Multiversus Iron Giant: Perks, Moves & Strategies

Through this guide you will get to know Iron Giant's role in MultiVersus along with his moves, abilities, perks, and a lot more.

Iron Giant in MultiVersus

MultiVersus Character: Iron GiantIf you have been following Warner Bros for some time, you will know who Iron Giant is. The character has his movie, ‘The Iron Giant, which was released in 1999. Visually, Iron Giant is the most distinct character of the MultiVersus as he has a hulking iron body, and he is capable of making heavy and powerful attacks.

Key Takeaways
  • Iron Giant is a tank character in Multiversus with high health and damage but lower mobility compared to other characters.
  • Iron Giant can be unlocked in three ways: by spending in-game gold, premium currency, or through a character ticket found in Founder’s Packs.
  • Iron Giant has three skin variants: the default Superman variant, a modernized armor variant, and a beach-themed variant.
  • Iron Giant has ground and air abilities, including a metal-eating attack, car smash combo, caution flying metal scrap attack, hydraulic stomp, and rocket boot barrages.
  • Iron Giant’s rage meter fills up when he takes damage and can be activated to increase his attack power and unlock new abilities temporarily
  • Iron Giant’s perks include increased health, armor, and damage, as well as improved attack speed and fuel efficiency for his rocket boots.
  • Strategies for using Iron Giant in battle include using his tank-like qualities to absorb damage and protect allies, using his rage meter to increase damage output, and utilizing his flying ability to get around the battlefield quickly.


The story of the Iron Giant is that he, as a robot, fell on Earth soon after the launch of Sputnik 1 by The Soviet Union. He then became a friend of Hogarth Hughes, a kid who introduced Superman to him. Later on, he got inspired by Superman and decided to dedicate his life to defending mankind from any evil that prevails.

Players can use him to take a large amount of damage, and they can use him to deal a high amount of damage to enemies. The health and damage make him too powerful; that is why players will have to compromise on his movement. Compared to other characters, his mobility is considerably less.

Here’s everything you need to know about Iron Giant’s build: 

Ground AbilitiesAir AbilitiesSpecial MovesStatisticsOffensive PerksDefensive PerksCombos
Metal Eater
Martian Laser
Caution Flying Metal
Hydraulic Stomp
Booster Barrage
Rocket Kick
Blast Radius
Aerial Laser Blast, Stunnalizer
3000, Systems Are Go, Carry
On, Rocket Boost, Bolt Friends,
Mobility: 2/10
Damage: 9/10
Ranged: 3/10
Support: 4/10
Retaliation Ready
Wildcat Brawler
Aerial Acrobat
Wrong Side Of The Bed
Wildcat Brawler
School Me Once
The Purest of Motivations
Sideways Stunlock Launcher
Enemy Grab Launcher

Ways To Unlock Iron Giant

In MultiVersus, you have three options to unlock Iron Giant. You can do it by spending 3,000 Gold which you can acquire simply by playing games. You can unlock him through 700 Gleamium, the game’s premium currency, which you can get by paying real money. To know more about Gleamium, consider reading the Multiversus; How To Get Gleamium [Explained] guide. Lastly, you can unlock him by one character ticket, which you can find in the Standard, Deluxe, and Premium Founder’s Packs.

Iron Giant’s Skin Variants

Iron Giant Multiversus: Skin Variants
All Three Skin Variants of Iron Giant

There are a total of three skin variants in MultiVersus that are currently available for Iron Giant. The first and default is the Superman one which is based on a movie scene where he picks up metal scrap and shapes it to represent ‘S’ and then sticks it to his suit.

The second variant comes without the ‘S,’ and the armor looks a bit modern and upgraded. The second variant can be unlocked by using 250 Gold. The third variant is rather more expressive. He wears a parasol hat, a rubber ring, sandals, and water wings. The look is completely different from his representation in the novel and movie. It can be unlocked by spending 800 of the game’s premium currency, which is Gelamium.

Iron Giant Attacks

His attacks can be bifurcated into two categories which are ground and air.

Ground Abilities

  1. Metal Eater / 100-Ton Kick: Iron Giant is able to charge a chomp using some metal that can break armor. When rage mode is activated, he charges a forward kick instead. You can use it by pressing neutral J.
  2. Car Lateral Damage / Martian Laser: in it, he gives a combo in which he smashes a car and then quiets its horn by sitting in it. During the rage mode, he can charge multiple shots of a laser projectile. Use the ability by pressing ‘right + J.’
  3. Caution Flying Metal: he hurls up a metal scrap item upward after charging it. When the rage mode is activated, he fires three overhead missile projectiles that shoot downwards. Before the cooldown applies, you can fire the missiles multiple times. Use the ability by pressing ‘Up + J.’
  4. .. Is Art! / Hydraulic Stomp: Iron Giant knocks down nearby enemies downward by planting an artwork item. Moreover, if an ally picks up the artwork, then they get a thorn buff. However, in rage mode, he slams his foot after charging, which creates a shockwave. The more you charge it, and the bigger shockwave will be. Use the ability by pressing ‘down + J.’

Air Abilities

  1. Booster Barrage: Iron Giant will fire his rocket boots after spinning the legs around himself in MultiVersus. It will hit multiple times, but it consumes fuel as well. The more you charge it, the more duration of attack will be. However, it will consume more fuel. Use the ability by pressing ‘J.’
  2. Rocket Kick: He will fire his boots forward after lifting them, which will hit multiple times and burn fuel. You can use the ability by pressing ‘right + J.’
  3. Superman: He will go upwards with his fist above in a heroic manner, just like Superman. He will be flying while attacking the enemies. To use the ability, you have to press ‘up + J.’
  4. Blast Radius: He will create a fire trail projectile that will spread along the ground as he ignites his rocket boots upwards. To increase the duration, you can charge it more; however, it will also consume more fuel. Use ‘down + J’ to use the ability.

Specials Moves Of Iron Giant

Unlike others, Iron Giant does not have a double jump option. However, he has the ability to hover when you press the jump button while he is in the air. Moreover, the more you keep him hovering, the more fuel he will consume, so manage the limited resource well.

The resource fuel will regenerate once the character is either on the ground or wall clinging. However, we recommend you do wall clinging when you are away from your enemies. If you are near them, you will be giving them a chance to run off and get an easy kill by spiking you.

Iron Giant is a useful character when the battle is tough. Whenever he or his ally takes damage, he will gain a rage meter. The rage meter keeps charging, and when it is full, he enters into rage mode. In it, some of his moves alter, he gets a gray health bar, and he becomes immune to knockbacks.

However, Iron Giant will exit the rage mode as soon as his gray health bar depletes or when the limited time passes. Moreover, when he is in rage mode, his allies can press normal neutral input so they can pilot him. The allies can aim his tentacles; with normal inputs, they can fire light laser projectiles, and with special input, they can fire heavy laser projectiles.

There is another Iron Giant buff called the thorn buff, which applies to himself and his allies as long as they receive gray health. Once an enemy damages those having gray health, the enemy themselves will receive the damage as soon as they attack the thorn-buffed character.

Apart from that, the following are Iron Giant moves in MultiVersus:

Bolt Friends

Iron Giant Multiversus: Bolt Friends Ability
Bolt Friends’ Special Ability

The move is for all: neutral, air, and ground purposes. When Iron Giant is fighting, he begins to generate bolts gradually. The bolts are then added to the bolt counter, which can add up to five. Another way is to collect the scrap metal that falls off certain standard attacks and turn it into a bolt.

After activating ‘bolt friends,’ the number of bolts in the bolt counter will start to rotate around Iron Giant, acting as a shield. You can also try activating the move near an enemy as it will deal damage to them. Since the shield duration is quite long, you can use it to get more bolts before the cooldown ends. However, we recommend you use it strategically rather than spam it.


Cannonball Ability
Cannonball Special Ability

The air, down, and the ground move, makes him jump higher in the air. Before he comes back to the ground, he falls like a meteor, as you can see the visuals around him during the fall. As he slams to the ground, any enemy standing in the zone will receive considerable damage.

Although the move is slow to pull off, it is effective, and it can even hit an enemy multiple times. Moreover, you can hold the special button down so that you can move a target on the ground before taking off.

It will decide where Iron Giant will land. If you can predict the enemy’s moves and know where the enemy will be next, then you can hit them once they reach there. You can perform the cannonball in the air; however, you will not be able to aim.

Rocket Boost

Iron Giant Multiversus: Rocket Boost Ability
Rocket Boost Special Ability

The move comes under air and side. Many characters can double jump in MultiVersus, but Iron Giant can run around in the air. Upon using the ‘rocket boost,’ you will see Iron Giant perform a move that looks like a shoulder barge attack. The power coming from his rocket boosters adds an extra blow while impacting the enemy.

To keep him in the air, you will have to hold the special button down. The longer you hold it, the farther he will go. Moreover, you can even aim while he is moving by using the stick. The downside is that the ‘rocket boost’ uses the same fuel gauge as the jump button flying ability. Therefore, the move cannot last long, and you will have to use it economically.

Carry On

Carry On Ability
Carry On Special Ability

The side and ground move makes Iron Giant thrust forward so he can attempt grabbing the opponent. If he grabs the opponent properly, then the enemy will get stunned. Iron Giant will be able to move around while carrying the enemy easily.

You can also perform attacks and throw them in any direction you want. However, there is a short duration to keep an enemy in his grip. So, manage your time accordingly; otherwise, the enemy will drop, and your hard work will go to waste.

Systems Are Go

Iron Giant MultiVersus: Systems are Go
Systems Are Go Special Ability

The air, up, and the ground move makes Iron Giant take out an old-looking car. The car then spins at high speed around him, having two objectives. The first objective is to damage any enemy that comes in its way. The second objective is to act as a shield by blocking any projectile it hits.

The downside of the ‘systems are go’ move is that most enemies will not get any damage as long as you are in a standing position. It is because of his tall height that in order to hit them, you will need to make a run towards them as it will lean Iron Giant towards them, making the move become effective. Moreover, you can hit the enemies who are in the air, but it will require technique and accuracy.

Stunnalizer 3000

Stunnalizer 3000 Ability
Stunnalizer 3000 Special Ability

The side and rage mode happens when Iron Giant’s rage meter loads up fully and gets activated, and his moves change. The side special in which he could grab his enemy and move him around turns into a giant green projectile.

The projectile’s speed is relatively slow, but it stuns the opponents and makes them vulnerable to attacks. Due to its cooldown, you can only perform the ‘stunnalizer 3000’ once in each rage mode.

Aerial Laser Blast

Iron Giant MultiVersus: Aerial Laser Blast
Aerial Laser Blast Special Ability

In the down and rage mode move, Iron Giant will be able to fire a laser blast down towards the ground. It is similar to cannonball in way that if there is an enemy standing in the laser blast’s way, they will take damage. Moreover, you can choose the angle at which you would want to fire the laser. However, the direction does not depend on the stick; rather, it depends on how long you are holding the special button.

Best Offensive Perks For Iron Giant 

Iron Giant has the ability to do powerful attacks and deal high damage. The perks will focus on improving these abilities to make him even stronger and make the battles easier. Moreover, one issue that he faces is movement due to his gigantic size; perks that focus on his movement will be quintessential for offensive gameplay.

Signature Perk: Wrong Side Of The Bed

If you are focusing on either speed running the battle or playing as aggressively as possible. Then the ‘Wrong Side of The Bed’ signature perk will help you a lot. It will allow Iron Giant to spawn with a part of his rage meter already filled. However, to unlock it, you need to reach level 12 of the mastery level with Iron Giant.

Perk Slot 1: Aerial Acrobat

The ‘Aerial Acrobat’ is a utility perk that will increase the air acceleration of you and your team by 10%. It will allow you to focus more on aerial attacks and come down using the ‘rocket boost’ ability as a combo with it. If there is another character with the same perk, you will get 20% increased air acceleration.

Perk Slot 2: Wildcat Brawler

The offensive perk will increase the damage dealt with melee attacks while your team is on the ground. Since the movement of the Iron Giant is slow, it is better to use a melee perk which will boost the damage he deals.

The damage increase will be 5% if only Iron Giant uses it. However, if there is another character on the team with the same perk, the damage boost will increase by 10%. You will need to reach the mastery level of 13 in order to unlock this perk for Iron Giant.

Perk Slot 3: Retaliation Ready

The ‘retaliation ready’ perk was originally named ‘Projectile Gray Health’ and came under the utility perk category. It grants you and your allies three gray health for three seconds when someone knocks an enemy with a projectile.

The perk was too overpowered, and so MultiVersus nerfed it in the Open Beta V0. Moreover, if another ally has equipped the retaliation perk as well, then it will grant your team eight gray health for four seconds once someone knocks an enemy with a projectile. To unlock the perk, you will need to reach mastery level 11 with Iron Giant in MultiVersus.

Best Defensive Perks For Iron Giant

If your team already has high damage-dealing character. Then we prefer you keep the perks on the defensive side so the team can balance out overall.

Signature Perk: Afterburners

The signature perk you should keep is Afterburner. It will boost Iron Giant’s down attacks power which uses his rocket boots. As soon as the boots ignite the ground, additional firewalls will be left behind, which will set your enemies up to be launched and catch them off guard. You also have the option of following it up with a combo once they are locked into a hutstun.

Perk Slot 1: The Purest of Motivations

The first perk will be ‘The Purest of Motivations’ because he is difficult to be knocked off; it will work when an ally is rung out. When that happens, your team will deal 15% increased damage for 10 seconds. If there is another player on the team with the same perk, then the team will deal 15% increased damage but for 15 seconds. You can unlock the perk for Iron Giant when you reach level four mastery level.

Perk Slot 2: School Me Once…

The perk is used due to the bulkier form of Iron Giant, which makes him get trapped into a combo or hitstun. To overcome that issue, the ‘School Me Once…’ perk gives him and his allies a projectile block buff for two seconds only when they get knocked out by a projectile.

It lets him get some shield while he gets back up on his feet and be ready to fight again. For Iron Giant, it will unlock after reaching level 7 of Mastery. If there is another character on the team with the same perk, the block buff period will double, and you will have four seconds to get up.

Perk Slot 3: Wildcat Brawler

As mentioned earlier, when your team is on the ground, the ‘Wildcat Brawler’ perk will increase the damage dealt with melee attacks. Since the movement of the Iron Giant is slow, it is better to use a melee perk which will boost the damage he deals.

The damage increase will be 5% if only Iron Giant uses it. However, if there is another character on the team with the same perk, the damage boost will increase by 10%. You will need to reach the mastery level of 13 in order to unlock the perk for Iron Giant.

Best Combos For Iron Giant

There are two combos that you can use which will make you fight efficiently and deal as much damage as possible.

Sideways Stunlock Launcher

The combo requires Car-Lateral Damage – This is…Art! – Car-Lateral Damage – Systems are Go! The main target of the combo is to propel the enemies toward the edge after stun locking them. The combo can be used for enemies who are either on the ground or in the air. However, make sure to properly tilt the ‘Systems are Go!’ in order to match the target’s elevation.

Enemy Grab Launcher

The combo requires Rocket Kick – Car-Lateral Damage – Carry On – Systems are Go! The mechanics are quite similar to the combo mentioned earlier. Move enemies closer to the edge while using CC on them. Make sure that you coordinate the moves with your teammates before you pick up an enemy, so there is no interruption by an ally’s combo.

Strategies To Use In Battles

According to MultiVersus, Iron Giant is the very first ‘colossal-sized character’ of the game. Meaning that he is almost double the size of other characters, and so the size comes with its pros and cons. Since he is a tank character, it will take a while to be able to knock him off the stage, and he will be taking damage so that his team can focus more on attacking.

However, bigger size means a bigger hitbox. Therefore, the enemy team can hit him easily, and they won’t have to be so precise while aiming. As mentioned earlier, only Iron Giant has the ability to fly in MultiVersus, and not even Superman can do that. So, his rocket boosters will activate when you hold the jump button, and he will begin to fly rather than doing a double jump.

However, make sure that you don’t fly too high to the top of the screen. Otherwise, you will die. Apart from that, we know that Iron Giant has two main abilities: the rage meter and his bolts and how we can use them.


MultiVersus is a newly released free-to-play game released by Warner Bros. The game is playable on PlayStation, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows. As soon as you launch the crossover fighting game, you will start to see familiar faces such as Taz, Tom & Jerry, and Jake

Roles of MultiVersus Characters

To give you an overview, each character in the game has its own set of abilities, moves, and perks. However, if they are not playing solo, then they have to make sure that their strategy complements their allies, so the team chemistry remains intact. If you want to know more about perks, then consider reading the Multiversus best Perks guide.

If you are new to MultiVersus, we recommend you read MultiVersus Tier List and the MultiVersus BEST characters guide so you get to know how the game’s mechanism work. You might want to play with your favorite characters, such as LeBron James, Rick & Morty, and Finn, but before you do, make sure you know each character’s class.

In MultiVersus, there are a total of five classes which consist of Tank, Bruiser, Mage, Support, and Assassin. In our case, Iron Giant is a quintessential tank in MultiVersus, and you will get to know why as you keep on reading the guide.

The role of the tank character is to receive a high amount of damage from enemies. They give the opportunity to their allies to advance without taking strong damage. Bruisers, like Batman, deal high damage to the enemies using melee weapons or even fists.

Mages deal damage by using projectiles, and they can be used for long-range attacks. Support characters, like Reindog, provide aid to their team and help them push forward. Lastly, assassins use weapons to deal damage and beat enemies.

That is all from our side. Now you can play Iron Giant more effectively in MultiVersus as you are aware of his pros and cons. You can use the offensive perks if you want to play with him solo. Otherwise, pick the defensive perk if your team has an assassin or a bruiser

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