Disney Dreamlight Valley: Lobster Rolls & Sushi Recipe

Our guide is all about Lobster Roll and Sushi along with the the recipe for these so that you can complete the Ursula quest.

Lobster Rolls and Sushi are one of several edible dishes in Disney Dreamlight Valley that the players can make. The players will have to make both sushi and lobster rolls for Mother Gothel for one of the quests. 

Key Highlights
  • The Lobster Rolls is one of the Five Star dishes in the game, so that is why it is relatively harder to make than other dishes.
  • Key ingredients for Lobster Rolls are Lobster, Wheat, Lemon, Butter, and Garlic.
  • You can acquire lobsters in the watery areas of the game; one of them is the Glade Of Trust Biome.
  • Golden ripples are rare, but they guarantee at least one Lobster. Each Lobster is worth around 950-star coins. Most ingredients for the Lobster Rolls can be found in Glade of Trust and Forest of Valor. 
  • Ingredients for sushi are any kind of fish and rice. The fish can be found in any bubbling spots on the surface of water.
  • In the end, take the ingredients to Mother Gothel.
collecting ingredients for Lobster Rolls in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Quest for Lobster Rolls

It is important to complete the quest if you want to progress in the main campaign. Making sushi is quite easy. However, you will face some trouble while making the lobster rolls as the recipe for it is quite complex. Our detailed guide will show you how to make lobster rolls as well as sushi so that you can complete the request of Mother Gothel in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How To Make Lobster Rolls 

The lobster roll is one of the 5-star dishes in the game, so undoubtedly, it is fairly hard to make. You will need a lot of ingredients for the recipe. So make sure to read our guide till the end not to miss anything. Also, make sure you read our guide on how to get garlic and onion in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as garlic is an important part of the lobster roll recipe. 

How ro make Lobster Rolls in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Recipe for Lobster Rolls

To make the lobster rolls, you will have to do a lot of fishing to catch some lobsters in the game. Furthermore, you will also have to unlock the Glade of Trust to find some lemons that you can use.

Players will have to unlock the Forest of Valor for this quest as well as you will need an item found here to make the lobster rolls. 

How To Catch Lobsters  

Like any other sea creatures, lobsters can be found in the watery regions of the game. o catch them, you will need a fishing rod. End out the hook of your fishing rod in the center of the water ripples. 

Catching lobsters

It is important to note that you will find a lot of lobsters and golden ripples that appear in the watery areas of the Glade Of Trust Biome in the valley.

Golden Ripples

Keep in mind that these golden ripples appear quite rarely, and you will not find them easily in the game. When you see one, it is recommended that you go and fish to find at least one lobster from it.

Fishing in a golden ripple guarantees you at least one lobster that you can find lurking in the water—as soon as you find the lobster, reel it in and save it for your lobster roll recipe.

Sell Price And Value

Keep in mind that the lobsters you find in the games are worth at least 950 Star Coins. Also, they can restore over 1500 energy to the player, giving them a lot of value. If you are looking for all the recipes, check our guide to see all the possible dishes you can create using different ingredients in the game. 

Lobster Rolls in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Lobster Rolls

it is important that you catch as many lobsters as you can so you can use the lobsters for other recipes besides lobster rolls in the game as well. It is one of the seafood that can help you curate lots of lobster-related energy-boosting dishes.

Any meal that you consume that has lobster in it will help you restore a lot of energy and will be quite valuable as well. You can either eat them to get energy instantly or just sell them to gain some star coins in the game.

Lobster Rolls Recipe 

As soon as you have enough lobsters for the recipe, the next step is to make it. It is important to note that lobsters can be a part of many recipes in the games that have other seafood items in them as well. You can use the seafood items to make bouillabaisse, or you can even make the seafood platter. 

Disney Dreamlight Valley Lobster Rolls
Ingredients for Lobster Rolls

However, it is important to note that the most important dish you can make by using a lobster is the lobster roll. Before you go and make it, also, it is important that you have invited Remy into your valley and have built the Chez Remy restaurant as well.

Furthermore, it is important to unlock the Forest Of Valor and Glade Of Trust biomes, as the most important ingredients used in the recipe are found in these regions. Also, make sure to read our guide on falling water in Disney Dreamlight Valley, as it is the final trial of Merlin that you will have to go through. Without any further ado, let’s take a look at all the ingredients you need to make the lobster roll. 


  • Butter– the item can be obtained in Chez Remy restaurant from the pantry of Remy. 
  • Garlic- you can get the garlic by harvesting it from the body regions of the game. Its resources can be found in the Forest Of Valor, and you can farm it there. Make sure to collect as much garlic as you can, as it will be a part of many recipes in the game. 
  • Wheat– another item that you will need to go out and the farm is wheat for the lobster roll recipe. You can get it quite easily as it is found in Peaceful Meadow. The seed for the item can be obtained from Goofy’s Stall, and you can use the wheat you get from it in the lobster roll recipe. 
  • Lobster- the most important item for the dish is undoubtedly the lobster. You will need to go out and fish to catch a lobster. They are very rare, and whenever you attempt to catch the fish, they will show up as an orange circle. You can fish than in the Glade of Trust Biome. 
  • Lemon- another important item that is required for the lobster roll recipe is lemon. Li e garlic, you will have to harvest lemon from the wild. Le on can be acquired from two regions, The Glade Of Trust and the Forest Of Valor. They can be seen hanging from the lemon trees where you will be able to collect them. 

Where To Find Them

It is important to note that each of the items needed for the lobster roll recipe is acquired from different methods.

It is important that the players have access to the Glade Of Trust and Forest Of Valor before making the recipe, as most of the items are found in these two regions. We recommend that you go through the Mother Gothel quest when looking for the items; however, you can get them independently as well.

After you have successfully gathered all five ingredients, you just need to cook them to make some delicious lobster rolls. You can do so by heading over to Chez Remy restaurant to cook it, or you can just find a stove nearby to make the lobster rolls. You just need to combine all the ingredients together, and the dish will be ready in no time. 

How To Make Sushi 

For the Magic Moments quest, you will also need sushi alongside lobster rolls. You will have to interact with Mother Gothel to make these two dishes. As soon as you speak to Mother Gothel about the curse, she will ask you to cook three meals. 

Sushi and Lobster Rolls in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The meals that are required for the quest are two sushis and one lobster roll. Her is how you can make sushi in Disney Dreamlight Valley. 

Ingredients For Sushi 

You will need key items in order to make sushi in the game. They are:

  •  Any kind of fish.
  •  Rice.

You can find the seeds to grow rice in the glade of trust from Goofy’s Stall. 

After you unlock his cart, you will be able to purchase the rice seeds. All you have to do after acquiring them is to plant them and grow them in your garden. Once you have successfully grown, the city will be able to harvest as much rice as you want for all your recipes. 


For the fish, you can acquire it in any body of water that you find in the game. It is important that you fish only where there are bubbling spots on the surface of the river. By u ing your fishing rod, you will be able to catch a lot of fish that you can use for cooking sushi and other dishes as well. 

When you have successfully gained all the ingredients, just use the cooking pot, and you will be able to make the sushi by adding fish and rice to it. 

Completing The Quest 

After you have successfully made both the lobster roll and sushi, you need to give them to Mother Gothel. She’ll give you a Mysterious Flower in return, and you need to take this flower to Ursula. After giving it to Ursula, you will be able to complete her quest and progress further end the questline for Ursula. 


With this, we conclude our guide on the lobster rolls and sushi recipes that you can make in the game in order to complete Ursula’s quest. Hopefully, after reading our detailed guide, you will be able to make these two dishes easily and you won’t have to spend a lot of your time looking for the ingredients.

We recommend that you make them both in order to complete one of the major quests in the main campaign. If y u have any queries or feedback for our guide make sure to let us know in the comments below. 

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