The Skywalker Saga: How To Unlock All Capital Ships

This LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga guide will tell you how to unlock all capital ships and how to summon them in the game to show dominance.

LEGO Star Wars has five capital ships that players need to take control of while playing the game. Players capture Capital ships from their owners, and once captured, these capital ships become the player’s battle stations. Conquering these capital ships can be tricky as the player needs a considerable amount of studs.

The player needs a minimum of 2 million studs and a maximum of 5 million studs to conquer any of these capital ships. The other way to take control over these capital ships is through completing various quests and side quests.

Key Takeaways
  • Unlock Death Star by spending 5 million studs, complete Episode 4 in A New Hope Campaign, and finish Operation Stardust from Rebel Engineer.
  • Obtain Death Star II for 2 million studs by completing Doom Ball III side quest from Ewok Engineer in Ewok Village.
  • Acquire an Executor for 5 million studs by engaging in battles in Tatooine or Bespin space and destroying multiple ships.
  • Attain Kylo Ren’s Flagship Steadfast (3 million studs) by defeating all enemies in Jakku or Passana space.
  •  Secure Trade Federation battleship (3 million studs) by conquering Geonosis and Naboo space areas.

Here’s a summarized table that consists all unlockable Capital Ships in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga:

Capital ShipComplete Episode CostHow to Unlock
Death Star Capital ShipIV: A New Hope5,000,000 StudsComplete “Operation Stardust” in Great Temple, Yavin 4
Death Star II Capital ShipVI: Return of the Jedi2,000,000 StudsComplete “Doom Ball III” in Ewok Village, Endor
Executor Capital ShipVI: Return of the Jedi5,000,000 StudsComplete four Space Battles in Tatooine Space and Destroy The Executor
Steadfast Capital ShipIX: The Rise of Skywalker3,000,000 StudsComplete several Space Battles in Cantonica Space, Exegol Space, Jakku Space, and Pasaana Space and Destroy the Steadfast
Trade Federation BattleshipI: The Phantom Menace3,000,000 StudsComplete several Space Battles in Geonosis Space and Destroy the Trade Federation Battleship

1. Death Star Capital Ship

LEGO Star Wars skywalker saga capital ships

Death Star is probably the most iconic capital ship in the Skywalker Saga. The first step towards unlocking this capital ship is that the player needs to complete the entire 4th episode of the “A New Hope” campaign.

Once the player has achieved that, he has to make his way to the Federal District in Coruscant. The player then has to talk to the Rebel Engineer present at the Great Temple hanger in Yavin 4.

The Rebel Engineer will assign a side quest, “Operation Stardust,” to the player. The player needs to finish this side quest, and once all these steps are done, the player can finally go to the ships tab in a holoprojector to take control of the Death Star. The Death Star is bought for 5 million studs. While you’re at it, consider reading our Cheat Code guide and acquire the capital ships quickly in the game.

2. Death Star II Capital Ship

Lego Star Wars Deathstar II
Deathstar II

The Death Star II is the successor of the above Death Star capital ship in the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga. To Acquire the Death Star II, the player needs to reach the 6th episode of the “Return of the Jedi” campaign. Once the 6th episode is done, the player needs to pave his way to the Ewok Village. The Ewok Village is located on the Endor.

After the player has reached his destination, he must talk to the Ewok engineer and start the side quest “Doom Ball III.” After the player completes the side quest, the player needs a Holoprojector to purchase the Death Star II.

The Death Star II costs two million studs to the player who has completed his initial target.

3. Executor Capital Ship

LEGO Star Wars skywalker saga capital ships

The Executor is a personal flagship of Darth Vader, and the process of unlocking this capital ship is very different from the Death Star and Death Star II. The player himself needs to take over this capital ship even before it is available for purchase. No quests need to be fulfilled to take control over the Executor.

The player must go to Tatooine or Bespin space to participate in several battles in the space area by the time the Executor spawns. The player has to defend all the enemies surrounding this capital ship and then take charge of the ship by boarding it.

Once boarded, the player still has to fight each enemy until they all are dead and the ship becomes his own. That’s when the player can purchase the Executor from the ship menu.

  • The Executor costs the maximum amount of studs, which is 5 million.

4. Steadfast Capital Ship

Lego Star Wars Steadfast

Steadfast is a Kylo Ren’s Flagship and also a Star Destroyer of the First Order. The player must travel to the Jakku space or Passana space. The player has to fight all the enemies in the surrounding space. Once the outer defenses are destroyed, the player can take control of the ship by boarding it.

After boarding the ship, one by one, the player starts taking down all the enemies. There is a set of instructions provided there too. By completing all the instructions, the player can take all control of the ship and then purchase it for 3 million studs from the ship menu. While Cheat Codes unlock some of the rear items in the game, capital ships are not one of these.

5. Trade Federation Battleship 

LEGO Star Wars skywalker saga capital ships
Trade Federation Ship

The Trade Federation Battleship is the most iconic capital ship of the Clone Wars time. It is also seen in the films around Naboo and Geonosis. Just like Executor and Steadfast, the player can take control of this capital ship by fighting different space battles.

The player has to head towards the Geonosis and Naboo space area. The player has to then participate in all the space battles and destroy all the ship’s defenses. By boarding the Trade Federation Battleship, the player takes control of the ship and defeats all the enemies.

  • After clearing out the entire ship, the player can purchase the Trade Federation Battleship for 3 million studs from the ship’s menu.

After the players have captured, unlocked, and purchased all the capital ships, they can summon them in any space region they want. The player has to open up the ship menu while being in the space and select which capital ship should be summoned.

One player can summon only one capital ship at a time, not more than that. Capital ships are the major assets for any player in the LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga Battleships. They hide many secrets from the player.

The player can easily unlock any capital ship they have charged control of and explore the interior of any of their capital ship. Exploring capital ships can help the player find some collectibles onboard and have a little fun during the game.

With that, we conclude the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Capital Ships guide! Make sure to tell us your opinion! While you’re at it, consider reading our Lego Skywalker Saga Datacard Location Guide. 

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