Monster Hunter Rise Luchika: Location, Stats & Quest

Luchika Monster Hunter Rise guide will tell you about Luchika's location, how to unlock her, and everything else you need to know about her.

The latest entry in Capcom’s Monster Hunter series Monster Hunter Rise is the fastest-selling one. The reason for that is that it is filled to the brim with hundreds of hours of fun content and life-like NPCs.

Key Highlights
  • Luchika is a quiet yet dangerous NPC with a dual personality disorder. With an offensive combat style, she uses a bowgun.
  • She can not heal herself, but her ranged attacks make it very difficult for her health bar to completely finish.
  • To find Luchika, make your way to the Command Post located at Elgado Outpost.
  • To unlock Luchika as a follower in Monster Hunter Rise, successfully complete the Hub Quest “Scarlet Tengu in the Shrine Ruins” by hunting down a Blood Orange Bishaten in under 50 minutes.
  • Luchika gives you 4 Master Rank Quests, each with a 50-minute time constraint, and rewards include Zeni and weapon/armor designs.
  • Fruit Vs Firearms is the first, A Tough Lesson is the second, Passion Melts Ice is the third quest, Hunting is the fourth and also the grandest one.
  • Luchika’s stats include a health of 250 and stamina of 150, and her playstyle is offensive and aggressive.

Among all those life-like NPCs is Luchika, a quiet yet dangerous woman in Monster Hunter Rise. When you first look at her, she does not seem dangerous at all, but when you take her into battle with you, that’s when you witness her unseen sides.

The way she is calm as a monk one moment and screaming fiercely in battle like a mad woman the next moment makes you feel like she has a dual personality disorder. But if you can look past that, then there is no better follower/companion in Monster Hunter Rise. As for Luchika’s combat style, she has such an offensive combat style that it really makes you grateful for not being on her wrong side.

But all that said, even Luchika has some shortcomings. One of them is that she can’t heal herself, so you need to keep an eye out for her health bar. However, most of her attacks are ranged since she uses a bowgun, so it is very unlikely her health bar will deplete completely in the first place. Also, consider reading Heavy Bowguns in MHR.

One thing to mention before going on is that you will only be able to access Luchika if you have the Sunbreak DLC. 

That said, If reading all of that made you feel like you too should have her as your follower, then keep reading our guide to find out Luchika’s location and how to unlock her.

Luchika’s Location 

Luchika Monster Hunter Rise Location
Monster Hunter Rise Map

It is obvious that you first need to know her location before you know how to unlock her, so let us get that covered first. To find Luchika, you must make your way to the Command Post located at Elgado Outpost.

How To Unlock Luchika

Luchika Monster Hunter Rise Scarlet Tengu in the Shrine Ruins Quest
Scarlet Tengu in the Shrine Ruins Quest

Now for the part you actually came here for. To unlock Luchika as your follower in Monster Hunter Rise, you need to successfully complete the Hub Quest “Scarlet Tengu in the Shrine Ruins”. In order to complete this quest, you need to hunt down a Blood Orange Bishaten in under 50 minutes.

Luchika’s Quest

The following section of our guide will take a look at all the quests given to you by Luchika. Speaking of quests, read Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Master Ranks to get a thorough explanation of all the master rank quests.

Fruit Vs Firearms

Fruit Vs Firearms
Hunting a Bishaten in Fruit Vs Firearms Quest

This is a master rank quest, and completing it will reward you with 7,560 Zeni along with the Royal Order’s Bowgun’s weapon design. Your objective in the quest is to hunt down a Bishaten. You will also have a time constraint of 50 minutes so keep an eye out for that as well.

A Tough Lesson

A Tough Lesson
Hunting a Garangolm

This is another Master Rank Quest, and the reward for completing it is 9000 Zeni and the weapon design for Royal Order’s Crossbow. Your objective here is to hunt down a Garangolm. The time constraint here is again  50 minutes. 

Passion Melts Ice

Luchika Monster Hunter Rise Aurora Somnacanth
Hunting an Aurora Somnacanth

In this quest, Luchika wants your help in teaching her critics a lesson who have a problem with her being too loud in the field. Can you really blame them? Anyways it is also a Master Rank quest whose reward is the armor design for Royal Artillery Corps. As always, the time here will be 50 minutes again. The objective of the quest is to hunt down an Aurora Somnacanth.

Hunting Is All The Rage

Luchika Monster Hunter Rise Anjanath
Hunting A Anjanath

This is the last quest you will be getting from Luchika, so naturally, it is also the grandest one in all 4 quests. The provider of the quest is Dame Fiorayne, who feels bad for judging Luchika; hence she wants to make it up to her by hunting alongside her and, consequently you. Yes, you heard us right; you will be taking two huntresses with you on the battlefield this time.

The rank of the quest is Master. Your objective is to slay three monsters, including Lagombi, Blood Orange Bishaten, and Anjanath. It can seem hard at first, but the game scales it down by giving you two followers. As for the reward, you will get 26,640 Zeni, consequently solving your money problems in the game. Also, consider reading money farming in MHR.

Luchika’s Stats

Monster Hunter Rise Luchika's Stats
Luchika’s Stats

Now let us take a look at Luchika’s Stats and her playstyle. Luchika has a health of 250 and stamina of 150. As for her playstyle, her movements are very offensive and aggressive. Her attack frequency is almost nonstop, as once she locks her eyes on a monster, then the only way to stop her is to close the game. But she is our ally, so she will only be making our life easier in Monster Hunter Rise.

That about sums up everything you needed to know about Dame Luchika in Monster Hunter Rise. Now go and unlock her so you can make Monster Hunter Rise a cakewalk. If you found this helpful, then our Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak Afflicted Materials guide will also interest you.

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