Monster Hunter Rise Kamura Ticket: Farming & Crafting

This guide makes the rare Kamura Ticket item's farming easier in Monster Hunter Rise along with showing its use in Crafting and Upgrading.

Farming in Monster Hunter Rise

Playing MH Rise is more about collecting all the items that come in your way, collect even the items which have the faintest glow. The reason is that these items end up being getting used for something bigger. Items such as King Rhino, Rock Roses, and Bismuth Prisms can get you a submarine that will farm items for you passively.

Key Highlights

  • Crafting in Monster Hunter Rise is easy and can be done from anywhere if you have the necessary items, keep your loot in the item box after every hunt to keep it safe.
  • Kamura Tickets are rare items in Monster Hunter Rise and can be used to craft a number of items when you have enough quantity.
  • Kamura Tickets cannot be collected directly and come passively while hunting monsters to get parts you require.
  • The most effective ways to farm Kamura Tickets include completing the Gales of Ibushi Blow Again Quest which is ranked as ★7 and completing quests given by Fugen.
  • Kamura Tickets are also used to craft special weapons which can provide buffs but will be superseded by other weapons later in the game.

Once you farm items, you can also craft them. You can do that by just opening your crafting list by pressing start once you pick an item. Then through the on-screen menu, you can easily craft an item. Crafting is made easy in Monster Hunter Rise; you can access it from anywhere if you have the loot with you.

However, it is recommended that you keep the loot in the item box after every hunt so it stays safe. Moreover, these are some basic combos that will be useful in your MH Rise journey:

  • Potion = Herb
  • Mega Potion = Potion + Honey
  • Max Potion = Catalyst + Mandragora
  • Ancient Potion = Immunizer + Kelbi Horn
  • Antidote = Antidote Herb

Monster Hunter Rise’s Kamura Ticket

Monster Hunter Rise: Kamura Ticket
Kamura Ticket in MH Rise

There are only a handful of rare items in Monster Hunter Rise, and Kamura Ticket is one of them. Unlike the other items, you can use them to craft a number of items when you have enough quantity. The rarity of it is 4, having 0 Selling Price, the holding limit is 99, and it comes under the type of Tickets and Coins.

Normally while farming, you have to look for an item’s description, how it looks, and the location where you can find it. In this case, you cannot collect it directly. Rather, they come to you passively whenever you are hunting a monster actively to get the parts you require. Therefore, they will come to you while you complete other objectives.

It might seem too much work as you will have to complete multiple quests to get the required amount of Kamura Tickets in Monster Hunter Rise. Therefore, here we will explain the most effective ways for you to farm them and where you can use them for crafting purposes.

Kamura Ticket’s Farming

There are simple ways in Monster Hunter Rise through which you can get a good amount of Kamura Tickets.

Gales of Ibushi Blow Again Quest

In the Coral Palace map, you will find the Gales of Ibushi Blow Again Quest, which is ranked as ★7. In this High-Rank event, you will have to kill the monster Wind Serpent Ibushi. However, you should not expect a special first-time reward from the quest, and there is none. Don’t feel bad, though, since you will get to collect items that will be beneficial for gear upgrades.

MH Rise Kamura Ticket's AoC
Click Add-on Content Option

The quest will unlock when you talk to Senri the Mailman. When you are there, click on add-on content and then click on the new unclaimed quest to claim it. However, make sure that you have the 3.4 Update version as this quest is not available in previous versions.

MH Rise: New Unclaimed Quest
Download from the Add-on Content

In Gales of Ibushi Blow Again Quest, you can farm the item again and again as it will be a part of quest bonus rewards. However, you need to be HR8 or higher in Monster Hunter Rise if you need a guarantee for the Kamura Ticket. If you are okay with doing the quest more than a couple of times, then you will have quite some amount of these items in your inventory.

Fugen’s Quests

Quests given by Fugen
Get Kamura Tickets through Fugen

Fugen will ask you to do some quests if you want the item from him. There will be an event quest, a village quest, and a rampage quest. Once they are completed, Elder Fugen will reward you with the item. You can also do these quests again if you want to farm them through Fugen’s quests only.

When you reach out to speak with Fugen, you might see a yellow speech bubble. It will indicate that the NPC will give you something. If Elder Fugen is in NPC’s place, then it will be Kamura Ticket. However, if you want Elder Fugen to reward you with that, then you will have to complete a total of fifteen to twenty event quests, village quests, or rampage village quests.

You can take the event quests from Minoto in the Gathering Hub. The village quests and rampage village quests can be taken from Hinoa at the Steelworks. If you want to farm effectively, then prioritize delivery quests or hunts as they will take lesser time.

If you have the Sub Camp unlocked in the Shrines Ruins, then you should go for delivery village quests like Roly Poly Lantern, as it will only take twenty seconds. Moreover, if you are thinking of farming through delivery quests, then make sure you equip the Leather Armor S.

It will grant you with skills to get the maximum number of items when you are gathering. It will also provide you with enough slots to maximize your skills.

Use of Kamura Ticket in MHR

Although the Kamura Ticket has a very diverse use in Monster Hunter Rise. They are mainly used in crafting, upgrading, and forging other types of equipment in the game. The types under each category and the amount of the item you will need to craft, upgrade, or forge are:

Crafting Weapons

These are the following equipment that will require the item for crafting purposes:

  • Ninja Sword I: a weapon that has 190 ATK, 50% affinity, and rampage skills consisting of Silkbind Boost, Master Rider, and Spiribird Doubled. These stats are of the base version of the weapon, and you can craft it after having three of the items.
  • Corpopper I: The base version of the weapon has an ATK of 160, 0% Affinity, Rampage Skills of Anti-Aquatic Species, and Spiribird Doubled. Wide 4 is its Shelling type, and you need two items to craft it.
  • Grass Flute I: a weapon having an ATK of 140, Affinity of 0%, consisting of Defense Boost I, Blast Boost I, and Dulling Strike as Rampage Skills. You will need two items to craft it.
  • Kelbi Stingshot I: it’s a bow weapon with the Rarity of 3. Its Affinity is 0%; however, it has Rampage skills of Attack Boost I, Lasting Arc Shot, and Paralysis Coating Boost. The ATK is 150, and the weapon can be crafted with two items.
  • Ninja Parasol I: A sword weapon with Defense Boost II, Dragon Boost II, and Dragon Exploit as Rampage Skills. Its ATK is 160 with 0% Affinity. The ATK will increase to 170 once upgraded, along with other stats. You will need two items to craft this item as well.
  • Origami Axe I: Only one Kamura Ticket is required to craft the switch axe having an ATK of 150. Its rampage skills are Attack Boost II and Affinity Boost II with Phial type of Dragon 13. Once it is upgraded, the ATK will increase to 160, and Coating Switch Boost will be the third Rampage skill. The Phial type will also increase to 15.
  • Ricebane I: The charge blade weapon having 160 ATK and 15 DEF with 0% Affinity requires one item. Attack Boost I, Defense Boost I, and Defense Grinder I are its Rampage skills. We recommend you craft the weapon as it will take only one of the items. Once it is upgraded, the ATK will increase to 200.
  • Stealth Dango I: The dual blades weapon with 130 ATK will take one item to craft. Once upgraded, the ATK will have a +60-effect, changing it to 190. However, the rampage skills: Attack Boost III, Dulling Strike, and Spiribird Doubled will remain the same.
  • Teddybear I: It is a hammer weapon with an ATK of 110. It has Affinity Boost II, Defense Boost II, and Silkbind Boost as Rampage skills. The number of items it will take for crafting is only one.
  • Brush Glaive I: An Insect Glaive weapon having 200 ATK and -10% Affinity. Its Rampage skills are Water Boost II, Dulling Strike, and Master Rider with Kinsect Level Four. It will take two Kamura Tickets if you want to craft it.
  • Egg Hammer I: A hammer weapon having an ATK of 200 and Affinity of -30%. The Rampage skills are Dragon Exploit, Anti-Aerial Species, and Anti-Aquatic Species. By using one item, you can craft the weapon.

Upgrading Weapons

These are the weapons that can be upgraded using the item:

  • Catspaw II: You need one item to upgrade the sword and shield weapon, which will increase the ATK by 20. The element status will change from 15 to 26, and other stats will remain the same.
  • Cornpopper II: The Gunlance weapon, after an upgrade, will have an ATK of 170 compared to the prior ATK of 160. The upgrade will cost two Kamura Tickets, and other stats will remain the same.
  • Kelbi Stingshot II: The bow weapon will cost three items for an upgrade which is worth it. The rarity will increase from 3 to 4. The ATK will be 160, an increase of 10, and so will the slot. The Charge Shot, Level 2’s Spread Level, will increase by one with other stats being constant.
  • Kelbi Strongshot: The rarity will further increase to 5 from its previous version, which was 4. The ATK will have a 30-increase making it 190. The rampage skill Attack Boost I will be upgraded to Attack Boost II. The recovery of Charge Shot Level 1 will change from Spread level 2 to Spread level 3. Furthermore, Charge Shot Level 3’s recovery will also increase by one level. Make sure you have four items to upgrade the weapon for a heavy buff.
  • Mighty Cornpopper: The Gunlance weapon will require two items for an upgrade. The ATK will increase by 10, making it 180. The Shelling type will increase from Wide 4 to Wide 5. Furthermore, Affinity Boost III will be an additional Rampage skill.
  • Origami Axe II: The Switch Axe will get an ATK of 160 and an additional slot. The Rampage skill Affinity Boost II will be upgraded to Affinity Boost III along with an additional skill called Coating Switch Boost. The Phial type Dragon 13 will increase to Dragon 15. You will need only one Kamura Ticket to upgrade it in Monster Hunter Rise.
  • Petal Cloud: Compared to the previous one, the ATK will increase by 10, and the Phial type will increase to Dragon 17. Other stats will remain the same, and the upgrade will require two of the items.
  • Pounder of Rice: The charge blade weapon will get a buff on both ATK and DEF. The Phial type will remain the same. However, Attack Boost I and Defense Boost II will upgrade to Attack Boost II and Defense Boost III. You will need three of the items to do the upgrade.
  • Pounder of Rice+: Upon upgrading the previous item, you will get a buff of +60 in ATK and +10 on DEF. Other stats will remain the same, and it will cost you two items for the upgrade.
  • Ricebane II: The charge blade weapon requires two of the items to upgrade. The ATK will increase by 40, making it 200. The Rampage skills that will get a buff are Defense Boost II and Defense Grinder II. Other things will remain the same.
  • Felyne Bow II: The bow weapon after the upgrade will have an ATK of 140, and DEF will be 9. The rarity will increase by one making the Rarity level 4. Attack Boost I will upgrade to Attack Boost II in Rampage skills. In Recovery, both Spread Level 1 and Rapid Level 2 will increase by a level. Other stats will remain constant, and it will cost you only one item.
  • Brush Glaive II: The Insect Glaive weapon requires three tickets of Kamura for upgradation. The status will increase by one, and the ATK will change to 210. Kinsect Level will change from Level 4 to Level 5. In Rampage skills, Water Boost II will upgrade to Water Boost III. Other stats will remain the same.
  • Watercolor Glaive: Upon upgrading the previous weapon same things will increase in the same ratio. Such as, the Kinsect Level will increase from Level 5 to Level 6. However, for the upgrade, you will need to have four items in inventory.

Crafting Armor and Buddy Equipment

The number of Kamura Tickets required for crafting the following armors and buddy equipment in Monster Hunter Rise is two:

  • Utsushi Braces (V) S / Channeler’s Prayer S
  • Channeler Hope S / Utsushi Braces (H) S
  • Utsushi Tassets (V) S / Channeler’s Obi S
  • Channeler’s Robe S / Utsushi Chest (V) S
  • Utsushi Greaves (H) S / Channeler Hakama S
  • Channeler Robe S / Utsushi Chest (H) S
  • Utsushi Greaves (V) S / Channeler’s Hakama S
  • Channeler Hair-tie S / Utsushi Mask (H) S
  • Utsushi Mask (V) S / Channeler’s Hair-tie S
  • Channeler Obi S / Utsushi Tassets (H) S
  • Utsushi Braces (H) / Channeler Hope
  • Channeler’s Prayer / Utsushi Braces (V)
  • Utsushi Chest (H) / Channeler Robe
  • Channeler’s Robe / Utsushi Chest (V)
  • Utsushi Greaves (H) / Channeler Hakama
  • Channeler’s Hakama / Utsushi Greaves (V)
  • Utsushi Mask (H) / Channeler Hair-tie
  • Channeler’s Hair-tie / Utsushi Mask (V)
  • Utsushi Tassets (H) / Channeler Obi
  • Channeler’s Obi / Utsushi Tassets (V)

Layered Armor Crafting

You will need only one item of Kamura Ticket in Monster Hunter Rise to craft the following Layered armors:

  • Utsushi Braces (H) / Channeler Hope
  • Medium’s Prayer / Utsushi Braces (V)
  • Utsushi Chest (H) / Channeler Robe
  • Medium’s Robe / Utsushi Chest (V)
  • Utsushi Greaves (H) / Channeler Hakama
  • Medium’s Hakama / Utsushi Greaves (V)
  • Utsushi Mask (H) / Channeler Hair-tie
  • Medium’s Hair-tie / Utsushi Mask (V)
  • Channeler Obi / Utsushi Tassets (H)
  • Utsushi Tassets (V) / Medium’s Obi

Crafting Special Weapons 

Special Weapons Crafting
Craft Special Weapons using Kamura Tickets

You can even use these items to modify your weapons into cosmetic weapons. However, the weapons don’t only change skin-wise, but their stats also get buff. Although, the buffs are not that strong as these weapons will get superseded by other weapons that will come later in the game.

All in all, the Kamura Ticket is a rare and different type of item in Monster Hunter Rise. You cannot collect them directly, but you can surely use the ways mentioned in the guide for easy farming. The item is quintessential if your target is crafting and upgrading equipment in Monster Hunter Rise.


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