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Our Lost Ark Wiki goes through everything you need to know about the game including all classes, builds, and quests.

RPG games now feature bigger worlds that give the players greater exploration opportunities. You can also select different classes, characters, and weapons and focus on improving their specifications. Because of this, these games’ complexity level has also increased dramatically. Luckily, our Lost Ark Wiki covers everything you need to know about the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate, Lost Ark was published by Amazon Games and Smilegate for Windows.
  • Released on December 4th, 2019, in Korea and globally on February 11th, 2022.
  • Features 149 Main Quests, taking an average of 50 to 55 hours to complete without side quests.
  • An MMORPG that offers a vast world, allowing players to explore, select classes and weapons, and customize characters.

Lost Ark Wiki

A Comprehensive Lost Ark Wiki Page

Lost Ark is a top-down 2.5D MMOARPG. It was co-developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate and was released in Korea on December 4th, 2019. The game was developed on Unreal Engine 3 and featured a plethora of character classes, weapons, and items.

Lost Ark gave you free rein to explore the map as it featured countless islands and ships that you could explore. The game was a major success in Korea and won six gaming awards in 2019.

Because of its soaring popularity in Korea, the game was released worldwide on February 11th, 2022. The game received wide praise and has become popular because of its free-to-play nature. It became the second most played on the entire Steam platform within 24 hours of its release.

Lost Ark features some amazing content in terms of quests and exploration. Because of the game’s explorative nature, it is easy for players to get overwhelmed.

A Great Starting Platform for Beginners

Lost Ark can be an overly complex game if you dive into it without any research. The plethora of characters, weapons, and other in-game mechanics can cause new players to not even try the game.

Because of this, we have covered a lot of topics that will help you understand the game mechanics and become familiar with them. These topics include;

Leveling Up Your Character and Gear Progression

Leveling up your character should be your number one priority when you start playing Lost Ark. After every level-up, you can unlock or upgrade new abilities to increase their effectiveness. These abilities can help you kill enemies and progress in the game quickly.

Our Leveling and Gear Progression goes through every trick or technique you can implement to quickly upgrade your character. Similarly, if you decide to go for the Berserker class and are having trouble understanding, you can level it up; you can consult our Leveling Build guide.

Leveling Up your Foraging

Foraging is also an important skill that you need to pick up early in the game. It allows you to collect rare items across the map while traveling. These items can then be traded for unique rewards and items. They can also be used to level up character faster and unlock new abilities.

That is why you need to upgrade your Foraging as soon as possible. Our Best Places to Level Up Foraging guide talks about all the best places you can travel to collect rare items and improve your Foraging.

Finding the Best Hunting Spots

Hunting is crucial for survival in the early game. It helps you acquire items you can consume or trade to increase your chances of survival and progress. However, finding the right spots for hunting can be difficult, especially if you are a new player.

Not all islands are ideal for hunting, and you can easily get lost if you don’t know exactly where to go. Lucky for you, our Lost Ark Wiki features the Best Hunting Spots that cover some of the best hunting spots in the game.

This guide also talks about hunting complexity, which will help you find the best islands for hunting based on your level.

Locating the Best Mining Spots in Lost Ark

Mining plays an important part in the early section of Lost Ark. Mining allows you to extract different materials. Materials like Iron Ore, Heavy Iron Ore, Mining Powder, and Alteisen’s Scraps can then be used to buy different items in the game. These items can then have a massive impact on your progress pace in the game.

However, similar to Hunting, knowing which spots are the best for Mining is important. If you know the perfect place to mine, you can quickly find the best items. Our Best Mining Spots guide covers the seven best spots to mine different materials. 

Trying Different Gold Farming Methods

Gold is the main currency in the game. It allows you to purchase different items in the game. Normally you must play different missions and quests to get gold as a reward. However, similar to other ARPGs, you can use different strategies to farm considerable gold.

Acquiring gold in the early stage of the game can be beneficial as it allows you to buy all sorts of armor, weapons, and upgrades. You can improve your early game by a considerable amount by following our Farming Methods guide. 

Learning about Trading Skills

Once you have acquired different items through Foraging, Hunting, and Mining, you can trade them to get Gold, Silver, and other valuable materials and items.

Getting better trades will also help you upgrade your character and progress rapidly. Our Lost Ark Wiki features a Best Trading Skills guide you can consult. This guide goes through everything you need to know about trading.

Testing out new Builds in the Training Room

Lost Ark has a plethora of characters. Each character in the game can be built differently by focusing on different items and spells. Although some builds are better than others, it can take a long time to find the best that is best for you. Because of that, the game introduced a new Training Room in the April update of the game.

This mode allows you to craft a new build and test it out immediately. Our Training Room guide covers everything you need to know about training rooms.

Fixing In-game Bugs and Issues

Once you have started playing Lost Ark and have spent some time on it, you will learn about some bugs and issues that are present in the game. These issues have been around since the game came out, and some of them can have major repercussions and even crash your game.

For instance, Lost Ark used to have a 10010 issue. This error was game-breaking because it would kick you out of your current session. Our Lost Ark Error 10010 guide talks about the exact steps to follow if this error occurs.

Similarly, there was also a bug that prohibited you from loading your game. This bug would lock you on the main menu screen as you could not load any of your save files. The only way to play the game was to either start a new game or delete your game and reinstall it. However, our site features a Lost Ark Not Loading that tells you exactly what to do in this event.

Finally, Lost Ark also recently suffered from a Disk Write Error. This error would render your game useless as you could not update it. This problem was exclusive to Steam users and made their game copy unplayable. Our Lost Ark Wiki has a Lost Ark Disk Write Error guide that can help restore your copy of the game.

Optimizing your Game

If you have started your Lost Ark journey on a high-end PC, you can optimize it for better graphics and game quality. You can improve some in-game features that will help you save time while equipping items and sets.

Every gamer wants to enjoy the game with the best graphics and FPS. Optimizing your game ensures that you are playing the game the 1 the developers intended it. Lost Ark also allows you to optimize your game according to your system. Our Best Settings for High FPS & Performance guide lets you enjoy the game in all glory.

Ping is a persistent issue in all online games. It can have a major impact on your gameplay. You can properly play the game if you are playing on a server with high ping. Therefore, the Best Servers guide identifies the best servers to enjoy the game.

The Auto Dismantle and DPS meter are features that can considerably improve your gameplay. The Auto Dismantle feature allows you to equip or receive different items. You can also optimize the Dismantle feature to fit your specifications by following our Best Auto Dismantle Settings guide.

Similarly, the DPS meter helps you analyze the damage of different characters and builds. If you want to set up a DPS meter for your game, you can follow our DPS Meter guide.

Best Weapons & Classes

As you spend some time playing the game and get acquainted with some game mechanics, you also need to learn about the different classes and weapons in the game.

Similar to other popular ARPGs, Lost Ark offers its players a variety of choices in terms of weapons and classes. Lost Ark has 15 classes and countless weapons that work with each. So, as you get familiar with the game and put some time in, you must also learn about them.

Lost Ark Classes

Our Lost Ark Wiki covers all the details regarding the different classes in the game. For instance, if you want an ordered ranking of all classes, our Classes Tier List: PvP & PvE Classes has got you covered. Similarly, if you want to know about the best Classes in terms of DPS, you can view our Top 5 Best DPS Classes guide.

Additionally, we also have a Top 10 Lost Ark Best Solo Classes list, which tells about the best classes in a solo setting. Finally, if you can get a rundown of all the in-game classes to choose one for yourself, you can go through our All Classes guide. It covers every class in detail and will help you choose the best one.

Picking the Best Weapon for Your Class

As stated above, Lost Ark features a large variety of weapons. All weapons have unique characteristics and can be used in different situations. However, you must choose a weapon that is best for your character. Choosing the perfect weapon will help you dispatch enemies and run through the game at a brisk pace.

Our Weapons Tier List is up-to-date with all the weapons introduced in the game. It also discusses the best weapon for every class to help you choose the perfect one.

How to Build Different Classes

Whatever class you decide to land on, you must know how to build it properly. Building a class in Lost Ark can be extremely challenging. You must think about spelling, items, and level distribution. A lot of thought goes into creating a build, as it will majorly affect your experience playing the game.

Because of this, our Lost Ark Wiki features many build and class guides. These guides go into every minute detail regarding a particular class. You can follow any guide based on the character you choose and the playstyle you want to go for. This list includes;

How to get a Crew and Ship Together

Once you have made significant progress in the game and have picked out a build, your next step will be to travel. Lost Ark features a massive choice when it comes to islands.

There are various islands that you can visit in the game. These visits can either be for missions or to locate and trade different items.

Best Ship

However, before you can travel anywhere, you will need a ship. A ship is your primary vehicle when it comes to travel. You will need to acquire a ship before you can go anywhere. There are also multiple choices when it comes to ships.

Each ship in the game offers something unique to help you along your journey. That is why picking a ship is a difficult choice for some people. We have compiled a list of the Top 8 Best Ships in Lost Ark to make this decision easier.

Best Crew

Once you decide on the ship, you must select your crew. A crew plays a vital role in the traveling process in Lost Ark. Your crew members also have different abilities and stats to help you along your journey.

That is why picking the right crew is essential. To help you make this decision, we have two guides regarding crew members. The Best Crews and Best Estoque Crew guides will help you decide on the right crew.

Explorative Aspect of the Game

These guides go into detail about different islands and how to explore them. They also talk about different quests and missions and how to complete them. They include;

Build Rapport & Card Packs

While exploring the map, encounter NPCs offering quests and items for purchase. Establishing Rapport with these characters is crucial for unlocking in-game rewards, including valuable gifts that aid your journey. Forming close bonds with NPCs, such as Nia, is particularly beneficial, yielding multiple rewards, as detailed in our Nia Rapport guide.

Completing missions yields various rewards, including Legendary Collectible Cards. Assemble and store these cards to activate unique buffs provided by complete sets. Utilize these buffs strategically when facing formidable foes like the Hall Of The Twisted Warlord. Refer to our concise Top 8 Best Card Sets guide for insights into the game’s best Card Sets.

Different In-game Buffs

Lost Ark includes a series of in-game buffs. These buffs can be applied in both solo and team modes. These buffs can help sustain you in difficult portions of the game. The game also features something called virtues. The game features a total of 4 virtues, and all of them are important for upgrading your character. You must find ways to obtain these virtues to quickly upgrade your character and unlock new spells and buffs.

Understanding How to Use Engravings

Engravings were added to the game as a way to buff yourself and your entire team. You can obtain these engravings by completing different in-game quests and tasks. Once you have obtained an Engraving, you can use it at any stage of the game as a means to buff your team.

However, using these Engravings can also negatively affect the overall gameplay. If you want to learn about it, read the following guides.

Upgrading your Character’s Virtues

Virtues are much more important in the game as compared to Engravings. You can use these virtue points to upgrade different aspects of your character. However, acquiring these Virtues can be extremely difficult. You need to complete a lot of quests and missions even to obtain a single virtue point.

Luckily, our Lost Ark Virtues guide explains the best and fastest ways to increase all your virtues. Similarly, our Lost Ark Wiki also goes into detail about specific Virtues. Charisma is arguably the most important virtue in the game. It opens up different quests and allows you to converse with different NPCs.

Upgrading your Charisma will help you earn rewards at a faster pace. There are also multiple ways to increase your Charisma, as mentioned in our How to Increase Charisma guide.

Character Presets, Mounts, Skins & Pets

Cosmetic items add a lot to a game. Sometimes, they are purely decorative, while they can buff your character and teammates at other times. These skins also help you stand out among other players. There are also multiple ways in which you can acquire these items.

Sometimes, they are available for free as part of an update, while you have to purchase them at other times. There are also times when you need to complete a difficult quest to unlock and use the item. All this depends on the rarity of the item.

Acquiring the Elusive Vertus Pet

Pets are in-game companions that travel side-by-side with your character. To acquire these pets, you must either purchase them or unlock a series of quests. Lost Ark features a large variety of pets, all with unique buffs and features.

These buffs are what makes them so desirable to players. And among all the pets available in Lost Ark, none are rarer than the Vertus Pet. This pet requires you to complete a series of quests. However, once you have acquired the pet, it grants you buffs like improved HP, Swiftness, Endurance, Domination, and Damage Reduction, among others. You can learn more about the Vertus Pet and how you can unlock it in our Vertus Pet guide.

Obtaining Rare Mounts

Lost Ark features some of the best-looking mounts that you will ever see. These mounts have been expertly designed and grant you bonus movement when equipped. Like other APRGs, you must purchase these mounts to use them. However, you can also acquire some mounts for free. You can learn more about them in our Best Mounts guide.

Unlocking Different Character Skins, Presets, and Emotes

Lost Ark also features some amazing skins and emotes that you can equip. Skins are available for all characters in the game, and you can equip them to help your character stand out. Similar to Pets and Mounts, some character skins are also available for free. You can learn about the best Free Skins, presets, and emotes in our Skins, Character Presets, and How To Unlock & Get Whistle Emote guide.

This concludes our Lost Ark Wiki. More guides and lists will be added as soon as we find new areas of the game to cover, so Stay Tuned!

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