Li Ling Dislyte: Skills, Gear, Relics & More

This Li Ling Dislyte guide will showcase his skills, ascensions, recommended relics, team comps and playstyle!

Based on mythology, combined with the most visually pleasing graphics you’ve ever seen on a turn-based tactical RPG game, we present Dislyte. Flicker through a plethora of Espers, build your party, use your strategical mind to come up with the best formation and turns, and dominate your worst foes, all in the form of a mobile game. With the number of Espers, we also have Li Ling, who will be the main star of our upcoming Li Ling Dislyte guide so keep on reading! 

Key Highlights
  • Li Ling is a legendary five-star Esper in the game Dislyte.
  • He is known for being a powerful fighter who stays on the frontline and deals a high amount of damage output.
  • He can unleash True damage on foes and has an excellent “AP Down” debuff that he can apply to enemies.
  • Li Ling’s S1 skill, Lancerburner, is his main attack and can inflict 110% of his base attack damage, while also absorbing 15% of the opponent’s AP.
  • Tai Chi, his S2 skill, allows him to attack the enemy 5 times while also regenerating 50% of the damage output as HP.
  • Altar, his S3 skill, allows him to attack foes 3 times, dealing damage based on 30% of his base attack, and inflicting True Damage based on 6% of the opponent’s overall HP.
  • Li Ling is a personal favorite and is ranked highly by the player base in Dislyte.

Li Ling Role in Dislyte

Dislyte Liling Character
Li Ling Esper

Amongst the tens of Espers to choose from, Li Ling shines as one of the best units that players can get in the game. Li Ling turns out to be a legendary five-star Esper whose main role is to be a fighter who always stays on the frontline while dealing an insane amount of damage output enough to take down the worst of enemies. Also, consider reading our Dislyte Tang Yun guide.

He can unleash True damage on foes, and they are so potent that enemies can also get one shot by him. When players start out playing Dislyte, they will usually have two main legendary Espers that they will have guaranteed in their first few pulls, one of which will be Li Ling in Dislyte

He has an excellent “AP Down” debuff that he can apply to foes, rendering them useless. He is also deemed worthy for use against opponents with a higher HP.

Therefore he dominates boss battles and dungeon enemies that are stronger than usual. With his ascensions, he gets a buff in one of his main abilities, and overall he is ranked extremely high by the player base and is a personal favorite of ours! 

Li Ling’s Skills 

Subsequently, Espers will usually have three main abilities/skills known as S1, S2, and S3 skills, along with there also being a specific Captain Ability whereby if you make that player the team captain, it will provide a certain amount of buff to the entire team. The same goes for Li Ling, as these are his three main skills and his captain’s ability. 


Dislyte Lanceburner
Lanceburner Skill

Lanceburner is Li Ling’s main S1 skill; upon casting it, it will be considered his normal attack, which can unleash damage towards opponents that is equivalent to 110% of his base attack. This makes Li Ling’s character in Dislyte all the more powerful. He can also absorb 15% of the opponent’s AP, making them weaker and more susceptible to intaking damage. While you’re at it, why not go through our Dislyte Tier List.

There is a max level of 5, and at level 2, the damage output will be increased to 115%. Leveling up Lancerburner to three will bump up the total damage output to 120%, while level 4 will buff it even more to 125%. With that, level 5 will increase it up to 130%, making him an absolute beast in combat. 

Tai Chi 

Dislyte Tai Chi
Tai Chi Skill

Another important skill that players should not miss out on is Tai Chi, also known as his S2 or E skill for PC emulator players. Upon summoning down Tai Chi, Li Ling in Dislyte will be able to attack the enemy a total of 5 times while being able to inflict damage that is equivalent to 32% of his base attack. 

Another great perk of Tai Chi is that whatever damage output Li Ling can put out, 50% of that will be converted to HP regeneration, making him stay alive for even longer when out in combat.

Every attack launched against foes will also deal “physical melee damage” that will be equivalent to 6% of the opponent’s overall HP. The damage output will be based on 80% of Li Ling’s base damage. The cooldown for Tai Chi is 4 turns. 

Level 2 boosts the damage output to 32%, while level 3 will increase it further to 34%, and level 4 will increase it by 36%. Maxing out the skill at level 5 will reduce the skill’s cooldown by a total of one turn(s). Make sure to check out these Dislyte Codes Guide so that you can get your hands on some extra rewards and gold records!


Dislyte Altar
Altar Skill

The last skill, also referred to as the S3 skill, will grant Li Ling in Dislyte the ability to stand in his place and attack foes 3 times, while every hit will inflict damage based on 30% of Li Ling’s base attack. It will also inflict further True Damage, which is based on 6% of the opponent’s overall HP. 

The total damage dealt with enemies will be based on 80% of Li Ling’s base attack, while his last hit will land them a 10% AP reduction, making them even weaker in combat. Leveling it up to level 2 will increase the damage output by 32%, while levels 3, 4, and 5 will enhance it by 34%, 36%, and 38%. 

Captain Ability 

Dislyte Captain Ability
Captain Ability Skill

As for the Captain Ability, Li Ling will be given the ability to enhance the other Esper’s attack by 30%. 

Lilling Ascension Phases  

Another important phase that players who are new at maining Dislyte Lil Lng will figure out is that they need to complete a total of 6 ascension phases for each of their Espers, let alone Li Ling. Ascensions provide a series of buffs such as HP increase, Defense increase, and ability enhancements at phase 3, the most crucial ascension. 

Espers can start getting ascended as low as level one, while any other ascensions will be based on the current level of your Esper, such as level 10, level 20, etc., and the cap for ascension is at phase 6. Each ascension phase will have its required materials, which we will discuss below. 

  • Phase one: In Phase one, Li Ling in Dislyte will get an attack boost of +70, which grant him the ability to become even more deadly when he is in combat, whether it is against single-target enemies or against dungeon bosses that are tougher to beat. He will require a few basic inferno waves for his materials, which can be acquired from the Inferno boss at the Sonic Miracle
  • Phase two: Moving on, Phase two will provide Li Ling with a buff of +70 in his defense, which allows him to self-sustain when he is in battle, whether in story progression, Sonic miracle, Ritual miracle, or Point wars. His reason is crucial since he needs to stay alive for longer periods as the main DPS. His required materials will still be basic inferno waves for this phase. 
  • Phase three: Next up, phase three is considered to be one of the most vital ascensions since it buffs up his S2, “Tai Chi.” after ascension, he will be able to cast forth Taichi and be able to heal a certain amount of his HP, which he was unable to do before ascension. For this ascension, Li Ling will require some basic and advanced inferno waves, which can be acquired after beating higher levels of the Inferno boss. 
  • Phase four: Moving into the higher levels of his ascensions, while the buffs start slowing down, they are still crucial if you want to min-max the build of Li Ling in Dislyte. With phase 4, he gains an extra +5 speed, allowing him to unleash his attacks faster than he usually would. For the materials, he will need basic and advanced inferno waves. 
  • Phase five: His higher tiers of ascensions, such as phase 5, will essentially grant him an HP boost of 15%, which is yet again important if he wants sot solo any fight or stays alive for longer periods. For Li Ling mains, it will require 15 Elite inferno waves and 30 Advanced inferno waves to ascend him to phase 5. 
  • Phase six: Last but not least, his tier 6 ascension completes his build, gaining a further 20% attack, making him an absolute god (which he is already) in combat. The required materials for getting him to phase six are 30 Elite inferno waves and 40 advanced inferno waves. 

Recommended Gear and Relics For Lilling 

Before we tell you about the recommended relic sets, it is important to understand how the relic works. There are two star-six star rarity relics, and the highest recommended rarity is six stars, and they can be leveled to 15. A 4 piece and 2 piece set will usually be used for any Esper, and the same goes for Li Ling Dislyte. You can learn everything about relics by reading our Dislyte Relic Guide.

Just like Li Ling, Jacob is also an Esper that is pretty good in combat, so don’t miss out on our Dislyte Jacob Character guide!

First Most Popular 

Dislyte War Machine
War Machine Relic

The player base will popularise the best working sets when it comes to relic sets. The first one is the War Machine Set x4, which provides the character with a 30% attack buff, allowing them to unleash damage against foes and rendering them useless. 

  • UNA I will always have a balanced attack, and players are recommended to invest in crit damage, crit rate, atk percent, and Speed as their substations. 
  • UNA II’s recommended main stat is Crit damage or crit rate, depending on your Li Ling Esper’s requirements. If he lacks crit damage, we recommend leveling up a crit damaged piece. The same goes for the subs; look into investing in Crit-rate, crit damage, etc. 
  • UNA III will always be defense, and it is unchangeable, as Espers need to have some form of base defense to survive for long on the battlefield. Look for Speed, attack buffs, and crit buffs in its sub-stats. 
  • UNA IV is recommended to be ATK % based on what you need by your DPS role or formation in combat. Speed is typically used when an attack isn’t an issue. The recommended substats are the same as before. 
Dislyte Fiery Incandescence
Fiery Incandescence Relic

The 2 pieces recommended most popular set is the Fiery Incandescence Set, which will boost the Li Ling Crit rate in Dislyte by a total of 20%, allowing him to land more critical hits. 

  • For MUI I piece, it will always be flat HP, which allows the certain Esper to survive in the arena for longer. 
  • As for the MUI II piece, the recommended piece is attack % or Speed, based on what you require in combat. 

Second Most Popular 

Dislyte Hades
Hades Relic

Another amazing relic set that Dislyte players can check out is the Hades Set x4 which is ranked as the second-best in the slot for Li Ling. The four-piece set will provide the Esper an HP regeneration opportunity whenever they land a hit, and the overall HP will be equivalent to 35% of the attack. 

  • UNA I, as usual, will be a balanced attack, but for the sub-stats, players are recommended to invest in pieces that are five-star to six-star and look for specifically crit damage, crit rate, and Speed. That is due to the lack of crit damage as the set bonus. 
  • UNA II will always be crit damage or crit rate for Li Ling, and there is no exception in it. Since Li Ling in Dislyte is a fighter, he will always require as high of crit damage as possible. 
  • UNA III will once again be flat defense, which, to be honest, Li Ling lacks due to his high damage output. Therefore flat defense is a good main stat for the third piece. It will grant him the ability to gain victory after being the sole-standing in combat. 
  • UNA IV can be attack% typically since he can benefit from the enhancement and will be one step closer to one-shotting bosses such as Flowrunner, Inferno, etc. 
  • Dislyte Sword Avatara
    Sword Avatara Relic

Alongside the Hades Set, the 2 piece set that can be paired is the Sword Avatara Set x2, which allows Li Ling to counterattack the opponent’s hits, and he has a 25% chance to counterattack the separate attacks and repel them back. 

  • MUI I will be flat HP as usual. 
  • Players are recommended to use Speed for this specific MUI II piece; however, if you have enough speed substats, go for atk% main stat. 

Third Most Popular 

Dislyte Hammer of Thor
Hammer of Thor Relic

While we are discussing Li Ling relic sets, another option that players can use is the Hammer of Thor x4, which literally buffs up Li Ling by providing him an insane 40% extra crit damage. The set in itself is overpowered and brutally overpowers Li Ling as well. 

  • UNA I will be flat attack and can not be changed under any circumstances. 
  • UNA II can be up to the player to decide. Since the Hammer of Thor set itself grants a 40% buff to the crit damage, we would typically recommend that players should go for crit rate as the main stat. However, if your crit rate is already pretty high, definitely go for crit damage. 
  • UNA III is going to be flat defense yet again. 
  • UNA IV can be attack % or Speed, depending on what you need. If you want to get done with battles quicker, go for Speed as your main stat. However, if you’re going to just go overboard, then choose atk%. 

The perfect 2 piece set that could work the best with this would be the Fiery Incandescence Set x2 since it just provides a 20% extra crit rate, and the ability to land extra crits is always welcome. 

  • MUI I will be flat HP. 
  • MUI II can be atk% or Speed as the main stat with it being crit damage and crit rate as the substats. 

Li Ling’s Overall Ratings

Let’s look at how Li Ling in Dislyte can perform throughout the story content, bosses, dungeons, etc. Overall, he is a pretty brilliant unit that can clear most of the bosses and enemies without much difficulty. Because he is also supposed to be the main DPS, he is ranked pretty high by Dislyte veterans

  • Story Content: Li Ling can smash through the story content. So far, there are 12 chapters, all of which have 9 fights and combat stages, during which Li Ling can dominate the enemies. Even in hard mode, he can take out those opponents without difficulty. He’s ranked S+ for story content. 
  • Cube Miracle: Now, cube miracle is essentially a 2-3 room dungeon with certain buffs scattered throughout it. Players get to choose their enemy difficulties to attain different runes and espers as helpers. Li Ling is ranked S for this dungeon and can clear it quite easily. 
  • Kronos: As for Kronos, he is located in the Ritual Miracle dungeon, and Li Ling shines here beautifully, with his rating being an S-tier fighter for the boss. 
  • Apep: For Apep, Li Ling is not that good for combat here. Therefore he has a B- rating. However, that is not to say that he is completely useless here. If players want to still play as Li Ling, he can still clear the boss. 
  • Fafnir: Fafnir is yet another boss situated in the ritual miracle, and Li Ling can do pretty well here. While he is not ranked as an S-tier fighter here, he can still take on the boss if needed as he’s ranked B here. 
  • Temporal Tower: This one is a menace. To be very honest, it starts by being a 100-floor Spatial Tower and then transforms into the Temporal Tower, and Li Ling shines here by being an S-tier character. 
  • Point War (Defense): Li Ling Dislyte can defend himself pretty well when he is faced with other Dislyte players; however, he is not the best Esper to use here. 
  • Point War (Attack): Dislyte’s Li Ling Esper can take on other enemies quite well when he is the one attacking back instead of being attacked; therefore is ranked as an S-tier Esper for Attack in Point War. 

Li Ling Playstyle  

Dislyte Li Ling Combat
Li Ling Combat Example

Since Li Ling is a pretty important unit in the game and is a beginner guaranteed of the two legendary Espers, many players will get him in their first few summons. Therefore, players must know a little bit about their team comp, and rotations might work. 

Taking an example of hard-mode in Temporal Tower, the team comp will be Gabrielle, Ye Suhua, Unas, and Li Ling, alongside another Esper. Start by using Unas’s S3 on enemies, then switch to Tiye to S3 again. Move over to Gabrielle, a defense breaker, and use her S2 to make the enemies more vulnerable by applying the “Def Down” debuff on them. 

With Ye Sua in turn now, use her S3 to provide fellow Espers with an Atk Up boost, switch back over to Li Ling Dislyte and use his S3 now, which will be his ultimate and decimate opponents. With Unas back, in turn, use his S1, then use Tiye’s S1 on any most vulnerable enemy. 

With his S2, TaiChi focuses on attacking healers in combat, then s1 with Gabrielle. Use this general rotation, and if players do not have these units, they can use The main defense breaker, an attack booster, to use this rotation in combat. 

With that, we will wrap up our Li Ling Dislyte guide! Let us know what you think! Read up on our Dislyte Best Character Guide so that you can build the best team for combat!

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