The Skywalker Saga Scavenger Class: Unlock, Abilities & More

Our Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Scavenger class guide tells you all you need to know about the class and how to unlock its abilities

Scavenger is one of the nine unique classes in The Skywalker Saga. The entire purpose of the scavenger saga is to use unique abilities to improve the overall game experience. This particular class consists of amazing abilities that can help you travel across the map faster. These abilities can also be used to solve in-game puzzles and find collectibles that will help you along your journey. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Scavenger Class in LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga is a unique class that uses abilities to help players travel faster, solve in-game puzzles, and find collectibles.
  • Chief Chirpa, Jawa, Logray, Paploo, Teebo, and Teedo are some of the Scavenger Class characters in the game.
  • Scavenger Class Abilities are unlocked by completing the mission ‘Scrap for Scraps’.
  • Players can unlock some of the following Scavenger Abilities in LEGO Star Wars the Skywalker Saga.
    • Net Launcher enables characters to climb any wall or surface.
    • Glider allows characters to glide in the air and reach their destination quickly.
    • Breaker Blaster can be used to locate hidden collectibles and destroy cracked walls.
  • After unlocking abilities, players must collect all 20 pieces of scrap, travel to the Niima Outpost, trade with Unkar Plutt, defeat his enforcers, and trigger the next cutscene in order to progress in the game.

Scavenger Class In LEGO Star Wars the Skywalker Saga

Scavenger Abilities – The Skywalker Saga

The Scavenger class was specially designed to improve the pacing of the game. These characters are ideal for players who are looking to finish the game quickly. The abilities available for the scavenger characters are also essential for clearing certain areas of the game. All this makes the Scavenger Class one of the best in the game.

To unlock and use the Scavenger abilities, you will have to first unlock Scavenger characters. All these characters are available in the character option and can be unlocked after completing different missions.

All Unlockable Scavenger Characters

There are nine different Scavenger characters that can be unlocked in the game.

These characters include:

  • Chief Chirpa
  • Jawa
  • Logray
  • Paploo
  • Rey (3 Different Costumes can also be unlocked)
  • Teebo
  • Teedo
  • Tusken Raider
  • Wicket
  • Kuiil

You need to complete a series of quests or perform some specific tasks to unlock these characters. Once you have at least one of these characters unlocked, you will be able to unlock and learn the Scavenger abilities.

Scavenger Class Abilities

scavenger class
Scavenger Class Abilities

After unlocking at least one of the Scavengers, you can begin the process of learning the Scavenger’s Abilities. To do that, you will start your journey in Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Episode VII: The Force Awakens

Once you have started this episode, you will have to complete a few missions until you to the one called Scrap for Scraps.

Playing Scrap For Scraps & Unlocking Scavenger Abilities 

As a Scavenger character, completing the Scrap For Scraps mission will unlock all the Scavenger Abilities. Once you have finished this mission, you will be able to use Skywalker Saga scavenger abilities for the rest of the game.

Heading to the Star Destroyer Wreckage

To start the mission, you would have to make your way to the Star Destroyer Wreckage. You can follow a series of pointers that appear on the ground until you get to the destination.

Making your way to the Star Destroyer Wreckage

Once you are inside, you will be given the mission to collect the pieces of scrap spread around the wreckage.

star wreckage
The Star Destroyer Wreckage

Collecting the Pieces of Scrap

You will have to complete twenty pieces of scrap to complete this phase of the mission. These pieces will be placed in different areas of the Star Destroyer, so you will have to use different abilities to get to them.

Locating the Pieces of Scrap

The first few pieces will be easy to find as they are scattered across the ground.

Unlocking the Net Launcher

After collecting the first four pieces, you will have to make your way to the crafting table and unlock the Net Launcher ability. This Net Launcher will help you get to the next scrap piece.

Unlocking the Net Launcher

Once you have obtained the Net Launcher, you can use it to cast nets on walls to make them climbable.

net 1
Using the Net Launcher

You will find two more pieces of scrap after you climb onto the platform. To collect the next two scrap pieces, you will switch to BB-8 and use its grappling ability to get to the next platform.

Using the BB-8 Grapple

Unlocking the Glider

You will switch back to Rey after you get these two pieces. Using Rey, you will climb the ladder to collect two more pieces of scrap. After that, you will come across another crating platform where you will build a Glider.

Unlocking the Glider

After you have successfully unlocked the Glider, you will use it to glide over to the next platform.

glider 1
Using the Glider

Collecting the two pieces that are on this platform will take your overall total to 12. Now, to get the next piece, you will have to the creative. First, you will push the machine that is on this platform to the ground.

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Scavenger
Pushing Down the Machine – Scrap for Scraps

Then you will have to make a launching pad/trampoline from its parts to get to the next platform.

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Scavenger
Constructing a Launching Pad

Once you are there, you will have to switch back to BB-8 again and use the grappling hook to climb onto the next platform.

grapple 2
Using The BB-8 Grapple

Here you will find another piece of scrap and a puzzle that you will have to solve.

bb8 puzzle
Solving the Puzzle using BB-8

Unlocking the Breaker Blaster

Solving this puzzle will give you access to the next platform, where there will be another crafting table. Here, you will be able to access the Breaker Blaster.

Unlocking the Breaker Blaster

You can then use the Breaker Blaster to destroy the wall two find two pieces of scrap behind it.

using the blaster
Using the Breaker Blaster

After collecting these pieces, you will get back down to the ground level and use BB-8’s grappling ability to get the next two scrap pieces.

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Scavenger
Using BB-8’s Grapple

This will take your overall total to 18. You can find the last two scrap pieces behind another cracked wall by using the Breaker Blaster to destroy it.

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Scavenger
Using the Breaker Blaster to Destroy the wall

Making your Way to Niima Outpost

After you have successfully collected all 20 pieces of scrap, you will have to make your way to the Niima Outpost.

niima outpost
Traveling to the Niima Outpost

You can get there by following a series of waypoints. Once you get to the location, you will trade with Unkar Plutt to trigger the next cutscene.

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Scavenger
Talking to Unkar Plutt – Scrap for Scraps

Defeating Unkar’s Enforcers

Once the cutscene ends, you will have to fight and defeat all of Unkar’s Enforcers.

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Scavenger
Defeating Unkar’s Enforcers

As soon as you take care of all the enemies, the final cutscene will play out and start Outpost Antics which is the next mission.

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Scavenger
Starting the Outpost Antics Mission

Scrap For Scraps Mission Rewards In LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Scavenger
Unlocking the Scavenger Abilities

Once you have completed the Scrap for Scraps mission, you can use all the Scavenger abilities. These abilities will be available and usable for all characters in the Scavenger Class and can be upgraded as well. The unlocked Scavenger abilities include;

Scavenger Net Launcher Ability

Net Launcher is the first Skywalker Saga Scavenger ability you will unlock. This particular ability will allow your character to climb any wall or surface easily. You will just have to shoot a net onto the surface, and it will instantly become climbable.

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Scavenger
Using the Scavenger Net Launcher – The Skywalker Saga

This ability is also perfect for collecting items and accessing different areas of the game quickly. It gives a simple shortcut for going from point A to point B without any major issues.

Scavenger Glider Ability

This is hands down the best ability in the entire Scavenger Class. It is also one of the best abilities in the entire game. As the name suggests, unlocking this ability will allow your character to glide in the air. It is an amazing ability that can help get through an area quickly.

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Scavenger
Using the Scavenger Glider – The Skywalker Saga

The Glider ensures that you can reach your destination faster while avoiding all obstacles in between. It is also great for going over cliffs and ditches, and you don’t have to worry about falling.

Scavenger Breaker Blaster Ability

The final Scavenger ability that you will unlock by completing the Scrap for Scraps mission is the Breaker Blaster. This is another amazing ability that can be used to locate hidden collectibles in the game.

Lego Star Wars the Skywalker Saga Scavenger
Using the Breaker Blaster – the Skywalker Saga

This Breaker Blaster ability can be used to destroy cracked walls scattered around the map. These walls are usually hiding valuable items and upgrades, so destroying them can be very fruitful. These collectibles can be very useful for completing difficult missions. All this makes the Breaker Blaster ability a must-have for all players.

All these abilities make the Scavenger Class arguably one of the best in the game. Once you have unlocked these Scavenger abilities, you can also get access to the skills associated with the class.  

This concludes my guide on the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga’s Scavenger Class. If you like this step-by-step guide, then consider reading our LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga Mumble Mode guide as well. Also, let me know what you think about this guide in the comments below!

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