Lego Star Wars Studs Farming [100k Per Run]

Our Lego Star Wars Studs Farming entails one of the fastest skywalker saga stud farm methods you should do to collect 100k studs per run.

There are a lot of unlockables in Lego Star Wars, the Skywalker Saga. Unfortunately, all the content comes with a price. You need to use studs, the in-game currency, to unlock many of the cool items. The content ranges from well-known characters to gear and to even ships to roam around in. And if you are looking to unlock everything, then you will definitely need to repeat our best stud farm skywalker saga rotuine. Therefore, this Lego Star Wars Studs Farming guide will ensure that you get adequate studs to buy everything that your heart desires!

Key Takeaways
  • In Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, studs are the in-game currency used to unlock various characters, gear, and ships.
  • To efficiently farm for studs, it is recommended to focus on getting multipliers, starting with x2 and x4, before spending studs on other items.
  • These multipliers can be bought with the following amounts of studs:
    • x2 – 1,000,000.
    • x4 – 2,000,000.
    • x6 – 8,000,000.
    • x8 – 48,000,000.
    • x10 – 384,000,000.
  • The best method for farming studs is playing the free-play mode of Episode IV: A New Hope.
  • This level has many structures to destroy that grant studs and has a tunnel-like path with credit tower-like structures to collect studs from.
  • Players should aim to get as many kills as possible while avoiding crashing into the sides or structures.

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Lego Star Wars Studs Farming

Lego Star Wars Studs Farming
Lego Star Wars – Episode IV gameplay

The thing that you know about Lego Star Wars Studs Farming is that it can be made efficient based on the upgrades that you have. Combining that with one of the best episodes game levels for farming, Episode IV: A New Hope, you can gain unlimited amounts of studs. In fact, you’ll be able to buy anything within a matter of minutes. So, having higher multipliers will give you better skywalker saga stud farm results.  

Getting the multipliers

Lego Star Wars Studs Farming Studs Multipliers
Stud Multipliers

As mentioned, the stud multipliers are quite important. At the start, you might be tempted to spend much of your studs on just buying ships or other loot but trust us; it is better to save up. It will help you immensely in the long run. Therefore, our initial aim with the best stud farm skywalker saga technique is to save up so that we can get at least the x2 or x4 multiplier. These multipliers are essentially the key to making the Lego Star Wars studs farming great. The multipliers come in various categories, and they are priced accordingly:

  • Studs x2 – 1,000,000
  • Studs x4 – 2,000,000
  • Studs x6 – 8,000,000
  • Studs x8 – 48,000,000
  • Studs x10 – 384,000,000

You should aim to get at least the x2 to start off with and then get to x4 before you start spending any of your studs on other items. This will ensure that you go from getting around 100,000 studs to around 1mil per each run. Of course, it can vary in each round. But it is worth noting that the multipliers do accumulate, so getting x2 and then x4 will account for you getting x8 studs which is great.

Episode IV: A New Hope Farming Spot

The best method of Lego Star Wars Studs Farming as of now is farming the Episode IV free play. It is fairly simple, with lots of structures to destroy that grant studs. Therefore, if you have not made it to episode IV as of yet, then simply play along till you reach it. Once you do, you can always access the episodes through the menu and initiate free play in Episode IV; stay on Target. Skip the cutscenes to make the run time-efficient, as you will have to grind out quite a few runs before you can get the multipliers.

As soon as you start the skywalker saga stud farm route, you’ll be on a tunnel-like level, be careful not to crash on the sides as the ship is wobbly as the mission begins. Now from here onwards, it is straightforward. Simply hold down your shoot button and get going. With every kill, you will be awarded studs. Just make sure to get every kill that you can. Furthermore, there will be these credit tower-like structures that you need to look out for. First of all, do not crash into them as they can come out of nowhere at times. Secondly, if you fly slightly above them, you’ll be able to collect a good number of studs from them.

Along the best stud farm skywalker saga pathway, you’ll eventually be led to a wider cross-section where you’ll have to choose between going towards the left or right. The choice is yours in this scenario. Your run will likely come to an end when you either crash or get overthrown by an ally-ship. When that happens, or if you reach the end of the tunnel-like path, you will get a cutscene with Vader, which you can skip. You’ll respawn in a wider section which is essentially going to be your free play mode. You can roam around and destroy all ships and towers. Continue to destroy almost everything that you can see, especially the towers. Make sure also to collect those loops of studs as well.

There will also be purple spheres hidden in the arena that you can get to get like 10k studs. Imagine having an x2 and x4 on it that could easily get you 80k studs. Essentially your task in this wider arena is to destroy the exhaust ports. There are 4 of them in total, and as soon as you clear them, you’ll be taken on course to the end. Therefore, before destroying all four ports, make sure to collect as many studs as you can.

But once you’re confident and satisfied with what you have, you can make your way over to destroying the ports and ending the mission.

Using our Skywalker Saga stud farm method, you will be able to get 100k per run without any upgrades. Of course, as you add the multipliers, you will begin to reach the millions. Because of its simplicity and how quick the run is, this is by far one of the best Lego Star Wars Studs farming methods.

Additional Upgrades

Hidden Bounties skill
Lego Star Wars – Hidden Bounties Upgrade

Under the bounty hunter skill tree, you can find the hidden bounties upgrade. You can unlock that to get studs from enemies.

Additionally, in the main skill tree, you can get the attract studs upgrade. This is more of a quality-of-life update where you won’t have to spend too much time getting close to each stud. They’ll attract towards you as if you are a magnet.

With that, we have the best Lego Star Wars Studs farming. It is quite efficient and will allow you to buy almost anything in no time. The main power of the farming technique lies in multipliers. It is recommended not to spend the studs on anything except them to maximize your gains. Let us know if you have any other great methods in the comments below.

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