Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum [9 Vessels of Horadrim]

Looking for an in-depth guide on the Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum? Look no further than the contents of this tutorial.

What is the Iben Fahd Sanctum? 

While the Iben Fahd Sanctum isn’t categorically part of Diablo Immortal secrets, it is still a fairly concealed area that players may not get to approach at the very start. In essence, the Iben Fahd Sanctum is a distinct area—or a zone as the game likes to coin it—within the game world of the action RPG. It has its own lore and has been developed from the ground up due to a specific reason.

Key Highlights
  • Iben Fahd Sanctum is a concealed area within the game world of Diablo Immortal.
  • The Sanctum has a range of NPCs and two different enemies outside it.
  • The quest to reveal the Iben Fahd Sanctum is called Legacy of the Horadrim and requires players to reach level 49 or more to be triggered.
  • Players must complete a Level 10 Challenge Rift in Diablo Immortal to unlock the main mission.
  • The Caldessan’s Compassion vessel enhances Armor Penetration. It increases your Base Armor Level, and you can obtain it by completing a Level 10 Rift.
  • Tal Rasha’s Authority vessel increases damage. You get it by killing Lassal the Flame Spun in the Lassal Raid.
  • Jered Cain’s Vision, acquired by defeating Skarn, is a vessel that offers players to level up their Potency and Resistance stats considerably.
  • Nilfur’s Precision vessel enhances Armor Penetration and is obtained by defeating the Blood Rose boss.
  • Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge vessel increases Life. You obtain it by defeating the Ancient Nightmare boss in Mount Zavain.
  • Cathan’s Piety vessel enhances Armor, Damage, Life, Armor Penetration, and Resistance. It is obtained by defeating the Legendary Warrior Cathan.
  • The Guilt of the Nameless vessel enhances Resistance and is obtained by defeating the Sandstone Golem.
  • Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity vessel enhances Potency, Damage, Life, Armor, Armor Penetration, and Resistance and is obtained by defeating the Fleshcraft Hydra in the Library of Zoltun Kulle.
  • Iben Fahd’s Tenacity vessel enhances Damage and Life. You get it randomly by opening Iben Fahd chests in the main Sanctum area with Aspirant Keys,
  • You get Aspirant Keys through trading, participating in Battlegrounds, or exploring the Iben Fahd Sanctum.

It turns out that the Iben Fahd Sanctum served as a ritual place for the heads of the Horadrim brotherhood, unlike the Dark Clan. Vessels were created in the zone that managed to house the essence of these leaders. This was all because of how thoughtful these individuals were for the sake of Horadrim’s future.

They preserved their strength, potency, and skill for the times to come for the Horadrim brotherhood, thereby serving as “living memories.” The in-game lore tells us that sometime during the year 1270, the Memory of Iben Fahd, which is simply Iben Fahd stored inside a vessel, allures the protagonist to the Sanctum and thereby encourages them to embark on the Legacy of the Horadrim quest.

The latter is a collection of trials that we’ll be getting to later on in the article. Iben Fahd’s opening dialogue reads, 

You have performed well to carry our legacy this far. Do not be alarmed. Only you can hear my voice. Follow its sound. I was called Iben Fahd. I give you a gift that will advantage you in your war with the fiends.”

The Iben Fahd Sanctum in Diablo Immortal is a typical game zone with a unique feature – the “Legacy of the Horadrim” buff system. This exclusive aspect sets it apart from other areas in the game. Read on to discover the benefits of this system.

To prepare for the Sandstone Golem boss near Iben Fahd Sanctum, make sure you acquire the necessary skill stone and set items.

Iben Fahd’s Sanctum features NPCs like Cathan, Jered Cain, Nilfur, Nor Tiraj, Zolton Kulle, the Nameless, and Iben Fahd. You’ll also encounter two enemies outside the Sanctum, the Nephalem Warrior and Enraged Phantom. To conquer all the world bosses in Diablo Immortal, mastering the Legacy of the Horadrim game mechanic is essential.

How to Unlock the Iben Fahd Sanctum?

The Iben Fahd Sanctum isn’t available right at the beginning of the game. You must reach a Level 49 or higher to unlock the Legacy of the Horadrim quest. Once completed, the Sanctum becomes accessible without any glitches. Additionally, you may need to complete a Level 10 Challenge Rift to unlock this mission. If you need help with leveling up, consult our Max Level guide.

Legacy of the Horadrim Questline Walkthrough

The Legacy of the Horadrim questline and Diablo Immortal’s Iben Fahd Sanctum are closely linked. To delve into the story, start the Legacy of the Horadrim quest at Level 49. After a mysterious voice prompts you, you’ll meet Fellig in Westmarch. He guides you to a unique, radiant fountain, which leads to the Memory of Iben Fahd and the Sanctum’s depths.

Iben Fahd explains the Horadrim’s sacrifice and their vision. They foresaw a worthy hero arriving, clearing trials, and gaining divine skills. You’ll step through a portal into the Iben Fahd Sanctum for exploration.

At the Legacy Shrine, Iben Fahd reveals the divided powers of the Horadrim legends. Retrieve fragments, gain powers gradually, and place vessels in the shrine, starting with Caldessan’s Compassion, which offers bonuses.

All 9 Vessels of the Horadrim and How to Obtain Them

The vessels of the Horadrim are a robust constituent of Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum. Without these, there is no purpose for the Legacy of the Horadrim to come into effect. Follow along with the entries outlined ahead to know what these vessels actually are, what benefits they pose for the player, and how you can obtain them on the go. Let’s dive right in. 

Caldessan’s Compassion

Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum
Caldessan’s Compassion

The Caldessan’s Compassion vessel is focused on the Armor Penetration stat. It not only enhances the latter but increases your base Armor level as well. Other bonuses relate to DamageResistancePotency, and Life. You get this vessel by completing a Level 10 Rift. Pretty straightforward so far, don’t you agree? 

Tal Rasha’s Authority

Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum
Tal Rasha’s Authority

Tal Rasha’s Authority is all about damage, so people who are striving toward building the best Barbarian Build can go forth with it without breaking a sweat. The vessel in question is packing one powerhouse of a buff for the crucial stat. If you’re after making your character one tough stud, this is something that you’ll have to obtain as part of the Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum

You will need to kill off Lassal the Flame Spun in order to obtain this vessel. The latter is a constituent of the Lassal Raid in the game, so do seek that out to probe the subject more. Don’t worry, though. Lassal is nowhere near the power of Tax Collector, considering that you’ll be accompanied by fellow players as well. The Demon Hunter, for one, is very much capable against bosses like Lassal the Flame Spun.  

Jered Cain’s Vision

Jered Cain's Vision
Jered Cain’s Vision

Next up, we have Jered Cain’s Vision, offering players to level up their Potency and Resistance statistics considerably. The same base bonuses will apply as the previous vessel, but to obtain Jered Cain’s Vision, you have to embark on a completely different route. It turns out that the vicious Skarn Helliquary needs to be slain in order to retrieve this high-class vessel. 

Not only will you observe a huge bump in your Combat Rating by defeating Skarn, but fighting and killing off Skarn is going to bring forth one of the most powerful Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum vessels right at your feet. Easier said than done, though; Skarn Helliquary is one of the most vicious endgame bosses in the whole title, putting up one demon of a fight (no pun intended) and wiping out inattentive players recklessly. 

It is why we highly encourage having one of the best solo classes in the game at your disposal. Skarn isn’t going down that easily. Being one of the lieutenants of Diablo himself, the king of the Realm of Damnation is adept at making short work of newbies and beginners, so consider checking out your crossplay options before going toe-to-toe with Skarn. 

Nilfur’s Precision

Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum
Nilfur’s Precision

Nilfur’s Precision is centered on Armor Penetration. It boosts your ability to damage your enemies profoundly regardless of the type of armor they have put on. It’s a pretty capable skill, considering that most of your encounters after the initial stages of the game will be with commendable enemies who’ll have a solid defense. As for obtaining this tip-top vessel, you’ll need to be facing yet another dangerous boss called Blood Rose in Diablo Immortal.

The entity is as menacing as its name depicts it to be, so make sure you’re not oblivious of the best Necromancer build around if you’re using that specific character. As for Blood Rose, it is certainly an unforgiving terror that doesn’t know when to stop. An unflinching level of moves, a robust arsenal of weapons, and AoE projectiles make this ordeal quite challenging. 

Nevertheless, be thankful that you don’t have to go up against the Vitaath to obtain the Nilfur’s Precision vessel. Otherwise, you would’ve had to grind for a fairly long time. 

Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge

Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum
Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge

What brings us to the next vessel is Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge, and this component is all about Life. A hefty boost of Life attribute is added to the player’s relevant statistics so that you won’t be going down anytime soon. Combine it with some of the best Diablo Immortal tips and tricks, and you’ve got yourself a solid package. As for obtaining the utilitarian vessel, you’ll need to dispatch Ancient Nightmare.

This hefty boss isn’t ubiquitously prevalent. You just need to be at the right time at the right place. Ancient Nightmare is fought in a dedicated zone event, particularly inside Mount Zavain. The event kicks into activation after every 2 hours and lasts for a limited time. If you don’t get the boss on your first go, you can always wait and have your shot again. 

Cathan’s Piety

Cathan's Piety
Cathan’s Piety

Cathan’s Piety boosts Armor like Caldessan’s Compassion. It also enhances Damage, Life, Armor Penetration, and Resistance. It’s connected to Nor Tiraj’s Knowledge, sharing interconnected bosses. Defeat Lord Martanos before facing the Ancient Nightmare, a formidable opponent with swift AoE attacks. Higher difficulty levels yield better rewards. Collect top-quality gems for an advantage in battle, especially when building the ultimate Wizard setup.

Guilt of the Nameless

Guilt of the Nameless
Guilt of the Nameless

Guilt of the Nameless is a vessel that boosts the Resistance attribute of your character class in Diablo Immortal. The rest of the benefits come right along with this permanent add-on, and you already know which ones are those. To obtain the Guilt of the Nameless, you need to get yourself up against the Sandstone Golem. Upon defeating him, you’ll receive the vessel at hand painlessly so you can take it back to the Legacy Shrine.  

Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity

Zoltun Kulle's Ingenuity
Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity

The penultimate vessel in the Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum is Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity. It prioritizes Potency and boosts Damage, Life, Armor, Armor Penetration, and Resistance. While not as decked-out as some counterparts, it’s still valuable for its incremental boosts.

To obtain Zoltun Kulle’s Ingenuity, defeat the formidable Fleshcraft Hydra. While a tough boss, assembling an elite squad or teaming up with friends can make it a relatively painless encounter.

Find the Fleshcraft Hydra in the Library of Zoltun Kulle, which is easy to locate. However, the subsequent process may seem daunting. You must gather the 5 Lost Tomes pages from the Hydra’s spawns and defeat the boss. This location is one of the hidden lairs in the game.

Iben Fahd’s Tenacity

Iben Fahd's Tenacity
Iben Fahd’s Tenacity

The last vessel to arrive in the spotlight is Iben Fahd’s Tenacity. This one does a great job at affecting two distinct attributes at once—Damage and Life. Apart from that, it is the most potent vessel that you’ll ever find as part of Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum, so the effort is definitely worth striving for. However, the difficult part is the randomness that’s associated with Iben Fahd’s Tenacity. 

You won’t receive the item by defeating a big, bad boss like Officer Hagan. Instead, the retrieval of the vessel in question is totally luck-based, and you will have to rely on your fortune to unearth the component. Iben Fahd Tenacity is randomly acquired when you open Iben Fahd chests in the main Sanctum area. For this purpose, you will need to get Aspirant Keys

Do remember that each time you open a chest in the Iben Fahd Sanctum section, you raise the limit for the number of Aspirant Keys required to pop open the next chest. There are about three different ways you can farm Aspirant Keys in Diablo Immortal. Some will find these by trading with the Hilts Trader, while others will luck out by participating in the Battlegrounds. Another option is to explore the Iben Fahd Sanctum and look for the keys.


Diablo Immortal is a hot topic these days, being the latest iteration in the Diablo franchise. The game has come out with a mobile and PC version both, making it certain that the developers have chosen an exceptionally different route with their latest IP in the series. Immortal packs all the bells and whistles that action RPG fans keep a look out for, and so far, the game has managed to hold up well on its own. 

There is an abundance of different zones in the Sanctuary that you can explore and uncover in full, but if there’s one that introduces us to an important game mechanic, it’s definitely Diablo Immortal Iben Fahd Sanctum. The guide has all the necessary information you need to know to get started with the unique region on the go. Do let us know in the comments section down below if this tutorial helped you out. 

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