Jake MultiVersus: Best Perks & Unlockables

The MultiVersus Jake guide will provide you complete details on the Adventure Time character so that you can master it and become unstoppable in the game.

MultiVersus Jake: An Overview

We all know that Jake can stretch his body in the cartoon, but did you know that he can do the same in the game? Sounds cool, right? If you want a character that could play with the team and offers you a staggering benefit over the opponent, then Jake is your guy.

Main Points:

  • Jake The Dog is from a popular show called Adventure Time and is classed as a Bruise character in the MultiVersus, which allows him to be up close to the opponent, dealing damage and getting them out of the arena. 
  • As Jake The Dog has the ability to stretch his body and change his form, this puts Jake The Dog at a substantial advantage as he can strike the enemies from a safe distance and avoid getting hit, which makes him a great team player.
  • Jake’s perks consist of ( Toon Elasticity, Second Wing Beneath Your Wings, Lumpy Space Punch, Triple Jump, Leg Day Champ, Tasmanian Trigonometry, Stay Limber Dude, and Sticky).
  • The Greatest Perks of Jake The Dog in MultiVersus among them are ( Sticky – from Signature Perks as it can stun enemies if they come close to Jake and Jake can harm them without consequences, Lumpy Space Punch – from Offensive Perks as this allows your team to deal increased damage and it’s great for creating space for breathing, Triple Jump – from Utility Perks as this helps you and your teammates to receive an extra jump when you hit an opponent, it’s great when combined with combos, and Toon Elasticity – from Defensive Perks as this helps your allies to obtain a 20% reduction to ground and wall bounce velocity).
  • Jake’s Normal attacks include ( Belly Bump, Funky Junk, Splits, Funky Junk 2, Where’s My Halfpipe,  Mace in Yo Face, You Axe’d for it, and Eat spikes).
  • The Best Normal attack of Jake The Dog among them is Belly Bump, as it not only breaks the armor of the enemies but also sends them backward thus creating space.
  • Jake’s Special attacks include ( Transforming, Morphing, Rubber Stomach, Stretching Out, and Giddy Up
  • The Finest Special attack of Jake The Dog in MultiVersus among them is Stretching Out as it helps Jake The Dog to get enormous in size, and any enemy who touches Jake is knocked back while taking damage. However, the cooldowns on the Special abilities of Jake The Dog might slow him down a bit.
  • If you’re a fan and know what Jake The Dog is capable of, then you’re in for a treat as he is the same old strong and jolly in the MultiVersus game.
Jake Multiversus

MultiVersus Jake is a hybrid bruiser, so it doesn’t have some overwhelming passive abilities. All Jake could do is charge his attacks and hit the opponents with full power. He can also catch his opponents in the air, which is really cool way of counterattacking. Jake doesn’t need to go close to the opponents because he can draw a punch even from a safer distance with his forward air move.

Moreover, Jake is the perfect teammate if you ever want help from a distance. Jake has different powers that can help his teammates and could be a nightmare for his opponents. So, if you’ve decided to pick Jake in MultiVersus, you surely are in for a treat.

But, the most significant features of this character are its strategies, perks, and unlockables. So, let’s get into it and learn more about our famous Jake the Dog in MultiVersus.

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All Perks of Jake in MultiVersus

We are going to list all the best perks for Jake MultiVersus. You can easily unlock these perks as you move on with the game. Once you unlock certain perks, it will become a lot cheaper for you to buy these perks for characters other than Jake.

Defense Perks 

Jake doesn’t have a long list of defense perks, and there actually is just one, but that doesn’t mean that the character is bad at defense at all.

PerkBenefitWay to Unlock
Toon ElasticityThis perk helps your team get a reduction to ground by 20%. It also offers a wall bounce velocity.You can unlock Toon Elasticity by reaching Mastery level 4.

Offense Perks 

Offense perks help Jake during attacks in MultiVersus. There are two offense perks, both of which are worth it.

PerkBenefitWay to Unlock 
Second Wind Beneath Your WingsOnce your team rings out an enemy, they refresh special air attacks.You can unlock the perk by reaching mastery level 12 
Lumpy Space PunchYour team deals with damage with melee attacks when they’re in the air by 5% increase.You can unlock this perk by reaching mastery level 2 

Utility Perks

The utility perks of Jake are quite reasonable, and they can often save the day, not just for you but for the whole team.

PerkBenefitWay to Unlock
Triple JumpOnce your team hits an enemy in the air, they’ll receive an extra jumpOnce you reach Mastery level 11, you can unlock this perk
Leg Day ChampYour team gets an increased jump height by 10%You can unlock the perk by reaching Mastery level 7
Tasmanian TrigonometryUnder the base knockback influence, your team could receive a 15% increaseThe perk could be unlocked by reaching Mastery level 13.

Signature Perks 

Signature perks are special perks only available for your particular character, and you can’t access them if you don’t pick Jake. These perks are where the natural features of Jake shine.

PerkBenefitWay to Unlock
Stay Limber, DudeIn this perk, Jake’s house gets the ability to bounce back into the air after it hits the ground.The perk is available at Mastery level 10
StickyIf the enemy touches Jake during stretching, they’re stunned, and Jake could hit them with buns for greater damage.The perk is available at Mastery level 8

Jake Moves And Special Attacks

Jake Battle
Jake Fight

Attacks of Jake are just as unique as his character in MultiVersus. These attacks can cause any opponent to kneel down. So, let’s get into it and find out all Jake’s unique attacks.

Attacks Description Input
Belly BumpIn Belly Bump, Jake’s belly is expanded, knocking the enemies forward. Then, his belly transforms into a mallet spin and breaks armors too.Air Down Square
Funky JunkFunky Junk attack offers a combo of spike swing balls to JakeAir Up Square
SplitsSplits is a two-way attack that breaks the armor of the opponentDown Square
Funky Junk 2Funky Junk 2 is a combo where Jake punches the opponent and ends it all with a belly bump.Side Square
Where’s My Halfpipe?Jake bounces off of enemies and allies, and it turns into a combo that the third hit will be ignited.Air Down Square
Mace in Yo FaceMace in Yo Face is yet another combo of spike ball swings dealt by JakeAir Up Square
You Axe’d for itOnce the axe swing is charged, this charging extends the rangeUp Square
Eat SpikesAs you charge the spike ball swing, it breaks the armor of your opponentNeutral Square

Special Attacks


Jake has the ability to transform into anything, including a house or a car. So, the allies can actually bounce off of him and even use him as a mode of transport. If any of the team members bounce off of Jake, it will cause damage to the opponents. I don’t know if it gets any cooler.


Jake is perfect for close fights and physical attacks. He doesn’t have a great height and is rather small, but he can morph to a longer distance, making his reach even better than most characters taller than him.

Rubber Stomach

Jake’s rubber Stomach is a special fighting technique in which he turns his stomach in a rubber-like consistency. As a result, he swallows all his enemies. And not just enemies but allies too. But rest assured, as Jake isn’t going to betray the team. He soon spits them all out.

And when the allies come out of his stomach, they’re stacked with new armor. At the same time, he spits out the enemies to a long distance in projectile motion.

Stretching Out

Stretching out surely is a specialty of Jake, and he poses quite some damage to his opponents with this technique. He causes damage to his opponents from different angles, and the best thing is that the only vulnerable part during the action is his head.

So, the enemies have to take hold of his head actually to be able to pose him any harm or damage.

Giddy Up

It is yet another fighting technique where Jake turns into a horse that’s constantly galloping. You can enable the feature with the special button, and as soon as you let go of the button, he gets back to normal.

Also, during this time, Jake can give a ride to his allies, and they can ride on his back to reach opponents over a distance.

Jake Combos

Multiversus Jake
Jake Combos

Jake doesn’t have impressive combos in MultiVersus, but they’re still pretty decent. And if you’re a pro gamer, you can make good use of them by using them with the right strategies. Jake can string a lot of hits together, and he can also launch his enemy in a projectile motion while following it up with an up-air.

Moreover, he can also go for a down-air shot that’ll launch his opponent in the air, and then he can follow it up with neutral air or forward air to send the opponent far away or cause him damage even while he’s in the air.

You can mix and match different tricks and use them as combos, but inherently, there isn’t a lot to experiment with. Jake’s attacks are already effective enough, so you don’t need combos for the most part.

If you do need them at some point, you can always use a reasonable attack and follow it up with a mid-air one to cause lasting damage to your enemy. So, even though there aren’t a lot of combos for Jake in MultiVersus, you can still get the most out of the character and experiment with your own combos.

MultiVersus Jake: All Unlockables

There are a lot of unlockables for MultiVersus Jake if you want to get the most out of this character. These unlockables could help you perform better, or they just look cool, but in either case, you gotta have them.


Cake is a variant of Jake in MultiVersus, and it also is its female version. You can get Cake with pretty cool clothes in Tier 15. But, you need to have access to premium features if you want to unlock Cake.

Lady Rainicorn

Lady Rainicorn is a profile icon that you can easily unlock even in your free gaming account. And you don’t have to go far because it can even be unlocked by just completing Preseason battle tier 6.


Ballet is yet another cute emote- taunt that you can access in free and premium accounts, but there is a cost for it. You need to trade 500 Gleamium for this emote, and you’ll immediately get it.

Fort, Sweet Fort

It is a banner; you can use it once you complete the pre-season battle pass tier 14. But, it will only be available for you if you have a premium account.

Jake 1

Jake 1 is a profile icon that you can unlock once you get to the mastery level of 14. It is a little difficult, but it’ll help you develop your gameplay with even more efficiency.

Jake 2

Jake 2 is a badge that you can get access to when you reach mastery level 15. It isn’t easy, though; that is why once you get your hands on the badge, it’s so worth it.

Jake 3

 It is an announcer pack that you can purchase and enjoy. But, you’ll need at least 100 Gleamium to get your hands on this pack.

Jake- Wink

It is a sticker; you can unlock it only when you complete the Preseason battle pass tier 3. But there also is another catch. You can’t unlock the sticker or emote until you have premium access to the game.

How To Win In MultiVersus Using Jake?

Jake is an all-rounder character, so his work isn’t limited to just attacking or defending. He is mainly a bruiser, but you can do good with his character in combat. Though the reach of Jake isn’t great by default, but his attacks and special moves assist him. As a result, Jake becomes better than most characters.

Moreover, you can easily break the armor of opponents with his attacks, making them vulnerable. Attacks like neutral and down are helpful for breaking the armor effect of opponents. He also has several special attacks that can fulfill the purpose, and, if you use those specials at the right time, you can actually sweep it all and win with laughing colors. Also, make sure to use the special where Jake eats up the enemy and spits him out. That literally is one of his most favorite moves.


If you’re a fan of Adventure Time, you already know who Jake is. But, MultiVersus uses this character in the most interesting way possible. You might find it simple and straightforward until you actually understand the strategies and perks of Jake MultiVersus. The developers have made the game even more interesting by featuring a total of 19 playable characters so far, which includes some famous characters from comics such as Batman and Bugs Bunny.

Jake is the kind of character that doesn’t seem very great, but as soon as you learn more about him, you realize that you gotta choose him. There also are some best perks for Jake MultiVersus that make him quite a sought-after character. And yes, how could you forget about his unlockables and attacks? Well, he’s one of those characters that make you fall in love with the game itself. So, enjoy playing with Jake MultiVersus!

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