Monster Hunter Rise Kamura Ticket: Farming & Crafting

This guide makes the rare Kamura Ticket item's farming easier in Monster Hunter Rise along with showing its use in Crafting and Upgrading.

Playing MH Rise is more about collecting all the items that come your way, even those with the faintest glow, such as the Kamura Ticket. Items crafted such as King Rhino, Rock Roses, and Bismuth Prisms, can get you a submarine that will farm items for you passively.

Key Highlights
  • Kamura Tickets are rare items in Monster Hunter Rise and can be used to craft a number of items when you have enough quantity.
  • Kamura Tickets cannot be collected directly and come passively while hunting monsters to get the parts you require.
  • The most effective ways to farm Kamura Tickets include completing the Gales of Ibushi Blow Again Quest, which is ranked as ★7, and completing quests given by Fugen.
  • Kamura Tickets are also used to craft special weapons that can provide buffs but will be superseded by other weapons later in the game.

What Is Monster Hunter Rise’s Kamura Ticket

Monster Hunter Rise: Kamura Ticket
Kamura Ticket in MH Rise

There are only a handful of rare items in Monster Hunter Rise, and Kamura Ticket is one of them. Unlike the other items, you can use them to craft a number of items when you have enough quantity. The rarity of it is 4, it has 0 Selling Prices, the holding limit is 99, and it comes under the type of Tickets and Coins.

These tickets come to you passively whenever you actively hunt a monster to get the required parts. Therefore, they will come to you while you complete other objectives.

It might seem too much work as you must complete multiple quests to get the required amount of Kamura Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise. Therefore, here we will explain the most effective ways to farm them and where you can use them for crafting purposes.

Kamura Ticket’s Farming

There are simple ways in Monster Hunter Rise to get a good amount of Kamura Tickets.

Gales of Ibushi Blow Again Quest

In the Coral Palace map, you’ll locate the ★7 ranked quest “Gales of Ibushi Blow Again,” where you need to defeat Wind Serpent Ibushi. There are no first-time rewards, but you’ll gather items for gear upgrades.

MH Rise Kamura Ticket's AoC
Click Add-on Content Option

The quest will unlock when you talk to Senri the Mailmane. When there, click on add-on content and then click on the new unclaimed quest to claim it. However, ensure you have the 3.4 Update version, as this quest is unavailable in previous versions.

MH Rise: New Unclaimed Quest
Download from the Add-on Content

In Gales of Ibushi Blow Again Quest, you can farm the item repeatedly as it will be a part of quest bonus rewards. However, you need to be HR8 or higher in Monster Hunter Rise if you need a guarantee for the Kamura Ticket. If you are okay with doing the quest more than a couple of times, you will have quite some of these items in your inventory.

Fugen’s Quests

Quests given by Fugen
Get Kamura Tickets through Fugen

Elder Fugen offers item rewards through quests. Complete event, village, and rampage quests to earn items and repeat these quests if you wish.

  • Look for a yellow speech bubble when speaking to Fugen.
  • He rewards Kamura Tickets, so complete 15-20 Event, Village, or Rampage quests to earn them from him.

Uses of Kamura Ticket in MHR

Although the Kamura Ticket has a very diverse use in Monster Hunter Rise. They are mainly used in crafting, upgrading, and forging other types of equipment in the game. The types under each category and the amount of the item you will need to craft, upgrade, or forge are:

Crafting Weapons

These are the following equipment that will require the item for crafting purposes:

  • Ninja Sword I
  • Corpopper I
  • Grass Flute I
  • Kelbi Stingshot I
  • Ninja Parasol I
  • Origami Axe I
  • Ricebane I
  • Stealth Dango I
  • Teddybear I
  • Brush Glaive I
  • Egg Hammer I

Upgrading Weapons

These are the weapons that can be upgraded using the Kamura Tickets item:

  • Catspaw II
  • Cornpopper II
  • Kelbi Stingshot II
  • Kelbi Strongshot
  • Mighty Cornpopper
  • Origami Axe II
  • Petal Cloud
  • Pounder of Rice
  • Pounder of Rice+
  • Ricebane II
  • Felyne Bow II
  • Brush Glaive II
  • Watercolor Glaive

Crafting Armor and Buddy Equipment

The number of Kamura Tickets required for crafting the following armors and buddy equipment in Monster Hunter Rise is two:

  • Utsushi Braces (V) S / Channeler’s Prayer S
  • Channeler Hope S / Utsushi Braces (H) S
  • Utsushi Tassets (V) S / Channeler’s Obi S
  • Channeler’s Robe S / Utsushi Chest (V) S
  • Utsushi Greaves (H) S / Channeler Hakama S
  • Channeler Robe S / Utsushi Chest (H) S
  • Utsushi Greaves (V) S / Channeler’s Hakama S
  • Channeler Hair-tie S / Utsushi Mask (H) S
  • Utsushi Mask (V) S / Channeler’s Hair-tie S
  • Channeler Obi S / Utsushi Tassets (H) S
  • Utsushi Braces (H) / Channeler Hope
  • Channeler’s Prayer / Utsushi Braces (V)
  • Utsushi Chest (H) / Channeler Robe
  • Channeler’s Robe / Utsushi Chest (V)
  • Utsushi Greaves (H) / Channeler Hakama
  • Channeler’s Hakama / Utsushi Greaves (V)
  • Utsushi Mask (H) / Channeler Hair-tie
  • Channeler’s Hair-tie / Utsushi Mask (V)
  • Utsushi Tassets (H) / Channeler Obi
  • Channeler’s Obi / Utsushi Tassets (V)

Layered Armor Crafting

You will need only one item of Kamura Ticket in Monster Hunter Rise to craft the following Layered armors:

  • Utsushi Braces (H) / Channeler Hope
  • Medium’s Prayer / Utsushi Braces (V)
  • Utsushi Chest (H) / Channeler Robe
  • Medium’s Robe / Utsushi Chest (V)
  • Utsushi Greaves (H) / Channeler Hakama
  • Medium’s Hakama / Utsushi Greaves (V)
  • Utsushi Mask (H) / Channeler Hair-tie
  • Medium’s Hair-tie / Utsushi Mask (V)
  • Channeler Obi / Utsushi Tassets (H)
  • Utsushi Tassets (V) / Medium’s Obi

Crafting Special Weapons 

Special Weapons Crafting
Craft Special Weapons using Kamura Tickets

You can even use these items to modify your weapons into cosmetic weapons. However, the weapons don’t only change skin-wise, but their stats also get buff. Although the buffs are not that strong, these weapons will be superseded by other weapons that will come later in the game.

The Kamura Ticket is a rare and different type of item in Monster Hunter Rise. You cannot collect them directly, but you can surely use the ways mentioned in the guide for easy farming. The item is quintessential if your target is crafting and upgrading equipment in Monster Hunter Rise.


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