Lost Ark Kungelanium: The Definitive Guide

Our detailed guide covers everything you need to know about Kungelanium in Lost Ark including the boss fight, attacks, items needed to fight him and the rewards he drops.

Who is Kungelanium

Kungelanium is the newest boss that has been added just recently in Lost Ark. Even though he was released just recently,  he has been fairly hard to beat for some players. He is known as the ice version of the Lava Chromanium boss.

Key Highlights

  •   Kungelanium is a boss in the game Lost Ark.
  • He is a guardian that players face in level 6 Guardian Raid, and he is known for his damaging Frost winds that can freeze and stun players.
  •  Kungelanium has ice-themed attacks that can debuff players with chill or freeze effects.
  • To fight Kungelanium, players must have a minimum item level of 1470.
  •   Kungelanium is a difficult boss to defeat, and he drops a variety of rewards. These rewards include Tier 3 Relic accessories, materials to help with upgrading and leveling up, and Galewind Rune, a Legendary Grade item that increases casting speed by 14%.
  •  Players should make sure to have certain items in their inventory before facing Kungelanium, such as Signal Flares, Bombs, and Guardian’s Heart.
  • Classes like Bard and Destroyer are effective at defeating Kungelanium.

With the power of cold by his side, he punishes anyone who tries to take him down. Classes like Bard and Destroyer in Lost Ark will help you defeat the boss easily.

kungelanium in lost ark
Kungelanium in Lost Ark

Kungelanium is the second guardian you will face in Level 6 Guardian Raid. The boss is known for his damaging Frost winds that have the ability to Freeze his enemies and destroy everything in that range.

His ice-themed attacks can inflict debuffs that can chill or freeze the players. So he mostly deals in Stun attacks. Make sure you have trained enough in the Training room in Lost Ark before you fight the Guardian.

Level Requirements

Guardian Slayers can only fight Kungelanium with an item level of 1470 or higher. This is because the Raid Guardian belongs to level 6 in Lost Ark. 

The reason why you should fight with Kungelanium is that he drops Tier 3 Relic accessories, many materials to help you upgrade and level up faster, as well as some rare drops. Farming Kungelanium will help you achieve certain engravings in Lost Ark as well.

Boss Difficulty 

In terms of difficulty, Kungelanium is way harder to defeat as compared to Descaluda, who is the first Guardian you will face in level 6. His attack mechanics are fairly difficult to comprehend. But if you have trained in dealing with instant death mechanics, you can slay the guardian even if your gear level is not that much.

You can play the Kungelanium Boss Raid solo or with a party, depending on how fast you want to defeat him. Kungelanium is even harder to defeat as compared to Caspiel in Lost Ark.

Kungelanium Rewards

Since Kungelanium is fairly harder, he drops more rewards than Descaluda. While he won’t drop Legendary accessories, he will drop some Relic Accessories and Relic Ability stones. You will get a lot of Honor Leapstones as well. Even more than what Descaluda will drop. Also, take a look at the Treasure Maps in Lost Ark to gain even more rewards.

But that is not all. Upon defeating Kungelanium, you will also get Galewind Rune which is a Legendary Grade item. Using this rune, your casting speed will increase by 14 percent, and you can access it from your inventory roster. You cannot sell or dismantle the rune.

If, however, it was already acquired from Descaluda, you can not get it again. You will also get the Guardian’s card which will automatically move into your inventory. In case you’re wondering what the cards are for, consider reading our Card Sets in Lost Ark guide.

Recommended Items For Battle

Before you begin your battle with Kungelanium, make sure to have the following items in your inventory. Consult our best Mining Spots in Lost Ark that hold many of the items you will need to fight Kungelanium.

items to beat kungelanium in lost ark
Bombs to defeat Kungelanium
important items
Items to beat the guardian

Signal Flare

While this is an uncommon item, keep at least one of it in your supply. When you use the Signal Flare, it will display the location of any of the Raid Monsters that are on the Mini Map. Using the flare, you can easily locate Kungelanium.

However, the duration of one Signal Flare is only 30 seconds. One Signal Flare can be used five times, and you can get it in the (Crafting)City- Alchemist. Also, read our Best Settings for Lost Ark guide to enjoy the game even more.

Destruction Bomb

While the destruction bomb is a Rare item, if you do have at least one of them, it is recommended that you save them for your fight with Kungelanium. You will need more than just your abilities and skills to knock him down.

Thus items like a destruction bomb will help you defeat Kungelanium easily. When you interact with the Destruction Bomb n your roster, it will immediately throw an explosive bomb on the targeted area and inflict about 356,802 Damage to the enemy.

The cooldown rate for the Destruction Bomb is about 30 seconds, and its Weak Point is Level 3. You can use it up to five times per battle, and it cannot be dismantled.  You can get it in Stronghold in Lost Ark. Try getting these items in trades as well by consulting our trading skills for Lost Ark guide.

Corrosive Bomb

One of the rarest items in Lost Ark is the Corrosive Bomb. Guardian Slayers in Lost Ark prefer saving rare items like these to find the toughest bosses, including Kungelanium. When active, you can throw a corrosion bomb on your targeted enemy. The bomb will deal a lot of damage with a Weak Point Damage rate of +1. 

You cannot dismantle the bomb, and it is limited to 5 uses per bomb only. The cooldown rate for the Corrosive bomb is also 30 seconds, and you can get it in the Stronghold. Consider using Mounts in Lost Ark when you fight the boss for extra mobility.

Pheromone Bomb

You can only use the Pheromone bomb in a Guardian Raid. When active, the bomb will apply pheromone to Kungelanium upon explosion. It will send a signal, and the Guardian will return to the current location when the zones are moving.

You can only use it three times per bomb. The cooldown rate for Pheromone Bomb is 30 seconds.  You can get the Pheromone bomb at Stronghold as well. DPS classes in Lost Ark are a good choice for this boss raid.

HP Potion 

The most important thing in a Guardian Raid is to keep your health bar full. Since Kungelanium has an instant death mechanic, you can die from a single blow if you don’t keep your health full.

Thus you should keep an HP potion in your inventory roster. Otherwise, you won’t be able to survive even the first phase of the Boss Battle. When you use the Hp Potion, it can recover your health up to 30 percent. You cannot dismantle it, and one HP potion can be used five times in certain areas. You can get the health Potion in Stronghold.

Important Elements Of The Guardian Raid

Before you read in detail about the phases and attacks of Kungelanium, keep the following things in mind. You will have to fight Kungelanium in three deadly phases, and the Guardian will teleport to a different zone at the end of each phase. 

Instant Death Mechanic 

The instant death mechanic, Frost Wind, will start in Phase 2 and will come in regular intervals throughout Phases 2 and 3. It will begin after the first teleport by the Guardian Kungelanium.

You won’t see the Guardianoving around much, and most of his attacks would come from a single point. You can easily hit the Guardian and do skill rotation in battle with him. But beware of the changing aggro as  Kungelanium does not completely lack mobility. With some movement he has, he can plunge quickly towards the aggroed Guardian Slayed and finish them off.


For his protection, the gigantic guardian can be seen wearing what looks like an icy shell. It is indeed an ice armor that makes attacks very hard to go through when you first encounter the boss in Lost Ark. Most of the attacks won’t do much damage. Even the special skills would give minor damage to the Guardian. The armor of Kungelanium has the ability to reduce the damage from attacks by about 70 percent.

However, in the first or second phase, you can focus on destroying its armor so that it becomes vulnerable to attacks. Remember the bombs we asked you to equip? Use them on his armor, targeting his weak points.

Bombs can inflict massive damage on the weak points of armor, thus destroying it ultimately. Thus targeting his weak point skills and using certain battle items in Lost Ark, you can quickly take down Kungelanium.

The damage received will significantly increase after you have destroyed the armor of Kungelanium. We recommend that the players should focus on destroying their armor first to make them prone to attacks. Also, when armored, the Guardian will have higher mobility and use ice eating patterns to attack a wider area.

Status Abnormalities 

All of Kungelanium’s attacks have two status abnormalities, Freeze and Ice Fetters. They, in return, have two further debuffs, Chill and A Cold Heart. Let’s look at them in detail below.

Debuffs inflicted by Kungelanium

Freeze Debuff

When the Guardian inflicts this debuff, the character’s movement speed will substantially decrease. It has the ability to decrease the Guardian Slayer’s speed and mobility up to 15 percent.

The Freeze Debuff can stack up to five times, and the Guardian can use it in any of his three phases. But the stacks of Freeze debuff will increase by 1 if you end up getting hit by the Ice Attack of the Guardian.

We recommend dodging the attacks as much as you can so that you don’t End up increasing the debuff stacks. 

Ice Fetters Debuff

The Ice Fetters debuff comes in many patterns, such as Ice Cracks and Ice Breaths. When Ice Fetters is inflicted, the Guardian will bound you in place using ice. You will completely lose any mobility you have when under debuff, and none of your skills will work.

This statistic abnormality can completely freeze the character in place and should be avoided at all costs. Most players die solely because of the Ice Fetters debuff. Hence we recommend using certain buffs that will help you dodge Ice Fetters.

A Cold Heart Debuff 

This debuff cannot be dispelled; thus, you would have to wait for it to end on its own. When Kungelanium inflicts A Cold Heart Debuff, it will strike you with the essence of Frost. When it disappears, the essence will explode immediately and end up freezing everything around.

If you’re in a battle with Kungelanium with a party, A Cold Heart debuff will affect you and any of the party members within your range. Thus the players are advised to dodge this debuff as much as they can.

Chill Debuff

When the Chill debuff is active, the cold attacks from the Guardian will freeze everything they touch. This debuff cannot be dismantled, and you will have to wait before it goes away on its own.

Chill debuff has the ability to decrease movement speed significantly, and it will gradually inflict damage to the Guardian Slayer.

Also, keep in mind that one of the attacks of Kungelanium, the Frost Wind is the Guardian’s instant death attack. When the Guardian uses the Frost Wind attack, the character’s vision becomes narrowed. At this point, Kungelanium will deal damage continuously. After some time, strong Frost wind will blow. The Frost Wind can deal up to 25 percent damage, significantly eating away the character’s HP per second.

Ice Crack

A good strategy here is to step on an ice crack when the Guardian does a Frozen Wind attack. The Ice Crack lies in four directions. You will find one in the north, east, west, and south of Kungelanium.

Stepping on any of these Ice Cracks will inflict Freeze Debuff. While you are frozen, the Wind attack will not deal you any damage. When you step on the Ice Crack, after some time, it will explode and freeze the surrounding areas.

ice cracks formed by kungelanium in lost ark
Ice Cracks will help you from attacks.

Be careful at this point because you will get hit by the Cold Heart debuff. The nearby characters will get frozen at this point. The location of the Ice Cracks around Kungelanium is fixed. However, if the Guardian is facing a wall, then the location of the ice crack can appear in different zones of the battle arena.

Key Points Of Kungelanium’s attacks

We have mentioned the major points you should keep in mind about Kungelanium’s attack patterns below.

  • Before you destroy the armor of Kungelanium, the armor will reduce about 70 percent of damage from your attacks.
  • The whole boss fight consists of three hectic phases. Kungelanium will transport at the end of each phase and will teleport about two times in the battle.
  • The instant death mechanic called the Frost Wind in Kungelanium’s case will appear in the second half of phase 2. You can avoid them only by stepping on ice cracks and getting a Freeze debuff.
  • When the Freezing status is removed, if you are playing at a party, make sure that other members don’t end up getting a Cold Heart debuff when the status effect is removed.

Phases Of Kungelanium in Detail

As we mentioned before, the whole boss fight consists of three phases. In the second half of Phase 2, the battle becomes fairly more difficult. However, knowing the attack patterns and movements, you can easily defeat the boss.

Also, the boss will teleport at the end of Phases 1 and 2, teleporting a total of two times. The location where he might teleport is random. While most of the patterns are the same, some attacks are unique to some phases.

Let’s take a look at each phase and the attacks used by Kungelanium in that phase.

Phase 1 

In this phase, your prime focus should be destroying the Armor of Kungelanium. Doing so will help your attacks deal more damage to the boss. Otherwise, you’ll be just wasting your energy. The first attack Kungelanium will do in Phase 1 is snow eating.

Snow Eating

You will see a Snow Eating attack in Phase 1. The armor of Kungelanium will still be intact here. When he performs the Snow Eating attack, he will start digging up the ice in the battle arena and will eat the snow. Using staggering skills, you can stop the boss from eating the snow.

When you deal with a heavy attack, Kungelanium can stand in one place as he would try to recover from the attacks and restore his balance. At this point, attacking him with your staggering skills will help you deal damage without being attacked by him.

snow eating
Kungelanium eating the snow

If you manage to neutralize the Guardian with your attacks, you can incapacitate him temporarily. However, if you fail to do so, the Guardian will perform a heavy attack surrounding a wide area. Kungelanium will throw ice bombs that will deal damage to everyone in the range of attack.

When you start the fight, he will do the ice-eating attack in intervals. It is important that you neutralize him using your staggering skills while he does the attack if you want to destroy his armor quickly.

Armor Destruction 

After receiving plenty of damage at this point, the Guardian’s armor would be weak enough to destroy. You should focus on landing as many strikes here as possible. But damaging blows are not enough here. You will need to use certain items that would target the weak points of Kungelanium’s armor. Items like Destruction Bombs would help the most, so save them for this fight.

The reason why it is important to destroy his armor first is that Kungelanium’s armor blocks most of the attacks. When you have successfully destroyed his armor, most of your attacks will go through and inflict full damage.

After his weak point is hit and his armor is destroyed, he will be incapacitated for a while. He becomes very vulnerable at this point, and you can use the opportunity to inflict as much damage as you can on the Guardian.

Ice Breath

The Ice Breath Attack is not phase-specific, and Kungelanium can use in any phase. When he performs the Ice breath attack, he will gather all his energy by turning his head toward the character and will blow a breath that will Freeze the Guardian Slayer. The attack can cover a wide range area about 15 degrees to the front.  

ice breath
Ice Breath attack

Upon hitting, the player would be frozen for about 4 seconds. When it happens, Kungelanium can perform another Ice Breath attack. The additional attack will deal more damage to the player and keep them frozen. 

Kungelanium does the attack by quickly moving the head towards the target, and the range of attack is also wide. So if you’re at a distance from the Guardian, you will find the attack more difficult to avoid.

When Kungelanium has selected a specific aggroed target, wait until he runs out of breath before you attack him. You can also save your party members from getting damaged by using skills like dashing. 

Jump And Turn

Kungelanium can attack the target by jumping and turning his whole body towards the target. If you are standing right behind him and he jumps to face you, he can perform any of his damaging attacks and hit you from a closed range and knock you down.

jump attack
Jump and turn attack
Normal Jump

The Guardian will perform a stationary jump and turn around to face the player’s direction. He can also just jump and face the same direction he was facing before.

Double Jump

When performing a double jump, Kungelanium will jump twice, and with each impact he will deal significant damage. Both of these jump variants do not possess any cooldown rate. He can do the jumps as much as he wants and whenever he wants.

Backward Jump

This is the most deadly jump variant of Kungelanium. When performing a backward jump, he will raise his hind legs and, after a while, jump backward and will knock down any character at that position. Using the backward jump, he can deal substantial damage. He can do a backward jump in any phase.

Stand Up And Body Slam

When performing the Slam Attack, Kungelanium can raise his body while lunging towards the aggroed target and slamming his body onto them. The range of attack is considerably wide. When attacked, the player gets knocked down. It has two variants.

slam attack by kungelanium in lost ark
Slam Attack
Side Slam

When performing a Side Slam, the Guardian will slam his body either left or right, depending on where the player is. The player will immediately get knocked down upon hit.

 Front Slam 

When performing a Frontal Slam, Kungelanium will raise his frontal body standing on his hind legs and slam down with both of his hands up front.

Slam attacks are used in all phases of the battle with Kungelanium.

Launching Freezing Orb

Kungelanium will fire a single freezing Orb that will chase any specified target. When the orb falls to the ground, an explosion will occur that will inflict a stagger. A vortex will open in that area, and any character that touches the Vortex will freeze.

They will also get a Freeze Debuff. It is recommended that when the Orb chases you, run far outside the boss arena and return only after it explodes.

orb atttack by kungelanium in lost ark
Orb Attack

You can also use the immune effect of the dash skill that will make the orb explode and move to another zone.

Phase 2

The second phase of the battle will begin when Kungelanium is left with almost half of his HP. In Phase 2, attacks become deadlier, and you will need to have a full health bar if you want to survive this phase. You can use Health Potions to restore some of your health. Following are the attacks performed by Kungelanium in Phase 2 

Countable Charge

During a Counterable charge attack, Kungelanium will raise his body and lunge towards the target, dashing forward. Upon impact, the player will get staggered and pushed back. The attack will launch you straight into the air dealing significant damage. 

Charge attack

You can counter the attack before and during the Kungelanium charges toward you. The attack follows the same mechanic as the Hellgia charge attack. When Kungelanium raises his body, use a counter skill to stop him.

Forward Jump

Unlike other jumps, the forward jump can be performed by Kungelanium in Phase 2 only. In this attack, the Guardian will jump forward twice in a row towards the target. The player will get a lot of damage from this attack and can potentially be killed.

Ice Prison

When doing an Ice Prison attack, Kungelanium will set a target and bombard him with ice while forming pillars of ice around the player. You can destroy the Pillar of Ice by striking it continuously and using special skill attacks.

Ice prison
Ice Prison attack

After that, the outer layer of the Ice Prison will be covered by hail. Another layer of hail will cover the battle arena damaging any player in its range of attack. Try to avoid the last hail and damage ice pillars to destroy them.

Finally, the Kungelanium will use a huge blast within the Ice Prison that will damage any players inside. The hail will fall outside as well as inside, one at a time. Using a Berserker player will help you counterattack the guardian’s attacks easily.

Freeze Jump Attack

When Freeze Jump Attack is performed, Kungelanium will shake its legs violently and will jump in different areas. He will use a Slate Attack that will Freeze the player in 6 directions in a hexagonal-shaped attack. An explosion will occur in the form of snowflake crystals. Glaiviers in Lost Ark has the best skills to deal damage to the guardian.

Freeze Jump
Freeze Jump Attack

Most of the explosions incorporate legs, tail, and his head, so try attacking Kungelanium in points other than these. You can attack him between his head and legs or legs and tail. Another critical point is between his front and hind legs. If you manage to dodge the attacks, you can dodge any successive explosions too.

Countable Hail Bombardment 

Kungelanium will become aggressive and start digging in the ground. If his counterattack fails, he will go to the ground and start a Hail Bombardment. When he performs this attack, massive hailstones will fall one by one on the targeted characters. The Hailstones will also follow the targets around.

hail by Kungelanium in Lost Ark
Countable Hail Bombardment

Each hailstone will inflict great damage. It will also inflict Freeze Debuff. The movement speed of the player will reduce by 1. If all the hailstones hit you, your HP will decrease significantly. It is important to move fast and avoid as many hailstones as you can.

Frostwind (Death Mechanic)

When you’re reaching the end of Phase 2, Kungelanium will perform an extremely strong Frostwind attack and will teleport away. Then upon reaching Phase 3, it will constantly bombard you with Frostwind attacks. He will let out a horrifying roar and releases Frostwind that covers the entire screen.

Frostwind attack

The damage received by the Guardian will reduce greatly, and you will take low but continuous damage. After a certain time, the damage dealt by Guardian will increase. Any of his strong attacks will take away about 25 percent of your HO, causing instant death.

When the Frostwind starts to cover your screen, look for Ice Cracks located in all four directions of Kungelanium. Freezing yourself will help you avoid the damage from Frostwind. You can also step on the rift nearby and block the harsh Frostwind.

Phase 3

In this phase, only 30 percent HP of Kungelanium will remain. It is important that you use your most fatal attacks in Phase 3 because Kungelanium will become fairly aggressive.


Just like Phases 1 and 2, Kungelanium will inflict hail on the battle arena in intervals. The damage dealt by hail might be low, but it’s continuous, thus making it more deadly. It can also inflict Freeze Debuff for each hit.

The periodical attacks are hard to dodge, especially with the Freeze debuff and constant damage. It is better to take Kungelanium as fast as you can at this point.

Once defeated, you will get the rewards mentioned above along with a boost in HP. This concludes our extensive guide on Kungelanium, the rewards he drops, his moveset and attack pattern, and what items in Lost Ark will help you defeat him.

Final Words

There are many islands in Lost Ark that you can farm. You can also collect Mokoko Seeds to gain rewards. Make sure you collect Harmony Shard in Lost Ark so you can level up your gear before fighting Kungelanium. If you want to fight bosses like Kungelanium and Chaotic Chuo in Lost Ark with style, read our Legendary Skins guide.

The top-down 2.5D fantasy game, Lost Ark is developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate game development. With an expansive map to explore and an engaging combat system, Lost Ark is definitely worth a try if you’re looking to try something in the RPG genre. There are a lot of servers in Lost Ark and amazing classes to choose from. You also get to defeat bosses like Tarmakum in Lost Ark. Another such boss that you will face in Lost Ark is Kungelanium.

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