Westmarch.

If you are lucky enough to win Shadow Lottery, you will therefore receive a notification saying that you have won the lottery.  Furthermore, now you have to meet the Mysterious Patron again. He will assign you the simple task of beating 3 ancient champions. Now, after you beat those 3 ancient champions, you will acquire your beloved Akeba’s Signet from a chest.

Diablo Immortal offers you a lot of ways to socially interact with the players. One of these ways is by joining the Diablo Immortal Dark Clan. Moreover, every Diablo Immortal Dark Clan has its interface, chat system, and group members.

However, to join Diablo Immortal Dark Clan, you have to join the Shadows faction first. Joining Shadows task is not an easy task, you need to have at least level 43 for that. Afterward, you need Akeba’s Signet to invite more people to your faction. In this guide, we have thoroughly explained how to join the Dark Clan and are benefits of joining it.


Diablo Immortal game is developed by Blizzard and Netease, and released in 2022. Diablo Immortal has massive popularity among gamers who like online action-playing games. Since it is an online game you have Diablo Immortal servers to join. The game’s destructible environment is quite similar to Diablo 2 and Diablo 3. Read our guide about Diablo Immortal Tips and tricks to have ultimate fun.

Diablo Immortal has the best 6 Classes these are: Such as Necromancer Build, Barbarian build, Demon Hunter Build, The Barbarian Build, The Crusader Build, The Wizard build and the Monk build. If you want to play alone then the game has Diablo Immortal best solo classes.  In this guide, you will further know about the Clan system and especially about Immortal Diablo Dark Clan. 

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