King Arthur Knight’s Tale Combat Tips

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale features a series of bosses, each unique and fairly powerful. While there are optional bosses in the game, you will have to fight the bosses with your heroes from six different classes in the main campaign in order to unlock some of the areas in the game. So, to help you fight these bosses efficiently, we have put together this guide that includes useful early-game tips for combat and exploration in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale.

Key Takeaways
  • Investing in the right equipment, the best relics, shields, and weapons will help you get through battles and be victorious in King Arthur Knight’s Tales.
  • Activating skills, and using and moving items also require Action Points.
  • Powerful items and relics are available as loot in the game which you can use between missions through the Adventure Map.
  • The red zones marked on the map are Deploy Areas where you set up your character’s initial position before the start of the battle.
  • Exploring the battle arena will help you prepare before the battle even starts so you can choose the deploy areas and adjust your gear accordingly.
  • Keep the Vitality in check which is the health of your hero which can be recovered in the Hospice only.
  • Use the Hide and Reveal Skill, which costs double action points, to surprise the enemy by dealing a great amount of damage stealthily.
  • Use ranged attacks to deal damage to the enemy from a distance using ranged heroes in your team.
  • Reserve your Action Points for the next turn and use Overwatch in combat using the Action points you reserved.
  • Visiting Shrines can grant your knight any positive or negative effect making it useful in combat in case you manage to land a positive effect.
  • Interacting with resting areas can help you recover the HP you lost in the battle and the armor you got damaged.
  • Use of Potions gives your knight specific buffs and effects which can get handy in combat.
  • Beware of the Lost which enter Torpor state and reanimate if you don’t destroy their Cadavers.
  • Make use of the battlefield to your advantage by using the natural covers and laying traps for your enemies.

Combat Tips In King Arthur Knight’s Tale

We will go through all the advanced and basic mechanics of combat in the game in our guide. It might seem like you can easily take on any battle by charging head-on into the enemy. But if you want an ensured victory, you should have a proper strategy and a balanced plan otherwise you will just end up with a Round table full of defeated heroes.

Combat Difficulties

There are four modes in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale that will decide the rest of your journey in King Arthur Knights Tale. Each mode presents a different combat style and difficulty.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Combat Tips
Combat Difficulties in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale 


In story mode, your heroes will survive all the battles that you will fight with one Vitality. Visit the resting place to heal the HP and the Armor of your heroes completely. During the story mode, the damage output that the enemies would get is -50% and -20% Vitality, Armor, and HP.


If you are playing in Normal mode, while you are at the Resting Place, your hero’s HP and Armour will heal by 75%. In this mode, enemies will get a damage output is -25%, -10% Vitality, Armor, and HP. 


In hard mode, your healing will decrease substantially. Even if you’re at the Resting Place, your heroes will heal only by 25%. This includes HP and Armor. The enemies will be just as strong as other modes, only your healing power will decrease here.

Very Hard

This mode can be a nightmare if you’re a beginner. You should only play this mode once you’ve completed the main campaign with normal difficulty. In this mode, the Resting Place will heal about 25% Armor and HP of your heroes. The damage output of enemies in this mode is +25%. The Vitality, Armor, and HP in this mode are around +10%.

Team Composition

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale offers six different classes of heroes to choose from. Each class carries a unique skillset and combat style. The optimal team for you would be using a lot of damage dealers and some defenders and utility heroes. This can change though, depending upon the enemy you’re facing. Keep your tanks upfront so they take in most of the damage. In this way, your damage-dealing heroes would land more strikes successfully. The heroes can even set up traps and buff their teammates so they can take the enemies down effectively.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Combat Tips
Team Composition in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

Don’t worry about the damage-dealing abilities of the tanks you choose. Even if they lack offensive abilities, as long as they are strong enough to take in most of the attacks, they would be an amazing shield for your team.

Choosing The Right Equipment 

Just putting together a strong team won’t get you through battles. You will need the right equipment if you want to take your enemy down. This includes a good weapon and a shield in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. There are over 1000 items to choose from so you will have to analyze the stats of each one before you invest in anything. Choose the best Relic that will help you in combat and help you in your journey to save Avalon. Invest in powerful items that will give you unique active and passive skills. 

For instance, if you feel like the chest piece of your hero is lowering the AP cost of movement, then you can use the Juggernaut talent. Using this makes your hero gain around 5% damage until it’s the end of the turn. A few buffs from your teammates here and you’re bound for victory. You can also get a Necklace in one of the missions during Act 1. This Necklace can summon a Lost that will fight by your side the entire mission.

Basic Movement And Combat

To interact with objects in the world of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale or choose a hero or equip an active skill and use it, you need to left-click on them. The middle button of the mouse will rotate the camera. So you can use this feature to take a look around. Use right-click to move around.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Combat Tips
Basic Movement and Combat in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

To activate skills, heroes use Action Points or AP. These points represent the number of activities a hero can perform in a battle. These include activities like using items, moving, and activating skills. These Action Points help a lot in combat. The skills you choose using action points can change the whole direction of the battle and determine if you’ll be victorious or not. You can use certain equipment to increase Action Points and invest them in skills that will help you in combat. These include Coin of the Quick, Amulet of Epona, and the Herald’s Cape.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Combat Tips
Skills in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

The increased Action Point buff is temporary, but it can help you get the most powerful skills in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. Action Points refill at the start of every turn. You will see a highlighted area around your selected character, this will determine the range of the character’s movement. This is why Action Points are so important when it comes to combat. The more Action points you have, the larger distance can be covered. 

When you have selected a skill, the highlighted area around your character will change in color and shape. It is called the attack range. It is the range that the character can reach with the current skill equipped.

Finding The Loot

It is no doubt that loot plays an important role when it comes to combat. If you manage to collect powerful items and relics, you can ace your combat skills and get the upper hand in battles. You will find loot at various locations during your journey in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. To equip the loot or to manage it, you will have to open up the Adventure Map. You can use your loot only between the missions.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Combat Tips
Loot in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

Deploy Areas

These are red zones that are marked on the map that appear before you enter any special combat. These areas are very important for any combat as these allow the characters to choose their initial positions before the battle starts. Keep in mind that the positions matter a lot and certain positions can determine your victory in the game. Select your heroes one by one and allocate them to positions you think are the best for them according to their skills.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Combat Tips
Deploy areas in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

Explore the Battle Arena

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale helps its players by giving them information about each battle, prior to entering them. You can get this information simply by exploring the area before you start the battle. Find more deployment areas so that you will have more tactical options at the beginning of the combat. You can select any of the marked areas you discover for deployment.

Check the faction on the map where the battle will take place before you start the mission. Doing this will help you adjust your gear according to the combat situation.

Keep Vitality In Check

Vitality is the constitutional health of your heroes and plays a vital role in combat. Taking damage that reduces your Vitality can badly affect your combat. You’ll be prone to injuries and ultimately death. You must avoid Vitality damage at all costs because if it reaches zero, the hero will die permanently. In this state, you cannot refresh or resurrect the hero. If the leader, Sir Mordred dies, it will be game over.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale Combat Tips
Hospice in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

While you can restore the lost HP and Armor easily faster missions, Vitality damage can only be treated in the Hospice located in Camelot. To unlock Hospice, you will need 500 gold and 500 Building Resources. But this investment will help you a lot in combat situations where your Vitality is at risk.

After every completed mission, the treatment restores 20% of the hero’s maximum vitality. However, after the treatment, the treated hero must remain in the hospice for some time. You can upgrade the hospice so that the effects of treatment can be improved. These upgrades are worth the gold as they will improve your combat skills.

Treat Injuries And Curses

If one of your heroes ends up with a persistent debuff, it will hinder the performance of the whole team. So it is better that you remove and treat them until they are healed. These injuries can affect your combat. You can heal them in the Cathedral. If one of your heroes has a curse, treat them in the Enchanted Tower.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale
Cathedral in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

Cathedral and the Enchanted Tower both need 500 gold and 500 Building resources to be unlocked. It might seem much but this investment is worth it to treat the injuries and curses of heroes to help them perform better in combat. You can also check our guide on all King Arthur Knights Tale Buildings in Camelot to see what buildings you need to build to aid your heroes in combat.

Use the Hide and Reveal skill 

One of the classes in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, Vanguard has a unique ability. They can hide and dodge enemy attacks. Vanguards can also come out of their hiding and land surprise attacks on enemies. This special ability gives them an upper hand in combat. 

Using Hide and Reveal during combats can deal up to 50% more damage. But they also use double-action points for movement. The Action Point consumption is reduced on Purple Shrouded tiles. While usually, the enemies can detect the hidden heroes from a distance on two tiles, on Shrouded tiles only the enemy that is directly adjacent to the hero can detect him. You can break the hidden state using any skill. Use this ability in combat to your advantage and stealthily take down enemies.

Level up faster

Finish all the objectives in a mission to complete it and level up. Leveling up will help you a lot in combat because you can unlock special items at certain levels only. This is a very important tip in our list of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale Combat Tips.

You can also level up in the Training Grounds. You can give XP to your knights even if they are not participating in missions and help them level up. In Training Grounds, you can respec the skills of your heroes as well.

When you have completed all the objectives of a mission. Click on the Finish Mission button on the top right to exist. You can also explore the rest of the map before you leave. Make sure to check the Enchanted Tower to see what Relics you can get with your current level.

Use More Ranged Attacks

Another useful tip for combat is to use as many ranged attacks as you can. Make sure you have at least one ranged hero in your team that can attack enemies from a distance. You can use bows for powerful ranged attacks.

 Combat Tips
Ranged attacks by heroes like Lady Dindraine

Be careful while using ranged heroes as you can get a ranged penalty if the enemy is too close. A ranged penalty occurs if the enemy is within the melee range of ranged heroes. This decreases the damage to all targets by 50%. To avoid this penalty, keep your archers away from the enemies.

Character Orientation 

Character orientation plays a huge role when it comes to combat in King Arthur Knights’ Tale. You can change the orientation of your knights using your mouse. To rotate them, right-click on the heroes and drag them to the position you want. 

Keep your tanks in the front. These heroes with shields take reduced damage. Another good tip is to place some of your heroes in such a way that you can attempt a backstab attack. This surprise attack will help you dodge incoming damage from enemies while you attack them.

Reserve Your Points

A great tip to excel in combat is to reserve your action points for your next turn. You can then consume all your action points at once if you want. This will help you when you are in a difficult position in combat.

 Combat Tips
Reserve your points in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

Use Overwatch Often

Another thing you can do with your remaining Action Points that will help you in combat is Overwatch. Using Overwatch, you can end a character’s turn with increased effect and with your desired orientation for them.

 Combat Tips
Overwatch in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale

To do this, select an area and consume the remaining action points you reserved. Now, if an enemy enters the area you have selected in the next turn, your knight will execute a free attack on the enemy right away.

Time Acceleration

A good tip in our list of combat tips in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is to speed up your combat is time acceleration. This will save you a lot of time so that you can actually focus on the main combat instead of getting distracted by the animations. 

You can activate time acceleration after you have ended your turn. To do this press and hold down the space bar. So before your turn begins, it will speed up the enemy’s combat actions.

Visit Shrines

Shrines can help you a lot in combat. They can grant any one of your knights a random negative or positive effect.  While this is purely based on luck, it can completely turn over combat situations if you manage to land on a positive effect. 

You can also know the exact type of effect you will get from a Shrine by using a knight that has high spell power. Only the heroes you select will gain powers from the Shrine.

Go To The Resting Areas

If you’ve lost Armor or Hit points, you need to recover them as soon as possible or you will get defeated by your enemies. A good strategy for combat is to keep your Armor and Hit Points always at maximum. 

You can do this by visiting some Resting Areas on the map. By interacting with these Resting Areas, you can regain most of your HP and heal your Armor.

Use Potions

Potions are a vital part of combat. They can give your knights specific buffs that can help them a lot during combat. This is one of the best tips in our list of combat tips for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale.

There are various potions you can get in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. Each of these potions is unique and carries special effects. Using potions, you can replenish your Knight’s armor, heal your Knights and even increase your Action Points. Using a potion will cost you 1 AP.

Beware of Reanimation 

The biggest threat you will face in combat besides your main enemy is the Lost. If you kill a Lost, they will enter a Torpor state. If you don’t destroy their Cadavers, they will reanimate in 3 turns. You will have to fight and defeat them again in case they reanimate.

Utilize the Terrain

When you’re in the battle, make sure you use the battleground to your advantage. Use proper cover to counter the enemy attacks. You can also use your Vanguards to lay down traps all over the arena and do surprise attacks. Another strategy is to separate your enemies by placing an Ice Wall between them.

You will have to go through many battles in a single mission. So you need everything you can to win every single one of them.

This concludes our detailed guide on the combat tips for King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. Hopefully using these tips will help you win every battle you join and make your journey toward freeing Avalon a lot more convenient.

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