LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Droid Factory Frenzy

Our guide will walk you through all the steps involved in Droid Factory Frenzy mission and help you with everything you need to know to complete its challenges.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is a fun game with multiple levels and episodes that give you a diverse range of experiences compared to other games. The game is based on exploration, and you can explore it in any order, so you can always come back to the previous levels and play them differently to have a new experience. The game has various levels, and one of the levels is LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Droid Factory Frenzy, which has three challenges; two of the challenges are relatively easier, while one makes you struggle to complete it.

Key Takeaways
  • The Droid Factory Frenzy is one of the levels in the LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga and has three challenges.
  • To reach this level, you must first complete a story mission involving Jango’s Starship and afterward visit Anakin’s mother on Tatooine.
  • You need to pass through different locations such as Mos Espa, Jundland Wastes, and Geonosis to reach the Droid Factory Frenzy level.
  • Once in the level, players can collect Minikits by avoiding machines called smashers, climbing ladders, and destroying obstacles.
  • Acquiring all collectibles can be made easier by playing in co-op mode.

How To Reach Droid Factory Frenzy In LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

lego star wars the skywalker saga droid factory frenzy
Reaching Droid Factory Frenzy

The following steps will help you in reaching Droid Factory Frenzy level, saving Padme, and controlling Anakin and C-3PO in the factory.


If you have completed the story mission that follows Jango’s Starship, you will receive the next task involving visiting Anakin’s mother after returning to the Theed. Selecting Tatooine from the galaxy map using the pad, selecting a specific destination Mos Espa on the surface of the planet, and landing on this mentioned location will enable you to proceed further in the mission. 

This particular location will have a building with a blue circle in front of it; reach that blue circle to activate the conversation with Watto. Using the parked vehicle marked by the game, you will travel to Jundland Wastes to continue your search. The new place will have a farm where you will meet C-3PO.

Tusken Raid

In a nearby canyon, you will find a Tusken Raider camp. This location marked by the game will have new blue circles, but their examination will not lead to any fight but initiate another cutscene.

Distress signal

Your task here will mainly be marked by saving Obi-Wan, for which you will have to fly to the planet Geonosis. There will be no need to open the galaxy map, as you can fly to the marker that will take you to planet Geonosis. 

Geonosis surface will have a landing site, Stalgasin Hive. After reaching the surface, you will have to go to the Droid Factory by climbing or jumping to the edges protruding in the way. To unlock the catches and raise the hatch, you will use force multiple times. After jumping into the small hole, there will be a blue circle that will start the Droid Factory Frenzy Level. 

Droid Factory Frenzy Minikit Locations In LEGO Star Wars Skywalker Saga

Finding The Minikits

You get six Kyber Bricks in each level of LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga for different purposes, including completing the level, filling the stud gauge, completing the challenges, and collecting the Minikits. The following steps will help you get the Minikits for Droid Factory Frenzy level; make sure to unlock free play mode before finding the mini kits. Acquiring all collectibles can be made a little easy if you play Lego Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Co-op mode.

Droid Factory Frenzy Minikit 1

The Minikit one is relatively easier to find, as it is available right after you jump down onto the first conveyor belt. You will see different machines known as smashers that will constantly move, and you need to avoid these. Try to climb and jump onto one of these smashers to be able to get the first Minikit. These machines carry droid parts, so you can get the first Minikit by shooting the blue target that is at the back of the machine to release the Minikit. You will not be able to grab this Minikit if you are not in the free play, and then you will have to wait till Freeplay.

Droid Factory Frenzy Minikit 2

Once you are done finding the first Minikit, you will move on to finding the second Minikit. The second Minikit can be found after you jump down the conveyor belt of the smashers. After jumping down, you will find a ladder if you turn around. You will be able to see the second Minikit above a furnace. The ladder will be blocked by a golden obstacle that should be destroyed.

This golden obstacle can be destroyed using a bounty hunter. When you destroy this obstacle, the ladder will be exposed. Head up the ladder by climbing it, and there you will reach a platform. The second Minikit will be placed on this platform, so you can get it from here. 

Droid Factory Frenzy Minikit 3

Once you have been successful in gaining the second Minikit for Padme and Anakin and the blue fields that were blocking your path have been removed, the next step is to return the control to R2D2 and C-3PO. You will run up the conveyor until you reach a platform, jump across this platform and look for a silver fence.

The third Minikit is located on the conveyor belt that is hung from a zipline. You will see a target on the zipline that can only be destroyed with a blaster. You will use a character with a blaster to hit that target on the zipline and make the Minikit being carried on a monorail drop from the zipline. This Minikit will fall in the arms of a needy-looking cleaning droid who will gently embrace the Minikit.

The next step here is to use a character that has a grappling hook to enable you to drag the third Minikit from its arms. Thus, the characters needed for obtaining the third Minikit are the ones with a blaster or grenades to destroy the target on the zipline and characters with a grappling hook to drag the Minikit. 

Droid Factory Frenzy Minikit 4

After collecting the previous Minikit, jump on the conveyor belt that is on the right side. After proceeding ahead, jump to the conveyor belt that is on the left. You will also be required to destroy a barricade here. In this area where a circular machine is necessary to restart the conveyor, you will see a robotic arm painting some kind of picture. Once the robotic arm is done painting the Minikit, destroy this artwork. Here you can build the Minikit from the blocks. 

Droid Factory Frenzy Minikit 5

The last Minikit can be found at the start of the level. At the start, Geonosians will attack you, and if you tackle this attack and take care of it properly, you will be required to find a computer. Only a villain character will be able to activate this computer, so once they have activated it, you can move directly to the conveyor belt. There will be a crushing hazard, and you will be required to jump on it and ride it to find the Minikit.

Droid Factory Frenzy Challenges In LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

lego star wars the skywalker saga droid factory frenzy
Droid Factory Frenzy Challenges

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Droid Factory Frenzy has three challenges: No Hanging Around, Mind Control Done, and Zipping Past Danger.

No Hanging Around

The challenge No Hanging Around involves saving Padme within 30 seconds after she gets stuck. You will have to rescue her at the end of the mission. This mission does not involve any special activities other than reaching Padme quickly. She falls into a giant cauldron which is used to hold lava. If you do not rescue her quickly, she will be melted in the cauldron.

In this case, the game will prompt you to use R2D2. You will be required to fight your way through battle droids, but you can avoid all this by using R2 and heading to the terminal. After reaching the terminal, you can use your abilities to save Padme and complete the challenge. Make sure to ignore all the enemies in this challenge and do a little unlocking mini-game after reaching Padme. 

Mind Control Done

The challenge Mind Control Done involves tricking the Geonosians so that they start attacking one another. This will require the use of force which you can get by playing as Anakin or any other force user. As soon as you encounter Geonosians on the conveyor belt and they start to show up in numbers, you can use mind control after removing the blue shield (Jedi Trick) on any one of them by holding triangle/ Y on the pad and selecting panic/ influence from the available options of actions.

This panic option will make the panicked opponent attack his ally. You can now run in their groups and start taking them out. With that being done, your challenge will be completed. 

Zipping Past Danger

This challenge involves finding a shortcut above the conveyor belt to skip through the dangers which are yet to be faced. You should advance enough to make Anakin’s team move on the conveyor’s left side. Once you reach the machine, jump on it instead of running under it.

You can climb to the top of the machine, where you will find a rope. Grab the rope, and you will be able to make a long descent with it avoiding the dangers of the droid factory. This will be done right after you will start the level, and there are high chances that you can miss it. You will jump on the hydraulic press by climbing it using the blue handholds, but this should be done before you move to the bigger conveyor belt at the end of 2D.

You should navigate through the factory smartly to reach the right locations. At the top, you will find a zipline that will enable you to skip many dangers and traps of this level. 

Droid Factory Frenzy Walkthrough In LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Droid Factory Frenzy Walkthrough
Droid Factory Frenzy Walkthrough

The guide has already covered the steps to reach LEGO Star Wars:

  • The Skywalker Saga Droid Factory Frenzy level.
  • The locations of the Minikits.
  • The challenges faced by the players in this level.
  • The characters unlock after completing this level.

The following content covers LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Droid Factory Frenzy Walkthrough to give a detailed analysis of all the steps in this level.

Destroying Things

The level involves two groups of heroes, and you have to keep switching your role to help both groups throughout the game as it progresses. Initially, you will be leading Anakin and Padme’s teams. Depending on your preferences, you can deal with the flying enemies using blasters or lightsabers.

You can also hide behind the covers; these covers can also be any benches close to you. If these benches break due to enemy attacks, you can build them again. Building them back again may also earn you studs. On side note, read our Saga Studs x10 multiplier guide and learn how to get it in the game. 

Your main challenge here is to help Anakin and Padme as they unlock the passage. C3-PO and R2D2 will also appear that you will use to help them. Also, if you need to farm for studs, then go through our Studs Farming guide and easily get at least 100k studs per run in the game.

As a player of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, you must be aware that the game mostly involves destroying everything, so destroy the objects around you. After destroying them, gather them in the central platform and try to create a bridge. Building this bridge will be followed by building it on a different spot, but this time creating a blue terminal. You will already be aware of the puzzle involving rotating the rings, so try solving this puzzle. You should also interact with the terminal as R2D2.

Unlocking The Exit

There will be two energy sources; the one above the blue terminal will activate while the other one will require charging. The inactive object will require you to apply force on it, so you have to use the force using F on the PC. Grab the object and move it to the right using force and place it next to the charged source. Once the second source is also charged, you should put it back in the left slot. These actions will result in unlocking the exit, and Anakin’s team will be able to move onto the conveyor belt. 

If you move to the left side, both machines will move, so you should avoid being crushed by these machines. You will be required to stop at each of these machines and wait until you find a safe time to run forward to the left. 

After completing the first conveyor belt, you can either jump onto the second conveyor belt or climb a place that has a rope if you move forward, so you can use this rope to descend. The rope option is related to the Zipping Past Danger Challenge, which has already been covered in detail above in the guide.  

Destroying The Golden Blockade

No matter what path you choose from both, they will lead you to a blocked passage, and now you will be required to switch your team, C3PO. After walking over the narrow beam again, there will be an opening that will allow droids to jump on the new conveyor belt. 

After moving forward on this belt, you will reach a new place where you will jump into a container passing nearby filled with bricks and then make another jump towards a ledge protruding nearby. 

When you destroy the barricade between the force fields, a new area will be unlocked. After destroying the nearby objects, you will build a yellow terminal that C3PO will use. Golden Blockade is destroyed following the two simple steps, including interacting with the terminal and selecting the option to take control of the turret, which will be used to shoot the blockade. 

Creating Terminal For Padme

You will now interact with the blue terminal using R2D2 and complete the mini-game that will move the platform. After switching to Anakin’s team, you will approach a metal object covering the furnace; destroying gold will reveal a ladder that you will climb up to get the Minikit placed near the furnace. 

Anakin will stick a lightsaber in the wall near the new conveyor belt. Destroying this wall will create a terminal for Padme. You will have to complete a mini-game appearing on the screen by pressing the buttons. 

The next step involves fighting the droid, and you can do it either by using a blaster to destroy them or a lightsaber. To destroy them with blasters, you will use a character with a blaster, and villains have blasters or grenades, so use a villain. 

Kidnapping Of Padme

A little forward, you will meet Geonosians, and you will use mind controls against the opponent. You will use this mind control Jedi Trick on one of their members to create panic. You will do all this using Anakin. Creating a panic among Geonosians will lead to unlocking the Mind Control Drone challenge. 

You will continue the journey by using a rope to descend. A building option follows it, and you will pull the two levers at the same time; separating levers will require delegating Anakin and Padme. Right after this, Padme will be kidnapped, and you will have to save her.

The game will indicate the whereabouts of Padme by indicating a marker, so you will be required to follow it. While saving Padme, you will move straight to the location and will ignore the nearby droids or enemies. The mission will involve the use of R2D2.

Saving Padme

The droid has to reach safely to the new ledge by catching the upper grappling. Saving Padme also involves interacting with the blue terminal. No Hanging Around challenge can also be completed if you quickly complete the mini-game where you will match the rings. This will trigger another cutscene and will complete the No Hanging Around challenge.

Droid Factory Frenzy Character Unlocks

lego star wars the skywalker saga droid factory frenzy
Character Unlock

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Droid Factory Frenzy level does not involve unlocking many characters, but it does involve unlocking the costume of one of the best characters in the game B1 Battle droid. 

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Droid Factory Frenzy is one of the most fun challenges of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. The game involves three challenges, five Minikits, and several tricks to be completed. The above guide has you covered if you want to complete the LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Droid Factory Frenzy level and move to the new episodes of the game. 

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