All King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes: Heroes & Skills

This King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes will showcase all 6 main classes, heroes, equipment, and skills included!

King Arthur Knight’s Tale is yet to be out as a fully-released game, and despite that, it has gotten players on the edge of their seats for the official release. With it being a Tactical turn-based RPG, it grasps the attention of the player by offering six classes that we will cover in the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes guide. 

Key Takeaways
  • King Arthur Knight’s Tale offers six hero classes to the players each having a specific skill tree and set of equipment
  • The Champion Class focuses the most on damage dealing and also offers great protection due to the heavy armor sets making it a great class choice.
    • The main heroes falling in this class include Sir Lanval, Sir Kay, and Sir Balan.
    • The equipment includes the Rune of Steel and Sigil of the Anvil and some great sets of skills such as Strike, Damage Focus, and Rage.
  • The Defender Class serves mainly as tanks defending their team from attacks launched from the enemy side due to their high HP.
    • Sir Mordred, Sir Pelleas, and Sir Galahad are the main heroes which fall into the Defender class.
    • The equipment used is Rune of Steel and Sigil of the Anvil while some skills of this hero class are Strike, Toughness, and Armorer.
  • The Marksman Class plays its role in long-range combat by the means of a bow and arrows dealing great damage but being weak in melee combat the contrary.
    • The main heroes of this class include Lady Dindraine, Sir Yvain, and Sir Geraint.
    • The equipment used includes Rune of the Marksman and Sigil of The Boar while some skills are Shoot, Fleet Footed, and Cover Expert.
  • The Vanguard Class plays a stealthy role ending in dealing an insane amount of damage by lurking the enemies into the traps set by them.
    • Sir Balin and Sir Tristan are the main heroes which fall into the Vanguard class.
    • The Bear Trap is the equipment used by this class and the skills include Strike, Master of Traps, and Scout.
  • The Arcanist Class includes Sir Ector who can cast spells on the enemies from a safe distance but are vulnerable in close-ranged combat and self-defense.
    • The Rune of Magic and Sigil of The Boar are the equipment used by this class and some of the skills are Force Bolt, Curse, and Magical Armor.
  • The Sage class is another great option for ranged combat, also being great at defending themselves, unlike the arcanist class.
    • The main heroes of this class include Sir Leodegrance, Morgawse, and Sir Lucan.
    • The skills of this hero class include Freeze Attack, Bless, Long Reach, Mental Fort, and Aura of Protection.

King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes 

The new version of the prevailing King Arthur series feeds on the class system for the players, and the combat consists of strategy-based gameplay, so players will have to face the consequences of their actions. Alongside that, players will also find out that HP regeneration and armor are extremely scarce in the game, hence it should be used sparingly. 

The classes offer a change of pace for the players, and once the class has been chosen, players will need to make do with it and figure out a way to get through the game without dying or losing a lot of HP, as it cannot be regained during certain missions. Another challenge for players is that when a hero dies during an important mission, it is practically gone from the game unless the player starts from scratch. 

Despite that, these 6 classes are offered: 

  • Defender 
  • Champion 
  • Marksman 
  • Vanguard 
  • Arcanist 
  • Sage 

Each class will typically have its corresponding skill tree, combined with a set of heroes that are included in the class and has its equipment as well. We will cover these in great detail in the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes guide moving forward so let’s see what they are all about! 

Champion Class 

King Arthur Knight's Tale Champion
Champion Class

Kicking off the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes with our first class in question, the Champion is one that players will want to look into if they want to progress exceptionally through Knight’s Tale. champions themselves excel and have mastered the art of combat and are solely focused on providing the highest damage output. 

When they are on the battlefield, they are going to be duel-wielding a melee weapon that they can use to slash and pierce through any enemy that is present in front of them, and they will continue to render them useless due to the high damage that they consistently continue to launch out. 

Champions themselves will be covered from head to toe with their heaviest armor sets, which also makes them excellent for personal protection. Since HP is so important and scarce in Knight’s Tale, players that choose to play like a Champion can be reassured that they will be fully protected and will stay alive until the end of the battle at least. 

These pointers make the Champions a solid class to start the game with, combined with the heroes and skills that we are about to discuss right now. 

Heroes Included 

There are about 4-5 solid heroes that players can place in their Round Table and take advantage of when they are in battle. 

Sir Lanval 

Sir Lanval is a crucial hero that players will get when they choose to play as Champions. He is accompanied by 53 Vitality Points which makes him an excellent pick on the battlefield since he is exceptionally strong and can output huge amounts of damage that can render the enemies useless. 

Alongside that, he also has 27 Hit Points, meaning he can deem very usable while in combat, especially since the combat is strategy-based. With that, he also has 5 Armor Points, which ensures that his armor will continue to stay put throughout the end of the battle and will not easily break at all. 

He has 7 Action Points, which makes his viability all the more important while in the arena. He also has a 15% chance of his armor breaking, which means that the player can withstand a couple of hits before succumbing to the wounds. All in all a good hero to choose for the Champion class. 

Sir Kay 
King Arthur Knight's Tale Sir Kay
Sir Kay Hero

Moving along, the next hero for the Champion Class that we have is Sir Kay, who is also a commendable character and can prove extremely useful when the player wants to go out on the battlefield and win. His main traits are being Talented and Ambitious, it just goes to show that he is enthusiastic about his time in the arena and always wins. 

He has 30 Vitality Points which yet again makes him a viable character, alongside also having 42 Hit Points which makes him all the more usable in your party. He is also accompanied by 5 Armor Points, 7 Action Points, and a 15% chance of his armor breaking. 

Sir Balan

Yet another character that players should have in their arsenal if they aim to play like a Champion is Sir Balan, whose main traits describe him as being progressive, and an excellent Defender of the Bridge as well as him honing Fellowship as his personality trait, which showcases how important he is as a hero. 

He has 40 Vitality Points, which makes his presence even more known since he can do excellent damage while on the battlefield. He also has 27 Hit Points, 5 Armor Points, and 7 Action Points, which make him a pretty viable character for your party. 

Equipment for Champion Class 

Moving on with the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes guide, there are two main pieces of equipment that players will typically use for the Champion class that can come in incredibly handy. 

Rune of Steel 

The Rune of Steel will be a basic rune that is offered to the champion class combatants and can help the player in one way or another during the battle. The exact details about the rune have yet to get released. 

Sigil of the Anvil 

The Sigil of The Anvil is considered to be a sigil that is to be worn with heavy armor, and it has around 23 Vitality points which can come in handy when fighting enemies on the battlefield, and it looks pretty cool too. 

Skills offered by Champions 

King Arthur Knight's Tale Champion Gameplay
Champion Class Gameplay

Wrapping up the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Champion classes, we have a set of skills that each class offers, and they are typically 6 for tier one since tier 2 and tier 3 have yet to get updated. 

  • Strike: Any enemy that is close to the player who is playing as a Champion will be receiving 100% bonus damage as a raw attack
  • Damage Focus: Any amount of AP that has been left unspent by the player will be converted to 10% enhanced damage output for the player and will continue to hit the enemy in sight. 
  • Rage: Anytime the player kills off an opponent, they will gain a 10% buff to their overall damage output that can be stacked every time they get turns. 
  • Extra Stun: For players that want to place the Slowed or Stunned effects on an opponent will gain 20% Efficiency in placing the effects on enemies. 
  • Extra Bleeding: For Bleeding effects that are to be placed on foes, players will get an extra chance to do so. 
  • Strength: Players get to experience yet another extra 10% buff to their overall attack. 

Defender Class 

King Arthur Knight's Tale Defender
Defender Class

The main aim of the defender class is to tank any sort of attacks that are launched from the enemy’s side, and with the heaviest armor that the players will be wearing as a Defender, they will be able to stay protected and keep their party members alive too. They have excellent hit points that help them stay alive during combat and not take any sort of damage. 

They also have insanely high HP, and since we have already discussed how precious the HP is in the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Class system, a high HP is crucial for a class that is solely focused on guarding the helping the players during combat. Defenders are typically invincible, therefore are excellent to choose if you want to be a guard for your main DPS. 

However, this means that Defenders do not typically excel at dealing with high numbers since their attack power is pretty low. Nonetheless, they are a worthy class that every player should check out that intends to play the Knight’s Tale. 

Heroes Included 

Moving through with the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes, we will discuss 2 or 3 major heroes that are going to play a crucial role in the Defender class. Let’s check them out! 

Sir Mordred 
King Arthur Knight's Tale Sir Mordred
Sir Mordred Hero

Starting with the first important hero, we have Sir Mordred who takes part as an excellent defender and can protect his partners from intaking any sort of damage that is aimed at them. Sir Mordred takes an oath to stand by your side throughout the end of the battle and ensure that you will be the sole winner. 

He hones 20 Vitality Points, which makes him an excellent pick as a Defender, alongside also having 42 Hit Points which makes him all the stronger while in combat. Another thing to note is that he only has a 5% chance of his armor breaking, meaning that he will stay alive no matter what, all the while also showing off his 7 Action Points. 

Sir Pelleas 

Keeping it going, the next hero that players can pick and choose for the Defender Class is Sir Pelleas, who is an excellent choice and is an extraordinary hero as well. His traits describe him as a Righteous Defender, meaning that he will always choose ht right options, while also being Secure, meaning that he aims to support the player by protecting them in battle. 

Sir Pelleas shines on the battlefield as a guard with his 49 Vitality Points which are comparably high as compared to other heroes or characters, which makes him even more viable. He also has 29 Hit Points, while also having a 10% chance of having his armor breaking, meaning that he will be able to withstand both normal and heavy strategy hits launched by opponents. 

Sir Galahad 

Sir Galahad is also described as excellent support for the main DPS and can act the role of a guard and will be there to protect the player whenever they feel like they are about to die. All in all, he is an excellent hero that all players should consider putting in their party so that they can make it through the battlefield. 

Equipment for Defender Class 

Getting through with the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes guide, there are two main pieces of equipment that the Defender will use, please keep in mind that the equipment is the same one that we mentioned for the Champion class. 

Rune of Steel 

The Rune of Steel is supposed to be one-handed by the Defender since they do not specialize in delivering a high amount of damage, therefore will primarily be defending the party. The Rune can allow the defender to still get a certain amount of damage output, and not be useless while in combat. 

Sigil Of The Anvil 

Since Defenders will typically focus on Heavy Armor, the Sigil of The Anvil will provide an excellent amount of protection while they will be in battle. The rarity of the Sigil of The Anvil will be focused on being a Starter Sigil. 

Skills Offered in Defender Class

King Arthur Knight's Tale Defender Gameplay
Defender Class Gameplay

Coming to an end with the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes, the Defender class has a basic set of skills in the tier one area that will offer the player an excellent amount of support and certain buffs during the battle. 

  • Strike: Starting with Strike, opponents that are unfortunate enough to be surrounded by the player will have to intake 100% increased damage, even though the defender is incapable of high damage this skill is still useful for them. 
  • Toughness: Anytime the payer gets their turn to perform or defend on the battlefield, they will continue to restore 1 HP throughout their turn which ensures that they will stay alive for longer periods. 
  • Armorer: Any specific items or artifacts that have been put on to boost the Defender’s armor will gain an extra 25 HP which helps when needing to survive on the battlefield. 
  • Strong-Willed: Mental Resistance of the player who has chosen to play as a Defender is increased by 20. 
  • DoT Resistance: When the opponent is going at the player, the player’s DoT resistance will increase. 
  • Robust: The vitality of the Defender is boosted by 3. 

Marksman Class

King Arthur Knight's Tale Marksman
Marksman Class

We have already mentioned the possibilities of there being a main melee combatant which is the Champion, then a class that will mostly focus on being the Defender which is the defender class itself, and now we have the Marksman in the 6 King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes list, which the player can take advantage of and choose as well. 

The main focus of a Marksman on the battlefield is that they stay at a safe distance from the opponents that are launching attacks at them, and use their bow and arrow to launch shots at them that will render them useless, but also ensure that their HP will stay safe since they will be a few arm’s worths of distance from the enemy. 

When a player decides to become a Marksman, yes they will have excellent range and perfect aim, but they also need to keep in mind that their close combat, especially melees combat is going to be not as good as their ranged combat, and they will be equipped with Light Armor meaning that they absolutely cannot risk getting shot at when they are close to an enemy. 

Still, though, the Marksman is an excellent class choice, and we will cover their basic equipment choice and the heroes that fill the slots for the class itself. 

Heroes Included 

Mentioning the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes, when we talk about the Marksman classes, there are 3 main heroes that players will come across when they choose to play in this class that has their specialties and skills and basic stats that we will cover right now. 

Lady Dindraine 
King Arthur Knight's Tale Lady Dindraine
Lady Dindraine Hero

Starting with the first main hero, Lady Dindraine comes to mind, she is an excellent Marksman and will be able to provide the ranged combat that the melee DPS and Defender are unable to provide, and will ensure that the player ends up gaining victory in whatever kind of battle they fight against their opponents in Knight’s Tale. 

Lady Dindraine is best described by her traits as being extremely Humble, and a Covenant, meaning that she is an excellent support character. She is accompanied by 30 Vitality Points and will be able to give the kind of aid that the main damage dealers will never be able to do so. She also has 13 Hit Points, while also honing a solid 8 Action Points. 

Sir Yvain 

Keeping things going with the Marksman class, another excellent hero that players can take advantage of is Sir Yvain, who can also do his job best at being an impeccable support hero while the main DPS takes the main field, and Sir Yvain stays on the sidelines and provides ample support for the player. 

Sir Yvain has been described with one of his best traits which is Sixth Sense, meaning that he will be able to figure out when an enemy is close by and get into a position to attack as soon as possible. He also has 38 Vitality Points, which makes his viability all the higher, while also having 11 Hit Points as well as 8 Action Points which are just enough.

Sir Geraint 

Last but not least, the final hero that we will feature for the Marksman class is Sir Geraint, who has been described as good support for any players that decide to main the Marksman class. Sir Geraint can provide a good amount of Vitality Points while also being able to support the main DPS adequately. 

Equipment To Be Used 

Keeping the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes going, Marksmen will also be accompanied by two main equipment pieces that will make their overall character stronger and provide the support needed to achieve victory. 

Rune of The Marksman 

The first piece of equipment that Marksmen will typically use is the Rune of the Marksman, which is a rune that is used to buff up the overall damage output of the ranged weapon, which is used by the Marksman class. This can come in handy especially since it only has a 5% chance of armor breakage, making the marksman stronger in combat. 

Sigll of The Boar 

Secondly, another important piece of equipment that player will get their hands on if they choose to main as a Marksman is the Sigil of The Boar, which is essentially a buffing sigil for the light armor which is worn by the Marksman, and its rarity is that it is a starter piece that can be worn by the players. 

Skills Offered in Marksman Class 

King Arthur Knight's Tale Marksman Gameplay
Marksman Class Gameplay

Being a Marksman yourself, the player will be given access to a few set skills that will help buff them up when they are in the middle of a battle and will help them take down certain enemies. 

  • Shoot: Starting with the first skill, when the player activates this skill, they will be able to gain a buff whereby their ranged attack will gain an overall 100% attack increase. 
  • Fleet Footed: Players who play as a Marksman will get one enhanced movement AP every time their turn comes around during combat. 
  • Cover Expert: Anytime the player is undercover, they will continue to deal 10% increased damage to any opponent that launches attacks against them. 
  • Adrenaline: When the player renders an enemy useless, their AP is increased/enhanced by 1. 
  • Ready: Overwatch Damage output of the player is enhanced by 20%. 

This completes the third King Arthur Knight’s Tale Class

Vanguard Class 

King Arthur Knight's Tale Vanguard
Vanguard Class

As the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes keep rolling out, we are progressing through our full list, and with our fourth class in hand, we can officially say that players that want to dominate the battlefield and want to take advantage of the vulnerable situation of their opponent can look into becoming a Vanguard in King Arthur Knight’s Tale.

Essentially what a Vanguard is responsible for is being the “stealth member” of the party, meaning that the Vanguards are supposed to be on the front lines in the arena, and they should know very well how to disguise themselves in a way where they can not be seen, hence be stealthy, but at the same time know how to lure opponents in so that the main DPS can launch attacks. 

The main focus of a Vanguard is placed on setting traps so that the opponents are forced to follow them, and then taking them by surprise and dealing a hell of a lot of burst damage that will deplete their HPs until they are lying dead on the ground. This makes the enemies more susceptible to taking damage and increases the chances of the player winning. 

Vanguards themselves will be protected by a medium-weight armor that does not break easily therefore they are a viable class to choose from.

Heroes Included 

The Vanguard class will be accompanied by two main heroes that will be able to support the player when they are in combat with opponents and help them achieve victory. These two heroes are must-haves for players that are Vanguards. 

Sir Balin 

The first hero that players should always look into for the Vanguard class is Sir Balin, who has been known to be an excellent job, and he is consistently praised for his traits, with him being the “Defender of the Bridge”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he will exactly be the main defender, but rather he will be on the sidelines and provide aid with his burst damage. 

Sir Balin has 35 Vitality Points, while he also hones having 24 Hit Points, which are enough to make him a character that players will want to invest in. alongside that, he also has a small 5% chance of his armor breaking, making him an excellent candidate to head over to the main front line to fight alongside the main DPS. 

Sir Tristan 

Do not be fooled by his bold outlook, for he is not a bad person, rather Sir Tristan continues to prove himself on the battlefield by being an excellent warrior and has been known to trap his foes in such a way that they never expect it, and yet, always manage to fall in Sir Tristan’s trap and be rendered useless. 

Tristan has been described by his allies as being a tough Vanguard, while also honing Allegiance. This makes the player confident in his abilities that he will be able to provide the kind of support no other hero could, and he also has 43 Vitality Points, as well as 24 Hit Points which makes him even more useful. 

Equipment Used 

When it comes to the Classes in King Arthur Knight’s Tale, players who choose to play as Vanguards will typically take assistance from two main pieces of equipment. However, for this class, we only have information for a single piece of equipment until further notice. 

Bear Trap 

Bear Trap has been known to be a gruesome method of taking out opponents, especially ones that have been attacking and taunting Vanguards for centuries on end. The simple object can look pretty innocent at first until it is placed near the opponent, and slowly but surely it will eat up and kill the enemy. 

Skills Used in Vanguard Class

Vanguard Gameplay playstyle
Vanguard Class Gameplay

Knowing Vanguards and how excellent their abilities are when they are on the front lines and taking the role of the stealth player, they will hone 5 or 6 skills that make them a pretty useful class to choose to main. 

  • Strike: When an opponent is close to the player, they will be intaking 75% increased damage for a total of two times, which can surely be enough to bring their HP down by quite a bit. 
  • Bear Trap: As we mentioned the equipment before, the skill also offers the ability to place a bear trap on the ground, which will cause the opponents to intake 100% enhanced damage, and it will also slow them down. At any time, Vanguards can activate 5 Bear Traps at the same time. 
  • Master of Traps: Adds an extra range point to skills that are specially for trapping opponents, which makes the trapping even more effective. 
  • Scout: If an opponent has placed a trap for the player to step in and they activate this skill, it will be able to detect the trap in advance and grant the player an extra Movement AP. 
  • Low Profile: With this skill in hand, opponents who were initially attacking the Vanguard will be taunted and stop attacking them. 
  • Counter Attack: Heroes in this class can attack back by striking the opponents who continue to launch attacks against them. 

Arcanist Class 

Arcanist class playstyle
Arcanist Class

Another viable class that we would like to feature in the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes is the Arcanist class, which has been known to be an excellent support for the players that want to dominate the battlefield and also beat up their enemies while staying at a safe distance. 

Let’s be clear when we mention being at a safe distance, we are not talking about the Marksman, as Arcanists operate completely differently. Essentially, Arcanists in Knight’s Tale will typically excel in wielding a Staff, and with Magic by their side, they are amazing at casting spells that can attack enemies. 

These spells can offer different debuffs to the opponents but also deal damage. Arcanists are typically known as lesser supports, and the reason some people might want to choose them is if they want to do some ranged combat. However that being said, their melee combat abilities and personal defense are pretty weak therefore players should consider that before deciding to main as an Arcanist. 

Arcanists will typically be able to rely on their main DPSes of Defenders to protect them, but if they have to face an enemy up close alone, they are screwed.

Heroes Included 

Moving right along, we will mention one or two basic heroes that will act as Arcanists for those adventurers that choose to main an Arcanist class. 

Sir Ector 

Sir Ector has to be the main hero that every player will probably get when they first choose to play as an Arcanist, as he is known to be a Christian and based on his traits, he is a wise person that can provide an excellent amount of assistance to the main damage dealer while being on the side. 

While sir Ector does not deal an immense amount of damage, he still has 46 Vitality Points, which enhances his viability, alongside also having 15 Hit Points, and also rocking 8 Action Points. He also has only a 5% chance of armor breakage, making him a hero that all players should have in their arsenal. 

Apart from Sir Ector, no further information has been released about the other heroes who are also Arcanists, them being Merlin, Faerie Knight, and Sir Dagonet. 

Equipment Used in Arcanist Class 

As for pieces of equipment, as mentioned before, Arcanists will also take help during their combat from two main pieces of equipment, that both offer a bit of assistance and can help Arcanists excel even further in their main job, which is to cast spells and deplete the HP of other opponents. 

Rune of Magic 

Kicking things off with the Rune of Magic, it is the main piece that Arcanists will use, just like there are runes for Defenders, Marksmen, Vanguards, etc. The rune can offer a bit of a buff during the battle to make the entire process of murdering enemies that much easier and help the main DPS too. 

Sigll of The Boar

The second piece of equipment that players will have if they choose the Arcanist from the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes is the Sigil of The Boar, which will typically act as a sigil that can be paired with the light armor that arcanists wear. The sigil itself does not have any major buffs but it does provide basic vitality. 

Skills for Arcanist Class 

Arcanist Gameplay playstyle
Arcanist Class Gameplay

With the Arcanist class being so specific, players will need extra buffs since they lack personal defense and melee combat abilities. These 7 skills are sure to buff an Arcanist main. 

  • Force Bolt: Upon casting this skill, the player will be able to launch out an arrow that will contain raw energy, and upon hitting an opponent, it will cause them to intake 100% enhanced damage. 
  • Curse: If the player casts this skill and it hits the enemy, they will be affected by the slow status for a total of 2 turns. 
  • Magical Armor: Anytime this skill is active, it will grant the player 6 extra Armor points that will protect the player from the first attack that gets launched by the opponent and helps them stay alive for longer. 
  • Master of Curses: The hex intensity of the player is increased by 30% which makes them stronger support on the battlefield. 
  • Extra Damage: This one is pretty self-explanatory, as it will simply increase the overall damage output dealt with foes by 10%. 
  • Long Reach: All skills will be able to hit enemies harder since the range is increased by 1 point(s). 
  • Master Alchemist: Anytime the player decides to use a buff potion, their effects will be enhanced by a total of 25%, making the Arcanist a lot more viable in the arena.

Sage Class 

sage class combat
Sage Class

Wrapping up our King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes, the last class on our list is Sage Class, which has proven to be one of the stronger versions of an Arcanist. While an arcanist is going to be typically squishier, especially due to their light armor and poor melee combat abilities, Sages on the other hand continue to be amazing at their job. 

While they are still a bit on the weaker side compared to let’s say Champions or Vanguards, they are still honing a better combat ability, especially since they are under the guise of a medium armor that will protect them till the end of the battle. They also excel at ranged combat as they also wield a staff, but do it a lot better. 

Players that decide that they want to main as a Sage will never be disappointed, and will rather be able to bask in the glory that Sages bring to the battlefield, as they are an excellent support class. Let’s discuss their main heroes and skills. 

Heroes Included 

When we mention heroes that are going to be included in the Sage class, there are three main heroes, with them being Sir Leodegrance, Morgawse, and Sir Lucan, but full information is out for one hero.

Sir Leodegrance 
Sir Leodegrance stats
Sir Leodegrance Hero

Sir Leodegrance has proven to be an excellent hero when he is added to the player’s party, and as he is a sage, he will do his best to act as proper support and help the player dominate the battlefield. He can also definitely lend a hand to the main DPS who will always be on the front line and launching attacks. 

Sir Leodegrance has around 39 Vitality Points, which makes him a lot more useful while the player is busy in battle, and he also has around 24 Hit Points, while also having a mere 5% chance of having his armor broken on him, meaning his defense is good as well. He has 8 action points. 

Skills Used by Sage Class 

Gameplay elements
Sage Class Gameplay

There are 5 main skills that the Knight’s Tale Classes will use, and the same goes for the Sage class, and below we see listed the 5 skills. 

  • Freeze Attack: Any opponent that is unfortunate enough to cross paths with the player, and when the player casts this skill on them, they will take 50% increased damage which will cause them to freeze for a while. 
  • Bless: Any opponent that has been targeted by the player will be intaking 30% increased damage until the turn of the player is over. 
  • Long Reach: Anytime the player intends to cast their spell as a Sage, the skill will become active so that it uses up 0 AP. 
  • Mental Fort: The player’s Mental Resistance is enhanced by a total of 10 Points. 
  • Aura of Protection: When the player casts a spell, their Armor will gain one extra protection point.

With that, this wraps up our King Arthur Knight’s Tale Classes guide, we hope you enjoyed it! 

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