All King Arthur Knight’s Tale Heroes 

Our King Arthur Knight’s Tale Heroes guide showcases all of the heroes' skills and entails playstyles for players in the game.

With a variety of 6 classes and 30 heroes to choose from, King Arthur Knight’s Tale presents the options for players to select heroes from their favorite classes, assemble a party and attempt missions, main quests, and side quests. This King Arthur Knight’s Tale Heroes guide will cover information about released heroes.

Key Takeaways
  • King Arthur Knight’s Tale consists of a total of 6 hero classes and 30 heroes.
  • Champion Heroes focus on dealing huge amounts of damage to the enemy and include Sir Lanval, Sir Kay, Black Knight, White Knight, Sir Balan, and Sir Lancelot.
  • Arcanist Heroes are spell casters wielding a magical staff. Sir Ector, Merlin, Sir Dagonet and Faerie Knight fall into this hero class.
  • The Defender Class plays the role of tanks absorbing all damage dealt by the enemy. It includes Sir Mordred, Red Knight, Sir Galahad, Sir Percival, and Sir Pelleas.
  • The heroes from the Marksman Class engage in ranged combat which comprises Sir Yvain, Lady Dindraine, and Sir Geraint.
  • The Vanguard Class is a stealth-based hero class that encloses Sir Tristan and Sir Balin.
  • The Sage Class is another great supportive hero class composed of Morgawse, Sir Lucan, Sir Leodegrance, and Lady Guinevere.

Here’s a table of all the best heroes in King Arthur Knight’s Tale:

HeroesVitalityHit PointArmourAction Points
Sir Lanval56.
Sir Kay
Black Knight40.
White Knight
Sir Balan40.
Sir Lancelot
Sir Ector
Sir Dagonet
Faerie Knight
Sir Mordred
Red Knight40.
Sir Galahad40.
Sir Percival
Sir Pelleas
Sir Yvain46.
Lady Dindraine30.
Sir Geraint
Sir Tristan
Sir Balin
Sir Lucan71.
Sir Leodegrance
Lady Guinevere

Knight’s Tale Heroes and Features 

When players choose and assemble their parties with the selection of heroes, they should keep in mind that HP and Armor are scarce in the game; therefore, ensuring that their HP does not fall below a critical point is crucial. Alongside that, there are 6 classes, amongst which heroes can be repeated. So far, information has been released about 25 heroes, so we will cover that! 

Champion Heroes 

The Champion class offers a selection of 7 heroes, most of which will act as the main DPSes and drive forward towards the front lines of combat against enemies and fighting with all their might. 

Sir Lanval

MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points

Starting with our first hero in the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Heroes list, Sir Lanval comes in first. He has been described y his partners as a Fast Learner and hones 53 Vitality Points, alongside which he can act as the main damage dealer. He also has 27 Hit Points and has an excellent chance of only a 15% Armor Breakage chance. 

His strongest skills include Strike, whereby players can easily go toward their opponents and strike down on them with melee damage. Defensive Stance is yet another excellent skill, while Cleave also offers excellent player support. Rage is the fourth skill that Sir Lanval has, while Extra Bleeding causes enemies to lose HP over time. 

To unlock him, players will need to finish the mission “Treachery,” After a little duel with sir Lanval, players can join him in their Roundtable. 

Sir Kay 

King Arthur Knight's Tale Sir Kay
Sir Kay Hero
MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Neutral 4018511-137

Another excellent main DPS is Sir Kay, that can be added to the player’s team after the player can free him from the prison that has captured him during the main prologue quest. His main traits include being a Talented and Ambitious man, whereby he also has 30 Vitality Points alongside having 42 hit Points and 7 Action Points, which make him a very viable hero. 

When it comes to his skills, he will use the same skills that the Champion class uses, that being Strike, Death Strike, Cleave, Rage, Strength, Extra Bleeding, and Juggernaut for tier-one skills. Tier 2 skills include Kick, Vengeance, Earth Shaker, Power Attack, Lighten Armor, and Robust, all of which are excellent skills that can help the player come up with overpowered moves to take down their worst enemy in combat. 

Black Knight

MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points

We certainly can not ignore Black Knight when it comes to capable heroes. He has also proved to support the player by helping fight against enemies by dealing huge amounts of melee damage that can render any tough enemy useless. Though there isn’t much information about him, we can still predict his viability will be no less than any other Champion Hero. 

His main skills will also include Death Strike, which is pretty self-explanatory, as it allows players to get up close and personal with their foes and strike through them. Extra Bleeding will cause enemies to start depleting their HP and eventually die off, while Rage will allow players to go mad and dominate the battlefield with their damage output. All in all, Black Knight is a hero no one should ignore. 

White Knight

MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Christian 62421115-226

When mentioning Knights, the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Heroes includes a wide selection of knights that can act as Champions and Defenders, one of which is the White Knight, who has not been given extra details yet. Still, we can imagine that he can also act as the main damage dealer and charge up to the opponents and hurl attacks at them. 

Since it takes a strategic mind to play the King Arthur Knight’s Tale combat, players that are complete beginners can choose the White Knight, as he also hones the same amount of skills as any other Champion hero would and will continue to prove himself on the battlefield and continue supporting the player. 

Sir Balan 

Sir Balan front line attacker
Sir Balan Hero
MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Rightful- Old-Faith4022512-167

Moving through the Champion heroes, the next hero on our list will be Sir Balan, who the players can acquire during the second mission in the Early Access gameplay. After the mission has been done, he will be invited to join your Roundtable. His team members will describe him as a Progressive man, alongside an excellent Fellowship. 

These traits make him extremely reliable, and payers should know that they can face any boss if they have Sir Balan in their party. He has a total of 40 Vitality Points, and he also has 27 Hit Points, which allows him to become stronger in combat. He also has a 15% chance of armor breakage, making him even more invincible since this armor will not give up during the fight. He uses all the same skills that every Champion Hero will be using during a battle against opponents.

Sir Lancelot

MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Rightful 69541522-407

Suppose players are looking for a reliable Champion Hero. In that case, Sir Lancelot is the way to go, as he exhibits and plays the role of the main DPS with ultimate pride. When Sir Lancelot is in the player’s party, they will be able to strategically plan their next move and take down any enemy that dares come forth. 

To cast Sir Lancelot as a party member, players will need to get done with their SIde Mission called “The Protector,” after which the hero will be invited to join your party and participate in the battle. Sir Lancelot has many Vitality, Hit, and Action Points, which makes him an excellent candidate for combat.

Arcanist Heroes 

Moving right along with our Heroes, the next class that we will be talking about is Arcanists, a class with a list of certain heroes that excel at wielding a staff and can be excellent for spell-casting at opponents that can be severely deadly. 

Sir Ector 

King Arthur Knight's Tale Sir Ector
Sir Ector Hero
MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points

Starting with our first hero on the Arcanist list, Sir Ector has been respected by his members for being one of the wisest heroes in the game and having excellent connections with fellow heroes. To access Sir Ector, players will need to complete the mission, “Fire With Fire,” after which he can join the player’s Roundtable. 

The hero has 46 Vitality Points, alongside being one of the best spell-casters on the team. He can launch out spells that can obliterate the enemy and help the player achieve victory. He also has 15 Hit Points and 8 Action Points, which can be excellent assistance during combat. 


MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmour Base damageAction points

Moving on with our list of heroes, another amazing arcanist that can be added to the player’s Roundtable is Merlin, who has been known to provide the kind of aid that no other Arcanist can. With an excellent grasp of spell-casting and strong knowledge of support combat, Merlin is the perfect hero in your party to dominate your opponents. 

The way to get hold of Merlin is really easy, as all players need to do advance through the main Act II, called “The Witch Queen,” after which the players need to make a tough decision to choose between their mother or Merlin to join their party. After selecting Merlin, he will be there with you throughout your combat. 

Sir Dagonet

MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points

Players who want to experience the ultimate gameplay experience for King Arthur Knight’s Tale can look into equipping Sir Dagonet. He is yet another impeccable hero that belongs to the Arcanist class. With a morality of Old Faith, has can truly be perfect support as he casts potent spells that are damaging enough to render any foe useless. 

Sir Dagonet will probably have the same Arcanist skills that are used by other heroes as well, such as Firebolt, which allows the heroes to release an arrow that hits the enemy and deals damage, or Curse, which upon casting will cause the surrounding opponent to be slowed, whereby Sir Dagonet can then cast spells on them and kill them off. 

Faerie Knight

MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Old-Faith 6830116-248

The last Arcanist hero on our list is going to be Faerie Knight, which the players can unlock when they are in the middle of completing the mission known as “Beyond The Veil,” after which the players will have the option to choose between two possible hero options, either Faerie Knight or Sir Gawain, and choosing Faerie Knight will recruit them to your Roundtable. 

In terms of damage, Faerie Knight does not really excel in damage, but the hero is good at being an Arcanist, by which the players can take advantage of him and take down enemies little by little when needed. It will help the players murder the opponents, as the main DPS will take the frontline, while the Faerie Knight will be on the sidelines supporting the main DPS. 

Defender Class 

Now that we are done with the Arcanist class, let’s swiftly move on to the heroes included in the Defender Class, which also consists of several Heroes. Defenders will typically be more on the sidelines too.

Sir Mordred 

Sir Mordred protagonist
Sir Mordred Hero
MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Neutral 401856-87

Starting with Sir Mordred, he is one of the most distinguished King Arthur Knight’s Tale Heroes, as he is one of the main characters that players will encounter when they first start playing the King Arthur Knight’s Tale. Typically, players will be able to acquire him instantly after they start and add him to their party. 

His main role in the party will be to act as a guard, wear extremely heavy armor, and intake excessive damage without depleting any of his health. He also has 20 Vitality Points and 42 Hit Points while also having 7 Action Points in his arsenal, and he is one of the strongest Defenders out there. 

Red Knight

MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Tyrant 40N/A112-16N/A

Another viable defender that the players can add to their party is Red Knight, typically described as a Tyrant. Still, when it comes to defending and protecting the main DPS and the entire party from incoming attacks from opponents, whether in single combat or a boss fight, none can do their job as well as Red Knight can. 

Being a defender, he can keep the other players alive since he will be under the guard of heavy armor while also having the highest amount of personal defense, damage negation, and personal resistance against any incoming hits from the enemy’s direction. 

Sir Galahad

MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Christian 40N/A0N/AN/A

Moving right along with our King Arthur Heroes, Sir Galahad comes up next in line, and he is known to be yet another viable Defender who swears to protect the players until the end of their battles. He can be recruited while the players are doing one of the major missions. 

Sir Galahad will deflect any attacks that the opponents launch. With his intelligent personality and mind, he can take brave steps, step to the front lines, and protect the main damage dealer from intaking enhanced damage so that he can attack back with utmost force. 

Sir Percival

MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Christian 713597-158

When we mention capable Defenders, we absolutely cannot forget the name of Sir Percival, as he can serve the players like no other Defender. With his combined set of skills, players should consider recruiting him to their main party, whereby they can be defended at all times. 

When it comes to acquiring the hero himself, players can gain access to him while doing the side mission known as “The Cauldron,” located in Ashdown. Players need to have hold of Lady Guinevere, another capable hero, to recruit Sir Percival to your main party, and after acquiring him, players can test him out and use him. 

Sir Pelleas 

King Arthur Knight’s Tale Sir Pelleas
Sir Pelleas Hero
MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Rightful 563076-96

The King Arthur Knight’s Tale Heroes just keep getting better and better. One of them is Sir Pelleas, a Defender who can stand guard when the player is busy on the main battlefield and can support the player by protecting the player from the opponent’s ambushes. To add him to your party, players will need to get done with “The Cursed Ship” mission, after which, when the players are done with its side mission, they can recruit him. 

Sir Pelleas is known to have one of the most Righteous personalities, which makes him all the more viable, alongside also making his party members feel secure and safe. He hones his abilities by having a whopping 49 Vitality Points and 29 Hit Points, and 7 Action Points on his stat list. 

Marksman Class 

Now that we are done with the Defender Class, the next heroes on Heroes list will be from the Marksman class, whereby the marksmen will typically stay at a safe distance and engage in ranged combat. 

Sir Yvain 

Sir Yvain marksman
Sir Yvain Hero
MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Neutral 461124-108

Kicking off the Marksman class, Sir Yvain has proven to be an excellent Marksman, and with his ranged abilities, he can participate in ranged combat with little to no issues. He can truly provide the best support for the main DPS with his capabilities. The easiest way to recruit him is to keep him alive throughout “The Tale of Sir Yvain” mission, where he will join your party for the mission. 

Sir Yvain gets described as a person with an excellent sense of Sixth Sense, which allows him to figure out the positions and presence of nearby enemies, get in a protective stance and use his ranged combat abilities to launch attacks that will render the enemies useless. 

Lady Dindraine 

King Arthur Knight's Tale Lady Dindraine
Lady Dindraine Hero
MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Christian 301305-98

Moving right along our list of King Arthur Knight’s Tale Heroes, players can truly take advantage of yet another capable hero known as Lady Dindraine, who can participate in the battle with the player. Players can access her after completing the main quest known as “Among The Ruins,” after which she will join the player’s Roundtable. 

When it comes to her traits, she is known to be a Humble and Beloved person, doing her best while busy in combat with enemies, using her skills to their fullest potential, and aiming to take down the opponent with the next step already planned out in her mind. She has 30 Vitality, 13 Hit, and 8 Action Points in her arsenal. 

Sir Geraint

MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Old-Faith 30N/A0N/AN/A

Players can have another option for a hero to add to their party if they aim to play as a Marksman. Sir Geraint is an extremely capable Marksman that can truly outclass other heroes with his unique abilities and combat skills. With him at your party, players will have a guaranteed win. 

His main skills include Shoot, which allows him to launch a ranged attack that will inflict opponents with 100% enhanced damage output. Another important skill that he has is Cover Expert, as well as Ready, which buffs up his Overwatch damage by a whopping 20%, while Adrenaline will give him back 1 AP every time he murders any enemy. 

Vanguard Class 

The next heroes we will mention will be from the Vanguard class, which is typically regarded as a stealth-based class. 

Sir Tristan 

King Arthur Knight’s Tale Sir Tristan
Sir Tristan Hero
MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Neutral 512225-98

Kicking things off with our first hero, Sir Tristan, is a Vanguard that his team members highly regard. He is known to be a tough fighter and can take out some of the toughest opponents with his stealth abilities. The main way players can access and play him is by finishing “The Cursed Ship” mission. 

He has 43 Vitality Points and 24 Hit Points while also having 8 Action Points, which make him extremely important, and players are recommended to try him out at least once. 

Sir Balin 

King Arthur Knight's Tale Sir Balin
Sir Balin Hero
MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Christian-Tyrant 352225-98

Sir Balin is another viable character that players can have in their arsenal. He is known to be another strong Vanguard, coming up behind enemies and taking them over while they are completely oblivious to the Vanguard’s attacks. 

Sir Balin himself is known to be both a Christian and a tyrant in terms of his morality, and players can gain access to him via the Bridge of Sorrow mission. He has 35 Vitality Points, 24 Hit Points, and 8 Action Points. 

Sage Class 

Wrapping up with the Sage Class heroes, they are just an upgraded version of the Arcanists and can provide an outstanding amount of support for the player in combat. 


MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Old-Faith, Tyrant351935-78

One of the first heroes that we will cover for the Sage class that players can take advantage of is Morgawse, who can cast deadly attacks while being at a range from the opponents and render them useless with her support abilities. The main DPS will always shine through while Morgawse is in the player’s party. 

Players can add her to their Roundtable after they are done with the Level 9 Story Mission after getting done with Act 2.

Sir Lucan

MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Christian, Rightful 712478-158

Keeping things going, the next hero that players need to have in their arsenal is Sir Lucan, who, although not the same as a Champion or a Defender, can still lead the player towards victory with the way he acts in the gameplay. Players can get hold of him by completing the side mission known as “The Atonement of Sir Lucan.” Check out our King Arthur Knight’s Tale Hospice Upgrade Guide

Sir Leodegrance 

King Arthur Knight's Tale Sir Leodegrance
Sir Leodegrance Hero
MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Rightful 573137-148

Sir Leodrgracne is a highly respected Sage amongst his fellow party members. He is known to be a Rightful person; with him having 39 Vitality Points, 24 Hit Points, and 8 Action Points, players will need to check him due to his insane abilities. Players can access him in the early accession version by finishing off with the “Bridge of Sorrow” main mission. 

Lady Guinevere 

King Arthur Knight’s Tale Lady Guinevere
Lady Guinevere Hero
MoralityVitalityHit PointsArmourBase damageAction points
Old-Faith, Rightful 572467-138

Last but not least, let’s wrap up the heroes with Lady Guinevere, who is yet another highly capable Sage. With her support, the players can handle any difficult challenge, whether a boss fight or single combat enemies. Get her in your party after completing the story mission known as “The Excalibur.” 

This is the King Arthur Knight’s Tale Heroes guide all wrapped up! We are still playing the game and will uncover the remaining information on five heroes that are missing from the list. Until then, these 25 heroes’ information will do. 

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