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At first glance, most players don’t consider Lanz a good choice, but there is more to him. First priority of Lanz is to protect his friends and comrades in battle. He might seem like an opinionated guy and rude at times, but he has a great sense of duty. Like most Xenoblade Chronicles 3 heroes, Lanz also has a great story about him, and you will know as you progress through the game story.

Key Takeaways
  • Lanz is a character in the game Xenoblade Chronicles 3.
  • Lanz serves as a defender and wields a great sword that can also function as a shield and mountable Gatling gun.
  • Lanz is voiced by Jack Bardoe in English and Kosuke Tanabe in Japanese.
  • He starts as a Heavy Guard class and can be fused with the character Sena to form Ouroboros.
  • Lanz has various abilities called Arts, including Bull Rush, Solid Stance, and Burning Rain.
    Recommended early game Arts for Lanz include Bull Rush, Crash Out, and Solid Stance, while recommended Ouroboros Arts include Titan Fists and Burning Rain.

For your convenience, here is the Build Summary for Lanz:

Character NameFormRoleStats (lvl 1 - 99)ArtsSkills
LanzNormal FormHeavy Guard - Defender ClassHP: 388 - 7,755
Attack: 20 - 392
Healing Power: 16 - 329
Dexterity: 30 - 297
Agility: 20 - 204
- Tyrant Wave (Chain Art)
- Mad Taunt (Talent Art)
- Bull Rush-
- Variable Turret
- Crash Out
- Uppercut Slash
- Overclock Buster (Talent Art)
- Sword Strike
- Air Slash
- Ground Beat
- Giant Swing
- Maximum Voltage
LanzOuroboros FormHeavy Guard - Defender ClassAttack: 48 - 1,224
Healing Power: 22 - 442
Dexterity: 39 - 388
Agility: 25 - 254
Critical Rate: 10% - 15%
Block Rate: 45% - 55%
- Winning Rush (Talent Art)
- Ray Of Punishment
- Burning Rain
- Sudden Impact
- Titan Fists
- Volcano Canon
- Incredible Guard
- Steady Advance
- Reflection
- Hefty Protection
- Strength In Adversity

Who Is Lanz?

Lanz in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

During the battle, Lanz will start as Heavy Guard, and it is a robust tanking class that draws enemies’ attention to him.

Furthermore, it helps his friends to fight more effectively, and he also offers defensive buffs to nearby allies. Keep in mind that you can also fuse Lanz with Sena into a huge form known as Ouroboros. English Voice actor for Lanz is Jack Bardoe, and his Japanese voice actor is Kosuke Tanabe.  

Understanding the combat system of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 can be tricky; you have six heroes, and all of these have their own set of Arts. Moreover, Arts help you fight enemies and defeat them, so you must choose them accordingly.

Below we have mentioned Arts of Lanz, and along with that, we have also recommended you the best Arts to equip yourself with.

  • Tyrant Wave (Chain Art)
  • Heavy Guard
  • Mad Taunt (Talent Art)-AOE/Taunt
  • Bull Rush- Topple
  • Variable Turret-Block Attacks
  • Crash Out – AOE/High agro
  • Uppercut Slash- High agro
  • Sword Fighter
  • Overclock Buster (Talent Art)-Dazed
  • Sword Strike- Side Break
  • Air Slash-Cancel Attack
  • Ground Beat-AOE
  • Orgre
  • Giant Swing –Knockback
  • Maximum Voltage- Unlockable/ATK Up

Recommended Early Game Arts  

While playing with Lanz, you should try to make use of Bullrush, and this allows him to topple enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. To buff defenses of Lanz, use Solid Stance, and as a defender class, it plays a big role in taking enemy aggro. Furthermore, it is wise to use Crash Out instead of Uppercut Slash, as Crash Out takes less time to recharge.

Lanz fighting in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Bull Rush

  • This Art topples the enemy, making it a vital choice for defeating foes.
  • It has a single-target area of effect and a recharge time of 26 seconds.

Crash Out

  • Boosts aggro generated when using Arts by 70% in the forward area.
  • Recharges in 17 seconds.
  • Recommended over Uppercut Slash for faster recharge.

Solid Stance

  • Reduces damage taken and damage dealt by 25%, providing important defense.
  • It has a longer recharge time of 44 seconds, so use it strategically.

Recommended Ouroboros Arts

Ouroboros of Lanz is a defender, so you should use Burning Rain to draw agro from enemies. Players can equip themselves with any art in the remaining two slots, but we recommend using Titan Fists. This will help you to prevent shackle blocking, which allows your party to fight more efficiently.

Titan Fists

  • Inflicts Shackle Blocking and Blowdown, making it a powerful single-target Art.
  • Useful for preventing shackle blocking and improving party efficiency.

Sudden Impact

At level 3, it inflicts topple on all enemies, making it effective in battle.

Burning Rain

  • Affects all areas around the player.
  • Boosts aggro generated when using Art by 50%, making it ideal for drawing enemy aggro.
  • Important for maintaining control in battles.

Best Early Game Accessories

It is recommended to use Increased HP(Bronze Temple Guard) or Increased Block Rate (Light Weak Guard). Also, when Lanz has a heavy Guard Class equipped, you can even make him more powerful with HP bosting accessory or a Block rate boosting one.

Lanz Lifting rock in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Zephyr class only relies on evasion, but Heavy Guard should be able to sustain all attacks they receive directly. That is why these accessories maximize the strength of Lanz to withstand damage.

Best Classes For Lanz

Class NameHPAttackDexterityCritical RatePhysical Defense
Heavy Guard10,081847 (+107)297.08% (+2%)50% (+10%)
Swordfighter5,8161,025356 (+178)20% (+10%)15%

Lanz has great starting skills, which gives him a high degree of flexibility. At the start, Lanz has a Heavy Guard class, which allows him to get Defensive Soul class skills from the beginning.

Furthermore, he is adaptable when it comes to changing classes; Lanz makes the most of from first-class charge’s skill and the Ogre’s fighting prowess. Even though Swordfighter is not on top, there is still no problem if you change Lanz’s class to match your current party.

Best Soul Tree for Lanz

It is better to use defense-related abilities to utilize the powers of Lanz effectively. Players should prioritize learning abilities that mostly focus on Block Rate, and that can also resist enemy attacks. One of these skills is Hefty Protection, which can reduce the damage taken by the party by 20% but only works within a certain radius.

Heavy Guard Tank Build

Heavy Guard Tank Build will make Lanz a very strong character. Below we have mentioned all the required things for the Heavy Guard Tank Build.

Master Skills

  • Com an’ Get Me!
  • Antibody System
  • Mind for Guarding

Master Arts

  • Shield wall
  • No Love Lost
  • Demise Thrust


  • Bullrush
  • Crash out
  • Uppercut Slash


  • Iron Clad
  • Perilous Presence
  • Steel Protection


    • Titanium Temple Guard
    • Crystalline Chemise
    • Berserker’s Armor Vest

Lanz is a soldier from Keves colony, and his starting class is Heavy Guard. Also, he considers Noah his best friend. Moreover, he has a defender role and is very helpful during battles. He is the bulkiest of all the teammates and is stronger too. Furthermore, we have mentioned his Arts and recommended the best Arts for you to enjoy your gameplay. Players can also make Tank build for Lanz to make an even superior hero. 

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