King Arthur Knight’s Tale Merchant Unlock & Upgrades

During the restoration of Camelot in King Arthur Knight’s Tale, you will unlock certain buildings, some of these buildings would allow you to get many useful equipment and weapons for your team. The merchant is one of those helpful buildings that you can unlock and build to make your characters more formidable in combat. So, we have curated this merchant upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s Tale guide that will help you unlock and build this building while also discussing some useful upgrades for this building.

Key Takeaways
  • The Merchant building offers to trade different items such as weapons, consumables, and other equipment.
  • The Merchant building can be unlocked for 250 gold and 250 building resources.
  • The Armorsmith upgrade grants additional armor to every character on your team.
  • The Master Blacksmith upgrade grants one more additional armor making it a superior version of the previous upgrade.
  • The Newcomer Vendors upgrade increases the number of items available to sell after every restock.
  • The Caravan upgrade increases the rate at which the shop offers refresh.
  • The Tradepost upgrade decreases the price of every item available for sale by 10% giving you a great discount.
  • The Craftsmen upgrade increases the number of valuable items available after each restocks that occurs.

How To Unlock The Merchant In King Arthur Knight’s Tale?

Camelot building upgrades
Camelot Buildings

To unlock merchant upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s Tale, you would be required to gather certain materials such as building resources and gold. You would need about 25 building resources and 250 gold to unlock the merchant to get useful armor and equipment.

You can gather the required materials after completing missions and combat. Once, you have the required number of materials, you can construct the Merchant building to commence trade. You can buy and sell various items at the merchant including weapons, consumables, and other equipment. Utilizing these items can make your team more effective in combat.

Merchant Upgrades In King Arthur Knight’s Tale

The merchant is one of the most useful buildings because you can buy various useful weapons and items that can aid you in combat. There are six upgrades for the merchant building that can improve the number and quality of the items you can buy. Some merchant upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s Tale can also reduce the price so you can easily afford the most expensive items. You can also find some great armor sets, weapons, and consumables from this merchant.


Merchant upgrades King Arthur Knight's tale

Armoursmith is one of the most helpful merchant upgrades if you want to improve the defense of your team. If you get this upgrade every character on your team would get an additional armor. This would improve your team’s overall defense, allowing you to stand for long in combat with your formidable team. To get the Armoursmith upgrade, you would need 1000 gold and building resources. 

Master Blacksmith

Merchant upgrades King Arthur Knight's tale
Master Blacksmith

You can get Master Blacksmith to upgrade after getting the “ Armoursmith” upgrade for your merchant building. Master Blacksmith is an enhanced version of Armoursmith because it would allow you to get one more additional armor to raise your team’s defense. The additional armor that you would get from these merchant upgrades can make your team difficult to take down. Moreover, you will be able to take down many enemies with ease. To unlock this merchant upgrade you would need 2000 gold and building resources. Getting both Armoursmith and Master blacksmith merchant upgrades is recommended for better defense in King Arthur Knight’s Tale. 

Newcomer vendors

Newcomer vendors is a recommended merchant upgrade that you can unlock for 3000 gold. This upgrade would raise the number of items available for sale at the shop after every restock. You would be able to buy a large variety of items after every restock. Install this upgrade if you want to buy more high-quality weapons and equipment from the merchant. You would need the Master Blacksmith upgrade before you attempt to unlock this merchant upgrade.


The Caravan upgrade is recommended especially if you want newer items in the shop’s inventory. This merchant upgrade would refresh offers more frequently at the shop allowing you to buy a variety of weapons, armor, and trinkets. You would need 2000 gold to get this merchant upgrade.


Tradeposts is one of the best merchant upgrades in King Arthur Knight’s Tale. If you unlock this upgrade, you would be able to buy all items from the merchant at a discounted price. The cost of all available equipment and items is decreased by 10% of its original price. This would allow you to save a lot of gold and players would be able to buy expensive items for a reasonable price. To get this mod, you would be required to have your tyrant level to 4.


If you want to get a few rare items in your inventory, then Craftsmen is one of the merchant upgrades that you should invest in. You can unlock this upgrade for only 1000 gold which is worth spending for rare weapons, equipment, and even relics. Every time a restock occurs after certain missions, more valuable items would be available in the offer. 

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