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King Arthur Knight’s Tale is a great turned-based RPG that offers unique and diverse gameplay to the players. Players would be required to build their teams by organizing heroes from six different classes and getting appropriate equipment from them. To improve your combat skills, you would be required to use various facilities and buildings in Camelot, including merchants, to get better items and the hospice to get better healing. The Cathedral is one such great building that can offer various features to the players. Unlocking some of the useful Cathedral upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s tale is recommended if you want to heal status ailment and the most critical character’s wounds. You can improve the functions of this building by unlocking Cathedral upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s Tale.

How To Unlock Cathedral In King Arthur Knight’s Tale

Camelot upgrades
Camelot buildings

To unlock Cathedral, you would be required to gather a lot of building resources and gold. All buildings in Camelot would require certain materials for players to unlock them. You would require about 500 building resources and materials to construct Cathedral and utilize its services. To get gold more efficiently, complete more missions as mentioned in our King Arthur Knight’s tale best tips guide.

The Cathedral is a building that can heal your team just like the hospice, except Cathedral can heal various serious injuries and status ailments. It is essential that you unlock the Cathedral in King Arthur Knight’s Tale because status ailments and injuries can hold you back in combat. Moreover, you would be unable to take down various enemies and bosses without healing these grave status ailments. Besides the status ailments, Cathedral can also restore the vitality of your characters.

Best Cathedral Upgrades In King Arthur Knight’s Tale

Unlock these various Cathedral Upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s Tale to improve the building’s functionality and its services. You would be able to heal your characters more efficiently.


The Expansion upgrades would allow you to heal more characters at a time. Every expansion would allow you to unlock a slot which means you would be able to heal more heroes at a time for more convenience. The Expansion upgrades would make the healing process faster and more efficient. To unlock Expansion 1, you would need 500 building resources and gold; to get Expansion 2, you would need 1000 building resources and gold; and for Expansion 3, you would need 1500 building resources and gold.


King Arthur Knight's Tale Cathedral upgrades

The Herbalists is an excellent upgrade, especially if you are going to use more potions in your combat. Potions are useful in restoring your character’s vitality and armor, and these potions can save you from many dangerous situations. If you have this upgrade unlocked, you can utilize potions much more efficiently because their effect would last one more round. To get the herbalists upgrade, you would need about 2000 gold which is worth spending on this upgrade.

Liquid Power

King Arthur Knight's Tale Cathedral upgrades
Liquid Power

The Liquid Power upgrade is one of the most useful Cathedral Upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s Tale, especially during the later part of the game. This upgrade would allow you to use potions with no AP cost, so the Liquid Power upgrade can be a lifesaver because you can utilize potions when you are in a bind during battle and need instant saving. With no AP cost, you would be able to use potions without compromising your attacks during each turn. You would need about 1000 gold to unlock the liquid power upgrade.

Life Elixir

One of the best features that Cathedral offers is that you can heal your heroes’ injuries that hospice cannot restore. With the life elixir upgrade, you would be able to restore your character’s vitality alongside healing their serious injuries, which can hold you down in future battles. You would require 3000 gold to unlock this upgrade.

Tough Body

The Tough body is often considered one of the best Cathedral Upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s Tale. This upgrade would allow you to sustain longer in battle because this upgrade would provide your heroes with an additional token of Injury. You would be able to sustain many tough battles with the help of the Tough Body upgrade. You would require about 4000 gold to get this upgrade.

Healing Friars

With the help of the Healing Friars Upgrade, you would be able to get healing faster and efficiently for your heroes. Your characters would be ready for combat quickly because the upgrade would reduce the healing time by one mission. This time reduction is significant and would allow you to heal more characters faster. To unlock this upgrade, you would need your personality level to be Christian 4.

That’s all about our Cathedral Upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s Tale guide. Unlock these upgrades, and you will not be disappointed by their healing potential.

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