The Skywalker Saga: Better Call Maul Challenge Guide

Our Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul walkthrough guide entails all Level Challenges and Minikit locations you should know.

The Lego Skywalker Saga has been assisted with a plethora of characters to unlock quests to complete, challenges to triumph, and capital ships to conquest for the player to progress through the game. Amongst these challenges lies the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul Challenge, which consists of different parts that we will cover in this detailed guide, so make sure to follow through to the end!

Key Takeaways
  • The Lego Skywalker Saga has a Better Call Maul Challenge that players can complete.
  • The Challenge is divided into two parts: collecting 5 mini kits and completing 3 levels of the challenge.
  • The three level challenges are “Forced Out” “Odds Stacked In Your Favor” and “Complete Maul-ing“.
  • It is recommended to take on the challenges in the free-play mode so you can switch characters to navigate difficult terrains.
    • In the first level, “Forced Out”, you need to use the Force to push droids off a platform.
    • In the second level, “Odds Stacked In Your Favor” you will have to fight Darth Maul and navigate through an electrical wire.
    • In the last level, “Complete Maul-ing” you will have a final boss fight with Darth Maul.

Better Call Maul MiniKits & Level Challenges Walkthrough

Before we get started with our Better Call Maul Challenge walkthrough guide, players should be aware that there are a lot of small steps and inconsistencies with this Challenge itself since it requires the player to detour quite a few times to collect some of the mini kits and then progress through the Challenge itself. 

However, we have concised the Challenge into two main parts, one being the minikits for which there are 5 minikits to be collected, and three main levels of the Challenge. During this entire walkthrough, the player will be in a constant fight with a villain known as Darth Maul at the end, and the player will have a boss fight with them, so let’s get started! 

Kicking off the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul Challenge with our first part of the Challenge, players will need to make their way through three main factors that they can easily get through if they use a bit of strategy. Make sure that you activate these challenges in free play mode so that you can switch mid-flight and switch to characters that make it easier to navigate difficult terrains. 

The three level challenges are: 

Forced Out Level Challenge

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul Challenge
Forced Out Droids

Starting with the first part of the Better Call Maul Challenge guide, this part is quite easy to navigate and simply asks the players to switch to a character that can easily use the Force to get through it. 

To complete Forced Out, players will be situated on a main connected platform through which, when they are running, their path will be blocked by around 10-15 droids. The main aim of this Challenge is that players need to use The Force to cause the droids to go airborne and then launch them off the platform and down into the abyss. 

Skywalker Saga Forced Out
Forced Out Droids Into Abyss

The good thing about this part is that players only need to push off 5 droids, and there are two main ways they can do it. One is that amongst the 15 droids blocking their path, they can combat some of them while also using The Force to pick up some of the droids and then drop them off the platform. 

However, there is an easier way too. Defeat all of these droids so that they die, and if the player turns around, they will be able to come across a small platform made of Lego bricks, on top of which there will be 5 droids situated that will be musicians, and they will not attack the player. Simply use The Force to lift them and throw them into the abyss, and you are done with the first part! Check out this k for future quests! 

Odds Stacked In Your Favor Level Challenge

We are moving on to the second part of the main Challenge, where the players need to keep in mind that they will need to beat Darth Maul. As we mentioned before, the fight with Darth Maul will continue throughout the entire Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul Challenge. 

For this part, when players are situated on the main platform where they are dueling with Darth Maul, he will start to run across the platform, which the players will naturally continue to follow. However, the player’s path will be blocked, as the main platform will be lifted, whereby a cutscene will play, and the main protection coating of the floor will be ripped apart, revealing the electrical wires underneath the flooring of the platform. 

Lego Star Wars Odds Stacked In Your Favor Electric Wire
Odds Stacked In Your Favor Electric Wire

Now it’s quite obvious that players can not jump into the electrical wires. Otherwise, they continue to deplete their own HP, which won’t be good. The electrical hazard path is about 4 jumps wide, nearly impossible for the Lego character to make by itself. However, if players notice after the cutscene ends, a small platform rises from the right side where there are about 3 crates located. 

The easiest way to get through the fatal pathway is to get close to the edge of the safety platform, switch to a character that can use The Force, and use it to carefully lift one of the crates, and make sure to place it in the middle of the pathway. Ensure that the crate is placed exactly on the second jump distance; otherwise, you will not be able to make the jump. 

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul Challenge
Odds Stacked In Your Favor Crates

From there, simply double jump onto the main crate, then double jump against onto the platform that is not affected by the electrical wires. After you have done that, Darth Maul will come back to annoy you. You need to defeat him once again to get to the final boss fight with him. 

Complete Maul-ing Level Challenge

The final part of the Challenge itself is getting rid of the Darth Maul boss. The boss fight will have practically completed itself since the Complete Maul-ing part is the final part after you have obtained all Minikits and gone through all the first two parts of this Challenge. 

The main thing to note is the main attack patterns of Darth Maul itself and try to avoid them. Darth Maul will typically use a combination of lighter attacks, typically meleed attacks whereby the player can go face to face with the enemy and render them useless with basic normal and combo attacks. 

However, another important attack pattern that many people will typically get hit by is the “Strong Attacks,” which the player can figure out as there will be an orange stripe going all across the floor when it is directed towards you. All you need to do is step out of the way, and it won’t hit you. 

Players can simply use The Force to lift some objects besides Darth Maul to cause its HP to be depleted, or they can go all-in with melee attacks. The main important thing to note is that players have a max 10-minute timer in which they have to defeat the boss, after which they will have conquered it.

Lego Star Wars Complete Maul-ing
Complete Maul-ing

All Five Minikits Walkthrough In Better Call Maul

Now that we are done with the first half of the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul Challenge, let’s move on to retrieving the five main minikits that are crucial to progress through the Challenge itself. Keep in mind that these minikits will be scattered in between the main progress levels that we have already discussed! 

Minikit 1 

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul Challenge
Minikit One Entrance

To get your hands on the first Minikit, players will not have t fight any sort of droids or boss; rather, it will be a simple process. When you are standing in front of the main brick building, there will be a small entrance in front of which the player will be situated. Make sure to do a 180 and start running back towards the door. 

However, players do not want to go into the entrance itself but rather steer left, and they will come across a wall whereby there will be three main platforms, and right above the third platform, the Minikit will be hanging against the wall. However, the platforms will be closed shut, and to open them; the player will need to use The Force. 

Stand near the first platform, aim the Force towards the first platform, open it up, and do the same with the second and third. After that, double jump onto the first platform, and then make your way over to the second and consequently onto the third main platform in the middle of the first and second one. 

Jump up a little, and you will be united with the first Minikit.

Lego Skywalker Saga Minikit One Retrieved
Minikit One Retrieved

Minikit 2 

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul Challenge
Minikit 2 Droid One

There are going to be a bit more steps for the second mini kit since there are 5 main cleaning droids that the player will need to break to retrieve the main Minikit. Start running towards the circular platform and steer right when you first spawn into the main platform. Keep running until you come across the Cleaning Droid 1 and use melee attacks to break it apart. 

Lego Star Wars Minikit 2 Droid 2
Minikit 2 Droid 2

When you turn around, you will come across the main platform that the player needs to get on. The platform will take you from the area you were on to the second floor. Once it stops, get off it, and there will be a few droids that the player will need to kill off. 

The next cleaning droid will be in the middle of one of the fights with Darth Maul; he will be located across the platform from which the flooring has been ripped up. The player needs to turn back around and keep running until you come near a left intersection, take a left and go into the platform located to the right of a circular floor. 

Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul Challenge
Minikit 2 Droid 3

Keep running towards the middle of the main circular area, then steer left, and once you reach the circular room, hop onto an elevator made out of Lego Bricks and push the button to elevate up. Run towards the right, whereby the player will encounter the second cleaning droid. Break it to get the ⅖ cleaning droid parts. 

For the next cleaning droid part, this will be located where players completed the “Odds Stacked In Your Favor” challenge. Go back from where you started, and if players look to their left, there will be a small pathway from where the player can get onto the main circular area. Break apart the cleaning droid to retrieve the ⅗ part. 

Lego Star Wars Minikit 2 Droid 4
Minikit 2 Droid 4

Assemble the main elevator part, take the elevator up, and start running to your left, where the player will be able to encounter yet another cleaning droid. Hit it with melee attacks to retrieve the ⅘ piece. Keep running across the main flooring, and steer to your left, where the last droid will be resting. If you obliterate it, you can retrieve the 5/5 part, which will give you the second Minikit.

Lego Star Wars Minikit 2 Droid 5
Minikit 2 Droid 5

Minikit 3 

Moving right along with the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul Challenge walkthrough, we are onto the third Minikit. From where you obtained the second Minikit, start running across the circular platform and keep going straight until you approach an area with a pink laser beam running through it. 

Steer left, and there will be a small square area where there will be some bricks that the player needs to break. After that, click on “Assemble,” and four red buttons will build up for each corner of the square. After you are done building that, turn back around and start running where you came from. 

Lego Star Wars Minikit 3 Pink Beam
Minikit 3 Pink Beam

Players will encounter three small boxes, where they need to use The Force to lift one of the boxes and carry it while running across the platform on the right. Head back to the area where you assembled the four red buttons, and drop one of the boxes onto the buttons to turn it green. 

Do the same to the next buttons, and once they are all green, the elevator will start taking you up. The third Minikit will be floating in the air, and the elevator will come to a halt, and players have now successfully retrieved the third Minikit!

Lego Star Wars Minikit 3 Retrieved
Minikit 3 Retrieved

Minikit 4 

Lego Star Wars Minikit 4 Black Square
Minikit 4 Black Square

Keeping things going with the fourth Minikit, we are nearing the end of our Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul Challenge walkthrough. From the main platform, switch to a character that can grab onto grapple hooks and pull them out. 

From there, locate the black square in the middle, grab onto the orange hook and pull it up to pull out a giant black cylinder. Run around the back of the cylinder, and the cylinder will be opened and hollow from one side, and inside it will be the fourth Minikit, which the players can interact with to claim it. 

Lego Star Wars Minikit 4 Retrieved
Minikit 4 Retrieved

Minikit 5 

For the last Minikit, it will be located across the same platform that players retrieved the fourth Minikit from, just a few meters ahead. Start running until you encounter a giant area blocked by a red laser coating. 

If players look to their left, they will be able to use The Force to grab onto a blue puzzle piece. Slot it into its location, the blue shape embedded in the wall. After that is done, the red beam will disappear, and Darth Maul will appear as a final boss, which can be defeated during the third part of the “Complete Maul-ing” series. 

Lego Star Wars Minikit 5 Retrieved
Minikit 5 Retrieved

Inching towards the platform’s edge, grab onto the first rod, and then jump down to the second rod to retrieve the fifth and final Minikit! We are done with the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Better Call Maul Challenge walkthrough; we hope you enjoyed it! 

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