King Arthur Knight’s Tale: How to Respec

With six different classes to choose from in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, you will get a wide variety of skills that will play an important part in the progression of your character. Reallocating these skills so that you can focus on important stats is an integral part of this game. This is why we have put together this guide that will show you how to respec in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale.

Key Takeaways
  • Respec lets you acquire skills from another hero class to your hero build.
  • Respec requires unlocking the Enchanted Tower building in Camelot which costs 500 Gold and building resources to unlock.
  • The Enchanted Tower offers relics and trades relics in exchange for the game’s currency called Relic Dust.
  • This building provides the option to permanently respec your skills as well as buy different items using the Relic Dust currency.
  • You can respec your heroes at the Training ground too and reset your heroes’ skill points after every mission.

Why Respec In King Arthur Knight’s Tale?

King Arthur: Knight's Tale How to Respec
The Training Grounds in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale where you can respec skills

Respec can help you a lot in your journey and combat because it lets you bring skills from other classes to your build. For example, if you are playing as a Defender Hero like Sir Mordred or the Red Knight, using respec will let you acquire skills from Marksman or Champions. With six classes and about 30 heroes, you will have a lot of skills that you can respec. 

King Arthur Knight’s Tale offers active and passive skills for each class. You will have to unlock the skills to help you in combat. You can also level up these skills by unlocking Masteries and maximizing the potential of the effects these skills have. You can reallocate the skills you want by spending gold in the game. You can farm gold by completing missions. 

How to Respec In King Arthur Knight’s Tale

The Early Access to King Arthur Knight’s Tale was released on 26th January and the players now have access to many Buildings located around Camelot, which is the main hub of the game. To respec the skill points of a Hero in the game, the first step is to build the Enchanted Tower. 

Unlock Enchanted Tower

Enchanted Tower is one of the many Buildings around Camelot. These buildings require a certain amount of gold to unlock access to them as well as their Building Resources. You can unlock the Enchanted Tower using 500 gold. To unlock its building resources you will need an additional 500 gold. 

The Buildings around Camelot including the Enchanted Tower can only be accessed through the World Map of Avalon. You can choose which mission to take here and view the equipment as well as the stats of your heroes to have some idea about which skills to respec in King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. 

Repec your skills

The Enchanted tower is basically a shop that sells relics of armor, weapons, and trinkets. You can also exchange the relic items that you don’t really need for Relic Dust, the game’s currency. You can then use this currency to buy different items. You can also respec your skills here and permanently add skill points from hero classes like the Sage and Arcanist by unlocking certain upgrades from this shop using gold.

The new upgrades in Camelot have changed the resource costs drastically. You can respec your heroes at the Training Ground. Reset your hero skill points for 300 gold pieces. You can reset your skills after every mission.

This concludes our guide on how to respec in King Arthur’s Knight’s Tale. Using this method you can easily reallocate your hero points and utilize skills from other classes to help you better in combats.

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