Monster Hunter Rise Inferno Sac: How To Get & Use

This guide covers how you can get Inferno Sac MHR and farm it, as you will need it to craft specific gear in the game.

Monster Hunter Rise gives players a chance to fight enemies using maps and to play as a hunter. The game offers a variety of weapons, gear, and characters to choose from. Inferno Sac MHR is a material that is used to craft specific gear in the game. Players can acquire Inferno Sac by farming several fire-spewing monsters.

We have covered farming Inferno Sac MHR in our guide. If you want to know about the location of Inferno Sac and how to get it, this guide will be helpful for you. 

Key Highlights
  • Inferno Sac is a material in Monster Hunter Rise used to upgrade weapons and forge armor pieces and decorations.
  • The quest “Dancing Parasol, Snowy Breeze” rewards Inferno Sac. This quest requires players to hunt Aknosom in Frost Islands.
  • The monster Aknosom has the highest chance of dropping Inferno Sac.
  • To increase chances of getting Inferno Sac, players should carve the beast instead of capturing it.
  • To defeat Aknosom, players should focus on its weak points (blast and water) and protect themselves from its venom.
  • Other monsters that drop Inferno Sac include Basarios, Rathian, Rathalos, Anjanath, and Apex Rathian.
  • Players can increase their chances of getting Inferno Sac by targeting or capturing specific parts of the monster such as the head.
  • Inferno Sac can be used for Striker’s Bowgun I, Red Bludgeon I, Rielle Nulo, and many more weapons.
  • Some of the armors that use Inferno Sac include Aknosom Greaves S, Braces S, and Rathalos Braces S.

What is Inferno Sac MHR?

Inferno Sac is material in Monster Hunter Rise that you can use to upgrade a variety of weaponry and forge armor pieces. Moreover, if you want to craft Decorations in Monster Hunter Rise, you must have Inferno Sac.

You can update weaponry like Red Bludgeon I Hammer and Felyne Bowgun I. Moreover, armor pieces from Rathian S Sey and three others can be forged by it. You can easily craft decorations like Blaze Jewel I and Antiblast Jewel I using Inferno Sac.

Quests that Reward Inferno Sac MHR

The quest that rewards Inferno Sac is Dancing Parasol, Snowy Breeze. The Quest is unlocked in version 3.0 of Monster Hunter Rise. The quest will require you to hunt an Aknosom in Frost Islands. We have discussed the hunt of Aknosom in detail in the guide below, so you can use those steps to take down Aknosom and earn Inferno Sac. A few other quests are given below.

  • Study the Sword and Shield
  • Dancing A-purr-ition
  • Dastardly Vile Aknosom Trio
  • Invoke the Insect Glaive 

Defeat Aknosom & Get Inferno Sac

Aknosom Monster
Aknosom- A Higher Chance to Get Inferno Sac

The names of armors mentioned above clearly show that Inferno Sac can be acquired from several monsters. There is no guarantee that the reward from such monsters is a dropped Sac. The chances vary, and you have a higher chance of getting the Inferno Sac from one monster than another.

The monster with the highest chance to grant you Inferno Sac is Aknosom. The target reward for it is 24%. This shows that players will have a 24% of receiving Inferno Sac while hunting Aknosom.

You can easily increase your chances of getting Inferno Sac by carving the beast instead of capturing it. Consider reading Monster Hunter Rise Latent Power Guide to know about this power and builds where you can use it.

How To Take Down Aknosom

The main goal is to take down Aknosom as soon as possible, so we have mentioned an optimal way of defeating Aknosom.

Focus on Weaknesses

You need to notice the weak points of the monster. Aknosom is a Bird Wyvern, so it is highly susceptible to Blast and Water. It can take more damage from thunder attacks. You can lure Aknosom into a lake to make the battle turn in your favor. 

Protect Yourself from Bird’s Venom

Aknosom has an organ from where it spews flammable venom at its target. Suppose you get inflicted by bird’s venom; you can either eat a Nulberry or roll on the ground. 

Receive Inferno Sac

Players will have a chance of winning one or more Inferno Sacs after the fight. You can consider capturing Rathians, as it will grant a 20% chance of receiving Inferno Sac. 

Other Monsters That Drop Inferno Sac in MHR Sunbreak

Aknosom is an important monster if you want to get Inferno Sac. However, there are various other Monsters that drop Inferno Sacs. We have listed all these Monsters for you to increase the chance of getting Inferno Sac in MHR. 

Other Monsters to get Inferno Sac MHR
Other Monsters to Get Inferno Sac MHR From


You can find Basarios roaming in Sandy Plains and Lava Caverns. It is also called Rock Wyvern because of its appearance. You can beat Basarios using Dragon Weapons or Water. Basarios is susceptible to sleep, so you can equip according to the need.

There is a 15% chance of getting Inferno Sac MHR if you target or capture Basarios. However, the chance increases to 20% because of breaking parts reward (head). 


Rathian is a large monster in Monster High Rise that you can kill using a Dragon weapon or Thunder. The Head and wing area is the most vulnerable for Rathian. The target reward for it is 18%, and this chance will increase to 20% if you capture it instead of targeting it. 


Rathalos is a large monster, and recommended damage is elemental damage for it. The target rewards for Rathalos are 15% while the carving reward is 12%.


Anjanath is a monster that attacks everything without any hesitation. You can attack this monster near the tail area. It is also known for performing thermoregulation when it breathes fire. Capturing reward for Anjanath is 7%, while the targeting reward is 15%.

Apex Rathian

Apex Rathian becomes the source of various jewels and rewards for players in Monster Hunter Rise, and Inferno Sac is one of them. The target reward is 15%, while the reward can be increased to 17% by carving.

Inferno Sac MHR Usage

Players can use Inferno Sac for various purposes, including crafting weapons, upgrading weapons, crafting armor, and craft jewels. 

Usage of Inferno Sac MHR
Inferno Sac MHR Usage


Weapons Using Inferno Sac are listed below. Read our guide on Monster Hunter Rise Weapons Tier List to know about the MHR weapons.

  • Ore Tree: Striker’s Bowgun I
  • Ore Tree 2: General’s Arbalance I
  • Rathalos Tree: Red Bludgeon I, Red Rook I, Twin Flames I
  • Bnahabra Tree: Rielle Nulo Red I
  • Rakna-Kadaki Tree: Fulgent Shot I
  • Felyne Tree: Felyne Bowgun I
  • Guild Tree: Cornpopper I


Armor using Inferno Sac is listed below.

  • Aknosom S Set: Aknosom Greaves S, Braces S
  • Rathalos S Set: Rathalos Braces S
  • Basarios S Set: Basarios Mail S, Coil S
  • Rathian S Set: Rathian Helm S, Braces S
  • Anja S Set: Anjanath Helm S, Anjanath Vambraces S
  • Brazel Set: Bazelgeuse Coil, Bazelgeuse Braces


Decorations that Use Inferno Sac are listed below.

  • Bomber Jewel 1
  • Antiblast Jewel 1
  • Blaze Jewel 1

Rampage Decorations

The Rampage Decoration that Uses Inferno Sac is FireBlight Jewel 1.

Inferno Sac is a material that players require to craft weapons, armors, and jewels. There are various ways to get Inferno Sac in the game, and we have listed them all.

Moreover, the guide also mentions the uses of Inferno Sac MHR. You can read the guide above to know everything about Inferno Sac.

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